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January 2011

The Albuquerque Area’s Smart Shopper’s Guide

$3500 MarketPlace
in Prizes! HOMES
List Your FSBO
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A New Year,
A New You!
Local Sources to Help Keep CLASSIFIEDS
Your New Year’s Resolutions Placing your free ad is a snap! See the
See Page 28 easy-to-follow directions on page 53.

Delivered to 175,000 Upscale Homes Each Month

rs to ck LE
in a n c in
te r O v e E a s y F ILABLE

Win SA

for 12 months and
Low Monthly Payments C ha l!
nging fee
the way you
Visit our beautiful showroom
349-0085 AVAILABLE Visit our beautiful showroom 5504 Menaul NE
Mon- Sat 9 to 6, Sun 12 to 5 GAS • WOOD • PELLET STOVES AND FIREPLACES 349-0085 Mon- Sat 9 to 6 | Sunday 12 to 5
January 2011
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Local Business Profiles William Lescure — Publisher • Rena Larrañaga — Editor

Vicky Samala — Production Manager
Laser Liposuction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36
Diets that starve us and exercising like a fiend
sometimes don’t do the job. That’s where these
two Albuquerque businesses come in.
Mailed To 175,000
Upscale Single Family Homes Throughout the Albuquerque Area

Dr. Marge Prefontaine . . . . . . . . . . . . .45

This licensed counselor and hypnotherapist has For Advertising Information Call (505) 888-0500
been assisting clients for more than 30 years with We Accept
everything from weight loss to relationships.
The publisher reserves the right to edit, revise, or reject any advertising copy
submitted for publication. Publisher’s liability for errors in ads will in no case
Yourson Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 be greater than the cost of the space in which the error occurs.

A family-owned business with experience in Published Monthly By

bathroom restorations, kitchen renovations, room MarketPlace Media, Inc.
additions and whole-house remodels. P.O. Box 92800
MarketPlace Media inc. Albuquerque, NM 87199
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Eliminate Your Inefficient Gas Fireplace!

Put It To Work Heating Your Home with an
Affordable, Efficient and Attractive Pellet Stove
Let Us Retrofit a Call Us For
Clean Burning Pellet Stove Full Details
In Place of Your Gas Fireplace

3511 Wyoming NE
(at Comanche)

No Burn Night – 1125 Alameda NW
Made in the USA (at Rio Grande)
No Problem
Expert Installation
Legendary Product
Great Warranty


0% APR for 1 YEAR or
Visit our beautiful showroom CALL FOR
5504 Menaul NE
Monday –Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Call Today for a FREE
In-Home Consultation
Affordable Kitchen Southwest Table
& Bath Updates... By Dave DeWitt

In Just One Day I believe that New Year's reso-

lutions are so yesterday that food-
ies must take even more action and
n i t e o r Quar as call them revolutions. Why
Gra low change, you ask? To get out of your
ops as lled
r t
. ft. InsIn Sink
n t e culinary rut, that's why, and try
$ 5 5 / s q some new and different foods and
es Dro 31, 2011 drinks for a change. So with a
Includ anu ary hearty toast of New Mexico beer or Beer tastings are just one of
Thru J wine, let's vow to do the following: the many attractions of New
Try a New Exotic Dish Mexico’s growing gastro-
With new restaurants popping nomical scene.
up all over town, there's a great
opportunity to expand the range of scoop on other beer tastings, read
your taste buds. For example, in the, where
Nob Hill area, Streetfood Asia you’ll read about black IPAs like
(3422 Central Ave. SE) offers an Hop in the Dark, Sublimely Self-
eclectic menu of Asian delicacies Righteous and Pitch Black. Skip
not found at other restaurants, and the champagne and go brewski!
I've picked out one dish in particu- Search for the Hottest Meal
lar to try: Kuala Lumpur Malay in New Mexico
Cultured Marble Satay Volcanic Sampler, which Why? Because it's there some-
Shower Surround means a selection of Malaysian where. The two hottest meals I've
had were both in Albuquerque: the
grilled kebabs.
Only $1500 Skip the Boring Fast Food, Dine Lamb Vindaloo at India Kitchen,
6901 Montgomery Blvd. NE and
+ tax at a Locally Owned Restaurant
The New Mexico Restaurant the Red Chile Enchiladas at
Up to 60 sq. ft. Association has just launched Abuelita's New Mexican Kitchen,
Includes everything, which 6083 Isleta Blvd. SW. It took me
but the tub! is a great place to start your search 15 minutes to eat one enchilada.
Thru 1/31/11 for New Mexico-owned restau- They claimed a hot batch of red
rants that have their own unique chile, but I accused them of using
styles. Remember, Albuquerque is habañeros, which they denied.
Standard 5 ft. the only city where the Chi-Chi's Dave DeWitt is
Polystone chain of “Mexican” restaurants
failed, and for good reason.
founder of the
National Fiery
Shower or Tub Experience a Craft Beer Tasting Foods & BBQ
Replacement New Mexico abounds with
great brewpubs and numerous
Show and the
author of 35
Only $3190 + tax amateur beer makers. Personally, books on chile
my favorite beer of the moment is peppers and fiery foods. His
Includes Tearout & Plumbing Marble IPA from downtown newest book “The Founding
Thru 1/31/11 Albuquerque's Marble Brewery Foodies” is now in bookstores and
(111 Marble St. NW). To get the online.
Replaced…Not Resurfaced or Covered
Specializing In: Replace Windows in Winter?
• Kitchen & Bath WHY?
Countertops Take Advantage of Off-Season Pricing!
• Bath Surrounds,
Get Their Windows At Our Low Prices
Shower Pans &
Glass Enclosures Plus FREE Installation!*
• New Construction Now Thru January 31st Only
& Remodels *Min. 3 windows

Visit our showroom at 1424 First St. NW

Energy Pros 264-0974
Mon. - Fri. 8-4:30 • Sat. by Appt. • Lic. #92741 Windows Lower Overhead Means
Lic. 362276 • Bonded/Insured Lower Prices
FREE ESTIMATES Free Estimates • Day & Evening Appointments
Here’s another great “Put on and dampen a pair
Here’s A Tip clothespin tip: Clothespin plus
dish towel equals bib.
of rubber gloves, then run your
hands over your upholstery to
by JoAnn Derson •  •  • pick up excess pet hair. This
To hand-wash clothes, fill a works really well on the backs
To get a smooth glide out of Three uses for a hair dryer washer with water and add of our couches, which is where
your iron, try running it over a (besides drying your hair): 1. detergent. Add clothes that you our cats love to sleep." — W.L.
used fabric-softener sheet. Defrost frozen sections of need to hand-wash, and let run in New Mexico
•  •  • water pipe to avoid burst in machine one minute or less •  •  •
When applying paste adhe- pipes. 2. Thaw ice on a win- (longer if soiled). Then take Mix up pancake batter in a
sive — when wallpapering, for dow. 3. Dry the inside of your the clothes out and place in a squirt bottle. You can spell out
instance — add a drop or two rubber dish gloves. clean bucket or hip pan to rinse letters and make ABC pan-
of food coloring to the adhe- •  •  • out. Hang or lay flat to dry. cakes, or even doodle different
sive. This way, you will know Spray recipe cards with a You can use the wash water to shapes, which the kids can
that it is applied to the entire shot of aerosol hair spray to do the next load of normal have fun arranging before they
surface, and it dries to clear. keep them clean. wash. eat them up.

We Use Truck-Mounted Equipment Only – Never Portable Equipment!
C LEANING Family owned & operated for 20+ years


Carpet Cleaning
85 95 FREE!
Teflon® Treatment
Limited to 1 room** only with
100 minimum carpet cleaning.
We Will Offer Expires 1/31/11
Match Any Certain minimums apply. Some fabrics/fiber priced separately. (1,000 sq. ft. FOR MOLD, FLOOD,
Competitor’s max). **Rooms over 200 sq. ft., Great Rooms & L-shaped rooms count as 2
rooms. Slight travel charge may apply to certain areas. Includes special
Prices!* treatment for normal spotting and traffic areas. Separate charge for pet AND CHEMICAL
*Must show proof
of price.
urine, color and rust stains. Expires 1/31/11 CLEANUPS!

$ 00* Carpet Cleaning and2 Rooms Drapery Cleaning
75 1
• Can Be Cleaned on the Rod
per room Hall Only ¢ $ 50
• Up to 150 sq. ft. per room
• Rooms over 150 sq. ft., Great
per pleat for per pleat for • No need to take them to the
dry cleaners
4' drapes 8' drapes
Min. 2 Rooms Rooms & L-shaped $
*Some fabrics/fiber priced separately. Certain minimums apply.
Teflon® Treatment rooms count as 2 rooms. Min. 2 Rooms No travel charge in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque. Valances priced separately.
1500 per room *Some fabrics/fiber priced separately. Certain minimums apply. No

Winter Duct Cleaning Speical

travel charge in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque. No furniture moving.

Furniture Cleaning
$ 95
64 95
• Pollen • Mildew • Fungi
• Up to 7’ Sofa NEW! Asthma • Allergies
Reg. $7500 Leather •
& up Cleaning • Reduce Utility Bills
per vent
*Some fabrics/fiber priced separately. Certain minimums
• Camera Inspection for Air
apply. No travel charge in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque. Ducts Available (priced separately) 6 Vent Minimum

Experience the “Dry” Carpet Cleaning Advantage No

• We extract the dirt left behind by other methods • Our technicians are courteous,
10% OFF
Tile Cleaning
with our special 4-step process. experienced professionals. Residue
Thru Jan. 2011
• Your carpets are dry in a matter of hours! • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

• Tile, Flagstone • Carpet Repairs - Stretching

& Grout Cleaning • Emergency Service • Flood & Fire Damage
• Spot & Odor Removal Specialists • Auto Interiors, Boats, RVs & Airplanes

Words of Wisdom
rt at
es Sta
65 ea.
◆ Baltic Birch wood “And God said: ‘Let there be “Kind words are short and easy
◆ Steel slides Satan, so people don't blame to speak, but their echoes are
◆ Holds 75 lbs. everything on me. And let there truly endless.” — Mother Teresa
◆ 5-year warranty be lawyers, so people don't •  •  •
Call For blame everything on Satan.’” — “I like thinking big. I always
In-Home Estimates George Burns have. If you're going to be think-
epair •  •  • ing anyway, you might as well
We R lace
e p
& R s, Too
243-8020 “Pink isn't just a color, it's an think big.” — Donald Trump
r a w er Shown at Davis Kitchens attitude!” — Miley Cyrus •  •  •
™ D
2200 Eubank Blvd. NE •  •  • “If you hear a voice within you
Over 10 Years In Business
“I have spent a lot of time saying, ‘You are not a painter,’
searching through the Bible … then by all means paint — and
for loopholes.” — W. C. Fields that voice will be silenced.” —
January 12 - February 22, 2011 •  •  • Vincent Van Gogh
SAVE UP TO $600 “We must learn to live together as
brothers or perish together as
•  •  •
“You're only given a little spark
on Qualifying Fireplace,
Stove or Inserts fools.” — Martin Luther King, Jr. of madness. You mustn't lose it.”
Expert Installation Available •  •  • — Robin Williams
Knowledgeable Friendly Staff “Don't worry about the world •  •  •
coming to an end today. It's “Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes
already tomorrow in Australia.” necessity.” — St. Augustine
Authorized Dealer — Charles Schulz •  •  •
•  •  • “I am pushing sixty. That is enough
“Every man, wherever he goes, is exercise for me.” — Mark Twain
encompassed by a cloud of com- •  •  •
11030 Menaul Blvd. NE
Mon. - Sat. 10-5
forting convictions, which move
with him like flies on a summer
“I am dying from the treatment
of too many physicians.” —
day.” — Bertrand Russell Alexander the Great

Full Service Kitchen & Bath Remodel | Custom & Semi Custom Cabinetry | Countertops | Electrical | Plumbing | Flooring Installation
Contractor Pricing On Appliances, Fixtures and Flooring Materials

By Sal Jr. and Lydia Lozano

Free Estimate & Design | Satisfaction Guaranteed | Quality Workmanship & Products for Every Budget
Locally Owned & Operated | Over 17 years Experience
Visit our Showroom at:
2025 Candelaria Rd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 | 505-884-9600 |
All Major Credit Cards Accepted Insured, Licensed & Bonded


Hard Water Damages Your Home
GMX Saves Your Fixtures, Hair and Water Heater — Without Salt!
THE PROBLEM: Our Water Among
1. Mineral Deposits Ruin Fixtures Hardest in U.S.!
• Spots Etch Shower Doors
• Crusty Deposits Corrode Faucets
• Ugly Ring in Toilets
2. Hard Water is Harsh
• Dries Skin and Hair
3. Deposits Damage Appliances
• Clogs Water Heaters and Dish Washers
• Clogs Faucets and Shower Heads
4. Salt Softeners Waste Water
• 5,000 to 15,000 Gallons Every Year
Source; The Salt Institute
5. Softeners Require Maintenance
• Constantly Adding Sodium or Potassium Salts

GMX Systems Solve Scale Build-up Problems

GMX Works On:
• Homes
• Commercial Buildings
• Pools & Spas
1. Typical scale and
calcium buildup caused
2. This photo shows the effect 3. After continual treatment,
of magnetically treated most scale is removed
• Swamp Coolers
by untreated water has water on the same section and will be prevented as
almost closed this pipe. of pipe a short time after long as the system is in • Radiant Heat Systems
the installation. operation.
Does Your Water
Heater Make Rumbling
Why Choose GMX Call
and Popping Noises? Instead of a Softener? 1-800-406-0469
Hard Water May Be • Simplicity: GMX requires no bulky tanks or drains,
The Reason. no electricity. Installation usually takes less than an To Schedule Your
hour and usually requires no plumbing. It is about the
size of a shoebox, so it doesn’t take up all your space. FREE HOME
• Maintenance Free: GMX requires no maintenance ANALYSIS
and no operating expense, it never needs to be
repaired or replaced. ~ OR ~
• Healthy: Because GMX uses no salt or chemical, it
is safe for plants, animals, and humans, even those
For A Complete
with high blood pressure and heart disease. Information Package
• Environmentally Safe: Because there is no back
flushing, GMX is the only treatment for hard water By Mail
that does not waste 1000’s of gallons of water. GMX Hard Water
is safe for septic systems, even in areas that restrict
discharge of softener brine into septic systems.
Problems Solved!
“We had problems
• Cost: Hard water costs you money in plumbing
with our traditional
repairs, appliance replacement, and expensive house-
water softener, so we
hold cleaners. Softeners cost three times as much as
replaced it the GMX
GMX and require constant maintenance. GMX saves
system. GMX works
you enough to pay for itself in one to two years.
so well, we recom-
mended it to our daughter and our pastor.
GMX Water Conditioning Now we all enjoy the benefits of GMX;
Solving Hard Water Problems it’s healthier for us and we’re saving
Win A Room Full of Hunter Douglas
Window Fashions From The Blind Man!
Send Us
a Photo
and Tell Us
$3500 You Gotta
in Prizes! Get The
Blind Man!

