Logs to check for Oracle RAC Issues.

==================================== Let us see what should we look at for Oracle RAC issues: 1. CRS Logs 2. CSS Logs : $CRS_HOME/log/<HOSTNAME>/crsd.log : $CRS_HOME/log/<HOSTNAME>/ocssd.log

3. EVMD Logs : $CRS_HOME/log/<HOSTNAME>/evmd.log 4. RACG Logs : ONS Logs in $CRS_HOME/log/<HOSTNAME>/RACG/ VIP Logs in $CRS_HOME/log/<HOSTNAME>/RACG/ 5. Alert Log : $CRS_HOME/log/<HOSTNAME>/alert_<HOSTNAME>.log 6. OS Error Logs : AIX : errpt -a Solaris : /var/adm/messages and so on... The above logs should give you the correct picture of the state of Oracle cluste rware and reason for failure.

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