ple and Dear Spe eneans, fellow At

Letter from the Editor

When Via, our amazing sec-gen (and Best Boss Ever), asked me to be the EIC for this year’s SPLAT, I was super excited and worried at the same time. I’d never been an editor—let alone an editor-inchief—before, so I was excited to try it out, but also scared that I wouldn’t do SPEED and the previous SPLAT issues justice. As the months progressed, however, I calmed down when I saw how lucky I was to have such a creative and hardworking group of editors, writers, and photographers to help me out. It was great seeing how enthusiastic everyone was to do their part, give their time and efforts for SPEED, and come up with great articles, photos, and layout designs. Great job, guys!!! I apologize for my all my bugging and the stream of texts and emails that I flooded your inboxes with. Thank you for being so patient and understanding and ever-generous with your time and ideas! I couldn’t ask for a better SPLAT team. On behalf of the SPLAT Staff, I’d

Message from the President

Hello Speple!
The first four months of the school year has passed and hopefully, we've all met the special kids and made new speple friends. Moreover, with SPEED's objective this year to train the members as SPED individuals, I hope you learned from the training that SPEED and UPSEC provided, the formation sessions, and the processing sessions after area visits.  In a few days, we'll be on to the much-awaited semestral break. But before we have our welldeserved vacation, let SPEED help you relive some of this semester's memorable moments, update you with what has else been happening, and amaze you with the wonderful talents of our very own speple writers. I present to you, our first SPLAT issue of 2010-2011! :)

like to say that I hope what we have put together here gives you useful information and tips to help your Ateneo and Speple life g o s m o o t h e r, s o m e l a u g h s a n d entertainment to lighten your mood, and, most importantly, a better picture of what we do as Speple and perhaps a better idea of and appreciation for the special people we all love and wish to help. Enjoy!


-Dana Cammayo
SPEED President

Kristina Tan

What s Inside?
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SPLAT in Your Face
by Via Hung It was during my freshmen year that SPLAT’s first issue EVER was released for everyone’s enjoyment. With SPEED news coupled with fun-filled feature articles, it was an idea that came into existence to further spread SPEED’s advocacy. Three years have passed and SPLAT continues to work for this advocacy. From simple changes of layout designs to drastic changes such as paper size, SPLAT surely has evolved to what it has become. Now, on its fourth year, SPLAT has proven to be a constant innovator. For the first time since its existence, a new SPLAT image is presented – an image that will surely stay for many years to come. We are proud to present SPLAT’s official logo, a logo that embodies simplicity, cheerfulness, and cuteness. All credits go to the winners of the logo design contest, May Cruz and Sarah Sarmiento, two amazing speple, contributing to the advocacy that SPEED hopes to achieve.


PFIESTA! ates first-ever S SPEED celebr
by PC Magnaye Photo by Sean Co The 28TH of August for the year 2010 marked a new event for Ateneo SPEED. SpFiesta, as it is called, was not the typical SPEED family day event. The SpFiesta had a special Filipino twist to it, making it distinct from the parties for the kids held before. Kids from the Bridges Foundation and The Child’s World were the stars of this event. To make the SpFiesta stand out from the previous parties, the Speple decided to dress up in colorful baro’t saya, barongs, and typical Katipunero outfits. Banderitas surrounded the San Jose Covered Courts to induce a fiesta vibe to the place. Games played include Calamansi relay, sack race and stop dance. A pageant was also held for those best dressed in their Filipiñana attire. Even the food had a Pinoy feel to it – a sorbetes cart was also accessible to the participants!


The SPEED dance group SPRiBS held a dance session with the kids, and a performance by the SPEED singing group SpCarolers kept the participants entertained. May Cruz and Nico Garcia hosted SpFiesta, while Trishia Gerobiese and Steph Co teamed up to head and make SpFiesta a success.

on a Tour A Take a Speple Formations G
by PC Magnaye
THE SPEPLE had a tour as the SPEED Formation Session General Assembly took place last August 16, 2010. The SPEED Formations team emphasized the core values of SPEED creatively with an OrSem-inspired theme. In each station the members had to go to, there was emphasis on one core value, making the entire session very enjoyable. Members were made to share their talents, act and sing, do a tableau, write something about themselves on sheets of paper, and go through an obstacle course not only to have a good time and enjoy themselves, but mainly to inculcate the core values of the organization in them.

