Phil Tibbo makes sense of schizophrenia
Shooting for the stars

The sooner. The better.


Naturopathic doctor turned best-selling author Harvard researcher honoured by Obama


12 — The sooner. The better. Dr. Phil Tibbo (’86) is breaking new ground when it comes to detecting and treating schizophrenia


Helping kids excel
Harvard professor Nonie Lesaux (’99) brings conversation and creativity back to the classroom with her award-winning research in language and literacy.



The doctor is in
Author of the best-selling health and lifestyle book, The Hormone Diet, Dr. Natasha Turner (’93) uses an alternative approach to treat patients and promote healthy living.


Allisonian and space
John Thaler (’06) learns about life on Mars and works to improve the health of astronauts who spend time in microgravity.

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Out of this world discovery
Ellen Milley (’07) discovers valuable space rocks on a frozen pond in Saskatchewan.


Joint adventures
A pioneer in the practice of hip and joint replacement, Dr. Seth Greenwald (’59) has improved the lives of patients worldwide.


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Mount Allison Record Winter 2010 No. 93 — New Series The Record is published three times annually. Editor: Anthony (Tony) Frost Assistant Editor: Tracy Bell Art Director: Shane McDonald, Tin Design Contributing Writers: Tracy Bell Mona Estabrooks (’79) Tony Frost Melissa Lombard Susan Rogers (’12) Sue Seaborn Carolle de Ste-Croix (’90) Photography: Alasdair Dunlap-Smith (’10) Lesley Johnson (’94) Sue Seaborn Grady Semmens Shari Tucker Address correspondence regarding editorial policy and subscriptions to: Mount Allison Record 65 York Street Sackville, NB E4L 1E4 Tel: (506) 364-2529 Fax: (506) 364-2262 tbell@mta.ca Contents Copyright 2010 by Mount Allison University and may not be reprinted without permission. Opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of Mount Allison University. Single Copy: $9.00 Subscription: $25 for three issues ISSN 1702-2525 Mailed under Canada Post Publication Mail Sales Agreement no. 40006414 Mailed by: Precision Direct Marketing Printed by: Advocate — Imprimerie Maritime Press If you wish to make a donation to Mount Allison, please contact Susan Springer at (506) 364-2341 or by e-mail (development@mta.ca) Please forward change of address information to Joy Wilbur (jwilbur@mta.ca) (506) 364-2608. Cover Photo: Dr. Phil Tibbo (’86), the Dr. Paul Janssen Chair in Psychotic Disorders

Mount Allison University is a science powerhouse


hat did that headline say? Mount Allison, the great liberal arts university, is a science powerhouse? How did this happen and says who?

Being a “liberal arts university” with such well-known people and programs in arts (think Colville and the Pratts), music (we practically owned the East Coast Music Awards this year), and social science (anyone need a Rhodes Scholar?) it may surprise some people to discover that Mount Allison has quietly built one of the finest undergraduate science programs in the country. So how did this happen you ask? I wondered that myself and apparently it has much to do with—go figure—the students. I have been pouring over the survey and focus group research we have done over the years (how scientific of me, eh?) and I can tell you with full confidence that the results show that those who study science here are the “cream of the crop.” Coming from all corners of the globe, they are as diverse a group as you will find, but they are singularly united in their academic capacity as well as their stated intention to pursue post-graduate studies. Of course, having brains is only half the equation. Once inside the hallowed halls of Flemington, Dunn, Crabtree, Barclay, and Avard-Dixon they work with awardwinning professors such as Bob Hawkes, Cathy Baker, Rob Ireland, Steve Wescott, Terry Belke, and others who nurture their intellectual curiosity, preparing them for the next step. From there, anything is possible and, in the pages that follow, you will read about the astonishing impact that our alumni are making on the world today and the meaningful discoveries that are being made on campus right now. Appropriately, the last word goes to Dr. Jeff Ollerhead, Dean of Science, who talks about where the faculty is heading. Almost a century ago, French physiologist Claude Bernard wrote “the joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel.” While this could equally apply to the arts, social science, or music faculties, it is, at least for this issue, distinctly apt for science. Tony Frost Editor of the Mount Allison Record, University Advancement (506) 364-2345 | tfrost@mta.ca


