´ . . . listen to me. It·s all I ask of you. I don·t want money or pity. Only listen to me.

Moshe, the Beadle of Sighet fromNight by Elie Wiesel

I have been a target of the FBI for a number of years and, as such, subjected to psychological terrorism including character assassination designed to undermine my credulity, blacklisting from employment, home invasion, theft of assets from my bank account, harassment by the IRS, stalking on foot and by vehicles, death threats and attempts on my life as well as other terror tactics because of my work as a witness against the U.S. Pentagon·s bioweapons initiatives in the creation fo the components of AIDS. I came to my work as an activist after I became ill with a retroviral-linked AIDS known to many as non-HIV/AIDS, or CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, chronic mono, or ´yuppie fluµ) when I was vaccinated. University of Miami Researcher Nancy Klimas first qualified this illness as a ´less virulent form of AIDSµ in 1990 and Wistar Institute researcher Elaine DeFreits found Type II retrovirus in people like me in 1991. After receiving a copy of my brain scan, researcher Paul Cheney said mine was a ´classic caseµ of the disease, according to his assistant at the time, Pam Rogers. However, the U.S. government and its institutions as well as the agencies it supports have never publicly acknowledged the existence of this AIDS. Instead, they have continued to wage aggressive misinformation campaigns about it, not unlike those it waged in the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemics by promoting myths about its existence, prevalence, target victims and modes of contraction. After 2-1/2 decades victims of non-HIV/AIDS still do not have diagnosis and treatment on demand, the two objectives for which ACT UP was originally formed to achieve to help the first AIDS victims. No victim of this type of AIDS has ever had any compassionate health care, social security benefits, or help of any kind from the government, or from any AIDS group or agency. All they have received from the medical community is the same kind of abuse and persecution that gay men received in the beginning of the HIV/AIDS crisis -- and government-directed research administered by government-sanctioned so-called patient advocacy groups. This is not from mere oversight, or a lack of awareness on our government·s part. Elected officials only acknowledge as our spokespeople organizations whom have been fed the federal government·s propaganda and specious research, or those organizations they·ve had a hand in creating. No other victims· voices are heard, or even acknowledged. This is a gross conflict of interest since Congress has funded bioweapon research and research on the human immune system since the 1960s. It is completely intentional subterfuge. Interestingly, at the time when I was acutely ill I was acquainted with a woman well-placed at a defense contractor in the 1960s and 1970s who told me that her colleagues at the time were working on government contracts to develop the components of AIDS. Perhaps our meeting was incidental to our joining the same church; perhaps it wasn·t. I am certain she would deny making this statement to me, if confronted, if only to call into question my credulity. Be that as it may, she did tell me this and all of the facts supporting both her assertion and experiences such as mine are in the public domain and accessible to anyone who cares to look at them and listen to people like me.