If Your
Are Naked
3 Winners Will or Just Plain
Ugly, this
Be Selected Is Your

1 200000*
st up to $
Prize Room Makeover
Here’s How To Enter
1. Go to

2 nd
up to $
Room Makeover
2. Upload a photo and description of
why You Gotta Get The Blind Man
3. Check out the other entries

rd up to $
Room Makeover
4. See our winning selections once
they’re chosen on January 31!
*One entry per household. Entries limited to households located within a 60-mile
radius of the intersection of I-25 and I-40 in Albuquerque. Once submitted, all entries
*Package includes blinds, measuring and installation. become property of The Blind Man. Winners will be selected by Blind Man manage-
Value based on everyday discount prices as of Jan. 31, 2011. ment on January 31, 2011. For complete rules, see website or check with showroom.

Albuquerque’s Only
Don’t Forget…We Do Custom
Valances and Cornices


Showroom located at
Sydney, Joy, Michael, Si, 3700 Osuna NE #505
Emerson, Matt, Conse, Natalia Mon–Sat 9 to 6 • Thurs ’til 8
FREE In-Home Estimates • FREE Measuring • FREE Installation • 90 Days Same-As-Cash Financing Available
Why Replace…
When you can Resurface!

With Ad
Expires 1/31/11

First Lady Michelle Obama presented a 2010 National Medal Surfaces restored in hours – NOT days!
for Museum and Library Service to Explora museum Director
Dr. Patrick Lopez and Los Padillas Elementary School COUNTERTOP & BATHTUB
Principal Sara Keeney in a White House ceremony Dec. 17.
Albuquerque’s Explora received a $10,000 prize.
Got a picture of an event or a worthy person you’d like to share with our read- Call Today For Your FREE Estimate

ers? Or just a beautiful photo of life here in Albuquerque? Send it to us. We’ll
consider it for publication in SnapShots. Remember to send us the names of
those in the photo, along with a brief description explaining the what, where
and why. Attach your jpeg-formatted photo in an email and send them to We look forward to hearing from you!

The Green Company • Residential & Commercial
Low Price
$ 99*
Your Best
50 %
OFF ORIENTAL and Grout $ 99 Value
RUG Cleaning
per room Whole House Cleaning

Carpet Protector

250 sq. ft. max. per room

IAL % Three rooms minimum. Up To 800 Sq. Ft.
e Available fession
Includes pre-spray

flo M Up to 200 sq. ft. max. per room. Same



spotting for
n ® or 3


Carpet soil stains. as 4 Rooms . Includes pre-spray


Repair ertops T spotting for soil stains.

Pet, Rust, Color Stains Limited Time Exp. 1/31/11
es &


Priced Separately tre tch i


Dryer Vent Removes Air Pollutants
Clean Carpet Care
Powerful Truck-Mount

No Soap • No Residue • Citrus Based Solvents

Lisa & Joseph
Lisa & DiBruno, Owners
Joseph DiBruno, Owners Albuquerque Area. Fuel charge may apply. *Furniture moving not available on special offers.
“A family tradition of Quality Craftsmanship proudly
passed from one generation to the next.” Real
By Tom Bruno
Before After
If your plan is to put up a “for
Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours! sale” sign this spring, I suggest two
steps: Start thinking now about
7822 4th St. FREE In Home Consultations & FREE Estimates!
Call us to find out how to get a 5% discount!
improvements to make to your
home in order to help it sell, and
CJ’s Upholstery
Paseo del Norte

Ranchitos call a Realtor.

CJ’s Upholstery A Realtor can make helpful
Upholstery of Fine Furnishings & Antiques
4th St.

suggestions on exactly which

Osuna Serving Albuquerque improvements to make, and he or
for 27 Years she can also run a market analysis
for you. Both are important.
I have seen a trend over the
past several years of sellers having
a pretty good idea of what to do to
“Axiom”: A Self-Evident Truth That Requires No Proof their homes to get them “sale
Mario LoPrinzi, owner of Axiom Home that was needed and why. He gave us ready,” based on what they have
Services, set the bar high when he cre- hard data that backed up his plan. He seen on TV. But our metro area is
ated his heating and cooling business. told us each day what he was doing different, and your specific neigh-
He says, “I will be the last call home- and, at the end of the day, it was done!” borhood is different, too.
owners make. My reputation is on the After just a week, Sandra’s heating For example, why replace all
line, and my customers can rely on and cooling system worked perfectly. the flooring with new carpet and
tile, and not do anything with your
that.” “They manufactured custom duct work
kitchens and baths that are severe-
Unfortunately, Sandra P. of and even repaired incorrectly installed ly outdated with green counters
Albuquerque was an unlucky homeown- plumbing! After all that had gone and dark brown cabinets?
er who discovered the contractor she wrong, Mario was simply wonderful!” Modernized kitchen and bath
hired wasn’t all he promised. She built a Mario’s company gives its word and remodels are almost always a
new home two years ago. Sadly, her backs it up with quality work done right solid investment.
contractor refused to help her under- the first time. Most of his customers are With this kind of example in
stand her heating and cooling system. referrals. “When you do it right, there’s mind, be sure to find a real estate
The result was a tangle of poorly no need for flashy marketing,” he agent that has worked not only
installed ductwork and a unit that could- reflects. with sellers, but lots of buyers,
n’t heat in the winter and shook walls Mario believes today’s slow economy too. They know firsthand what
through the summer. is a great time to get the best deals. today’s buyers are applauding or
griping about.
Putting right everything that was “Prices will only go up,” he says.
Buyers look at your home and
wrong required litigation and, ultimately, Axiom can get your home ready for try to envision it as their new
a call to Mario. Sandra received multiple seasons to come. That’s an axiom worth home. It is your job, as a seller, to
referrals to Axiom Home Services. She knowing! help them do this.
says, “Mario was the only good part of Provided by Tom Bruno,
building that home!” Of all of the con- Best Work, Realtor® with MarketPlace
tractors she met, Mario was the only Lowest Price – Homes. Tom can be reached at
one that did a full analysis of the needs (505) 280-4940, or online at
of her home. The repair required a com- “I’ll Beat Anyone’s Written
plete tear out of everything previously Estimate! Call Me — LAST!”
installed. “Mario explained everything Mario LoPrinzi

Open Weekends! Buyers try to envision them-
mm98 Lic. #364017
selves living in your home,
Air Conditioning • Plumbing • Heating • Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters and it’s your job as a seller
to help them do this.
January 29 Call to confirm event

Events & Happenings 51st Annual Robbie Burns

Dinner. $50. 5 p.m. Hosted by the
St. Andrew Scottish Society of
details before attending. To
include your event in our cal-
endar, send information to
January 3, 11, 15 New Mexico, an evening of song, Rena Larrañaga, P.O. Box
Pet Loss Support Group. $20, dance and fun to celebrate the life 92800, Albuquerque, NM
sliding scale available. Jan. 3, 5:30 of Robert Burns, author of "Auld 87199-2800. Send email to
to 6:30 p.m. Best Friends Pet Lang Syne" and one of the greatest
Services, Sunset Memorial Park, poets in the English language. You The deadline to submit events
924 Menaul Blvd. NE. Jan. 11, 6 to don't have to be Scottish to enjoy a is the 15th of the month prior
7 p.m. VCA Veterinary Care Robbie Burns Dinner. Tickets need to the event.
Animal Hospital, 9901 to be purchased in advance. The
Montgomery Blvd. NE. Jan. 15, Hilton Albuquerque Hotel, 1901
“Making Stuff Family Day” will For more events, or to post
10 to 11 a.m. Animal Humane, 615 University Blvd. NE. Visit the
be held at the Museum of your own event, visit
Virginia St. SE. 505-265-3087 website or call
Nuclear Science Jan. 15.
January 4 505-299-0242.
Albuquerque Newcomers' nity service by emulating Dr.
Club Welcome Coffee. Free. 10
a.m. An event that offers city
King’s belief in one person mak-
ing a difference. Intersection of Reface Your Cabinets
residents of five years or less an
opportunity to learn of the club’s
Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
and University Boulevard, 505-
Save 30% Compared to New
support systems and activities, 768-3556.
such as luncheons, book and January 21
movie groups, wine tastings and International Terrorism since
more. Sandia Presbyterian 9/11: New Trends and Lessons
Church, 10704 Paseo del Norte Learned. $20, students free. 3
Blvd. NE. 505-321-6970. p.m. A lecture sponsored by the
January 7 Albuquerque International Assoc-
First Friday Artscrawl. Free. 5 iation, Dr. Paul R. Pillar of
to 8:30 p.m. Albuquerque's self- Georgetown University will
guided, free gallery tour taking explore trends in the ways and
place citywide. For details on all means of terrorist activity since
participating gallery events, go to 9/11. 1634 University Blvd. NE. or call 505-898-3212.
505-244-0362. January 26 through Feb. 13
January 15 Wicked. $20-$152. Showtimes
Making Stuff Family Day. $8, vary. The popular Broadway
$7 kids. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learn show about what happened in
about scientific innovations that the Land of Oz before Dorothy
are ushering in a new generation dropped by. Popejoy Hall, 210
of materials that are stronger,
smaller, smarter, and cleaner.
Cornell Dr. NE, 505-925-5858,
2 Roll Out
Families can participate in hands- January 28, 29 Shelves FREE
on activities that demonstrate 4th Annual New Mexico with Complete Refacing.
nano-scale science and engineer- Stampede PRCA Rodeo. $14, Expires 1/31/11 Available in many wood
ing. National Museum of Nuclear $20, $30. 7:30 p.m. The “fastest species & colors
Science & History, 601 Eubank growing PRCA rodeo in New
Blvd. SE, 505-245-2137. Mexico” will feature Bull Granite Tops • New Cabinets
Winter Bird and Bat Festival. Riding, Bareback Bronc Riding,
Free ($3 day-use park pass). 10
a.m. to 5 p.m. Offering talks,
Steer Wrestling, and more! Don’t
miss the action when over 350
Tile • Wood Flooring
slide shows, bird and nature
walks, crafts for kids, and live
cowboys and cowgirls compete
for over $60,000 in prize money. 271-0399
birds, this winter festival is pre-
sented by the Friends of the Rio
Santa Ana Star Center, 3001
Civic Center, 505-891-7300. Come visit our Showroom at
Grande Nature Center. Rio
Grande Nature Center State 8616 Menaul Blvd. NE
Park, 2901 Candelaria Rd. NW,
505- 343-1373.
January 17
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Annual Parade and March.
Free. 1 p.m. The annual event Kitchen & bath
celebrates diversity and encour- The New Mexico Stampede
ages all to participate in commu- PRCA Rodeo is Jan. 28-29.
the activity of the railyard. And
Touring New Mexico when you finally tire of this,
there is one more piece of rail-
By Jon Knudsen road history only a couple of
blocks away: the Doodlebug!
If you like trains (and who in 1880, but the existing train Affectionately called La
doesn't) consider this: 35 miles route to Chicago had one big Marranita, The Little Pig, this
south of Albuquerque is one of problem: Raton Pass. It was too doodlebug scampered back and
the busiest train yards in the steep. Freight trains had to pick forth between Albuquerque and
Archways at the old railyard Belen from 1934 until 1968. It
West. Belen, New Mexico, han- up helper engines, and it was so
Harvey House in Belen. consisted of an engine with one
dles over 100 trains every 24 slow it caused bottlenecks. By
hours. And now you can take the 1908 the Belen Cutoff was com- Alvarado Hotel. His Belen facil- car for both baggage and passen-
train south to watch all this pleted. It went east from Belen ity was not to be a hotel but a gers. After spending decades sit-
action from under the broad por- and rejoined the existing route restaurant, with both a dining ting neglected on a siding in
tal of Belen's historic Harvey someplace in Kansas. It was a room and a large lunch counter. California, this wonderful piece
House. A brand new ADA- lot flatter and faster. This made The most important feature, of New Mexico history is back.
accessible pedestrian bridge and Belen the “Hub City” of the however, was its Harvey Girls. If you're driving, the Harvey
ramp between the Rail Runner Southwest. These attractive, educated House is located just south of
platform and the Harvey House Fred Harvey noticed all the young ladies were recruited Reinken Avenue at the tracks.
makes this a lot easier. increased traffic. Six years earli- from back East to work in the By train, it is a quarter mile
The railroad came to Belen er he had built Albuquerque's restaurants. They lived upstairs south of the Rail Runner plat-
— two to a room. The starched form over the new bridge.
black and white uniforms of the Jon Knudsen

