MKT 353 Marketing Department Internship—Spring 2006

Unique Number: 04540

Internship Coordinator: Jennifer L. Young Office: 5.334 K Telephone: 636-8803 Email: Office Hours: Mon 1pm-2pm, Wednesday 3pm-4pm FAX: 512-471-1034

Supervising Professor: Dr. Linda Gerber Office: CBA 7.208 Telephone: 471-5480 Email: Office Hours: by appointment

Objectives: The objective of the internship is to offer the opportunity to obtain practical experience in marketing through the application of knowledge gained in courses and course-related activities and to provide students with greater professional polish through exposure to career-related work situations. The objective of the internship course is to facilitate reflection on experiences obtained in the internship and to enhance understanding of academic material by application in the internship setting. Internship and Course Requirements: Students are expected to work a minimum of 160 hours and 6 weeks in their internship. There will be one class meeting held on January 26th from 5:30 – 6:15 (room TBD) to set expectations for the course. Subsequently, issues regarding the internship will be handled via e-mail and individual appointments with the Internship Coordinator. The supervising professor, Dr. Linda Gerber, will oversee coordination of the internship course and be available for student issues that cannot be handled with the Internship Coordinator. In addition to their work responsibilities, to successfully complete the internship course students must accomplish the following three tasks: (1) Journal: Students must keep a journal chronicling their internship activities. Your entries may be daily at the beginning of the internship. As the internship evolves and your responsibilities stabilize, you might make less frequent entries. However, at least one journal entry is required for every week that you work. This weekly journal entry should include at least one learning outcome for that week. The journal is meant to be more than a log of the tasks you perform. The objective of the journal is to insure that you are thinking about what you are doing and examining what you learn. Refer to the attached “Sample Journal Entry” as an example of the type of information to capture in your journal. Completed journals are due in the Marketing Department Office (CBA 7th floor) by 5:00 pm on Friday, April 14th. (2) Internship Documentation Form: At the completion of the internship, each employer (i.e., the intern’s supervisor) must submit a completed Internship Documentation Form to the Marketing Department Office by 5:00 pm on Friday, April 21st. You can obtain a copy of this form on the web at . This form will document hours worked (must be at least 160) and activities performed. It will also incorporate an assessment of the student’s performance by his or her employer (supervisor). Your supervisor can then fax the form to the Marketing Department Office (Attn: Jennifer L. Young) at 512- 471-1034 or mail the form to Jennifer L. Young, The University of Texas at Austin, Marketing Department, 1 University Station B6700, Austin, TX 78712-0218. (3) Written Report: A written report (10 pages, double-spaced) is due by 5:00 pm on Friday, April 21st in the Marketing Department Office. The report will detail activities performed, skills developed, and knowledge acquired during the internship. This report must follow the outline detailed in the attached “Outline for Internship Report.” Following this format is required. Evaluation of the paper will be based on the description of the internship and work performed, the interpretation of the internship and how it will be relevant to future schoolwork and career opportunities, and on composition and grammar. Final Grade: The course will be graded on a credit/no credit basis.

but that I should give them the option to answer by e-mail.” a topic that we covered in my MKT 337 class. 2005 Today I was given the task of developing the first draft of a telephone survey that will be used to determine what new services our clients are interested in seeing us offer. I’ll be responsible for the interviews and the data analysis. I will then get to present my results to the management team at the firm. I will start on writing my initial questions tomorrow and do the first three interviews as soon as possible so I can get started on the draft. My supervisor suggested that I outline what I think are the important issues and then contact three of the clients she works with to get their general feedback before I begin to put together the draft of the survey. it seems to me that this would be an example of “Exploratory Research. I seem to remember this type of initial discussion being part of the research process we studied in class. My supervisor said that I should be very sensitive to the client’s time and that’s why it is important that I think carefully about what I’ll ask. Given that this will be an interview-type survey and only about 30 clients will be contacted. . because that will tend to get the clients talking more freely about their thoughts and ideas. She stressed that I should be very clear about the questions I will ask before I do these initial interviews and that I should TRY to get the answers over the phone. LEARNING OUTCOME: I learned about the general structure of the marketing research process and began to learn about preparing interview questions. After that I will actually use the survey to contact our clients. then my supervisor will evaluate and edit my work.Sample Journal Entry January 31. This will be one of two major responsibilities I’ll have this semester. I will be working on this for the next two weeks.

a marketing problem. Analysis: identify a marketing problem or issue that arose. VII. Educational Value: describe what you learned about your career field and the business environment through the work you performed. II. working with specific software. marketing research). Work Performed: describe the nature of the work that you did throughout the internship. *If you are an international business major. Internship Goals: state the goals of your internship and which ones were achieved during the internship. Evaluation of Internship Program • • • Describe what you consider to be the advantages and/or disadvantages of participating in the internship program. V. in section I describe the company’s international dimensions vs.e. Initial job responsibilities b. and explain which is the best solution and why. VI.. IX. Brief description of the company and its marketing strategy.e. Relationship to Classroom Experience: describe any connections you found between the work you performed as an intern and your classroom experiences prior to and during the internship.g. etc. interpersonal communication skills. Professional development (i. market segmentation.. Try to be very specific (i.) .* You must follow this outline to receive a grade in the course. specifying a. IV. presentation skills) Professional Value: describe the contacts made and future benefit of these contacts.. marketing strategy. in section VI describe a problem with international business ramifications vs. III. providing as much detail as possible and including specific examples. identify the alternative solutions. VIII. I. Was it intellectually challenging? Indicate your expectations about how the internship will change your approach to school and impact your career. Changes in job scope over the internship. please write your paper focusing on international business rather than on marketing (e.Final Report Outline You need to cover the following points.

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