A Girl Named Disaster
Assignment #2 – Chapters 10-16 All assignments are due Monday, November 2nd Read chapters 10 through 16. Do not read chapter 17. 1) Vocabulary: Look on the page number given in column one. Read the definition in column two. Find the word that begins with the letter given in column three and complete the word. Page 68 Definition doing something to get even with somebody who has caused harm r w d h b s f s s c m m t b u l v p c Vocabulary Word

69 past tense of cry 71 deep in noun form 72 humble in noun form 75 extremely confused 87 the back of a boat 89 extreme tiredness or exhaustion 91 waiting to avoid doing something difficult or unpleasant

92 slow 94 longed for, wanted badly 97 creator god 103 to move yourself or something skillfully 107 stunned into silence 107 to scoop water out of a boat to keep it from sinking

109 nervous 111 to become long 113 traveled to a new or dangerous place 117 to sit or stand somewhere awkwardly or precariously, past tense

118 to think about something seriously

OPTIONAL: Plan your time! Which questions/reading will you complete on which days? TODAY! Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday My plan

Choose questions that you feel you can respond to thoughtfully and with detail. 3) Think and Create: Choose one and complete it carefully and thoroughly. Why do you think this happens? 9) Chapter 16 leaves us with a depressing outlook.Name: What really happened 2) Think and Write: Choose _____ of the following questions to answer in a complete paragraph. 1) Compare and contrast Shona and Catholic beliefs. A chance for what? Using your knowledge of Ambuya and her opinions. 7) Describe three ways Nhamo helps herself survive loneliness. Clearly they have many differences. 2) Internet research: Who/what is Frelimo? How does Frelimo explain the existence of landmines in Mozambique? Based on what you learn. . Write your answer so it is clear which question you are answering. What does light mean to Nhamo? Find three quotes from chapters 10-16 that focus specifically on light (or darkness) to help explain your answer. Find three quotes to demonstrate this. Turn in your final draft of the writing on Monday. I even want to see Zororo. Now I’m giving you yours” (85). organized. 1) Write a screenplay for a staged version of the visit to the muvuki in chapter 9. 2) Write a second verse for one of the songs Nhamo sings (page 101 or page 104). Name a few and then describe a time when you taught yourself how to do something. 6) “I’m full of food and comfortable – well. do you think Frelimo is accurately portrayed in the story? Why or why not? 3) Ambuya says to Nhamo before she escapes: “I gave Runako her chance long ago. Do you understand this feeling? Describe what you think Nhamo is struggling to understand. Cast and rehearse it to be performed either on the day you signed up to present. I’m safe – well. explain what you think is going through her mind at this moment. Be sure to include ideas about Nhamo and Runako in your answer. I don’t care if she beats me. What do you do when you are lonely? 8) Nhamo thinks more and more about Crocodile Guts as she travels. Use quotes to support your ideas. Make a prediction about how Nhamo will survive and explain why you think so. and error free (publishing quality). fairly comfortable. Your final product should be clean. and he’s a pig! I don’t understand it” (102). fairly safe. Soon I’ll go on to Zimbabwe. 4) Nhamo has to teach herself many survival strategies. But right now I wish I could see Aunt Chipo. punctuation. and grammar. but can you find any common ground? Explain where Nhamo’s beliefs fit in. ALWAYS date your work and check your spelling. December 4th . or Thursday. How did you do it? 5) Describe the significance of light in the story so far.

create a tune for the song and perform it for the class either on the day you signed up to present. . include Nhamo and the supplies she takes with her on her journey. or Thursday. Inside. December 4th. 3) Make a model of Nhamo’s boat.Name: Then.

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