Give Your Harvey Girls were iconic in the

West in the early 20th century.
Belen's Harvey House is now a
is a regular
contributor to

Transmission museum. It is open Tuesday

through Saturday 12:30 to 3:30
and occasional
guest on
Channel 5’s
A Fresh Start
p.m., Sunday 1 to 3 p.m. But
even when it is closed, the huge, New Mexico
beautiful portal is available for In Focus. Email him at

This Year! the public to sit under and watch

Family Owned & Operated Since 1978

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Landscape in Phases for
With the start of the New Mike says
Year, we’ve all become a little “Install the gravel, patio or
older and wiser. So, why not
put some of that wisdom into sprinklers NOW, then install
making healthier decisions the plants in the spring.”
over the next year?
The Weight-Control Info
Network (WIN), a service of the
National Institute of Diabetes and Call Mike Now! 400-0257 Dooley Landscape Designs
Digestive and Kidney Diseases
of the National Institutes of
Health, offers the following tips
for older adults: Healthy eating and regular
• Don’t skip meals. This exercise are the secret to
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track, eat with a friend or enough fiber into your diet.
someone whose company you • Prepare meals in advance.
enjoy. Cook ahead, and then freeze
• Eat just enough for you.
Do not eat more food than
meals so that you have easy
meals on hand for when you
Award-Winning Remodeler
your body will need. Make don’t feel like cooking. $
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sure you are consuming • Start small. Try 10 min- Aluminum Your Strictly Residential
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B-12, as many seniors have build up to 30 minutes of more Thru 1/31/11
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trouble getting enough of these brisk activity.


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• Door panels are engineered with pinch-resistant Sales Centers
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3901-B Bogan NE
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(Off Jefferson Between Montgomery & McLeod)
strength Lic. #940841
*Installation Includes: Removal of Old Door, New Springs, New
• Polyurethane insulation for maximum R-value Tracks, Molding, Weather Strip and Lock. Framing may entail
additional charges. Materials and Labor Guaranteed.


Books of Note Quality Remodeling
Reviewed By Rose McAllister Croke
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“Unstoppable in Stilettos: A with heels
Girl’s Guide to Living Tall In that resem-
a Small World” ble miniature
By Lauren Ruotolo skyscrapers.
(Health Communications, $14.95) At 4 feet, 2
Diagnosed at the age of 2 with inches, her
a rare genetic disorder called condition
McCune-Albright Syndrome, stunted her
Lauren Ruotolo learned early on growth, but it
that she couldn’t let people put gave her an
limits on her. enormous gift: a feisty attitude
Doctors advised against Lauren and fearless approach to living life
running and playing due to her on her terms.
weak, easily bruised and break- In “Unstoppable in Stilettos,”
able bones. It was recommended Lauren shares her story of person-
that Lauren would be best suited al power and self-acceptance.
for a wheelchair, rather than From auditioning in front of a
endure the intense physical thera- famous rapper to moving on from
py needed for her to walk. Faced rejection 31 times to get her first
with a monumental choice at the
tender age of 5, Lauren was
job offer, Lauren imparts humor-
ous and motivating stories on how
Complete Remodels • Bath
empowered by her parents and
physical therapist to make the
to overcome odds and approach
life with gusto.
Kitchen • Custom Tile
biggest decision of her life. In a time when so many people After
Lauren chose to walk. are unemployed, “Unstoppable In
Today, Lauren walks with a Stilettos” is a timely book that is
pair of crutches, often in shoes uplifting and impactful.

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Dollars & $ense
By David Uffington

The government did us a

favor when it created the CARD
Act, which reined in banks and
credit-card companies that had
been collecting millions of extra
dollars from consumers.
Now a new industry has The CARD Act reined in
sprung up, devising new ways to credit card companies, but
separate us from our dollars: the now prepaid cards are
prepaid card, also called the something to be wary of.
“reloadable” card.
For a FREE estimate, call: Consumers are invited to use think you’d have that whole
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The prepaid cards, however, lation fees, monthly fees, reload
Sandia Sunrooms
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tections as credit cards: Those
fees, annual fees, PIN fees and
even fees to talk to customer
Visit our Showroom at 4380-G Alexander Blvd. NE CARD Act laws don’t cover service. If you don’t keep care- prepaid cards, especially when it ful track of the associated fees,
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ARIES (March 21 to April
19) A hectic period begins to wind
down. Take time to draw some
deep breaths and relax before get-
ting into your next project.
TAURUS (April 20 to May
20) You’re eager to move forward
with a new challenge that sudden-
ly dropped in your lap.
GEMINI (May 21 to June
20) You’re almost ready to make
a commitment. A lingering doubt
or two, however, should be
resolved before you move ahead.
CANCER (June 21 to July
22) Caution is still the watchword
as you move closer toward a deci-
sion about a new situation.
LEO (July 23 to August 22)
Your new goal looks promising,
and your golden touch does much
to enhance its prospects for suc-
VIRGO (August 23 to
September 22) That impatient
side of yours is looking to goad
you into moving before you’re
ready to take that big step. Stay
calm and cool.
LIBRA (September 23 to
October 22) A legal matter you
hoped could finally be settled
could be a pesky problem for a
while, until all the parties agree to
stop disagreeing with each other.
SCORPIO (October 23 to
November 21) Partnerships —
personal or professional — which
began before the new year take on
new importance.
22 to December 21) Your associ-
ates are firmly on your side, and
that persistent problem that has
caused you to delay some activi-
ties should soon be resolved.
22 to January 19) Favorable
changes continue to dominate,
and you should be responding
positively as they emerge.
AQUARIUS (January 20 to
February 18) A friend wants to
share a secret that could answer
some questions you’ve wondered
about for a long time.
PISCES (February 19 to
March 20) Stay on your new
course despite so-called well-
meaning efforts to discourage you
from your path.
Test Your Knowledge
By Fifi Rodriguez

1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was Englishman Josiah

Wedgwood famous for making?
2. LITERATURE: Who wrote “This Side of Paradise”?
3. HISTORY: When did New Jersey legalize casinos?
4. ENTERTAINERS: By what name was comedian William
Claude Dukenfield better known?
5. TELEVISION: On which television show did “The Simpsons”
family first appear?
6. GEOGRAPHY: To what island group does St. Croix belong?
7. ART: What does a pieta depict?
8. MYTHOLOGY: What are the nine patron goddesses of the arts
9. U.S. STATES: Which U.S. state is known as the Gem State?
10. POLITICS: Who was Adlai Stevenson’s vice presidential
running mate in 1956?

1. Pottery (Wedgwood table- 5. “The Tracey Ullman Show”

Our Prices
ware) 6. U.S. Virgin Islands
2. F. Scott Fitzgerald, also 7. Mary and the body of Jesus
known for “The Great
Gatsby” 8. The Muses

Will Never
3. 1976 9. Idaho
4. W.C. Fields 10. Estes Kefauver

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Antique Answers
By Larry Cox
Q: I received three books of
tickets from Walt Disney with a CROSS OFF
letter thanking me for my work as
a pipe fitter at Disney in 1971. A TO-DO
Unfortunately I have lost the let-
ter, but wonder if the tickets have
any value. — Henry, St. Cloud,
A: You might see if you can
find the tickets referenced in “The
Official Price Guide to Disney
Collectibles” by Ted Hake (House Disney collectibles can be
of Collectibles). More than worth a lot of money.
25,000 items are listed with illus-
trations in full color. Incidentally, dolls were stolen. Even though I
Walt Disney’s signature often sells had no proof that my sharing of the
for upward of $100. A Mickey address triggered the burglary, the What do you need to EXPERIENCED
Mouse composition book from
the early 1930s and signed by
incident taught me a valuable les-
son. I hope you understand why
get done today? QUALITY
Disney recently sold at auction for this policy is necessary.
$1,200. Q: I have a bar mirror made by BATH REMODELS
Q: In a recent column, you Canadian Club saluting the Triple
answered a letter from a man in Crown winners through 1978. CARPENTRY
Virginia about his baseball card What is it worth? — Felipe, DECKS
collection of major-league players Albuquerque, N.M. CERAMIC TILE
from 1944 through 1958. I would A: I contacted several sports-
like to contact this man because I memorabilia collectors who seem ELECTRICAL*
am interested in buying his cards. to agree that your mirror is valued KITCHEN REMODELS
— Daniel, Brownstown, Pa. in the $30 to $50 range. This mir- DRYWALL
A: Next to my desk is a shred- ror was made by Canadian Club
der. After I answer a letter in my as a premium and was given to PAINTING
column, the original is destroyed various bars and taverns. For a HANDYMAN JOBS
so that if I am ever tempted to second opinion, you might con- PLUMBING*
share an address, I can’t. Readers tact a local expert, Sports
who contact me through the King Memorabilia and More, 800
Features Syndicate have my Lomas Blvd. NW; and Sal’s
promise that their personal infor- Sports Memorabilia, 1720 Juan YOU SAVE YOU SAVE
25 $
mation will not be shared. Tabo Blvd. NE, both in
About 30 years ago, when I first Albuquerque.
began writing a column about col- Write Larry Cox in care of
lectibles, a reader contacted me King Features Weekly Service, ON ANY WORK OVER $100 ON ANY WORK OVER $250
about her extensive doll collection. P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, OFFER EXPIRES 2/15/11 OFFER EXPIRES 2/15/11
I shared her address with another FL 32853-6475, or send email
reader, and a short time later the to

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WinBe the o
Healthy Trees Require Would
Cant Time ees Knowledgeable Care
Bes une Tr
Pr Let Our Experts Diagnose You
Your Trees’ Special Needs Believe
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~ Now Thru Jan. 31 ~ It was prolific British author
G.K. Chesterton who gave the fol-
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lowing sage bit of advice: “Don’t
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ever take a fence down until you
20% OFF Pruning Work know the reason it was put up.”
~ Now Thru Jan 31. Call for Details. ~ From 1863 until 1945, the city
Artistic Landscaping & Trees
of Vicksburg, Miss., didn’t cele-
brate the Fourth of July holiday.
Your yard is our canvas
306-4080 This is because during the Civil
War, the Confederate city was sur-
rendered to Union forces on that
day, an event that was considered
to be one of the turning points of

Start The New Year the war.

It was once thought that when
With A snakes went through their version
of hibernation they rejuvenated
themselves, and therefore that ser-
pents lived forever.
First Come, •••
First Served! There’s talk everywhere these

Discounts days about the growing problem

posed by the fact that people in the
up to 25% U.S. are becoming more over-
weight. Interestingly, when the
on Selected Systems International Journal of Obesity
thru February was first published, in 1993, it was
509 pages long; the 2006 edition
totaled 2,322 pages. Coincidence?
We Have Leftover Inventory Visiting the longest chain of
We Must Sell Fast! mountains on Earth requires some
rather special arrangements —
Get BLAZING HOT Savings aquatic ones, to be precise. The
on any furnace in stock, 10,000-mile-long Mid-Atlantic
Ridge, as its name indicates, is
from New Mexico’s Premier located on the floor of the Atlantic
Heating & Cooling Ocean. The only parts of the chain
above water are a few volcanic
contractor. islands, including Iceland and the
PLUS, Azores.
10-year parts warranty Those who live in Florida
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• In Business 38 Years in ABQ Lic. #10020 If you travel to Alaska, you
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• AAA Rating from town of North Pole, that is. It’s not
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GARAGE Liftmaster® 1/2 HP Dietary fat is considered an
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er a myriad of health benefits.
Service (in white only) Unsaturated fats are the
Calls Size Price “good” fats, and you can find
$55/hr. 8x7 $395 Albuquerque Garage Door them in plant-based oils such as
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Exp. 1/31/11
16x7 $595 345-8358 • 344-6070 and walnuts. Saturated fats are
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also a natural fat, but can cause
health risks if not eaten in mod-
eration. You’ll find saturated fats
mostly in animal products, such
as cheese and meat, but some
plant oils, like coconut and
palm, also contain saturated fats.
Holiday foods, which are often
loaded with butter, can be very
high in saturated fats. Trans fat
is most often found in processed
foods. Manufacturers produce it
and place it in foods to provide
long shelf life and good flavor.
Unless a label states “no trans
fats” expect to find them in
processed foods like baked
goods and crackers. Many state
and local governments have
passed laws requiring restau-
rants to eliminate trans fat from
menu items. Trans fat has been
linked to elevated LDL (bad)
cholesterol that can lead to heart
attack and stroke.
In general, people should look
for sources of unsaturated fat that
offer other nutritional benefits
such as those that contain omega-
3 or omega-6 fattty acids.
Minimize your intake of saturated
fats and avoid trans fats.

