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c Food
If you are not yet fully 25-year-old, as long as you comply with the diet method described below,
there is still a chance to increase that.
To increase should eat proteins, particularly those with ³amino acids´ of food, such as: flour, wheat
germ, beans, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, seaweed, beef, chicken, liver, Zhutui Meat, eggs, milk, cheese
and dark vegetables.
Instead, rice, glutinous rice, desserts and other food to eat should be as much as possible. Coke and
eat the fruit juice also Miao, because the sugar contained therein, will hinder the absorption of
calcium, eating more will affect the development of bones. In addition, the archenemy of salt is
increased, the less salt we must cultivate the habit.
Let us promote the growth of several health maintenance posture and the ideal food:
1, 100 per cent of the protein: protein make in reducing fat to burn out quickly so that the weight
loss, but also enhance the body¶s resistance to illness and fatigue. Protein intake on the health
benefits are great barnyard, this is the common views of the experts.
2, animal protein in meat, fish, eggs and so contain Duoliang.
3, eggs: all kinds of animal protein, eggs are the most important food. Egg cells also manufacture all
kinds of amino acids, so dining at the Chi Dan, we can play excellent results.
4, breakfast can not be saved: There are many Papan girls, are ignored the breakfast, the facts in the
eyes of Westerners, breakfast is the main meal a day, no matter how much weight, eat some
5, and eat snacks: snacks such as candy, chocolate, peanuts, most contain a high amount of heat is
dangerous, do not eat snacks does not work, may wish to study models to bite the carrot. Celery or
less calories of food.
6, in more calories and less: everyone has the appetite, just different sizes, we want to satisfy the
appetite but also lose weight, the choice of such food, fruits, watermelon, that is, even if the food full
stomach, but almost no calories , Vegetable soup is.
7, vitamin supply: As mentioned, the vitamin is the source of life, to beauty and nutrition, day to
supply adequate vitamin.
8, and less alcohol: alcohol because of the high heat, replacing the fat burning, body weight and
weight gain.
9, more sports: Let excess energy consumption as much as possible, the plot of the body, will be
converted into fat.
10, eat lettuce: If the carrot. Celery fewer calories, such as food, lettuce without cooking, nutrition
was not damaged. Many models have at hand the habit of cannibalism lettuce.
To maintain the beautiful posture is not easy
Is of the beautiful people, eating, in addition to maintaining several food above principle, the method
can also eat a few principles.
(A) eat slowly: slowly Bianchi Bian appreciate the taste, can reduce the sense of fasting. Slender
observation is of the people, their meal is better than Langtunhuyan who spent double the time.
(B) drink plenty of water: water does not contain calories, definitely not fat, when to drink tea or
drink, may wish to replace the water, the water will not Xidiao the body of the net, make your skin
more beautiful.
(C) raw: greasy sauce is the reason for obesity, so to avoid, as much as possible to natural flavor to
(4) Artificial Sweeteners expected to replace sugar: Sugar is the highest energy resources, will
become the final heat. On the other fat or starch stored in the body, if the food must have a sweet,
Wu Fang Artificial Sweeteners expected to replace high-calorie and sugar will increase the weight. For
example, ordinary butter cake is 200 calories in general, if the use of Artificial Sweeteners expected,
and only 70 calories.
(5) salad: salad of beauty have great results, no denying, however high-calorie salad, preferably in
fewer calories a white sauce, lemon juice or to replace.
Other foods such as chocolate, coffee.Butter.Sweet potato. Fried chicken so that you can maintain a
fascinating figure in efforts to incur failure, not accidental. Generally speaking, maintaining a charming
figure of feeding situation is 2,300 calories a day, of course, this figure also, as each of physical and a
bit of change.
To prevent weight gain, usually to cultivate the habit of measuring body weight.
Sports and Nutrition: high not long dream
Increased prevalence of the market, increased drug effect how, There are different theories about,
difficult to comment. But what is certain is that the traditional sports and nutrition is the most natural
and most secure. As long as you follow the do that, you re-high three centimeters long dream will
come true, your body will be more slender.
