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280 Clark Drive

Henderson, Nevada 89074 Mrs. Tara Imboden, Principal

Phone: 702-799-5730 FAX: 702-799-5759

(All meetings are subject to video recordings)

Tara Imboden
School Organizational Team Randi Myers
Rebecca Anderson
Meeting Agenda Anna Sowell
03/10/2020 Christopher Huff
Stephanie Pandullo
5:00 pm DMC Library Rene Steele

Meeting began at:_5:00pm______

1. Meeting called to order (Mrs. Imboden)

Meeting called to order at 5:00pm.

2. Approval of minutes (2/11/2020)

Rebecca Anderson moved to approve; Anna Sowell seconded.

3. Updates on staffing
Mr. Shafran will be in 3rd grade; Mrs. Newinski is leaving to go to Greenspun; Ms. Peters looping to fourth; Ms.
Bodily is moving to second; Ms. Galdi will be in third. There will be a first grade position open for next year.
SPTA for STAR Intermediate was hired. Ms. Hall was hired for the Pre-K position.

4. Henderson Grant/Education Funding

Budget will be dedicated to high quality Pre-K. Right now there is no approved plan.

5. Supervisor, Dr. Mancl

Dr. Mancl is no longer our SAS due to promotion. Jillyn Pendelton could be our new SAS. Mrs. Imboden will
attend a meeting next week.

6. Budget allocations provided by district

Copies of the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year budget was provided to the SOT members.

7. AIMS plus outcome votes

Most grade levels decided that if individual licenses cannot be bought, they do not want the program.

8. Community Questions/Input (final 10 minutes of meeting, speakers must sign-in to speak and limited to 2
minutes for input).

Question about the Coronavirus was asked (what district plan was). So far if the student has a fever, stomach ache,
and cough, they will be sent home.
Mrs. Imboden is going to ask Mr. Bogar to use funds to buy a spray bottle of germicide for each classroom.

Do we keep Perfect Attendance Award? Possibility of Exceptional Attendance? Think about and discuss at next

Meeting was called to an end at 6:00 pm by Rebecca Anderson; seconded by Anna Sowell.