Unsaturated fat can be a

healthy part of your diet.
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Sports Trivia Full Kitchen Remodel
By Chris Richcreek
Countertops • Cabinets • Tile • Carpet • Vinyl • Wood
1. True or false: Cal Ripken is Baltimore’s all-time home run leader? 3cm Granite
2. Name the pitcher who led the National League in losses four con-
secutive seasons (1977-1980). Starting at
sq. ft. Installed*
3. When was the last time Clemson’s football team won at least a share 10 Years in the Area
of the Atlantic Coast Conference title?
4. How many times in NBA history has the league had four 60-win Tile Mart
teams in the same season? 5640 Venice Ave NE • 858-2599
5. Who was the last person before Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin 4406 Menaul Blvd. NE • 830-1952
in 2009-10 to win the NHL’s Hart Trophy (regular-season MVP) *Restrictions may apply. Bonded & Insured License #365614
two consecutive years?
6. Since the Chase format began in NASCAR’s Cup division, how
many times has a non-Chase driver won at Charlotte Motor
January Repair Special
7. Men’s tennis star Roger Federer won 14 of his first 15 tournament
finals when facing U.S. players. Who was his only loss to?
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8. When was the last time before 2009 that the World Series went at and receive a 10% discount with
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9. Who is the all-time leader in home runs for the New York Mets?
10. When was the last time before 2009 that three road teams won in
the same weekend in the NFL playoffs?
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11. Name the last time before 2010 that Baylor’s men’s basketball team *with coupon. Most
Brands. Reg. $8-$12.
won an NCAA Tournament game. Exp. 2/1/11
8226 Menaul Blvd. NE • 883-9200
12. The New York Rangers made a trade with the New York Islanders
in 2010. When was the last time before then that the two teams trad- New Mexico’s #1 Clock Repair Service Center
ed with each other? Answers on page 42

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Focus on Start the New Year with your LAST Roof!
Seniors Our spray-on polyurethane foams work
By Matilda Charles with most roofing surfaces
I’ll have to admit, she looks
good for 73. I’m talking about • Custom Fabricated for
Jane Fonda. She has two new
exercise videos out, and they’re
aimed at seniors.
Each Home
The first one is “Jane Fonda’s
Prime Time: Fit and Strong.” It • Reduce Heat Loss/Gain
has two different workouts, both
25 minutes long. The exercises
are low impact, are done stand-
• No Seams = No Leaks
ing up and seem very simple to
The second video, “Jane
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Fonda’s Prime Time: Walkout,”
also has two levels. Both pro- • Surprisingly Affordable
grams have you walking a mile,
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Still, don’t buy sight unseen.
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And guys: From what I’ve Avoid High Dealer Repair Rates
seen of the videos, they would be
good for you, too. Without Sacrificing Quality
If you don’t like Fonda, you
still can benefit from exercise
videos you use at home. Whether
it’s because there’s no senior
workout class near you, or
because the weather is too atro- TOYOTA/SCION/LEXUS SPECIALISTS
cious, it’s really not necessary to Also Servicing Subaru, Honda, Nissan and Other Japanese Vehicles
go out to get exercise.
Look for a video called
We Guarantee Personalized, Complete Maintenance including
“Exercise: A Video From the Honest and Reliable Service Factory-Recommended Service
National Institute on Aging.” All • Factory-Trained Master Technicians 15,000 / 30,000 / 60,000
the exercises are done seated or • Owner-Operated Oil and
standing, and use little hand
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Try These Local Sources to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
Sure, we live in the desert, but you can still train for certi-
fication as a scuba diver at local businesses.

cerveza and traditional and simplified

By Rena Larrañaga©

baño. Instituto Chinese at the Chinese Culture
h, the New Year Cervantes of Center, 427 Adams St. SE.
… time to take Albuquerque Beginner classes start approxi-
stock of what offers day and mately every six months, lasting
you’ve accom- evening class- 16 weeks and costing $240.
plished (or failed to es, including a Private tutoring is also available
accomplish) in the pre- 30-hour begin- at $50 per hour. Call 505-268-
vious 12 months. And ning Spanish 7023 or visit www.chinesecul-
time to vow that course for $275-
THIS will be the $360, plus the cost of a (Good luck!)
year you actually textbook. Attend their open Resolution #2: Discover a
keep your resolu- house Jan. 8 and take a place- New Hobby. Add a little variety
tions beyond Jan. 15. ment assessment from 11 a.m. to your life with a new hobby.
Perhaps you’ve to noon. Classes start the week Bring a friend and learn to play
struggled with New Year’s reso- of Jan. 18. Visit 1701 4th St. piano at an EZ Play group les-
lutions in the past because you SW, call 505-724-4777, or son at Piano Source, 1130 Juan
focused on the negative habits browse online at Tabo Blvd. NE. Once six people
you want to kick, and didn’t are registered, the group meets Busy People” with The Dessert
include enjoyable habits you’d Je t’adore, mon cher! weekly. The cost is $29.95 per Divas,,
like to start. Maybe you didn’t Whisper “I love you” in your month, plus the cost of your 505-220-7570. Classes cover all
have support to keep on track. sweetie’s ear in French. Take a book. Call 505-888-0747 or visit genres (from appetizers and
This year, we’d like to help. class in a relaxed, informal, If you main dishes to desserts), are 2-
Here are five worthwhile resolu- encouraging atmosphere at prefer affordable private lessons, 1/2 to 3 hours long, and cost
tions, along with local experts Alliance Française, 2917 check out the “Classifieds” sec- $110.
who can help you stick to it and Carlisle Blvd. NE, Suite 207. tion in this issue of New Mexico Make 2011 the year you get
achieve your goals. Classes from beginner to MarketPlace for instructors like your photos in albums, dis-
Resolution #1: Learn a advanced for children and adults Jane Tallant, 505-299-0862, who played in a creative way. Visit
Foreign Language. Forget are offered, beginning in late loves to share the joy of music Scraps Galore at 7600
about the expensive CDs you January. Most classes are 10 from her home near Juan Tabo Jefferson Rd. NE, Suite 8 and
know you’ll never plow through weeks long, two hours per and Montgomery. become a part of the scrapbook-
on your own. Personal instruc- week, and cost $10 per hour, Wow your partner with your ing craze. Call 505-858-1080 to
tion from a native speaker will plus $20 membership fee and newfound culinary skills as you register for Scrapping 101, a
jumpstart your language-learn- $35 textbook. Attend the open learn to cook “Easy Gourmet for one-on-one course where you’ll
ing experience, whether you’re house Jan. 21, from noon to 6 learn the basics —
wanting to be able to communi- p.m. for a placement interview. from choosing the best
cate when you travel or are just The Alliance also hosts many photos and matching
looking for a new way to keep social events and boasts a lend- them to coordinating
your mind sharp. ing library, to keep your newly papers, to embellishing
¿Quiere hablar español? learned skills fresh. 505-872- your scrapbook pages
Spanish is a natural choice for 9288, with stickers, letters,
English-speaking New If Spanish and French aren’t fabric, metal, ribbons
Mexicans who want to learn a “unique” enough for you, con- and more. Visit
second language. Expand your sider Chinese (Mandarin). Learn
vocabulary past enchilada, to speak, read and write both Continued on page 29


New Year, New You omy has forced most of us to
take a closer look at our finances.
From Page 28
Maybe your goal is to get out of
Sharpen your sewing skills debt or reduce your tax burden
with an adult beginning class in this year. Maybe you need to
sewing and quilting, held every plan for a college education or
Friday from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at two. Or maybe you want to be
Bob’s Sewing & Vacuum, 1641 sure you have adequate resources
Eubank Blvd. NE. Bring your for your upcoming retirement.
own machine or use one of Sadly, most people spend more
Bob’s. Bring your projects, share time researching and selecting a
helpful hints with others, or sim- car, computer or camera than
ply learn new techniques. $10 per they do researching and planning
class. Call 505-294-6155 or visit for their, and their family’s, for Flying lessons are an adventurous way to ring in the New Year. future.
more information. Whatever challenges you face,
Looking for a little more goals. Jutta will even coordinate to try a free class. a financial planner can help you
adventure? Set your goals higher the removal and/or donation of Bored with your current through the process of setting
— literally — by learning to fly your unneeded items. All proj- weight training? Get ready to goals, reviewing and evaluating
an airplane. Del Sol Aviation at ects are customized. Call for a melt fat and gain super strength your current financial status, and
the Cutler Aviation Terminal quote. with Russian kettlebells — creating a plan to get you where
near the ABQ Sunport, at 2501 In addition to personalized weights in a canon-ball shape you want to be. While there are a
Clark Carr Loop SE, offers dis- organization services, Miriam with a handle. Long used by sol- multitude of brokers and agents
covery flights for $144 plus tax. Ortiz Y Pino, of More Than diers, law enforcement officers out there who work on commis-
Begin with a pre-flight inspec- Organized, offers virtual coach- and firefighters, kettlebell training sion (which means they may have
tion of the airplane and learn ing and regular workshops on makes massive changes in their own interests at heart), a new
about the various flight controls. topics like ending chaos, taming strength, conditioning and breed of advisor has emerged: fee-
As you take the controls of a paper problems and managing physique. Start with a $75 only financial planners.
Piper Cherokee, your FAA- your time. A home study course “Ignition” course to learn the Instead of making a commis-
Certified Flight Instructor will on how to apply a streamlined basic techniques at FireBellz, sion on the products they sell —
guide you through take-off. You system to your own personal sit- 6023 Osuna Rd. NE, 505-306- mutual funds, annuities, insurance
actually get to fly the plane uation is in the works. Call 505- 8851. Discounts are given for policies, etc. — fee-only planners
yourself! Call 505-242-2701 or 243-4356 or visit www.more- police, fire, military and EMS typically charge by the hour, or as
visit for details and a percentage of assets under man-
Explore underwater worlds as to sign up for the electronic agement. Since they do not repre-
an open-water certified SCUBA newsletter. sent a particular fund or company,
diver. Locally owned and operat- Resolution #4: Have Fun they are able to provide unbiased,
ed, Deep Blue Scuba offers div- Getting Fit. This isn’t your professional financial advice.
ing classes the last two weekends momma’s fitness routine. Stephen Madeyski Financial
of every month. Classroom Performing the same exercise Planning encourages clients to
instruction on equipment, tech- program day in and day out can reduce debt, increase retirement
nique and safety is coupled with become a bore — which can sab- savings and create an emergency
hands-on training in the West otage your goal. Think beyond first responders. For details, visit fund as part of their customized
Mesa Pool, and open-water test- the norm and try some new plan. Call 505-798-9496 to
ing at the Blue Hole in Santa workouts in the new year. Turn up the heat with a hot schedule a free consultation,
Rosa. The certification course Combine cardio and strength yoga class. No matter what your
lasts four days, eight hours per training with Hollywood’s latest level of expertise, yoga rejuve- Individual attention is an
day, and costs $325. Call 505- celebrity fitness routine — pilox- nates, regenerates, strengthens important hallmark for
888-0808 to register. ing. A unique mixture of pilates and flexes your body, inside and Forthright Financial Planning
Resolution #3: Get and boxing (see the photo on this out. What makes it hot? Hot (8210 Louisiana NE, Suite B,
Organized. This is likely on month’s cover), piloxing tones yoga is performed in a heated 505-243-2281), which resolves to
your list of resolutions every and strengthens your body, with- room (105° or so) to promote be a small company providing
year. Make it a reality in 2011 out the worry of getting bulky. detoxification and suppleness of services that meet the needs of a
by enlisting the help of a profes- The exercise incorporates the muscles. Improved balance, small, select group of clients.
sional. Gain control of your weighted gloves to sculpt the posture, strength and cardiovas- They provide a free, 30-minute,
time, stuff and space at home arms and maximize the cardio cular health are benefits you’ll in-person financial evaluation.
and the office. Experience the workout. Piloxing is taught at see from hot yoga. Try it for $20 For more information, visit
energized feeling that comes Upward Motion Personal for 20 days at Bikram’s Yoga on
with de-cluttering. Personal Training, 336 Adams St. SE, the Westside at 3611 Alameda No more excuses! Take the
organizer Jutta Ferrell, 505- 505-268-1231. A $99 monthly Blvd. NW, 505-792-9642; or on first step to a new you this new
281-4035, works beside you in membership entitles you to all the Eastside at 1930 Juan Tabo year. Write down your resolu-
the process of organizing your group fitness classes plus a one- Blvd. NE, 505-296-9642. See tions and track your progress.
desk, closet, kitchen, garage or on-one personal fitness training for details. Share your success with us on
whole house. It begins with a per month. Visit www.upward- Resolution #5: Prepare a Facebook at
consultation to discuss your to print out a pass Financial Plan. The recent econ- nmmarketplace.