Mechanical increased law
As long as they are human beings, are not back more or less normal bending. If such (not the normal
bending) correction, the ministries will extend the joint, so that you increase the height, you do not
look down on a joint by bending to extend to the number of long, the body¶s joints there are so many,
little plot 10%, of course, considerable.
Mechanical treatment, not only for polio and Banshenbusui a significant effect, while the cat to the
treatment of severe back and O-foot, and the spine to return to normal, so that figure to improve and
increase height. In addition, the treatment of women can also physiology of going cold* . Thus, this
beauty in the women¶s gymnastics growing. As long as three times a day purposes, three months
after at least three centimeters long high, the body will become Enuoduozi can be said to be the
beauty Yijuliangde gymnastics.
(A) Binglong both feet, to stand up straight, one leg away half step backward, then forward bending of
the upper body, do not bend the knee so that the fingers can touch the ground up, so, for to do 15 to
20 . This action will enable the thigh and knee beautiful soft lines, around the legs symmetry.
(B) two-open 30 to 60 cm, Tingzhi to stand up to a half step back to the legs, and then the upper
body twisted so that the finger can reach the other side of the toe. And do 10 to 15 consecutive times.
This action will enable the two lines of beautiful soft wrist, narrow waist, and correction of the spinal
column bent.
(C) two-open 60 to 70 cm, a leg to the back half step, and then raised his arms and shoulders with
the high and then back to the level of arms to rejection. Long legs to reverse the direction seven
times, to reverse the direction of Duantui four times. This action will enable the waist tightening, body
(4) facing the wall, 30 centimeters to maintain the distance betweenone leg to the back half step,
heel open, Zujian towards the inside, then both hands on the wall, Ting Qixiong Department to back
protruding buttocks The gesture, the two knee Binglong, Qushen legs. For doing 20 to 50 times. This
action will enable a joint transfer, the legs can not cure the defects symmetry, beautiful lines and
make the legs.
(5) is doing a centimetre length, width of the wrist about twice the lumbar pillow in the back of the
legs to a half step back, who chairs sit deep inside, then back on to the shoulders, the Department of
Ting Qixiong , To do 20 consecutive times. This action can cure fatigue and shoulder pain problems
and can be contracted abdomen.
(6) picked up a rope standing, one leg to the back half step, then, in this posture, rhythm, jumping 60
to 70. Rope Skipping is a good body movement, not only on health and beauty are of great help, but
can shrink the body muscles and increase in height.
(7) sitting on the leg, a knee to the back of the legs 3 to 5 centimeters, Liang Jian Bankai back, arms
raised straight upward, this posture, the dumping of the upper body forward, as far as possible close
to the floor. For doing 20 to 40. This action is the most effective corrective cat back the campaign, not
only can back Tingzhi, to beautify the wrist lines.
(8) to sit down with cloth top Banghao two knees, two-handed leg cling to a knee with the other leg of
a leg of the knee to maintain high-level general, use both hands to pull the body bending to touch chin
ânees, do 20 to 30 consecutive times, this action can be hip muscle strain.
(9) made eight of the campaign, not to lift the knee on the cloth, using a pillow pad in the back,
straight legs, lying on 15 minutes. If you have cold of the night tied cloth can sleep, so, after a period
of time can be cured in the cold. For the cat back and O-feet of people, these are the most effective
To increase food
If you are not yet fully 25-year-old, as long as you comply with the diet method described below,
there is still a chance to increase that.
To increase should eat proteins, particularly those with ³amino acids´ of food, such as: flour, wheat
germ, beans, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, seaweed, beef, chicken, liver, Zhutui Meat, eggs, milk, cheese
and dark vegetables.
Instead, rice, glutinous rice, desserts and other food to eat should be as much as possible. Coke and
eat the fruit juice also Miao, because the sugar contained therein, will hinder the absorption of
calcium, eating more will affect the development of bones. In addition, the archenemy of salt is
increased, the less salt we must cultivate the habit.
How to let the body grow higher
Speaking of height, including two practical implications, is a high degree of physical or natural height,
the height can be objectively measured not dispute the second is a high degree of psychological or
social height, and I was actually on a high degree of social invisible Determination.