This year’s SPEED Formations Head is Rai Sanchez, who was the one who spearheaded this event.


Speple SOAR High Before Area Visits

New Year Kicks Off
with a

by PC Magnaye TO START off the school year with a blast, SPEED had a new gimmick to make the first meeting of the members memorable. Groovy and retro are the best words to describe it! On July 10, 2010, the SpOfficers came all clad in hippie attire, and danced to a medley of songs from the 70’s as a warm welcome to the new and old members. This event was the first general assembly for the school year, making it also the first actual meeting of new and old members—a historic event in its own way. SpOfficers gave the members an overview of what Ateneo SPEED is all about—our goals, the perks, and what makes SPEED the amazing org and family it is today. Members were grouped according to their areas, and ice breakers such as Samson and Delilah served as a means of making the members loosen up and interact with each other. The activities for the entire year were explained creatively – by a tour of the booths of the different events. The make-up general assembly for those who missed the original schedule was held on July 12, 2010.

LAST JULY 17, 2010, SPEED, in cooperation with UPSEC, held the SPEED Orientation on Area and Responsibilities, or more commonly known as SOAR. It is a seminar wherein members of the organization are briefed on the things they need to know when they get to the area. Topics that were discussed included the conditions of the children from the areas, what to do in certain situations they may face, and what the members would need to bring or do when they go to the area. Members were grouped by area during the situationers not only to familiarize themselves with their area members, but to also facilitate better rapport with their area members when they get to the areas. A make up session for those who were not able to attend SOAR was held last July 19, 2010, to prepare themselves for area.

Sprummage: A Success!
A WEEK in September was a good one for the Sprummage team. Sprummage, which is the SPEED Rummage Sale, was a success. Held last September 11 to 12 at Corinthian Gardens, September 16 to 17 at the Kostka Extension, and September 18 to 19 at Valle Verde 3, the project was able to raise Php 36,000 from the donations and another Php 3,000 for the charms that the children from the different areas made. Items that were sold during the sale were donations such as clothing and handmade items by the kids from our areas. An inter-area competition was held to encourage members to donate items for the sale. The winner of this competition is the Advocacy Squad and CF, garnering 1283 points. Bridges Foundation followed with a score of 1103 points, while Servants of Charity placed 3rd with a score of 1080 points.


Photo by Sean Co

Isa Lee and Mark Gaw are the project heads for Sprummage. Proceeds of the Sprummage will benefit the special children.


by Kristina Tan

The lights dim. The crowd goes quiet. Everyone is waiting in anticipation. You can almost feel everyone holding their breath. Then the lights come on and the music starts. The crowd erupts in cheers! “SPEED!!! WOHOOOOOO!!” Poised on the stage stood Sproove, SPEED’s RIB dance troupe—the org’s best dancers. The hard work and time they all put in the past few weeks really shone through, as they all moved together, synchronized and confident. Their French mime costumes and facial expressions added to the delight of watching them perform. The music swelled and got everyone cheering, dancing, and singing along. Through their moves, music, expression, and style, the group was a living, breathing, dancing testament to the heart, beauty, happiness, and unity that is SPEED. This was evident to all present, particularly the judges, who awarded SPEED with First Runner Up and Best Music Award, to the thunderous applause of the entire Henry Lee Irwin Theater. Winning the awards was just an added bonus, however, to the pride of every SPEED member and the enjoyment the crowd got out of watching the performance. It was, without a doubt, the highlight of the night— particularly for all SPEED members performing and watching.

Photos by Sean Co


Congratulations, SPROOVE!! We re all so proud of you!!!

SPLAT Features
First Day High ea Visit Attire SPEED Wardrobe Closet: Ar 5


College: A Balancing Act


Stress; De-stress


an s Guide to Survival Save Our SpSouls: A Freshm


What s In Your Bag?