Don’t Overpay for Garage Doors or Service
of garage door or opener
Mention this ad. 1 coupon per cus- PICKS OF THE MONTH
We Have
Remotes for
tomer, per visit. Expires 1/31/11 “Despicable Me” (PG) —
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Your Garage
Door Happy New Year mated film of
from the year is,
Sales ■ Installation ■ Repair hands-down,
All Makes & Models Serviced • Parts Available “Toy Story 3,”
Broken Springs, Cables, Doors Replaced but coming in a
Senior Discounts close second is
Available “Despicable
897-5962 Me,” a rollicking slapstick come-
dy starring the voices of Steve
Lic. #80688 7911 Lorraine Ct.-A NE
Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand
and Julie Andrews.
Gru (Carell) is the world’s
greatest supervillain — until a
young upstart named Vector
(Segal) steals the Great Pyramid
We Guarantee Superior Quality and of Giza, dropping Gru to No. 2 on
Excellence in Customer Service the list. To regain the top spot, Gru
must steal Vector’s shrink ray so
• Designer Kitchens & Baths that he can shrink the moon. To do
• Custom and Ready-Made Cabinets that, he must enlist the help of
three cookie-selling orphan girls
• Cabinet Refacing and a squad of blobby, inept min-
• Cabinet Refinishing ions (who steal every scene
they’re in). Despite the hackneyed
FREE ESTIMATES trope of the Importance of Family,
Bonded & Insured • Lic.#057009 “Despicable Me,” is one of the

Cabinet Connection funniest films of the year and a

treat for kids and adults.
Director Christopher Nolan
Visit Our Showroom • 6440 Edith NE • 1½ Blocks S. of Osuna • 480-9672 or 379-7319 (“Memento,” “The Dark
Visit our website at • Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm • Sat. by Appt. Knight”) has crafted one of the
most original and talked about
films of year — if not the decade.
Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Dom
Discounts to Your Phone! Cobb, an industrial spy who can
enter the dreams of his clients’
competitors and steal their ideas.
A Japanese magnate named Saito
Text nmdeals COU
$50 PON
(Ken Watanabe) hires Cobb to do
something different: Instead of
You FF extracting ideas, he wants Cobb to
to 79274 Exp
r Ne
xt V
implant an idea into the subcon-
scious of a rival businessman
For exclusive savings ires
(Cillian Murphy) — a process
called “inception.”
from • “The Honeymooners
Christmas Special”
local businesses Business Owners…
Call 888-0500 to sign up for
• “24” The Complete Series
• “Married ... With Children”
your own campaign! It’s easy,
Powered By: The Complete Series
it’s cheap, and everyone’s
got a cell phone! • “Robert Klein: Unfair and
Opt out at any time. Regular text rates may apply. Unbalanced”


Break the Chain in 2011…

4 1

Be Smart! Shop Smart!
Come See Us To Learn
More About Our Home Styling
& Personal Shopping Services
Make an appointment to bring us
your consignment items.
8510 Montgomery NE
in the Target Shopping Center
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Albuquerque businesses offer unique 298-7680
products and services and offer a
distinctive shopping experience.
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Family Owned & Operated
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3111 Amherst Dr. NE
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Benefits of Pilates
• Tone and build long, lean muscles without bulk
• Restore postural alignment • Heighten neuromuscular Services
coordination • Offer relief from back pain and joint stress • Large & Fragile Item Specialist
Women’s Boot Camp • Free Phone Estimates
(Maximum coupon value $50.00) Expires 1/31/11
(12 week program to lose weight after the holidays)
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January 10 - March 31 • Monday - Friday • 5:30am and 9:30am
n ewcomer s pecial ~ 4 Private s essions o nly $160.00
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Packing, Crating and Delivery, Inc. “Thinking Inside The Box”
550-5759 Gift Certificates Available!!! 5312 Pan American Fwy. NE • (505) 998-3810
Call Me and I’ll Tell You Why Southwest
Specializing in Complete Re-Stucco Gardener
UNLIMITED COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM • Most gardeners know that
crocuses are one of the first
flowering bulbs to bloom in the
MOST RESTORATIONS COMPLETED IN 10-14 DAYS • hyacinths, tulips, and other
WE HAVE OUR OWN SPECIALIZED PLASTERERS • flowering bulbs may show their
We Do Windows! 3 Options:
leaves in the winter if the weath-
Federal Tax Credit • Windows, Coordinated Install er and soil are warm enough to
of up to $1500 • Windows/Stucco allow growth to begin.
If your flowering bulbs are
*With qualified windows
Coordinated Install
for Special Package Price
FREE Estimates! Now Offering Milgard: showing tips of leaves, water
Some Restrictions Apply
• Vinyl • Fiberglass • Wood Clad • Patio/French Doors • Entry Doors
periodically. During the winter,
“WE DO THE JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, the bulbs are subject to drying
GUARANTEED!” and desiccation injury if there is
Brian Oertel, Owner
no moisture in the soil. The
Since 1983 leaves need water to grow and
draw that water from the bulbs.
Applicator forr Water taken from the bulbs
SD needs to be replaced by water
We are the Experts in Rebuilding Parapets from the soil. The leaves will

continue drawing water either

CALL US from the bulbs or soil, so irriga-
TODAY! tion will protect the bulbs from
Sonowall Systems ® Lic. #91010 BONDED • INSURED drying too much.
The bulbs should be planted
deeply (4 to 6 inches). Watering

Old Furnace? Get a Carbon Monoxide Test once a month or once every three
weeks should be adequate.
Organic mulch over the soil
& Air Filter Inspection for just $19.99! should help maintain soil mois-
ture and help keep the soil cool on
We “Eclipse” the Competition. Here’s How: sunny days. This will also be help-
ful. While it is unlikely that the
Best Warranties & Guarantees in the Industry flower scapes will appear too
Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs & Replacement soon, organic mulch should help
delay their appearance. Most
Instant Hot Water System Experts
spring flowering bulb flower buds
Whole House Air Purification & Humidification are also relatively hardy, and can
Sewer Line Inspections tolerate some cold weather, so you
should have no need to worry
THIS Furnace/Water Heater about them.
MONTH’S or A/C Combo Curtis W. Smith, Ph.D., is
SPECIAL SAVE $1000 Now Thru
an Extension Horticulture
Specialist with New Mexico
State Cooperative Extension
Additional Services Service. For more information,
Call Eclipse for Expert •Polybutylene & Main Line Replacements visit the extension website at
Installations & Repairs! •Duct Work•Tub/Shower Fixtures
Excellent financing options available on approved credit.

Lic. #83253 604-8658 or 892-1264 No-Charge Estimates

Over 25 Years Flowering bulbs adapt well Experience
to extreme weather.
Don’t Overpay for Hearing Aids, Service
What’s going on in the hear- even if it is a tax-deductible
ing aid business? Has every- medical expense,” he says.
one gone crazy? It seems you HearMart doesn’t push
can’t open a newspaper or expensive hearing aids, or
magazine, or even turn on the even the smallest or the most
television, without being bom- complicated. Spending more
barded with ads for the latest, money on a hearing aid does-
greatest, (and most expen- n’t make your hearing better,
sive) new hearing aids. and a smaller device isn’t nec-
“Everything seems to be essarily the best for an individ-
changing in the hearing aid ual patient’s situation.
business, including prices – Instead, Bourne evaluates a
which are going up,” says patient’s hearing during a free,
George Bourne, a National no-obligation initial consulta-
Board for Hearing Instrument tion. Only then can the most
Sciences certified hearing aid appropriate device be deter-
dispenser, and owner of mined, whether that’s an ana-
HearMart Hearing Aids, Inc. log one that simply amplifies
“In my opinion, there are no sound, or a digital one that
hearing aids worth the outra- makes sounds clearer.
geous prices some companies HearMart services all hear-
charge, he continues. “And if ing aids, no matter where you
the price doesn’t scare you, bought them. ‘We clean, pro-
their service should.” gram, re-program and re-fit as
Bourne has heard patients’ best we can, and we don’t
horror stories about “big” com- charge unless the hearing aids
panies charging $2,000, need to be sent away for
$3,000, $4,000 or more for a parts,” Bourne says. “We offer
hearing aid. “If you get a price free lifetime maintenance and
quote that high, thank the per- cleaning of all the devices we
son at the company, then get sell, as well as conduct home
up and walk out,” he says. or assisted living facility visits.
For more than 25 years George Bourne (left) and 6 years
Getting service after spend- Our patients come first.”
Michelle Melero (right) have been in the business of helping
ing that much money can After more than 25 years in
other people hear better. They know service is what makes or
prove to be even worse. “If the business of helping people
breaks a company.
one of these ‘big boys’ hear better, Bourne knows that
charges you an arm and a leg service is what makes or of customer satisfaction. the salesperson is a little
for a hearing device, then clos- breaks a company. HearMart’s Bourne offers the following “slick,” leave. You should be
es up shop and leaves town, excellent customer service advice when you’re shopping comfortable with the service
you’re stuck without service,” means that most of its new for a hearing aid: you’re getting.
Bourne says. customers come as referrals • Beware of companies that HearMart is confident they
Hearing aids are better now from current patients. Bourne want you to trade in your per- have the best prices and serv-
than they have ever been, and knows that, because HearMart fectly good hearing devices to ice in the state and offer dis-
they typically cost between helps patients understand how “upgrade to the newest tech- counts to veterans and senior
$500 and $1,800. “No hearing to use, keep and care for their nology.” They may even tell citizens from their location next
aid is worth $5,000 or $6,000, devices, they have high levels you that yours are too old to to ABC Cake Shop at 1820
fix. San Pedro Dr. NE, Suite 5. It’s

Wholesale Hearing Aids • Don’t buy an off brand

hearing device that is exclu-
sive to a particular company.
this combination of value, hon-
esty and service that has
grown HearMart’s business
Full Discounts • Most Brands - Factory Fresh “You should be able to have over the past years.
NEW Befor e you buy, call your hearing aids serviced HearMart Hearing Aids is
Open Fit anywhere,” he says. open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Hearing Aids for a secon d opin ion
• Don’t be pressured into Monday through Thursday,
It’s FAST an d FREE buying “today.” Call around for and from 8 a.m. to noon on
Senior Citizen and Veteran’s Discounts. a second or third opinion. Fridays. Fridays are when

255-8000 • Remember that you’re not

only buying a hearing aid –
Bourne makes house calls. So
give HearMart a call at 255-

HEARMART HEARIn g AId S, In c . you’re buying a relationship

with a company. If you feel like
8000 to schedule your free
hearing evaluation today.
1820 San Pedro NE, Suite 5
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Exclusive Landscaping
Savings &
Made Easy
By Mike Dooley Now is a great time of year for
concrete hardscape work.
Updates! Concrete season is here. You with high-paying jobs? Let’s take allow concrete to be placed at
didn’t know that there is a con- the same guy in winter. He’s sit- temperatures down to 20
JOIN US ON crete season? Well officially there ting home eating ramen noodles degrees.” I know it gets colder
isn’t, but there should be. One of and watching “Oprah.” than that, but if it is below 20 F
FACEBOOK. the oddities of the landscape Besides a good deal, the sec- then the contractor is home
business is that consumers miss ond reason to consider winter watching “Oprah” anyway.
out on some of the best times to hardscape installations is that Mike Dooley
get their project done. When it doing the flatwork in the winter is owner of
comes to hardscape, winter is leaves spring to plant. Dooley
great for a couple of reasons. I know what you’re thinking. Landscape
First is price. Let’s say you are Can we really pour concrete in Designs.
a concrete/masonry contractor freezing weather? According to Reach him at
and it is spring. Why would you the book “Design and Control of 505-400-0257,
give any sort of discount when Concrete Mixtures,” “Specially or visit
you are already overwhelmed designed accelerating admixtures

$5.99 sf
$100 Down
0% Financing
for 12 Months
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. ft.
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upcoming issues 10 - 35% OFF

Your ideas and photos ENTIRE INVENTORY
could end up in the
• 96”X36” Granite Islands w/3
magazine. Finished Edges as low as $288.00
• Installation & Fabrication of Solid
Granite Countertops & Islands
• 12”x12” Granite Tile, $2.50 sq. ft.
• Contractor Discounts, Containers &
Slabs Available
January Special • Custom Design Available Up to 52 sq. ft.
Select Granite Kitchen Installed
Installation Included for as low as $ 30sq. ft.