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Mount Allison Alumni Board of Directors
President: Andrew Clark ’98 andrew.clark@merit.ca 416-465-7078 Vice-President & Secretary: Anne-Katherine Dionne ’88 akdionne@hotmail.com 416-962-0100 Past President: Barbie Smith ’75 mbsg@nb.sympatico.ca 506-529-4734 Honorary President: Louise (Oates) Cooke ’70 louisecooke@cogeco.ca
Directors: Sean M. Connors ’81 sean.connors@rogers.com 506-384-5570 Layton Fisher ’57 layton.fisher@gmail.com 506-939-2935 Harriet Leggett ’61 leggett@nbnet.nb.ca 506-466-3786 Amy MacAdam ’02 amy_macadam@hotmail.com 902-492-1259 Paul Pergau ’67 paul_pergau@hotmail.com 519-434-2490 Margaret (Doane) Poole ’87 poolecom@ns.sympatico.ca 902-443-1410 Jill (Hemeon) Rafuse ’73 rafuse@ns.sympatico.ca 902-492-4523 David Rose ’90 rosed@navcanada.ca 613-231-4446 Charles Scott ’83 scottc@accesswave.ca 902-832-4477 Colin Tippett ’97 colintippett@hotmail.com 506-755-0679 Christina Vroom ’96 crashyvroom@yahoo.ca 514-933-2935 Danny Williamson ’03 williamson.d@gmail.com 519-208-1145

Here’s to a fantastic 2010 at Mount Allison
e have now emerged from the holiday season in one piece (hopefully) and better rested from what was certainly an eventful and, at times, taxing 2009. We saw, among other things, the global economy pull back from the brink of collapse, the battle against the H1N1 “pandemic,” and the continuing efforts to build a sustainable green world. While we are not out of the woods on any of these fronts, the “green shoots” that exist in Canada and abroad put us in a more optimistic place entering 2010 than we were in 2009. Students of history know that times of crisis almost always bring times of innovation. In this issue of the Record, you will read about Allisonians who have taken their science education and entrepreneurial initiative and developed innovative ideas and built new businesses. While not necessarily products of the recent crises, their inventiveness and entrepreneurial vigour will undoubtedly have an impact in making our world a better place. They should all be applauded for the work they are doing. While not without its challenges, Mount Allison bucked the trend in 2009. We once again sit at the top of the Maclean’s rankings for primarily undergraduate universities; our 48th Rhodes Scholar, Susan Humphrey, will head off to Oxford in the fall; and Peter Mansbridge will replace John Bragg (himself an innovator) as Chancellor. And these are just the large, public developments. There are countless others, all equally important, that go unheralded on a daily basis. This issue is about those successes, too. Andrew Clark (’98)


Executive Director:
Carolle de Ste-Croix ’90 Tel: 506-364-2348 Fax: 506-364-2262 cdestecroix@mta.ca http://alumni.mta.ca Nominations Call — Nominations are open for the Alumni Board. The Board works to promote and motivate the participation of alumni and friends of Mount Allison with the University, through effective communication, events, and special initiatives.

Address nominations to: Carolle de Ste-Croix, Alumni Office 65 York St., Sackville, NB E4L 1E4 or alumni@mta.ca

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For more photos from the events listed below, please visit the Chapter pages on Alumni Online: http://alumni.mta.ca

Thanksg iv Football ing G at Rocky ame Stone Fie ld in Monct on

From le ft Mount to right are a lu A Mike G llison’s directo mnus Josh Br lo ag r of Athle ver (’10), and of football o g (’08), peration the Univ tics and s Recreati e on Pier rsity’s Director re Arsen ault

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Get Belly Togeth Brew er a ery i t The n St Y . Joh ellow n’s, NL

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From Brid left to Cath get, Mo right a (Ho y Drie nica Br re Kim b w d Pike son) P zic, In idget (’5 erley K r a e (’50 4 ), D att (’78 (Chaf ), Ada ats (’02 ) e r. D m avid , Valeri ) Kear Reid ), Jason le e ( Pitt (’46 Pike (’7 y (’77) ’03), Bi Robinso ), an , n l 6 d hi ), Flo P Carolle l Driedz (’06), s da ught ike, Jan de St ic (form Dr. Spe e i n er R uth ne (Pike -Croix er facu cer lt Fran ( ) cis Vallis ’90), A y), (’76 ), Jo lex hn

500090 MtA Record_Winter Record 20065.0 10-02-08 9:10 AM Page 7

, n (’02) acPherso r, anda M h guest speake ers Mir ’04) wit volunte ( 2) Alumni Dana McBain ert Hawkes (’7 Rob and left, or Dr. profess physics

Other Past Events

• 17th Annual Canadian Universities Alumni Reception in NY, NY — September 24, 2009 • Atlantic Universities Alumni Pub Night in Tokyo, Japan — September 26, 2009 • Network Canada Alumni Night in London, UK — November 20, 2009 • Allisonian Art Garden Event in Sackville — November 27, 2009 • “Brunny at the Duke” Event in Toronto — December 21, 2009

Cele b in Ca ration E mpb v ellton ent , NB

ain tropolit n at Mé a, ON o Recepti in Ottaw rie Brasse

Appr o and ximately a ment rea cam 100 resi e s d Susa of Mou out to ents fro n Hu m C celeb nt A r Blan a chett mphrey llison’s 4 ate the a mpbellto (’ e of Su n 8 garlo , her form 10), pict th Rhod ccomplish u af Se nior er teache red here es Schola High r r Scho and Vice with Gai ol. l -Prin cipal