Do You Remember?



First Day High
by Chanchan Carrillo

ng. art-stopping. Exciti Nerve-wracking. He y experience. In my case, I had not your ordinar g a new member is definitely t ever SPEED activity. As However you describe it, bein ted, even prior to SOAR, my firs long before area visits star established a tight several fears and anxieties They just all seemed to have d to bond with old members. the circle. Moreover, I a junior, I thought it was har by anyone outside or new to es—something impenetrable and I’m not friendship among themselv really crack a joke properly, I am often impatient, I can’t or Ms. Popular. that the kids wouldn’t like me. feared make me a kid magnet talk to—all these don’t exactly usually an engaging person to -mate, Jamie Sim, was newbies. My blockmate and area was not uncommon among us That feeling feared having a hard time n Daguio, a fellow junior, both at the beginning. She and Lea C), their respective areas. excited yet unsure W) and Servants of Charity (SO kids of The Child’s World (TC ’t know what to expect.” getting along with the vous at the same time. “I didn z Daleon, was hopeful and ner Another junior, Fran vities. with the organizations’s acti once we became more involved added that the people Perceptions quickly changed who doesn’t judge”. She ez found the org “like a family a Co. “The org is Freshman student Johnet Lop red by fellow freshman Samanth – an impression sha m, friendly and compassionate all over the place.” Franz are war the officers are not events are carried out well, and of maayos, like the projects and anization determined and full approachable, and saw an org that are super friendly and met orgmates kids happy. compassion to make special n entered the Ateneo. googled SPEED before he eve Empedrado said that he had came along with his Freshman Benjhoe t of the organization, which rise him much, but being par “Akala ko nung una The activities didn’t surp nibago ako,” said Benjhoe. a welcome adjustment. “Na nagkamali ako. freshman college year, was imik lang akong tao, pero pagdating sa area kasi tah magiging malungkot ako members.” Masaya kasama mga SPEED to special children. I guess my of SPEED besides that it caters r to SOAR, I had little knowledge Prio first org activity gave me a s and anxieties that I had. My t brought about all these fear until my first area visit, I was ignorance was wha clear grasp of things, so even expect, but I still didn’t have a d’s World. Suddenly, I glimpse of what to when I entered the gates of Chil e of this, all my fears evaporated me. After that, I realized apprehensive. In spit y to interact and have fun with kids and co-members—all read and sensitive way. That was surrounded by to be yourself in a responsible er way of doing things other than experience, but at the same that there’s no bett experience of being new to the us would be able to enjoy the ple we deal with. way, newbies like needs of the kids and other peo and with consideration for the time, act responsibly


ir it Att a Vis Are
i De by Lek


Los Sa

SPEED Wardrobe Closet:

Area visits are always peaches and cream to a week. It comes with a mix of relaxation away from the schoolwork and the excitement of seeing and playing with our special kids again. But what happens when little cute Charlie spills bright red paint all over your favorite yellow Speed shirt? *gasp* I’m not saying don’t wear anything you are not prepared to lose, but if you must, you might as well. Activities we do in our respective areas are 100% fun but are also that much unpredictable—you never know what sorts of surprises await you! So this section presents to you some points to remember when dressing up for an area visit.

As always, seek comfort in your clothes. Select attires that will let you dance, run, and jump, roll over, and have fun at the same time. Some special kids like to play tag—a lot. Other kids just like to run around so let’s make sure that we can keep up with their good time.


Don’t show skin. Sorry, ladies! Short shorts and tube tops in this warm weather aren’t exactly as convenient to wear in area visits as we would think. Sometimes, kids like to feel things and we can’t avoid occasional touching because to them, that is amusing.


Hold the bling-bling. You want to take off all your colorful and shiny earrings, fancy necklaces and classy charm bracelets before you go for a visit. Some kids get distracted with jiggling, chiming and dangling things and they don’t focus on the task at hand anymore.

