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— EEE Individual Sovereignty Process by Johnny ease LISHED BY: Institute for Communicatio! Web: rickets om, fami fit a ean) 299-4497 unCOMMON SENSE Table of Contents GETTING YOUR PAPERS IN ORDER evcn--PAGE S 1, Affidavits & Constructive Legal Notices & Demands 2, Postal Address * SAMPLE: US, Postal Application * SAMPLE: Private Mail Box Application, 3. Utilities & Telephone 4. Voter Registration, * SAMPLE: Voter Registration, 5. Mariage. * SAMPLE: Martiage Certificate. 6, Selective Service *® SAMPLE: Selective Service Registration 7. Business Licenses, Incorporation Papers & Permits. 8. Individual Self-Assessment QUESTIONNAIRE. 9. Individual Sovereignty Process Checklist. LEGAL NOTICES AND DEMANDS: Social Security. men : 1. NOTICE: Revocation of Social Security Number. 2. NOTICE: Parent Refusing the SSA Enumeration at Birth Program. 3. REQUEST: $$ Earnings Information. 4, LETTER: No Authority To Require a SS Number. 5. EXCERPTS: "No One Can Require You To Provide a Social Security Number to Work in America." & "Getting Hired Without A Social Security Number.” 5. PRIVACY ACT: Public Law 93-579 & Limitations on So- cial Security Number Usage. LEGAL NOTICES AND DEMANDS & MEMORANDUM OF LAW: Tanta PAGE 43 1. NOTICE: Declaration of Tax-Exempt Foreign Status, * SAMPLE: First 1040 Form, 2. NOTICE: To Employer Regarding "Change of Status” for Withholding & IRS Code Indemnifying Employer from Penal- ties 3. NOTICE: to IRS Indemnifying Employer from Penalties, 4. FOIA & PAREQUEST: Demand for IRS Authority, Ini- vidual Master File and Assessment Authority 5. NOTICE: 32 Questions to IRS Before Granting An Audit (6. SAMPLE: Sales & Use Tax Exemption 7. MEMORANDUM OF LAW & COMMERCIAL AFFIDAVIT Taxes, Socal Seouty, Levys & Securities LEGAL NOTICES AND DEMANDS: ce 1. NOTICE: Declaration of Citizenship 2. NOTICE: Birth Cerificate is Not Sufficient Evidence of Commerce; Evidence & Termination of Constructive Trust 3. OPTIONAL - UCC: Filing on Strawman & National Forms PAGE 118 LEGAL NOTICES AND DEMANDS & MEMORANDUM OF LAW: 1. NOTICE: Right to Travel 2. NOTICE: Revocation of Power of Attorney. 3. MEMORANDUM OF LAW: Travel 4 5. ‘CAVEAT: for Violation of Due Process. CAVEAT: for False Arrest & Citation. POSTURING: Handling A Traffic Stop.. ** SAMPLE: Citizen's Traffic Complaint. * SAMPLE: Writ of Habeas Corpus. A Treatise on Arrest & False Imprisonment. * NOTICE: Arresting Officer & Miranda Warn. * NOTICE: To All Government Employees. * Public Officer Contract & Caveat for Breach * Public Servant’s Questionnaire, svenenPAGE 146 LEGAL NOTICES AND DEMANDS & ‘CAVEATS: County Recorder & Bank Officers...PAGE 158, 1. CAVEAT: Failure to Record An Instrument * SAMPLE: Duties Per the California Civil Code. FORM: Fudiciary Agreement with 2 Bank CAVEAT: for Failure to Remove SSN/TIN. CAVEAT: for Failure to Open a W-8 Account LETTER: Bank Not Governed by SS Rules. IDENTIFICATION: International Driver's Permit (IDP) & Customized L.'s (CID'S) svssmsnnnsnnnnnsnne PAGE 172 1 Last Name, First Name, 2. Place of Birth, City, State, Country 3. Nativity Date (Date Born), 4. Nom (Country of Issue), 5 6 1 Application Posturing for Privacy. APPLICATION: IDP (PATA) or (IMQ) IDENTIFICATION: usA Passports. 1. Personal Authentication. 2. Applying for a usA Passport without an SSN. 3. APPLICATION: usA Passport. snsnesPAGE 178 IDENTIFICATION: Domicile & Others. 1. AFFIDAVIT. Declaration of Domicile * Sovereign Citizen Identification Cad (SCIC) + Affidavit of Identification (AID) saPAGE 190 ndividual Sovereignty Process 1. AFFIDAVIT: ‘Declaration of Citizenship : AFFIDAVITS: Name Change. 1 AFFIDAVIT: Legal Name Change AFFIDAVITS: Revocation of Signature on a License! Permit. smnennnnenPAGE 198 1, AFFIDAVIT: Revocation of Signature on A License/Permit, AFFIDAVITS: Live Birth, Marriage & Vaccines 1. AFFIDAVIT: of Live Birth & Certificate 2. APPLICATION: Certficte of Live Birth PAGE 200 * Sample Waiver of Religious Exemption - Vaccines, AFFIDAVITS: Power of Attorney. PAGE 205 1. AFFIDAVIT: Revocation of Power * Sample Power of Attorney Security * Typical Response from SSA * Typical Response from an Employer 1. AFFIDAVIT: Right To Travel * Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (.e., Sample Certifi- cate of Origin for a Vehicle) * Sample Bill of Sale * Sample Proof of Insurance * Sample Certificate of Financial Responsibility 2. AFFIDAVIT: Revocation of State Trusteeship Over Vehicle senna PAGE 231 1. AFFIDAVIT. Tax-Exempt Foreign Status 2, AFFIDAVIT & CERTIFICATE: of Exemption from Witholding in Lieu of W-4 3. CERTIFICATE: of Foreign Status (W-8) LAND PATENTS: Securing Allodial Tithe.wu--PAGE 257 1. APPLICATION: Allodial Titles & Land Patent utp:/soww pdf BUSINESS: Debt, Insurance, Banking, Investments, Trusts, Foreign Structures. snnsnsPAGE 260 ‘Getting Your Business in Order Dealing With Debt * Financial STATEMENT of Assets 3. APPLICATION: Debt Repudiation 4, Insurance Contracts 5. Banking Onshore 6. Banking Offshore 1, 8 9. Investments Restructuring in Foreign Companies/TrustsIBC's Private Consulting ICR EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS & PROGRAMS 1, ICR-Catalog, ‘tp:/ 2. 1CR-Membership Iuap:/soww 3. ICR Success Education Course & Leaderst Seminars ‘Training, ‘nap:/ 3.ICR Liberty Law School Seminars uap:/swwv'llscart