Today the community is the U.S. standard, ³recalled Tingtingyuli´, which should include at least
slender legs, young men will have to ³Wei-an handsome man.´ Such standards by administrative and
political power is dispersed and can not be changed.
If it is only just aesthetic, is unfortunate is infiltrated into all areas of society, play a powerful role,
young women will be standing 170 centimeters below the young men as a ³semi-disabled´,
enterprises and institutions to recruit staff have height requirements, Also difficult to be criticized. So
many young men and women is only due to the fact that the door was very distressed.
Needless to say, young men and women, young parents and even the future of life want a Gaotiao
body. So, how can we achieve the aspirations of this beautiful » Body height can be increased » The
answer is encouraging, the human body can be changed.
Young people and parents can adopt the method of treatment are as follows:
1, food and nutrition. Nutrition has seven elements: protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, water,
cellulose, minerals, one can not do.
2, the movement is an important condition for human development. Does not mean that the labor
movement, which changed the repeat action is useless. Increased movement must be fully
coordinated so that the body of the sport.
3, drugs. If the drug can have a long body, may be the most popular method of all. In the era gene,
scientists with the development of human gene engineering principles, modern biotechnology and
Chinese medicine treatment methods, can be achieved than in the past of various medical and
nutritional health products and better high-performance.
4, and other factors. Way of life, Guizuo, sleep position, and even furniture are highly concerned with
the height, Houer hard bedding affect the blood circulation. Laoyijiehe, medical treatment and has a
good psychological quality is not helpful.
It was observed that the sustainable growth and development to 25-year-old female first period after
the strong growth process.
282 ³2001 growth in the human body best season»!
A striking the World Health Organization reports that the body¶s growth rate in 2001 was not the
same, growing the fastest in May, an average of 7.3 millimeters, followed by the 6-10 month, an
average of 6.3 mm . Therefore, the proposed domestic and foreign experts in this ³mysterious May to
October´, should be appropriately increased nutrition, strengthen the movement, or through increased
support for products, so as to help achieve growth and development of the body best.
So, why the human body in the May-October is the fastest growing » Biologists and medical experts
found that a person¶s growth rate in addition to race, genetic, endocrine, living habits and other
factors, but also with the nutritional status, geography and climate and physical activity are closely
related. Into the 5-10 month, the land of Huichun, all things initiation, Yinggeyanwu, one faction of
vitality. At this time the human body organs and cells function very active in increased secretion of
growth hormone, accelerate growth and development, particularly in the experience after a long
winter, people love to outdoor activities, thus accelerating the growth rate is even more obvious.
As from May to October, faster growth, the need to consume more nutrients, so it is necessary to
have the best time for human growth. Nutritionist that must be promptly added all kinds of nutrition,
to promote the growth and development of human needs and enhance the capacity of resistance.
³May the mysteries of the´ Parents should note the following:
First, add protein. Protein is the foundation of life, the proliferation of bone and muscle cells, organs
are indispensable for the development of protein. Human Growth and Development sooner, the
greater the need to add protein, fish, shrimp, lean meat, eggs, peanuts, soy products are rich in
protein quality, more attention should be added. In addition, from May to October, young people
should be appropriate to eat some eggs, because the human body must contain egg protein, fat,
carbohydrate, vitamins and mineral nutrients, easy to digest and absorb the human body. An egg
about the nutritional value equivalent to 250 grams of milk.³Behind the May-October´, due to rapid
growth and development, when the shortage of supply of nutrients, the body will be prone to
osteomalacia and anaemia. In the egg yolk contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin D,
and so can promote blood and bone calcification of raw materials. Therefore, the egg is to promote the
healthy growth of the best nourishment food.
Second, the supply of vitamins and cellulose. Vitamin is life-sustaining elements, the most important
of which is vitamin A, B, C, human growth and development is essential. Animal liver, kidney, eggs,
vegetables in particular, contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and cellulose, should eat some fresh
Third, an increase of minerals. The long body, decided to bone growth and development, lower limb
bone growth and is most closely. That is, only in the long bones of the epiphyseal cartilage cell
growth, the only president of the human body, calcium, phosphorus is the major components of bone,
5-October to add more milk, dried small shrimps and bean products, ribs, bone soup , âelp, seaweed,
such as calcium, phosphorus-rich foods. Also, more than the sun outdoors, increasing the opportunity
to ultraviolet radiation, so that the body of vitamin D, to the gastrointestinal calcium, phosphorus
absorption, so as to ensure the healthy growth of bones.