Keep it simple. A neat shirt, jeans and your good ole sneakers will do. No need for flashy signatures; Zara or Topshop cocktails are way too snazzy for a day of play and fun. You wanna lose the heels as well, ma’am. It’s hard to keep up with all the fun in those shoes. You’re cool Levis jeans ain’t gonna be so cool anymore with paint on them either, pal. So let’s look out for those surprises as well.

Bring extra clothes. This may especially come in handy for those who have class right after the area visit. If in case you enjoyed rolling on the floor or squatting or doing art work too much that day, a quick outfit change would be good before you go back to class.


For more tips, just ask your friendly area heads!! They’d be more than happy to help! For now, let’s all just keep in mind these pointers. Have fun!


! Laughter fills the org room until the first bell rings. You know this is the signal for you to stand up but it seems as if you’re stuck to where you’re sitting. If you leave, you’re going to miss out on the rest of the fun! But you’re in school and you know you are here to study. Besides, you really aren’t sure if you’ve overcut already. This cut may be the one that will put the big bad W on your record. You stand up and x your laughing friends behind. And the moment you get to class, you immediately wish it was over so you could get back to having fun with your org mates. ! But unfortunately, they’re not called EXTRA-curricular activities for nothing. They’re meant to stay outside of our regular academic curriculum but nevertheless supposed to enhance our student life. So here are some tips on achieving the golden mean between academics and student organizations:

Act g an cin Bal A
by Anna Gabriel
Set your priorities and u make them clear to yo

Once the work starts piling up, it gets very hard to decide which to put first. You can get easily distracted as newer activities come up and forget about the old ones you’ve already started. If you assign levels of importance to e each type of work, or even as specific as each task, it will be easier to decide Eliminate idle tim which to finish first and time wouldn’t be wasted on deciding or switching from one task to another. Though it seems as if nothing’s due anytime soon, there’s bound to be work that needs to be Don t forget to have accomplished in the long run. If time’s wasted on fun! nothing now, then time for something important has been robbed for later. Imagine that you have If you feel overworked and off-balance, and are no longer two papers, one quiz, and an org meeting due a enjoying what you’re doing, then you’re totally missing day from now. If you do nothing on your 4-hour the point of joining organizations! Like mentioned earlier, break today, then tomorrow, you’ll be left they’re there to make your student life more enjoyable! cramming for all the work that still needs to be Consider org work as your break from academics. Aside done. When it’s 2 in the morning and your bed is from being productive, resume-filling work, they come becoming more attractive than it usually looks, with the bonus of being fun as well. you can’t wish to have back the 4 hours that were wasted yesterday.



LE G L o


Stress; De-stress
By this point of the school year, I am positive that every student knows what it means to be stressed. We all know what gives us stress: those infamous Hell Weeks, heavy workload, “Malabong Usapan” relationships, tough profs, cramming, and the list goes on. Of course, it isn’t enough that we feel stressed; our bodies have to show the effects of stress in some way. Stress can cause headaches, sweating, constipation, and body pains to name a few. Aside from this, stress can affect us emotionally; possibly making us more irritable, depressed or aggressive. Given all this, it really is important to know how to de-stress. It’s easy to say prevention is better than the cure, but most stressful things cannot be avoided. Attempting to avoid stressful things could, in itself, be a cause of stress. So here are a few tips on de-stressing. It’s all about focusing on YOU. First of all, take some time to do what you love. Something that isn t stressful. It could be reading a book, or something else. I have a friend who recently told me that she watches Gossip Girl to de-stress.

by JB Gamboa

These techniques have proven useful and effective during stressful periods in my life. However, different sources of stress need different methods to combat them. Furthermore, some techniques that are effective for one person may not be effective, or worse, could cause even more stress to others. As such, these are just suggestions that work for me personally. Finding different ways to de-stress is a journey of discovery that one must make on his own. This could be overlapping with the first tip, but find some time to sleep. I m sure you ve heard of those Power Naps. Sleep clears your mind and rests your body, thus making it easier to focus when you re handling the task again.

