reamer, healer and mystic – all the epithets fit you. You live within a rich inner world that is both a buffer and conduit to deeper experiences. Any professional challenges that come your way during 2011 will be met with your powerful intuition, your imagination and your unique way of dealing with adversity with faith. The tentacles of your psychic abilities are active 24-7. The year poses excellent chances of financial gains through friends and associates. The realization of a long held goal is foreseen in 2011. Pisces is one of the luckiest signs in the Zodiac during 2011. Social life will be active. New job opportunities could open up. Business and career will receive a boost in March, April, July. Seeking contracts and dealing with overseas companies should not be a problem at this time. For the career minded Pisces, eager to expand your horizons, a posting abroad might be the start to 2011 that you have dreams about. Saturn brings focus to your solar house of shared assets, power and regeneration. You will have to restructure your finances in a positive manner. Building a solid financial base is important even if you don't have a strong interest in accumulating money and assets. Growing a real estate portfolio might be in the agenda as a means for the savvy Pisces to accumulate wealth. Partnership funds will be handy. There is a chance of a legacy or settlement coming your way. Other people's money may be added to your personal money in a shared venture that promises gain. Your ability to imagine and use inspirational ideas remains strong; Your creative output will increase. Health will be fine this year. Mid April and August are periods when you may be a bit accident prone. Pay special attention to your feet. Be aware when your body signals that it is time to rest and relax. Love and romance are ideal from the start of 2011. Singles will have many options. However, if a partnership for married Pisceans is experiencing upsets, a separation may be on the horizon. January and February is a good time to enjoy wonderful holiday romance. The year 2011 is a very good time for Pisces to work at building financial stability. Just be moderate in order to reduce expenditure. Then you can make and keep money to secure your future. Your creative talents will blossom this year enabling you to obtain a cherished dream and your goals. Inspiration comes from dreaming and visualising, so continue to do both.



his is a challenging year for you. There will be two major stages of development. The first is of playfulness, creativity and risk-taking. It's best to let your imagination run wild. The second phase will begin in June when it will be time to turn your attention to one major project. Knowing how to balance soaring inspiration with slower routine is crucial. Although you may be known for your visionary talents, now you must deliver on your promises. The truth that lies within you can transform your world this year. July to October are intense months which will lead you to a bottomless well of wisdom that holds the answer to all your cosmic questions. Resolution will come in nameless feelings that empower you with hope. You will learn to restore yourself and give strength to others. Self-expression is highlighted which could lead to a change in profession. The start of the year will make you more determined to amass money and material possessions. You can look forward to promotions and increased income. Some of you might discover that although your career path is highly respected and lucrative it does not satisy you. So you may decide to work in another area that gives you personal rewards and fulfillment. Many of you may consider studying or training in order to work in another field. Business folks should practise moderation in all areas,especially in the first half of the year. Your desire to succeed and make your mark on society will be strong. Protect yourself against infections and emotional overload in March and April. Stress in the first half of the year could cause lower energy levels. March 9 onwards there could be unexpected changes in your love life. For singles there could be a whirlwind, with a new love every other week. Relationships will start amid excitement and may go out the same way. On and off relationships could keep you on your toes. Sudden infatuations could break up existing relationships. Some of you will be attracted to difficult partners. There are good chances of falling in love with someone from another country. January to June you are more likely to be enjoying life itself and not looking for a permanent relationship. Married couples will experience disruptive times. If you work in any facet of the art, craft and design fields you will be better than usual at innovating and taking new approaches. 2011 promises to a year packed full of challenges.


ou are the achiever, the builder, the classic type A personality whose focus is so tight that everyone and everything becomes part of your journey towards the pinnacle. Any professional challenges you encounter in 2011 will be tackled the same way that you tackle any other challenge in your life – you find a way around it. You value what is tangible, practical and your journey through any obstacle reflects it. This year the stars are stacked in your favour. Capricorn confidence and self assurance will be enhanced; a metamorphosis will take place. Many of you will have interesting professional options to move up the ladder of success. At work, your life will be about constant change. If you can embrace the transition and go with the flow, your life will be enhanced. Rewards for your dedication, service and effort will be received. Developing life outside your vocation is important. For some of you, this might be creating a beautiful welcoming home, large or small. Your friend circle will widen. For business folks the desire to enter the field of real estate could pay dividends. But you will need to do your homework. Capricorns who are savvy and know current property values should find a number of good real estate options from January through March. Avoid impulsive purchases from March to April. This is a great year for students, especially those in creative fields. Your health and well-being will remain stable throughout the year. In love matters, problems in relationships can come to light. Some of you may have ended a love affair, separated from a partner or currently experiencing a rocky path in a committed union. It will be essential to curb your workaholic tendencies so you can focus on family and love life. Singles will have abundant romantic interludes. An associate or long-time friend could suddenly be seen through romantic eyes. An older or more stable partner might appeal to those of you looking for security as well as love. There is also a possibility that single Capricorns could date a superior. A marriage or permanent relationship is foreseen with someone who is in the public eye. A summer wedding may be the highlight of 2011 for some Capricorn folks. For others, the birth of a child is foreseen. Capricorn is one of the most capable of all the Zodiac signs. If you can make up your mind to a task, you can resolve issues and turn problems around so that best results are achieved.




he year is progressive, your views on everything from politics to religion expand who and what you are. You are an intellectual explorer who delves into different kinds belief systems. Your tolerance for other people's beliefs, deepens your understanding of the universe. You will benefit through professional endeavors, and group associations. Your finances are a wild card. Doing what you love will ultimately bring you greater wealth, luck and happiness rather than pursuing the status quo. 2011 is a year full of movement and change; a lifestyle that seemed way out of your league will now become a reality. You can expect significant changes in your approach to life, your goals and things you value. Spiritual or religious principles will become much more important in your life. You may start to live within spiritual structures. You will follow a career that will hold more meaning. Money, spending, saving and investing assume more importance at the beginning of the year. March is a good time to invest, if you are starting a new business you should get the green light then. You would be wise to seek professional financial advice on any major moves. Between August and September, your business is strong and you can make significant gains. Some Aquarians may move to a place quite different from any place you have lived before. Some of you may move overseas. You will learn a new language and manage new cultural habits. Love and romance will be the emphasis this year. You won't be alone for any length of time. For singles July and August are slated for wedding celebrations. Romance that begins early this year will last a lifetime. Aquarians in established relationships could experience difficulties in communication with your partner. Property settlements may be difficult this year especially from October to December. Health can be at risk from an unbalanced lifestyle. Fevers, colds and eating disorders must be dealt with a combination of checkups and natural therapy. Don't hesitate to explore various therapies in your search to lead a healthy balanced life. You will enjoy several short trips during the first half of the year. Travel in the second half will be extended to study, professional or family commitments. From early June to December concentrate your energies on your personal life. This is an excellent period to put down roots.


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