Please visit the Chapter pages on Alumni Online (http://alumni.mta.ca) for information about upcoming events. • February 21 – Osaka, Japan • February 22 – Beijing, China • February 23 – Bermuda Cocktail Reception in conjunction with Mount Allison’s Soccer Team Trip to Bermuda • February 24 – Hong Kong, China • February 25 – Tokyo, Japan • February 26 – Bermuda Pub Night in conjunction with Mount Allison’s Women’s Soccer Team Trip to Bermuda • April 18 – Event at Hugh’s Pub with the Barra MacNeils in Toronto, ON • April 29 – Ottawa, ON • President’s Cross-Country Tour 2010


Pass it on.
It’s time the talented young people in your life knew about the #1 undergraduate university in Canada. Refer a potential Allisonian today. Our admissions team will contact the student with information on how to start their journey this Fall.

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Renowned journalist becomes Mount Allison Chancellor
He’s been gracing our television screens as chief correspondent and anchor of CBC’s The National since 1988 and is host of CBC’s Mansbridge: One on One. Now, Peter Mansbridge is Mount Allison University’s Chancellor. In his role he will act as the University’s ceremonial head, presiding over Convocations, conferring all degrees, and acting as an ambassador. His term runs from January 2010 to December 2013. “I am thrilled to further cement my relationship with one of the country’s most respected universities and I look forward to my first official duty as Chancellor, Convocation 2010,” says Mansbridge. Mansbridge has covered the most groundbreaking events of our time, including the 911 attacks, the deaths of Princess Diana and Pierre Trudeau, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He holds 12 Gemini Awards, six honorary degrees, and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Mount Allison ranked best in Canada…again
Mount Allison has again been named the #1 undergraduate school in Canada by Maclean’s magazine — a ranking it has maintained for 13 of the last 19 years and one that is unmatched by any other university in Canada. The University received top or high marks in many categories, including Student Awards, Faculty Awards, Library Holdings and Support, and Student to Faculty Ratio. Mount Allison also ranked fourth overall in the reputational survey, which asked experts, educators, and community leaders for their views on quality, innovation, and leadership at Canadian Universities, and in the top five for Best Overall, Highest Quality, and Most Innovative. “Our approach has always been to mix the best features of Mount A’s past, with the new and innovative, in an intimate, high-quality environment,” says Mount Allison President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Robert Campbell.

500090 MtA Record_Winter Record 20065.0 10-02-03 4:15 PM Page 9

Enrollment on the rise
The numbers are in and first-year enrollment is up over 100 students from last year, reaching 829, with a total student body of 2,398. This count has also jumped from 2007, which saw the student tally at 651 and overall enrollment at 2,069. “Having the increase in students allows us to improve the student experience and continue to emphasize our goals of quality and innovation at Mount Allison,” says VicePresident, International & Student Affairs Ron Byrne. The growth also fosters a rich university environment. “More great minds means a heightened level of learning and appetite for extracurricular activities, resulting in an increased energy on campus,” says Byrne. Byrne believes there are many reasons students are continuing to choose Mount Allison. Apart from the University’s top-notch reputation, he credits the increase to its personalized approach. “From including hand-written notes on our acceptance letters to ensuring our knowledgeable admissions team is always available, everything we do has a personal touch and everyone here understands that attracting students is a university-wide job.”

A Meeting of the Creative Minds
Former New Brunswick Lieutenant Governor Herménégilde Chiasson (’72) is a poet, filmmaker, visual artist, and playwright, who was most recently named Mount Allison’s Artist-in-Residence. His wife Marcia Babineau has also pursued a creative path, and is the founder and Artistic Director of Théâtre L’Escaouette in Moncton. Joseph Boyden is the 2008 Scotiabank Giller Prizewinning author, recognized for novels and short story collections such as Born with a Tooth, Three Day Road, and Through Black Spruce. Amanda Boyden is an English professor at the University of New Orleans and author of Dirty Little Pretty and Babylon Rolling.
Pictured here from left to right are Dr. Christl Verduyn, Herménégilde Chiasson (’72), Marcia Babineau, Shelagh Rogers, Joseph Boyden, Amanda Boyden, and Dr. Robert Campbell.

Mount Allison English and Canadian Studies professor and event organizer, Dr. Christl Verduyn, believes in the power of this kind of cultural forum. “These types of events allow our students and the surrounding community to explore the role of art and literature in the human experience and are an integral part of what Mount Allison is all about.”
University | 7

Two of Canada’s most creative couples joined one of the CBC’s most noted personalities, Shelagh Rogers, for a conversation at the Owens Art Gallery in October. The quartet discussed their work and creative lives.

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Look up. Look way, way up.
Honours chemistry student Alasdair Dunlap-Smith shoots for the stars

There are people who do wonderfully artistic work and people who are interested mostly in the science of it — he does both.


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