Engage in physical activity to release your stress. This could range from simple stretching to hitting your pillow to taking a jog. Think of it this way: if you re stressed and you re jogging, the stress you feel leaves with every step you take away from your stress.

Another way to de-stress is laugh. Do something that gets you in a better mood, something that gets you laughing for a few minutes. After that, you will feel better and more ready to go back to whatever stresses you out.


Lost? Confused? Here are some tips that we think might help you make your n way through freshma year smooth-sailing:
Umbrella. ID. Tumbler
These are the things an Atenean MUST have in his bag. Whether be it during rainy days, at times when you need to go to the lib, or when you’re thirsty, these things are necessary to survive in Ateneo.

A SpFreshman s Guid e to Survival
by Trishia Gerobiese

Save our SpSouls!

Sign up for an org.
With 40+ orgs in the school, it’s impossible not to find one which doesn’t suit your needs and talents. *winkSPEEDwink* Not only do you get to have a life other than your academics but also orgs can be a way for you to actually apply all the things you learned. Plus, it’s a great way of meeting new people with the same interests!

Spend your breaks wisely.
Unlike high school where you have straight classes, your schedules will usually have longish breaks in between so it’s important to know how you should spend it. You can use it to study for tests, finish your homework, or take a nap.

Hang out with your blockmates
No man is an island, right? Navigating through this first year would be even better when you have it with your blockmates, who are as worried and as excited as you. From solving that Math problem to complaining about Mr. ___, your blockmates will surely be there for you.

Familiarize yourself with the school.
It’s important to know the go-to places in school. Need food? Gonzaga Caf, JSEC, and Manang’s offer a wide variety of sumptuous food that’ll surely fill up your stomach without emptying your pockets. Looking for a photocopy place? Kostka Extension and Sec B ground floor (where you can also find the lovable Ate Alma) are the popular ones. These and a lot more are just some of the great facilities our school has to offer.

e, it s okay to have m high school to colleg With your transition fro an year. What s road during your freshm few bumps along the a us, and have proper keep being yourself, foc important is that you e fun every now of course throw in som e management. ..and tim rning while having posed to be about lea and then! College is sup SpFreshie! od luck and have fun, the time of your life. Go


What s in Your Bag?

by Cara Henares

The Bag Raiders Project has been a very notable undertaking
circulating around the Ateneo campus. There has been talk of it everywhere. People just cannot wait to see what kinds of bags their peers bring around and what lurks inside the private spaces people use to guard, carry and protect their belongings. ! Equally important, as SPEED members, aren’t we also curious and don’t we want to know more about what kind of looks our officers sport? What do you think do they carry around in their bag? ! ! Well, worry no more because we’ve also selected four random SPEED officers and asked them to describe their typical look and asked them what they carry around in THEIR BAGS! Think of it as raiding—SPEED style.

Homie Beltran describes his typical look as
something that is simple and basic. He usually wears maong and couples the bottom with a plain white shirt. If he runs out of white shirts, he opts for a black one. When asked why he prefers this get-up, he answers, “Para wala nang terno.” Indeed, it is a simple look but nevertheless, a classic – something one will never grow tired of. Dictating the essentials of his bag, he says his most important possession is his i-pod which has to be with him all the time. Along with this, you can find his readings and a filler notebook. The most absurd thing he carries with him is Colgate Plax mouthwash. He also mentions that he prefers a backpack but since it’s been hot, he has been using a laptop bag and makes everything fit in there.

May Cruz says her style is laid back. She admits
she’s not one of those fashionistas or stylish girls. She usually just wears a t-shirt paired with jeans. She carries with her a backpack because it’s easier to bring around and more things fit in it. Inside, you can find her handkerchief if she has a cold and her books and perfume. When it’s time for area, she normally does not bring a bag with her because she feels it may restrict her. But she’s always ready with her attendance sheet and name tags.