While Supplies Last

Hours: Mon - Sat 9-6 • Sun 10-5 • Free In Home Estimates
505-881-3028 • Toll Free 866-881-3028 •


Hollywood Winter Timing Belt Sale
FREE Company Rental Car Included – Prices Starting at
By Tony Rizzo
Toyota Honda Nissan Lexus Subaru Hyundai
A remake 4 cyl $179.95* $179.95 n/a n/a $209.05 $209.95
of “True Grit” 6 cyl $209.95 $214.95 $209.95 $214.95 $229.95 $219.95
is now show- 8 cyl $244.95 n/a n/a $269.95 n/a n/a
ing with last
year’s Oscar
winner, Jeff
Your Japanese Vehicle Specialist
Bridges, in the Subaru • Lexus • Toyota • Honda • Mazda • Nissan • Hyundai
role of Rooster Quality Work Guaranteed in a Fast & Friendly Manner
Cogburn, cre- Jeff Bridges

ated by John Super 6 Tokyo Offers:
Wayne. “True Grit” not only won
an Oscar for Wayne in 1969, but it
7 Service Bays
7 Technicians SUPER Over 60 Years
Factory Training
spawned a sequel, “Rooster 100% Complete Guarantee Award Winning

Louisi ana
Cogburn” (1975), that teamed On All Repairs! Centr N Technician 9 Years
8500 Central SE
him with the great Katherine
*except MR2 Turbo Open: Mon. - Sat. at 7:00am
Hepburn. The Coen Brothers,
who won an Oscar for “No
Country for Old Men,” said the
current film is more of a faithful
adaptation of Charles Portis’
novel than a remake.
Our Low Overhead Saves You $$$
Leonardo DiCaprio, who
picks his projects very carefully, WINTER SPECIALS!
has had his next project, “Legacy • Furnaces starting at $1300
of Secrecy,” picked out for him by • Refrigeration Systems starting at $3000
his father, George. Leo and his (Price includes a furnace)
dad will produce the film, which
asserts that Mafia kingpin Carlos • EVAP Coolers starting at $1000
Marcello, who died in l993, *Prices Include Installation!
orchestrated the assassination of Affordable
President John F. Kennedy. The FREE
film is planned for a 2013 release Furnace
Repairs Programmable Thermostat
to coincide with the 50th anniver- with every new installation
sary of Kennedy’s death.
Here is a partial list of the
superheroes who will be coming
our way in the months ahead:
Estimates Nelson Mechanical
“Where Quality is Not Just a Word”
License #360571
Over 20 Years Experience Bonded • Insured
You can expect “The Green
Hornet” with Seth Rogan in the
title role, aided and abetted by
Cameron Diaz and this year’s
best supporting Oscar winner,
Christoph Waltz, on Jan. 14.
“Thor” will be arriving on May
6, starring Chris Hemsworth,
Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins
and “Star Wars” Princess Amidala
(Natalie Portman).
Ryan Reynolds, People
Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,”
will hit screens June 17 as “The
Green Lantern,” with “Gossip
Girl” Blake Lively and Peter
Sarsgaard backing him up.
Oscar-winner Daniel Day
Lewis and Steven Spielberg are
planning a film about Abraham
Lincoln based on Doris Kearns
Goodwin’s book “Team of
Craft a Slimmer You with Laser Liposuction
By Kelly Koepke©
Come January, losing weight is
one of the most popular resolu-
tions for the New Year. But for
many, especially as we grow
older, getting rid of stubborn fat
deposits just doesn’t happen,
despite diets that leave us starving
and exercising like fiends.
Margaret S. from Rio Rancho
cannot stop telling people about
how she lost over 9 inches from
her neck and abdomen without
dieting, exercising or having sur-
gery. Her results came from a
technology new to New Mexico
— laser liposuction. The painless,
relaxing experience reduced her
neck and abdomen in about three
weeks with no side effects, no
dieting and no exercising.
“It was a great experience. I’m
50 years old and had trouble get-
ting rid of weight. I came in just
wanting my abdomen done, but
saw improvement and wanted to
see results in other areas. So we
did my neck, too. It looks like it
took 10 years off my face! I actu-
ally hugged Dr. Plaman and asked Dr. Michael Plaman is an Albuquerque practitioner of the Lapex Body Contouring system.
him, where have you been all my
life?” she says. fat cells so they work like side effects. I am happy to recom-
Dr. Michael Plaman, of when they were younger. mend it to people.”
Albuquerque Laser Lipo, is one of The laser light causes the Instant results without side
two doctors in Albuquerque per- Business Profile fat cells to open up, and effects is part of the appeal of the
forming the procedure. The other release the water, glyc- procedure. Of course, laser lipo-
is Dr. Javan Oston of Bear Canyon • Albuquerque Laser Lipo erol and fatty acids like suction isn’t for everyone, and
Health Circle. They both use the • 1820 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE when you exercise. each patient is carefully screened
Lapex Body Contouring system, • (505) 435-5476 The laser treatments during a free consultation that
also called laser liposuction. Dr. • target only those prob- explains how the multi-session
Plaman was so impressed by the • Bear Canyon Health Circle lem areas and restores treatment works. Payment plans
technology and its success when • 4800 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, Ste. B the body to a more are available to fit your budget.
he saw it demonstrated at a confer- • (505) 888-1796 youthful and propor- As for the longevity of the treat-
ence that he tried it on himself • tional appearance, and ments, Dr. Plaman says this.
before offering it to patients for the all at about 1/3 the cost “Patients originally gained the fat
first time in June 2010. olutionary technology that helps of surgical liposuction, too. Dr. gradually. If they keep doing the
“In the first treatment, which people shed unwanted fat Plaman reports that on average, things that caused them to gain the
only took about 40 minutes, I lost deposits — wherever it appears his patients have lost 6.5 to 10.5 fat — overeating a poor diet, not
1¼ inches from my abdomen. I on the body. This FDA-approved inches total, so Margaret’s story is exercising, etc., the fat will come
was convinced that this non-inva- treatment is safe to use on most not unusual. Nor is Trease T.’s. back. Changes are necessary so the
sive, painless laser procedure was parts of the body, including the “My experience has been one fat doesn’t come back.”
the way for me and others to neck, arms, thighs, backs of knees of professionalism and great If keeping your resolution to
regain the body they had when and on that stubborn belly fat. results,” she writes. “I found it shed inches this year is important
young, or that they’ve always The reason so many people hard to believe, but the first treat- to you, visit or
wanted and have never had. Since can’t lose fat is that as we age, our ment I had, I left several inches to read
then, I’ve lost 16 inches myself,” subcutaneous fat cells lose their smaller than I came in! It really is more about this amazing proce-
he says. ability to function efficiently, says hard to believe unless you experi- dure and view a short video. And
Margaret, who says she has Dr. Plaman. Unlike surgical lipo- ence it yourself. Overall, in the schedule your free consultation
hasn’t worn a two-piece bathing suction — which painfully nine treatments I lost almost 5 now by calling Albuquerque
suit since her 25-year-old son was removes cells from the body and inches and am quite happy with Laser Lipo at 505-435-LIPO
three, promptly bought that bikini requires a recovery period — laser the procedure. It is painless and I (5476) or Bear Canyon Health
after her treatments with this rev- liposuction turns back the clock on really have not experienced any Circle at 505-888-1796.


Treat yourself to a New Slimmer Body
in just 3 Weeks!
Painless new technology effectively shrinks unwanted fat
and restores youthful contours.
Anne, Age 56

“Where’s the scar?”

She was convinced I had a chin tuck. Amazing results!
- Anne from Albuquerque
Before treatment After 2 treatments

Female, Age 48 - 6 Inch Loss

If you can answer “yes” to these
questions, LipoLaser is right for you:

• Does the fat on your belly feel like it’s permanently

glued to you no matter what you do?
• Are you losing hope that anything can be done
to reduce your waistline that isn’t painful or No p

• If you could be guaranteed that the Lapex BCS Before treatment After 8 treatments
LipoLaser would work for you, would you try it We are
Male, Age 37 - 22 Inch Loss
instead of conventional liposuction?

Now you can slip back into your favorite jeans. The Lapex BCS LipoLaser’s
proven technology is the latest weapon against the battle of the bulge
— and it’s safe, non-invasive, pain-free, and much more affordable than
liposuction. You can shrink the fat and contour your body, layer by layer, over
9 customized treatment sessions, scheduled 3 times per week for 3 consecutive
weeks. No surgery, no needles, no drugs. No recovery, no down time.

Isn’t this exactly what you’ve been waiting for? At last, you can quit trying Call to
to lose the fat with other methods that haven’t worked. Pick up the phone Pe
and schedule today. The two trained physicians listed below can only
accommodate a very limited number of patients in every 3-week cycle. Before treatment T
After 42 treatments
It’s time to start feeling good about your body again! Real people-Real results.
Proven in double-blind studies.

Call today! You’ll revel in the results, achieved easily and effortlessly.

The Lipolaser Association of
NM is proud to introduce the

Dr. Javan Oston, DC Dr. Michael Plaman, DC

888-1796 of trained doctors: 435-LIPO


SAVE 30% TO 50%

Carpet • Hardwood • Laminate • Porcelain • Ceramic

New Year
Prince Charming
Available in 20 Colors New Floors
$4.99 Retail
Sale Price $3.33 sq. ft.
Make It
MATERIAL ONLY • Carpet Installation Available* Happen
Game Time
Available in 20 Colors
20 Year
In 2011!
$3.99 Retail Warranty

Sale Price $2.49sq. ft.

MATERIAL ONLY • Carpet Installation Available*

$39 Carpet
p Install!

Carpet The
$2.69 Retail
15 Year
with ANY Carpeting and $
Sale Price $1.89 sq. ft. INSTALLATION is only
MATERIAL ONLY • Carpet Installation Available*

ZERO interest
Bistro 10 Year
$2.99 Retail
Sale Price $1.49 sq. ft. ’til May 2012!
MATERIAL ONLY • Carpet Installation Available* 18 full months
on approved credit
18" x 18"
Porcelain Tile 2 Colors
$2.99 Retail Free Estimates • No Obligation
Sale Price $1.49 sq. ft.
18" x 18" Rectified
Porcelain Tile
$3.99 Retail Nature's View
Sale Price Laminated Flooring
$2.49 sq. ft. In Ten Colors
The At-Your-Door Floor Store™
$2.99 Retail
We'll bring the showroom to you!
Sale Price $1.59 sq. ft.
Lifetime warranty • MATERIAL ONLY

Sale Prices Valid through 1/31/11

AAA Rating

*Basic installation only.

Don Lovato *
May be installed this month or at your convenience.


Moments 25th Year Anniversary Special
In Time $700 $300 10%
The History Channel
Furnace or Any
On Jan. 3, 1990, Panama’s Refrigerated Service Call
General Manuel Antonio Noriega, Evaporative
after holing up for 10 days at the Air Cooler Includes
Vatican embassy in Panama City, Conversion All Materials
surrenders to U.S. military troops
Replacement & Labor
to face charges of drug trafficking.
In 1992, the former dictator was Turn to the Experts™
convicted of drug trafficking, #1 Factory Authorized Dealer
money laundering and racketeer- Locally Owned & Operated for
ing and sentenced to 40 years in 25 Years by Original Owners
On Jan. 4, 1974, President
Richard Nixon refuses to hand
over tape recordings and docu- We
ments subpoenaed by the Senate Accept

Watergate Committee. Nixon
would resign from office in dis-
grace eight months later. 6-24 Months
On Jan. 5, 1933, construction Same As Cash* Air Conditioning • Heating • Ventilation
begins on the Golden Gate Bridge, O.A.C.
as workers started excavating 3.25 *Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with each other, but can be used in combination
million cubic feet of dirt for the Bonded • Insured with applicable rebates and credits. Coupons expire 1/31/11.
structure’s huge anchorages. The
Golden Gate Bridge officially
Servicing All Brands of Heating/Cooling Systems
opened on May 27, 1937. At 3,000
feet, it was the longest bridge span
in the world at the time.
On Jan. 6, 1838, Samuel
Just Having a Website
Morse’s telegraph system is
demonstrated for the first time at
Is Not Enough…
the Speedwell Iron Works in You Need Traffic!
Morristown, N.J. The telegraph
eventually would revolutionize
long-distance communication,
82% of consumers use internet search
reaching the height of its populari-
ty in the 1920s and 1930s.
engines to find local businesses*
On Jan. 7, 1927, the Harlem
Globetrotters basketball team, for-
Can they find your business?
merly known as the Savoy Big
Five, travels 48 miles west from
Chicago to play its first game, in
We can get you business from…
Hinckley, Ill. The Globetrotters
won 101 of 117 games that season.
On Jan. 8, 1946, Elvis Presley – PLUS –
receives a $6.95 guitar from the • Qualified Local Traffic • Call Tracking Number
Tupelo Hardware Co. store for his • Fixed-Fee Pricing • 24/7 Access to Tracking Reports
11th birthday. It’s said that what • Customized Landing Page
• Guaranteed Clicks
Elvis really wanted for his birthday
that year was a rifle or a bicycle.
On Jan. 9, 1768, Englishman
Philip Astley stages the first mod-
ern circus in London. Astley, a for-
mer cavalry sergeant major, found 881-FIND (3463)
that if he galloped in a tight circle,
centrifugal force allowed him to
or visit
perform seemingly impossible
feats on a horse’s back.
Family Fun
By Donna Erickson ONE STOP SHOP
This chicken peanut stew is an For Your Home Improvement
adaptation of a tasty dish that was
often prepared for celebrations in Lighting, Countertops, Closets
the village where I lived years ago
in the Republic of Congo. Windows, Tile,
Extended families would sit
around a table with a large cook- And So Much More!
ing pot in the center filled with the Call or Stop In Today!
steaming stew. We ate together, as Chicken peanut stew is a
I listened to traditional stories. great family dish.
And now, when we make this 4801 Alameda NE, ABQ
thrifty and tasty stew in our home, Donna Erickson’s series
“Donna’s Day” is airing on
my family does the same.
Here is what you’ll need for 6- public television nationwide. 505.328.5698
8 servings: To find more of her creative M-F 8a to 5p • Sat 9a to 4p
Chicken Peanut Stew family recipes and activities,
One 3 to 3-1/2 pound fryer visit
chicken, cut up
1/2 cup flour
2 tablespoons peanut oil
1 (14-ounce) can stewed toma-
toes, drained
1 large sweet potato, peeled and
cubed “Albuquerque’s Premier Dry Cleaners”
1 large onion, chopped
1/4 cup canned chopped chilies,

21 25 %
mild or hot to taste (option-
al) $ 99
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups chicken broth, canned or
ea. OFF
Comforters, Blankets or Drycleaning - 8 pcs. Or More
1/2 cup chopped unsalted
Bedspreads Excludes suede, leather, pillows, rugs, wedding and formal
dresses. Present coupon with incoming order. Valid at Wyoming
Present coupon with incoming order. Valid at Wyoming and
peanuts Montgomery locations only. Special extra. Valid through
and Montgomery locations only. Special extra. Valid through
February 28, 2011. Not valid with other offers
3 hard-boiled eggs (optional) February 28, 2011. Not valid with other offers.

