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Toyota is the largest motor company in Japan, and the third largest in the world. They understand the desire for personal mobility, but also the impact on finite resources. Toyota has established a lead in process - with lean manufacture and product development. They have now gained a lead in product - with the Toyota Hybrid System. They have secured it with patents, and are exploiting it directly, and through licensing and joint ventures.

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As Shinichi Kato, head of Toyota's Technology R & D, said at the Third Toyota Environmental Forum, in October 1999:
The case details the globalization strategies adopted by one of the world's leading automobile majors, the Japan-based Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota). It examines the company's evolution from being Japan's number one automaker to a formidable competitor in the global automobile market by 2003. It examines the rationale behind Toyota's decision to concentrate on global expansion and studies the company's various globalization programs, focusing on the localization efforts. The case also analyzes the problems faced by the company within Japan and discusses the steps taken to overcome them. Finally, it examines the results of Toyota's globalization strategies and discusses its future prospects in the light of intensifying competition and demand saturation in its core markets, Japan and the US.

Future Vision
Toyota and other manufacturers have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future direction of motor sport in a new era of social awareness. Improving motor sport¶s environmental image is top of the agenda
Mar ket stategy Toyota emerged as an industry leader with hybrid technology, which it launched in the Prius in 1996 and now promises for every Toyota model by 2020. Now Takimoto's teams are exploring--and in many cases commercializing--several technologies, including advanced diesel engines, tiny battery-powered commuter electric cars, fuel cells, and a half-dozen kinds of hybrids. Technology Review contributing writer Peter Fairley caught up with Takimoto at the Geneva Motor Show last week. Masatami Takimoto, Toyota Motor's executive vice president, came of age as an engineer with the law that set the standard for tailpipe regulation worldwide: the 1970 Clean Air Act amendments. Since 2003, Takimoto has led Toyota's R & D unit as it grapples with a more fundamental challenge than fighting smog: breaking the automobile's century-long addiction to petroleum.

The company wanted to integrate back office systems and external sources of information regarding vehicle data * The company wanted to provide a purchase experience of a superior quality Solution * Toyota Motor Europe deployed salesforce. Emphasizes product quality . which enabled the company to automate many day-to-day processes * Salesforce CRM's cloud-computing solution enabled Toyota Motor Europe to provide an enhanced purchase experience .com/docs/24196540/Toyota-Marketing-Strategy-for-Plug-in-Hybrids Challenge * Toyota is at the heart of global manufacturing. and manage day-to-day relationships with multi-national fleet customers * Force.docstoc.com s multitenant service to target.Strives to create a perception with the customer that buying a Toyota that offer quality and dependability 2. and more cost-effective integration * The company chose Salesforce CRM for its ability to integrate with back office systems and external sources of information regarding vehicle data Results * Toyota Motor Europe deployed a fully integrated European sales environment in less than three months * The automotive company automated many day-to-day sales processes which allows its European sales territories to work together more efficiently. Measures customer satisfaction index within organization as a continuous metric 3. acquire. a company that has grown within 70 years to become the world s second largest vehicle manufacturer.Ensure dealers are sufficiently trained and can deliver excellent services to customer http://www.Toyota Marketing Sales force structure 1.com platform offered the flexibility to integrate with any enterprise application or system offering faster. . easier. Relies on dealer networks to sell these cars and to do services. resulting in a substantial improvement in customer responsiveness * Toyota Motor Europe customized the system to meet its unique needs.

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