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“The first step to knowledge is to know that we are ignorant”

This statement is the impetus behind my urge to learn. I am a holder of Bachelors of Engineering in
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering degree. I am applying for the MSc in Wireless Systems
Engineering in your university.
From my early childhood till date, my most remarkable characteristic has been my curiosity to learn
about new topics. My keen interest for learning new ideas, combined with my inner desire to reach a
degree of excellence in every piece of work I perform, enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on
various aspects of nature and technology. It also helped me in advancing towards a successful
educational career.
My dream of learning more about Electronic devices found its first milestone when I joined Bachelor
of Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation at Medicaps Institute of Technology and
Management, Indore. In my undergraduate studies, I have benefited from the course content that has
given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Electronics and a strong conceptual
understanding of the same. During engineering, I always had a vision for learning theoretical things
and applying them to the industrial scene. My discipline provided me an insight into subjects such as
Analog & digital Communication, Data Communication, Digital Signal Processing & innumerable
In these four years of study, I have strived to maintain an approach of expending independent effort in
all my endeavors. As a part of our curriculum, I have completed a project on “Electronic Watch Dog”.
Our aim was to design and fabricate a device that produces some sound to inform that somebody is at
the gate & also counts the no. of people crossing it. This was the first of its kind of hard-core learning
experience for us.
CONTROLLER”. It is basically a process control operation in which the process is to control the
flowing of two different liquids in a sequential order. The most valuable lesson which we learnt from
the project was about implementing a new concept in any industry using the liquids in different
proportions and persuading them to follow it for their own benefit.
Industrial exposure is a vital tool for an engineering student as that helps in the basic understanding of
the applicability of the subjects. I did a couple of them, one being at Bharti Airtel Limited which is
among the leading telecom company in India. I got the exposure of Wireless Access Manager (WAM),
Digital Electronic Switching system (EWSD), Geographic Information System (GIS). The other one I
did was from Powertech Electronics which manufactures certain electronic equipments. Here, I worked
on the project “Temperature Sensor using Micro Controller” that determined the internal temperature
of machines, displayed the temperature on an LCD screen and if the temperature is above a certain
optimum temperature then it used to inform with the help of a buzzer. This company exposure gives me
a refined knowledge and a practical view helps me a lot to vitalize my knowledge.
“Value are the preferences, people have how for things ought to be”.
They represent a person’s judgment about what is right or wrong. It is my belief that Institutional
values are designed to guide the behavior and thinking of student in everything to do. A good graduate
program is indispensable for realizing my professional ambition of becoming a competent researcher.
In order to pursue an active career in research, it is necessary to both study and understand finer nuance
of the subjects and I am sure that graduate education will enhance my knowledge of electrical
technology and their application in various fields.
In conclusion, I would like to add that the essence of University education lies in the synergetic
relationship between the student and his department. I feel that graduate study at the University of Hull
will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my
objectives. I would be grateful to you if I’m accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies
with financial assistance at your institution. I belong to a family where education is given prime
importance. I know that I would not only stand up to the expectations of the department but can make
significant contribution to current research while upholding the traditions of an academic scholar. It is
my request to the Admissions Committee to consider my application for merit based financial support.