192ea. $250ea.
Chopped parsley garnish
Preheat the oven to 350 F. Let
Now Available at All 5 Locations… $
your child measure and pour flour Custom Embroidery Dress Shirts Only Pants/Slacks
into a clean plastic or paper bag. Hats, Shirts, Bags,
Shake the chicken in the flour. An Pillows, Vests, Jackets, Present coupon with incoming order. Valid at Wyoming and
Montgomery locations only. Special extra. Valid through
adult may fry the flour-coated Blankets, and More! February 28, 2011. Not valid with other offers.

pieces in the oil for several min- • Custom Designs

utes in a large frying pan, until • Quick Turnarounds 5 AREA LOCATIONS
• No Minimums
golden brown. The chicken does-

7120 Wyoming NE (at San Antonio)
n’t need to be cooked through. Just $ 00 797-1737
Place the chicken in a large and up
ovenproof casserole dish or stew 8220-C Montgomery (at Wyoming)
pot. Let your child add the toma-
For more information on 332-7817
toes, sweet potato, onion, chilies embroidery, Call 797-1737
and salt. Pour the chicken broth 4022 Rio Grande NW (Dietz Farm)
over the chicken and sprinkle with 1 DAY SERVICE AVAILABLE 341-3272
the chopped peanuts. Cover and
place in the oven for one hour. 1421 1st Street SE (KAFB)
When the stew is finished WE 266-8116
cooking, slice the peeled hard- CLEAN 3800 Aberdeen NE (KAFB)
boiled eggs in half and arrange
them around the edge of the CLOTHES! 255-0382
steaming stew. Sprinkle with fresh Additional Services
parsley. Place at the middle of the
table along with a bowl of rice, • Alterations • Leather & Suede
and serve with a big spoon. • Shoe Repair • BDU Specialists

1. True. He had 431 home runs.
Cover More Ground For Even Less Eddie Murray is second,
with 343.
Financing Package $1995 $1895
8 tons of gravel with weed block • 6 Shrubs • 1 Tree 2. Phil Niekro of the Atlanta
Available 1 Large Moss Rock with Cobble • Manual Drip System Braves (16-20 in 1977, 19-
O.A.C. Deluxe Package $2495 $2295 18 in ’78, 21-20 in ’79 and
8 tons of gravel with weed block • 8 Shrubs • 1 Tree 15-18 in ’80).
1 Large Moss Rock with Cobble • Manual Drip System 3. It was 1991.
Small Water Feature
4. Once — 1997-98 (Chicago
Premium Package $5495 $4895 and Utah each won 62
8 tons of gravel with weed block • 4 Tons Crusher Fines
550 sq. ft. Sod • 250 Lf Steel Edging • 1 Lawn Zone
games; Seattle and the Los
1 Drip Zone • 8 Shrubs • 2 Trees • Small Water Feature Angeles Lakers won 61).

Artistic Landscaping & Trees

2 Large Moss Rocks with Cobble 5. Buffalo’s Dominik Hasek in
1996-97 and 1997-98.
FREE Estimates
Your yard is our canvas
6. Once: Jamie McMurray, 2010.
Insured 7. Andre Agassi, in 2002.
8. It was 2003, when Florida
defeated the New York
Yankees in six games.
TWEET US! 9. Darryl Strawberry, with 252
homers. Mike Piazza is sec-
New Mexico MarketPlace ond, with 220.
10. It was 1971 (Baltimore,
Wants to Hear From You! Miami and Dallas all won
as road teams).
Help Us Generate Ideas For Upcoming Issues 11. It was 1950.
Your Ideas Could End Up In Our Next Issue 12. It occurred in 1972.

Contests - You Could Be Our Next Winner! Quotables

“Baseball players are smarter
Sneak Peeks - Be The First To Find Out About New than football players. How often
Products, Promotions, Articles, Discounts, Etc. do you see a baseball team
penalized for too many men on

the field?” — Jim Bouton
•  •  •
“If you enter this world know-
ing you are loved and you leave
this world knowing the same,
then everything that happens in
between can be dealt with.” —
West Coast Flair Michael Jackson
•  •  •
“A star on a movie set is like a
time bomb. That bomb has got
to be defused so people can
approach it without fear.” —
Jack Nicholson
•  •  •
“It's not the technique — it's
what you have to say.” — Les
•  •  •
“Success is relative: It is what
we can make of the mess we
have made of things.” — T. S.


Obstacles Diminish with Help of Dr. Prefontaine
By Robin Martinez© fessional therapy is a sign of
“Be all you can be” is a mem- both strength and determination
orable and motivating slogan to live a productive, meaningful
for the U.S. military. So why not life.”
adopt the concept for yourself? Another mental health myth
It’s the time of year for resolu- includes a misunderstanding of
tions, after all, and the begin- hypnotherapy. Many clients
ning of 2011 provides an oppor- express fear of losing control, of
tunity to honor yourself by cre- not being aware of what he or
ating the positive changes you she is doing while hypnotized or
have always wanted in your life. a fear of revealing deep, person-
Do nagging thoughts of al secrets. According to Dr.
“How difficult will this actually Prefontaine, each of these state-
be?” come to mind when con- ments is a misconception.
sidering a path of self improve- “Hypnosis is simply deep relax-
ment? Well a new possibility ation, an altered state of con-
does exist. Discover how pro- sciousness under which you can
fessionally trained experts in the make the changes necessary to
self-help field can support you obtain the life you want. At no
and help ease you into a great time is the client unaware of
new way of life. what is happening or unable to
Take the time to consider the control their responses. Instead
past year and the obstacles you of losing control, the mind is
encountered. What self-defeating focused to gain a greater degree
habits or life stressors turned your of control, to combat the under-
year upside down? Look at the lying issues of the problem
coming year. What changes being considered.”
would bring you joy? Building Another misconception is
your career, or bringing more sat- that psychotherapy costs too
isfaction into your relationships? much. But when compared to
Dr. Marge Prefontaine, many of the measures we take
licensed counselor and hyp- to improve our exteriors, such
notherapist, has successfully as laser eye surgery or dental
assisted clients for over 30 years work, taking care of one’s men-
with everything from changing tal health must not be underval-
addictive behaviors, to over- ued.
coming fears and phobias, to Dr. Marge Prefontaine and her dog Yogi. Prefontaine has assist- Having just celebrated a sea-
improving personal relation- ed clients for over 30 years with everything from changing son of gift giving, everyone
ships. addictive behaviors to improving personal relationships. knows that the true value of a
“Leading the life gift is what’s inside the package
you want, full of joy, itant to consult a psychothera- rather than the shiny paper and
peace and relation- pist, feeling such a consultation fancy bows on the outside. So it
ships, is absolutely speaks of personal weakness. is also with the individual. Dr.
within your reach,” Business Profile “Quite the contrary,” says Dr. Prefontaine is eager to help
says Dr. Prefontaine, • Dr. Marge Prefontaine Prefontaine. “Recognizing the clients invest in the inside of the
noting that many of the • (505) 821-1948 need for help and seeking pro- Continued on page 47
issues faced today are •
a result of seeking to •
meet goals with the Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!
wrong strategy. “Most people coaching sessions, as well as the My name is Mary Rivera. I live in Corrales. And I lost 40
certainly are searching for joy use of hypnotherapy. There are pounds thanks to Dr. Marge Prefontaine. So can you!
I tried everything to help me lose weight. Nothing worked.
and happiness,” notes Dr. no “one-size-fits-all” methods Diet pills, diet drinks, diet plans. It was all a waste of time and
Prefontaine, “but they look for of psychotherapy. Instead, Dr. money. I saw Dr. Prefontaine’s ad in the paper—LOSE
these traits outside themselves. Prefontaine is committed to WEIGHT WITH HYPNOSIS. A free consultation. No high
pressure. Dr. Prefontaine explained hypnosis. How the
True joy comes from knowing designing and implementing a program worked. What kind of results I could expect. I signed
your deepest self.” treatment plan specific for each up. Started. Lost 40 pounds in just 12 weeks. Carefree.
Do you want to lose weight? individual client. It was easy. No stress, no cravings, and NO DIETS.
Now my outlook on life is great. I enjoy total control over my
Quit smoking? Find your soul And she’s eager to dispel eating behavior. Dr. Prefontaine delivered on her promises.
mate? Dr. Prefontaine has a some of the myths associated Don’t waste any more of your time, effort and money on
weight loss methods that don’t work, Try hypnosis. Call Dr. Marge.
variety of tools available to help with psychotherapy and hyp-
you achieve these goals, includ- notherapy. Call for a FREE CONSULTATION
ing counseling and professional Clients are often initially hes- Dr. Marge Prefontaine • 821-1948
A Persian Love Story
by Nuri Shafii
During the Russo-Persian wars, a Russian
Crossword Puzzle
noblewoman falls in love with a Persian Prince.
The cultural differences between the two young
lovers forge a climactic situation while the
hostilities between their countries create an
engaging background.
Based on historical facts and characters, A
Persian Love Story portrays an exciting and
adventurous historical romance set against
a breathtaking background with a delightful
female protagonist and an abundance of
Nuri Shafii, an Albuquerque IT consultant,
is a naturalized U.S. citizen. He was born
and raised in Persia (Iran) and educated in
the United States. He moved to the U.S. with
a suitcase full of his stories. This is his first
book with the hope of many more to come.
Available at Albuquerque Area Bookstores
email: for more info

A New Look for a New Year

At Affordable Prices
❦ Custom Draperies
and Valance ACROSS 32 Compose in 4 Goldfinger ally Yiddish
Treatments 1 Pinza of print 5 Chicken chow 26 Concept
❦ Complete Design “South Pacific” 34 Medal earner - 27 Kind
5 “Give - break!” 35 Wan 6 Compass point 29 For fear that
Service suffix
8 Dweeby type 36 Substantial 31 Coquettish
❦ Custom 12 “The View” co- 37 Where original- 7 “18 or older” 33 Settled a debt
Bedspreads host ly located provision 34 “Citizen Kane”
14 Old Italian 40 Motorists’ org. 8 Snafu inspiration
❦ Shutters money 9 Ireland
41 Crucifix 36 Anti-DUI org.
and Blinds 15 Source of 42 Yukon event 10 Greek Cupid 37 Annoys
❦ Retailoring great wealth 47 African ante- 11 Philosopher 38 Verb counter-
16 Press lope Immanuel part
FREE 17 - Bon Jovi 48 Report-card 13 University VIP 39 Carbonated
ESTIMATES 18 Most recent sticker, maybe 19 Poisonous drink
20 For a specific 49 Break sudden- snakes 40 “- Well That
purpose ly 20 Mr. Lincoln Ends Well”
MARIA’S INTERIORS 23 Platter 50 Computer file 21 Foolish one 43 “Alley- -!”
SAVE 25%
On A Complete Maria F. Baca
24 Nitwit
25 Tennessee city
51 Danson et al.
One of Donald
44 Multipurpose
332-8636 DOWN Duck’s
Custom Drapery Order 28 Right angle 45 Despondent
Additional 10% Senior Discount on Installation
29 Funnyman 1 Early bird? nephews 46 Day fractions
Expires 1/31/11
Design State Lic. #144 • Since 1971 Jerry 2 Menagerie 25 Crazy, in (Abbr.)
30 Medic, famil-
3 Under the
weather Crossword Solution on page 47

Malibu Cleaners $25.00 OFF ONE

ANY GARMENT Dry Cleaned & Pressed Installation with this ad
Expires 1/31/11 Leak Proof

and SAVE Bring Natural Light Into Your Home
Prepaid • Fully Installed for as low as $425
NO LIMIT • Affordable way to brighten any home
Excludes Suedes, Leathers, Formals & Laundry. •Installs in just 2 hours
Expires 1/31/11 With ad only
reg. $2.25 CASH OR CHECK ONLY • Fits All Roof Types
Malibu Malibu The Natural Lighting Company
Dry Cleaners I Dry Cleaners II Showroom at 1724 Moon St. NE
7849 Tramway Blvd. NE
(SOUTH OF PASEO DEL NORTE) 6510 Paradise Blvd. NW Solatube® Premier Dealer
(505) 294-5284
7-7 M-F • 8-6 Sat • Same Day Service (CORNER OF PARADISE & UNIVERSE)
Upon Request in by 9am 7-7 M-F • 8-4 Sat • 2 Day Service

797-3240 792-1858


Dr. Marge ders, depression and eating dis-
Prefontaine orders.
Goals and dreams are a per-
From Page 45 fect way to start the New Year.
By Fully Qualified English Clockmaker
Operated by Original Owner Since 1964
package, developing the gift of But don’t stop there. According
being a unique, healthy individ- to television personality Dr. Specializing in Repairs
ual who has much to offer to the Phil, “Awareness without action Grandfather Clocks • Atmos Clocks • Cuckoo Clocks
world. She is quick to encourage is worthless.” All English, French, German, and American Timepieces
those who are overweight and Let this be the year you put Service Center for Howard Miller & Ridgeway
contemplating drastic measures feet to your goals and take
to consider counseling and hyp- action. Learn more about Dr.
notherapy — the power of the Prefontaine’s practice at the London Chime Clock Repair
mind over the body — before website and
undergoing the tremendous
Then call Dr. Marge Prefontaine
risks associated with gastric #1 REPAIR FACILITY IN NEW MEXICO
bypass surgery, for example. at 505-821-1948 and begin your
Not sure if therapy is right for journey to the life you’ve
you? Consider some of the most always wanted. What Our Customers Say:
common reasons for seeking ”You went above and beyond expectations…quality,
help: emotional distress, person- conscientiousness, courtesy, friendliness.” ~ Sandra K.
al growth, relationship issues, Crossword Solution Residential • Commercial
coping mechanisms, loss, trau- Exterior • Interior
ma, violence or abuse and clini-
Texture • Drywall Repair
cal disorders or conditions. Dr.
Prefontaine, or “Dr. Marge” as Stucco Repair and
she is affectionately called, has Elastomeric Coatings
helped clients cope with each of Power Washing
these situations. And her prac- Deck Finishing
tice isn’t limited to adults. Dr. Bonded • Insured

Prefontaine works with children Competitive Pricing 855-0199 Lic #86056

and adolescents on a variety of

Family Owned and Operated
Call for Estimate
issues, including behavior disor-

Let Us Create Your Outdoor Living Space!

