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Universal Earthing systems is a world class manufacturer of safe Earthing Electrodes

and chemical Mineral Filling Compound (MFC/20). Since 2002, we have rich experience
in manufacturing Safe Earthing Electrodes and Earthing as a whole under the Brand name
of “UES”, which is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world of Earthing.
We have earned a high degree of reputation in the Electrical field and highly
recognized as a safe guardian of Human life and Valuable equipments.
Based at Chennai, we provide technically superior Earthing solutions over any other
earthing methods.
We would like to introduce our selves as the leading manufacturer of state of the art,
original Strip in pipe technology UES brand Safe Earthing Electrode (SEE) & Mineral
Filling Compound (MFC).
UES Earthing Electrodes are literally maintenance free with a long life span, which
results in saving on servicing of the earth pit, Savings in replenishing the earth pit with Salt
& Charcoal, and replacement of earthing electrodes is out of question for a very long period
of time. These UES brand Safe Earthing Electrodes are an advantage as well a great saver
of Resources, Labour & Money for the consumer and most importantly to the NATION as a
whole. Our company is an ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified company.
The Registered design of this UES Safe Earthing Electrode is unique in construction
to sustain the normal wear & tear of the corrosion for a long period of time. The details &
advantages are described hereunder.
Details of our “UES” brand Earthing Electrodes & Mineral Filling Compound.

(1) T h e o ute r sh el l is ma d e of h ig h qua l i t y IS I G . I . Pi p e, w h ic h is g a l va n i ze d

f r om out si de & in si d e . T h is i s th e S ec on d a r y E le c tr o d e.

(2) T h e Pr im a r y E a rth i n g e l e c t r od e i s in se r te d in s id e th e Se c on d a r y e l e c t r od e i n
th e f o rm of h o t d ip p e d g a l v an i ze d ST R IP , w h i ch w oul d yi e ld a v e r y h i gh c r os s
se c ti on al p rim a ry c on d u ct in g ar e a & m o re s urf a c e a re a .

(3) T h e S e c on d a r y e le ct r od e i s f i ll e d w it h a h ig h l y c on d u ct i ve & n on - c or ro si v e
c om p oun d ; w h i c h i s our IN N O VA T IO N , w h ic h saf e g ua rd s t h e p ri m ar y El e ct r od e
e v en if th e ou te r sh el l c or r od e s th e in n e r el e ct r od e f un c ti on s in a n o rm a l w a y
pr ot e c t ed by th e sp e c ia l c om p o un d .

(4) T h e bot t om is s ea l ed w i th th e h e lp of h o t di p pe d ga l va n ize d s e m i c on ic a l &

c on i ca l s ol id b a s e . T h e t op i s se a le d w ith a m e t a l c a p ; th e en ti re un i t i s
se a le d s o th a t th e c orr osi on d oe s n ot se e p th ro ug h .
Specific Advantages of “UES” Earthing Electrodes & Mineral Filling Compound:

Safe Earthing Electrode :

 Advanced Strip technology implemented as is even recommended by BIS page no 21
heading 9.2.3. As these strips are solid conductors unlike pipe electrodes which are
hollow and only the surface of the pipe is used for the flow of current. The cross
sectional primary conducting area is high and as well in our twin strip models the
surface conducting area is very high to withstand high volume of fault current and
dissipate the same instantaneously into the ground.
 As Strips have sharp edges the electrons tend to flow through them under actual fault conditions to
increase the speed of dissipation even the conical solid base of the unit is designed for the
instantaneous flow into the ground, The minimum Strip size used is 25mm X 6mm.

 Only ISI grade G. I. Pipes starting from 40 mm dia are used for the manufacture of our Earthing
Electrodes to manage the quality and uniformity of the production and as well satisfy the
requirement of BIS in maintaining the quality & minimum size of 38 mm specified.

 Hot dipped galvanized solid base of apprx 38 mm thick is used so as to safe guard the unit while
installation and from corrosion reaching the inner strips from bottom of the electrode.
 Based on the above construction the “UES” earthing electrode has long service life; performance is
consistent without regular maintenance.

Mineral Filling Compound:

Apart from the Safe Earthing Electrodes we have also developed a Mineral Filling Compound,
the Basic purpose of the Mineral Filling Compound is to reduce UES Electrode to soil contact
resistance and create a low resistance zone surrounding the UES to provide a uniform low
resistance so that the electrode output is constant.
This impact of using Mineral Filling Compound around the UES is significant, since that is
where the majority of connection to the earth takes place. Moisture content is one of the
controlling factors in earth resistance because electrical conduction in soil is essentially
electrolytic; the Mineral Filling Compound is Hygroscopic & prepared using naturally available
compounds that are eco – friendly, conductive, has low freezing point and mixes easily with the
local soil enabling it to maintain the soil to Electrode interface, that will help in dissipation of
the fault current instantaneously.
This Mineral Filling Compound has no organic acids and Alkaline compounds, which
consequently reduce the rate of corrosion in the UES. Loose or non- compact soil around the
electrode will reduce the contact area and increase the resistance. Whereas the Mineral Filling
Compound being a moisture retainer will maintain good contact between the Soil and the UES,
so as to not increase the resistance, this also helps in reducing the surge impedance.
If the soil condition is rocky, sandy or in bad condition the Mineral Filling Compound
should be increased up to a certain quantity around the electrode to pass the fault current
in the Earth Mass.
“UES” brand Mineral Filling Compound has anticorrosive, & conductive properties by
which the life & performance of UES Safe Earthing Electrode is increased to a great
extent. Please feel free to contact us for further clarification and details if required.
Note: Please Check the Product for our “UES” Hologram for its Originality.

Super Quality & Hi-tech Quality Full G.I. Unit

These models consist of Hot Dipped G.I. Strip/s (BAR) inserted

into the ISI marked G. I. Pipe. The Cavity in between is filled with
a highly conductive & non corrosive compound, which not only
protects the Primary Earthing Conductor (STRIP) from corrosion
but also provides a low resistance path outwards towards the soil in
quick instantaneous dissipation of fault current. The solid Conical/
Semi Conical Base not only protect the strip from corrosion but also
help in faster dissipation of fault current through the pointed base.
The Hi – Tech quality models employ twin strip technology for
high load carrying capacity and parallel dissipation.

Super Quality with Copper Strips:

These models consist of E.C grade high conductive Copper Strip/s
inserted into the ISI marked G. I. Pipe. The Cavity in between is
filled with a highly conductive & non corrosive compound, which
not only protects the Primary Earthing Conductor (STRIPS)
from oxidation but also provides a low resistance path outwards
towards the soil in quick instantaneous dissipation of fault
current. These units employ Twin Strip technology each 3 mm
thick for easy movement of very low currents for instantaneous
dissipation, specially designed for rugged and efficient
performance in places where high end Electronics, Satellite
communication, Signaling equipments, & Telecommunication
equipments are employed.

Be n e f i t s : Lo ng e r L if e ; Ea sy t o i n s t a l l ; S pa ce s a vi ng ;
M a int e na n ce Fr e e ; C o n si s t e nt r e sul t s ; R e l ia bl e & si ng l e pr odu c t
s o l ut i o n s f or e nt ir e e a r t hi ng r e qu ir em e nt s .