Cooperative Formulation and Management

Objectives • To make familiar participants about self help cooperative act, its specific features and its relevance in present day market economy • To make participants understand that cooperatives under the new act are best business option for poor • To provide hands on skill to organize primary self help cooperative and to manage it effectively

Key contents • Principles, ethics and values of cooperative • Understanding about parallel cooperative Acts (Advantages / disadvantages) • Steps to formulate / organize cooperative

Programme Director
• Planning and management of cooperative • Role of elected body and professional management • Strategy for a successful cooperative

Prof. S.S.Singh

Learning outcomes • A better understanding about cooperative principles, values & ethics • Increased knowledge about various cooperative Acts, structures and provisions • Enhanced skill to organize and registered primary level SHG cooperative • Increased skill to manage a cooperative successfully

Duration 3 days: March16-18, 2009

Venue Bhubaneswar

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