Pao Asuncion believes that in choosing an outfit
for area, the important thing is that you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing and it is something you’re okay with getting dirty in. Worrying about your clothes will only distract you and will make you less immerse in what you’re doing. In his bag, you will always find an extra shirt. Also found are additional arts and crafts materials like scissors, paper and coloring pens. One thing he can never leave without is his planner. “I need to have a planner with me always so that I can keep track of attendance and division of members per class.” He also brings with him an umbrella, in case it rains, and a pack of tissue. Knowing this, I’m sure we can all agree that Pao is that perfect Boy Scout—always prepared for any situation that may come his way and always thinking of others!
rs.blogspo Check out <http://bagraide for more! t.com>

Joaqui Manahan describes himself as the
shorts, t-shirt and shoes kind of guy. He admits to wearing pants only when required to do so. Two of his wardrobe staples would be a SPEED baller from UPSEC (the UP counterpart) with the words “It’s the ability, not the disability” inscribed and a necklace his sister gave him. Thinking there was a deeper and greater value to it, I was asked about it. To my surprise and amusement, he said, “I can’t take it off. It’s stuck.” Being a BS Psychology major, he always carries with him his scientific calculator. Aside from this, you can also find his notebook. “Naglilipat kasi ako ng notes from the book to my notebook.” Because of this fact, his notes are one of his most prized possessions. Also found in his bag are his reading glasses and a folder used to organize his papers.


ber? you remem Do Daguio
by Lean

...A look into those movie lines...
We also remember movie lines because of the circumstances in which they were said. Some are way too funny like when Jerry shouted “Show me the moneeeeeeyyy!” (Jerry Maguire) inside his office without realizing that everyone outside was already wondering what’s wrong with him. Others are so sad they could make you shed buckets of tears. I remember crying for Basha when Popoy told her why he chose his current girlfriend instead of her:“She loved me at my worst, you had me at my best...and you chose to break my heart." (One More Chance) I also felt Landon’s longing for Jamie when she was already gone. He said, “Our love is like the wind--I can't see it, but I can feel it." (A Walk to Remember)

WALANG HIMALA ! This is perhaps one of the most famous lines in all Tagalog mo vies. I m sure almost every Filipino has not just heard it but also ma de use of this line at least once. So what s in it then? What makes a movie line so special that it catch es our attention and gets bu ried in our thoughts for so lon g?

When we watch movies, sometimes we remember certain lines or even dialogues because of how they were delivered by the actors. Gollum rose to fame when he whispered, “My precious...” (LOTR: The Twin Towers). Joker once more proved his delight in others’ suffering by sarcastically asking the man whom he was about to torture, “Why so serious?” (The Dark Knight). On a lighter note, Agnes became the viewers’ favorite when she shouted, “It’s so fluffy! I’m gonna die!” (Despicable Me). Usually, we mimic these lines because they are said in a way that one can’t resist saying them too.



For girls, there are those sweet lines which we often wish to hear from our guy. Any girl’s heart will surely melt when someone tells her, “You complete me,” and means it as sincerely as Jerry Maguire did. And, no wonder, Edward won Bella’s heart when he told her, “You're like my own personal brand of heroine.” (Twilight) Individual lines, taken together, create a larger story, the movie. But each line is also a movie on its own. And the reason why we remember some lines better than others is because some lines are better movies to watch.

There are also those lines which the characters keep saying throughout the movie and, hence, they become embedded in our memory. The classic “May the Force be with you” by Obi-Wan Kenobe (Star Wars III) has turned into an everyday line which people sometimes use instead of “Good luck.” And, of course, who doesn’t adore Buzz Lightyear’s tone whenever he says, “To infinity and beyond!”? (Toy Story)


Area Memories!
to preserve your

Guide in Making a

Hello there Speple! I m sure you enjoyed every area visit with other Speple and the kids! Do you want to remember each of them so that you can share it with your friends, but clueless on how to preserve those wonderf ul area memories? Worry no more! Here is an instructiona l guide in making a scrapbook of your every Speed area visit! by Meimei Oxemer

What you will need: Glue, Scrapbook Paper, Colored Paper, Scissors, Glitter Glue, Gel Pens, Coloring Materials, Pictures of your area visits, bits and pieces of anything for designs On the first piece of paper, make a paragraph or two of your thoughts during the first time you visit your area. This will be your introduction page so that others will have a feel of your first impressions of the area.