Thousands of people like me have tried to raise awareness about our experiences and, when modest success has been achieved, such as when victims of HIV/AIDS and nonHIV/AIDS came together to create the virtual community, Unify, we have been undermined and worse. Unify was coopted, transformed from within and then dismantled. I began receiving threats of FBI intimidation -- to have the FBI set on me for hate speech crimes -when I posted a message in another online community forum that simply inquired, ´If immune system marker tests show that we have AIDS, why do our doctors tell us that there are no tests available to tell us what is wrong with us, or that we are simply crazy?µ The the perniciousness of my experience being gangstalked increased dramatically. When I requested my FBI file, I was told by the Boston office that I had none and by the Federal office that they would not give it to me. Without a job, and no support from the ACLU, I have not been able to pursue this further, though the stalking still persists and intensifies each time I speak out about my experiences. While riding on the bus from a rally in Washington, DC on January 27, 2007, I was assaulted while I slept. This bus was sponsored by the Arlington Peace with Justice group. I was just awakening when a woman, sitting in the seat behind me with a man, asked the woman sitting next to me if I was still asleep. She obviously knew the woman sitting next to me, and this woman mumbled something to her in response, whereupon the woman reached over the seat and hit me square on top of the head with the palm of her hand. Startled, I opened my eyes just in time to dodge the elbow of the woman sitting next to me, who feigned yawning and stretching. This is assault and it is against the law. But no laws exist to protect the targets of gangstalkers. Laws didn·t help any of the people lynched in the south during Jim Crow days, after the 14th, 15th and 16th amendments were passed, and laws don·t help any of us who are targeted now either. That·s because, as in the south, local law enforcement have been coopted as well. Some local law enforcement officers (http://www.multistalkervictims.org/policewhoknow.txt) are exposing and speaking out against the Pentagon·s usurpation of local law enforcement agencies, telling us they have been advised to ignore the pleas for help of FBI targets such as Robert Woodward. People like Robert Woodward are terrorized by Bureau subcontractors tracking their movements using cell control techniques (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=92207687), which have been designed and refined through decades of research. Targets such as Robert Woodward are driven crazy with psychological terror tactics which also have been developed by the Pentagon in order to insulate the state from culpability by making it seem the extrajudicial, state-sponsored terrorism targets experience are private violences. But it·s extrajudicial, state-sponsored terrorism and you aren·t hearing the stories of people like Robert Woodward in popular books flacked on The Colbert Report, or on the evening network news, for a reason. The same people with the power to conduct these terrorism campaigns also have the power to suppress the information you get about them and their antiAmerican practices. The vigilante terrorists carrying out this campaign of terror are clearly in the employ of powerful people; I am a law-abiding citizen -- not a homophobic bigot (or any other type of bigot); I am not a racist, a thief, a liar, a tax evader, an animal/child/elder abuser, or a sexual

deviant. I am not a drug user, or dealer, or a prostitute and I am certainly not a terrorist. I·m not even an anarchist. I·m just ´the complaining sort of woman,µ allegedly, according to the Cambridge police department, with whom I had only one encounter when this statement was made. You may be wondering just how gangstalking happens. It happens by gangs embedded in homes near a target·s who monitor that target·s habits and movements and use cell phones to relay information about the target·s activities and whereabouts to other gang members. The FBI has used ´special surveillance groupsµ to track targets in this way. Gangstalkers use devices which monitor, disrupt and misdirect personal telephone calls, both digital and analogue, such as those featured on www.spymall.com (http://www.spymall.com/catalog/revenge-index.htm) on their ´revengeµ page, making it impossible for targets to have normal relationships with family and friends -- the ´free associationµ guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. The FBI uses coercion and intimidation of a target·s friends and family and mostly, it happens because these techniques, when combined with complacency, work. In his 1989 book, War at Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It, attorney Brian Glick describes how the FBI was able to dismantle the American Indian Movement and the Women·s Movement from within by usurping the identities of different members of each group and pitting them against one another, for example. Glick relies on declassified FBI documents to chronicle how these ´COINTELPRO-µdeveloped strategies were used throughout the 1960s and ¶70s and then again --contrary to assertions made by Congress to the public that they had been abandoned --in the 1980s, when American peace activists tried aid the victims of the CIAbacked wars in Central America. Glick·s book also chronicles the FBI-promulgated events that led to the wrongful imprisonment of Leonard Peltier and the death of AIM activist AnnaMae Aquash by informants in the group, after they had placed a ´snitch jacketµ on her. A snitch jacket is a strategy used by the FBI to isolate activists it perceives as a threat. Informants in a targets group are charged with setting the target up and creating a perception in the minds of other members of the group that she can·t be trusted. They·re often created from simple slander, or exaggeration of something the target actually did or said, taken out of context and then gossiped about. The fifth paragraph of this essay could be viewed as such -- if I had named a person for whom the groups to which he or she belonged were being handled to perceive him or her as a threat. The fourth paragraph, on the other hand, is not, since dozens of people witnessed my encounter with Ms. Wolf. Like AnnaMae, I have been labeled a snitch though I have never belonged to any peace group or organization, or attended any meetings regularly, of any peace group or organization. The most I have ever done is attend weekly peace vigils for a few months until the mobbing I experienced at them became too intense to deal with.