Fourth, to ensure adequate sleep. Sleep is also high so that the body of the ³nutrients.´ Chang
Yanshui: people sleeping in the long. As sleep not only to eliminate fatigue and sleep in humans, the
normal vigorous growth hormone secretion, and a longer duration, is conducive to long high.
Therefore form of the living habits, and ensure adequate sleep.
5, to participate in physical training. Often participate in the high and long for the brain exercise, the
body can promote blood circulation, the protection of skeletal muscle and brain cells receive adequate
nutrition, promote bone Biancu, thickening of bone density, compressive bending capacity
strengthening. Campaign to promote the secretion of growth hormone, bone, muscle, brain
development even better. Therefore, should take part in more suitable for long and high brain
activities such as rope skipping, kicking shuttlecock, Tiaopi Jin, artistic gymnastics and various sports
activities, etc., can also increase the adjuvant treatment of products with the organic movement to
achieve the combination of the best higher Efficacy.
6. Adjuvant therapy. Modern medical research that scientists of human genes and the development of
engineering principles of modern biotechnology and Chinese medicine treatment methods, can be
achieved than in the past of various medical and nutritional health products and better high-
performance. Through the crowd under the age of 26 against the use of observation and verification of
internal 5-10 in 2001 showed that the average growth rate in three to five centimetres, the total
efficiency of 97.5 percent over May so that the treatment of physical growth is a very important factor
Ai Shencai it can lead to malnutrition »
Malnutrition is the lack of feeding, food-or perturbation can not be fully absorbed by the use of.
Because of its lack of nutrition, consumption, a fat weight loss, muscle atrophy, caused growth
retardation, short stature, poor physical and other disease risk. The most common malnutrition for a
time, than the normal body weight decreased by 15% to 25%. Subcutaneous fat layer thinner, smaller
than 0.8 centimeters thick, not solid muscle, normal or pale complexion, is low. Less than the normal
weight standard 25% to 40% or more than 40 percent of those known as the second or third degree
malnutrition, lighter weight, more short head. Malnutrition Chinese medicine known as the plot.May
cause therapy to enhance digestive functions, such as adjusting nutrition governance law. Proprietary
Chinese medicines Senate Baishu Powder, Ji Nei Jin, scattered, security and Wandeng have a
therapeutic effect.
It also can add nutrients to the appropriate treatment of malnutrition, nutrients nutriment in the
[calcium] [P] [zinc] [lysine] [vitamin D] [RNADNA] [DNA] and more than 30 kinds of amino acids and
essential Trace elements of the composition of cells and human bone cells the same, so it can
maximize the human complement of high-need all the nutrients gene activity. Very rich in nutrients
containing calcium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin, the body of enzymes, natural human growth factor
gene and nucleic acid group.
Add nutrients in the human body, with the machine in the common, such as the role of growth
hormone, growth plate cartilage to speed up the vertical development of a new generation of
cartilage, and strengthen the mobilization of parathyroid hormone BGP role in promoting the old bone
decalcification, Old bone in the capacity of the bone salt, calcium, phosphorus delivered to the blood of
an increase of extracellular calcium, phosphorus concentrations; On the other hand to promote the
function of osteoblasts, the blood calcium, phosphorus to the bone formation position calmly,
Formation of new bone in a series of special physical and biochemical conditions, the enzyme that the
body of a tool, the tall and Aige DNA fragments of DNA fragments on specific shortcomings of the
cutting, bonding and synthesis, activation of hidden Tall gene, Aige of a mutant gene defects, while
natural human DNA, the genetic growth factor gene groups can repair the human body and provide
the best nutrients, so that the human body from the outside growth. At the same time, nutrient-rich
biological activity of a large number of groups, the body nutrients such as vitamins, a variety of trace
elements, more than 30 kinds of essential amino acid, are the promotion of human long-beneficial
ingredients, a daily food an irreplaceable Role.
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