To make the cover of your scrapbook, put your name and your area name on it. Be sure to make it unique! For example: “My rocking moments at CW!!”


Finally, compile the pages of your scrapbook. You can punch holes in it and use a fastener, or get a yarn and stitch it. You can also have it bookbound.


Let your juicy ideas flow! You can revise any of the instructions here as you may.

Tips for a more personal touch: Bring the scrapbook to the area and have kids put their mark on it! You can have them hand painted and ask them to stamp their hands on a page in your scrapbook. Or you can also ask them to draw on it! But first, make sure that you ask permission to the area moderator before asking kids to do Ask your area mates to sign on your scrapbook. Let them write anything that made the area visit with you memorable for them. The more area mates you approach, the better! Lastly, do it with all your heart and passion for the special kids 


On the next few pages, put pictures of you with the kids or Speple while in the area. It would be best if you take one picture per area visit. Don't forget to put captions! This is what will truly define your area memories. Write what made that area visit unforgettable. For instance, you can mention the name of the kid whose story touched you, a time where you have applied what you learned in SOAR, or anything that made a spark during that certain visit. Put designs on the pages of your scrapbook. Experiment! Be creative! Any kind will do :)


! Start So what are you waiting for oy! making your own now! Enj


How High Can You SOAR?
y Speple or be considered TRULY read A Speple cannot REALLY be called a ns of their beloved kids without the knowledge on the conditio . and the proper way of relating with them
Test what you have learned from SOAR by answering the puzzle below



1- Included in the SPECABULARY, defined as a disadvantage that limits or prevents the function or activity of a person 3- A natural and exceptional ability that a Speple could share in entertaining the kids 5- Included in the SPECABULARY, defined as any loss, diminution or aberration of function 6- The confidence in one s self is also known as? 8- An important gesture that should be applied to know if a kid understands what a Speple is communicating 10- SPEED is an organization that caters for individuals with ___________. 11- Special children should not be treated with sympathy but with _______. 13- A strategy that should be used for kids who often show tantrums 14- Positive ________ should be given to children with special needs in order to increase or maintain their behavior. 15- A common cause of most disorders or disabilities is ______________. 16- Negative or inappropriate behavior of the kids should be channeled into ___________ tasks.

2- From the movie Rainman , Raymond Babbit (played by Dustin Hoffman) was diagnosed with what disease? 4- Included in the SPECABULARY, defined as a physical or mental impairment 7-Name of the organization from UP Diliman, which caters to the same advocacy as SPEED 9- Acronym for the appropriate and more general term that should be used in calling disabled persons 12- Type of Cerebral Palsy 17- What does H in ADHD Stand for? 18- A trait that Speple should possess in dealing with kids in areas 19- Guiding the hand of a kid while he is coloring an example of _____________. 20- A strategy used for delaying gratification

Turn the page to find out how high you SOA



SPEED Calendar of Activities
November October
11-16: Final Exam Week 17: Start of Sembreak! 18-20: EVSEM 2-6: Class Registration 8: Start of Classes 12: 2nd GA 18,25: BAFTA: PAC Orgs 30: Bonifacio Day (No Classes!)

2-4: BAFTA: Speple Friends 11-12, 18-19: Sprummage Sale 24: Release of SPLAT Vol. 1 Trick or Treat Sem Ender

1: SpCaroling Month 2: BAFTA: PAC Orgs 11: Sparkle: SPEED’s Christmas Carnival 23: Start of Christmas Break

3: Start of Classes 11: Wishlist Program 16: No SPEED Limit

: nected et Con G


Answer Key:




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President: Dana Cammayo
EVP / SecGen: Via Hung Vice Presidents: Raisa Sanchez, Joaqui Manahan, Fatty Go, Sarah Sarmiento, Tasha Galbraith
AVPs: Sean Co, Eric Racho, Homie Beltran Area Heads: Pao Asuncion, Chel Gan, Joyce Uy, May Cruz, Sam Bautista

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