100 00 One
of our popular customer requests.
Makes beautiful patios, walkways or

OFF stepping stones.

With Coupon Only • Expires 1/31/11


• Up to 5 Tons of Gravel

• Xeriscapes
• Concrete Patios/Walkways
• Sprinkler/Drip Irrigation
• Retaining Walls
plus Fabric Weed Barrier
• 5 Plants/Shrubs
• Moss Rock Boulder with
Cobble Accents
1995 Fully Installed
• Ponds/Water Features • Synthetic Turf • Drip Irrigation System Call for details
• 4 Solar Powered Landscape Lights Expires 1/31/11
• Sod Installations • New Home Packages
• Up to 10 Tons of Gravel
plus Fabric Weed Barrier
• 1 Tree plus 12 Plants/Shrubs
• 2 Moss Rock Boulders with
Cobble Accents
Fully Installed
FREE • Drip Irrigation System
Call for details
• 8 Solar Powered Landscape Lights
ESTIMATES Expires 1/31/11

332-4444 $
9401 Fourth St. NW
Financing Available • Lic. #86646 Bonded & Insured
Call for details • With Coupon Only • Expires 1/31/11

Tackle Your Remodel Project Now with Yourson
By Robin Martinez©
Jane Hotchkiss is one happy
lady. She recently won an “Ugly
Bath” contest. While most people
would be less than thrilled to win
such a designation, the prize — a
completely restored bathroom —
made the title easier for Jane to
The restoration, completed by
Yourson, Albuquerque’s leading
name in bathroom and kitchen
restoration, eliminated the rotting
wall, unsealed grout, failing tiles
and unsightly fixtures and shower
door. Jane’s bathroom is now
comfortable and safe for every-
day use, and has added value to
the Hotchkiss home.
In every problem lies an
opportunity. So it is with the
current real estate market.
While home sales have slowed,
many homeowners are choos-
ing to complete smaller remod-
el or restoration projects to
maintain the quality of their
homes, making these homes Yourson Construction is a family-owned and operated company with extensive experience in
more comfortable for their cur- bathroom restorations, kitchen renovations, room additions and whole-house remodels.
rent use and the possibility of

Tub/Shower Facelift for less than $600 long-term ownership. The antic-
ipated increased value is often
just a secondary benefit.
Embarrassed by your tub? Afraid to stand in your shower? Yourson can cost-effectively
Let us make it look like new and save up to 70%.* renew your aging tile, shower
and tub without having to per-
1 Restore and Renew


manently remove or replace

• Regrout and Recaulk • Water Spot Removal them. A full demolition isn’t

• Power Wash and Sanitize • Repair Drywall, necessary to get an updated look
Fiberglass and Tile • And More! for your home, nor is a costly
BEFORE AFTER remodel required. In fact, for
We Repair Showers In and Out less than $600 you can enjoy
& Tub Units… in Just your own “like-new” bathroom.
No Job Too Small! One Day!
And a bathroom restoration is
also time effective, taking an
2 Upgrade Plus Restore

Ask about our handyman service calls average of one to two days, ver-
and competitive remodeling rates!
sus the long, involved process
Saving You More! of a full remodel. Restoring tubs
and sinks to their original look
Plumbing Fixtures
Add a Tub, Sink,
Toilet or Shower
15% OFF
Restoration or Resurfacing
can save a homeowner hun-
dreds or thousands in replace-
10% OFF
ments costs.
Yourson’s restoration process
Work must begin by Jan. 31, 2011. With coupon only. includes necessary drywall,
Upgrade Add Grab Bars
& Safety Seats
fiberglass and tile repair, re-
Tile Work
grouting and re-caulking, water
“Changing The Experience”
spot removal, power wash and
sanitization. Hotchkiss’s bath
YOURSON FREE ESTIMATES required all of these services
and more. A previous attempt at
*Savings versus the cost of remodeling Serving New Mexico Since 1989 - Lic. #61350 Continued on page 52
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Tom Bruno
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Cell: 280-4940
Current Listings

824 Jefferson St. NE, $249,900 3409 Nova Ct. NW, $107,000 4909 Aztec Rd. NE, $161,000
3BR, 1.75BA, 1CG Inspections done-repairs are done!! - You 3BR, 2BA, 1300 sq. ft. Resources low? You will appreciate the afford- 3BR, 2BA, Close to major shopping and freeway access. Wood floors
should make an offer now, before it's gone!! Refrigerated air, New ability of this 3 br., 2 bath home. Roomy family room with new pel- everywhere and no carpet! Has an inviting family room and living
Windows, Kitchen and Baths done- nice wood flooring throughout, let stove. Living room/dining room opens to den. User-friendly room/dining room, master suite with walk-in closet for your wardrobe,
new paint, trim, etc. MLS #685112. Call Tom Bruno to see this kitchen with breakfast nook has newer tile floors, countertops, appli- sun-lit time saving kitchen with tile countertops and breakfast bar for
home today! 280-4940 ances and lighting. Let the kids play in the fenced yard. MLS afternoon snacks. Many updates include brand new roof, synthetic stuc-
#688310. Call Carol Riley 450-5914 co, nichos, bull-nosed corners. MLS #688055. Call Carol Riley 450-5914




Fritzie St. NW, $149,900 Los Lunas, 941 Pinzon St., $330,000 28th Ave, Rio Rancho.
3BD, 2BA, 2 CG, Townhome. Light and bright, open floor plan 4BD, 3.5BA, 2CG, Vaulted tray cove ceilings /accent lighting; 8ft. 2 half-acre lots, $25,000 each
close to the petroglyphs, beautiful back yard with mountain and doors; surround sound. Kitchen with custom Alder wood cabinets, Build your custom home here! Across from Sue Cleveland High
city light views- refrigerated air, newer garage door with openers, granite countertops, oversized pantry & desk; master bath has jetted School, the soon-to-be ‘Green2V’ solar plant, and the Rio Rancho
skylights & appliances stay with acceptable offer; not yet in MLS- garden tub, his & her vanities, frameless glass walk-in shower; reverse City Centre. Other custom homes within a lot or two from these
will cooperate with buyer brokers. Shown by appointment only osmosis water filter system. Near high school, shopping and fwy lots. MLS #682759 and #682763. Call Tom Bruno, 280-4940.
with listing agent. Call Tom Bruno, 280-4940. access. MLS # 698353 Call Carol Riley, 450-5914

720 Madeira NE, $179,900 Santa Fe, 318 West Gomez Rd., $260,000 Edgewood
3BD, 2BA, 1CG. New kitchen remodel, tile backsplash, appliances, 2BD, 1.5BA. Located in the West Capitol area of Santa Fe, this adobe home 2.59-acre lot, $49,000
sink, pantry, lighting & cabinets. Real wood parquet floors, marble features open living room, dining room and kitchen with hardwood floors, Includes Entronosa Water Share. Off of State Road 344 before you
tile in kitchen & family room, fireplace. Large shed with power in cozy wood stove, and converted garage for third bedroom or home office get to Frost Rd. Utilities close by. Great lots to build on. Only 25
back, dog run, covered patio! Sunroom not in sqft of home. Lots space. Lots of privacy with enclosed front courtyard and walled in backyard minutes to Albuquerque. Seller will consider owner financing with
of storage, close to shopping & schools, minutes from I-40. with ample room for gardening. Walking distance to the Plaza, the Railyard acceptable terms. MLS #688305. Call Tom Bruno, 280-4940.
Kitchen Island does not convey. MLS # 694305. Call Tom Bruno, and Sanbusco Center. Santa Fe MLS #201006372 By Prince Fine Homes
280-4940. Realty, Call Andy Prince, Office: 505-982-8888 Cell: 505-920-3148

Rio Rancho 1650 Griegos Road NW, Edgewood

300 Wagon Train SE, $113,500 $210,000 2 2.58-acre lots, $43,000 each
2BD, 1BA, 1CG, 1026 sqft. Townhome. RV Pad, with backyard 3BD, 2BA, 1650 sq. ft. North Valley Charm. This beautiful Off of state Road 344 before you get to Frost Rd. Utilities close by.
access, low maintenance landscaping, tray ceilings in living and bed- home is tucked at the back of the property to offer a quiet set- Great lots to build on. Only 25 minutes to Albuquerque. Seller will
room, covered patio. Not yet in MLS, will cooperate with buyer ting with all the charm of the desirable North Valley. Newly consider owner financing with acceptable terms. MLS #’s 688311 &
brokers. Call Tom Bruno for private viewing, 280-4940 remodeled and upgraded. Location, Location! Live just min- 688316. Call Tom Bruno, 280-4940.
utes from downtown, Old Town, the Nature Center and
schools. MLS #697253. Call Carol Riley at 450-5914.

See Next Page for FSBO Listings

Sign up and see details online at
For Sale By
Owner Ad Listings
For Sale By Owner Listings

Elephant Butte, 525 Vineyard Rd. NE, $235,000 Rio Rancho

109 Rio Grande Circle, $265,000 4BR, 3BA, 2900 sq. ft. Attached in-law suite in this custom 4760 Kelly Way NE, $115,000
3BR, 2BA, 1559 sq. ft. Open floor plan on half acre. Skylights, home on .49 acres. Casual living room with pellet stove, 2BR, 2BA, 1050 sq. ft. Multiple upgrades. Remodeled liv-
glassed-in sunroom in front, covered patio & carport plus family room, wood floors, office space. Great price for spa- ing area, new tile floors, carpet, landscaping, blinds, and
attached 2-car garage. Separate large garage with 2 oversized cious living in the near North Valley. Horses welcome. pantry for extra storage in kitchen. Great mountain views.
doors for RV & boat complete with workshop, storage & Buyer's broker welcome. Call Nancy, 750-7307. Garage has built-in work bench and built-in hanging
attached carport. Quiet, established neighborhood with many shelves. Call Bridgette & Jim, 991- 4582 or 463-3909.
extras. Call Kathie 505-259-6117 or 505-891-7508.

210 Veranda Rd NW 5110 Cherokee NE 13200 Desert Star Rd. NE

$129,000 $132,900 $344,900
2BR, 1BA Really nice home with lots of updates. New refrigerat- 3BR, 1.5BA, 995 sq. ft. Great Investment! This home has been 3BR, 2BA, 2CG, 1565 sq. ft. Beautiful mountain views, across
ed air & forced heating. Plumbing & electrical updated. New updated throughout. Refrigerator stays washer/dryer stays. This from swimming pool and hot tub. Gated community, beauti-
appliances, lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, doors, screen home is move in ready. Convenient location. New windows, new fully landscaped yard, corner lot, bright open floor plan w/for-
doors & windows. Beautiful new granite tops in kitchen. New stucco, new roof. Call Ron, 306-1911. mal dining or 2nd living area, new carpet throughout, gas log
bathroom sink, shower, & toilet. New seamless membrane roof fireplace, shaded back patio, gourmet kitchen, custom cabi-
with new gutter. Burglar alarm. New paint & window blinds. New nets, tile accents, picture windows, high ceilings, custom
lighting fixtures in kitchen & bathroom. Unattached garage with blinds. Trail access close. Call Jerry, 281-9302 or 980-9100.
outside electrical plugs. Large backyard. Call Michael, 315-5217.


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• FREE 3-month Print Ad in New Mexico MarketPlace
• FREE Seller’s Package with Valuable “How To Sell” Info
• FREE Use of a FSBO Sign for Your Yard
Rio Rancho • FREE No-obligation Consultation with a Professional Realtor
Kalgan Rd. NE, $80,000
528 and Idalia; west on Idalia; north on Campeche; east on • FREE Posting with Full Description on
Kalgan; 2nd lot on east side of street. .5 acre flat lot with gor-
geous views of Sandia Mountains. Surrounded by custom If your home is currently listed with a Realtor®, this should not be
homes. All city utilities are in, paved road, all paid for. Will not considered a solicitation for your business.
finance. Call Rachel, 259-5083. Content o f thes e FS B O lis tings is the r es po ns ibil ity of the pr op er ty ow ners .
Visit our website for MLS Search, FSBO Search,
New Construction Home Search and Much More.
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HOMES 888-0500
4308 Carlisle Blvd. NE • Suite 103 Serving the entire metro area
Tom Bruno
Qualifying Broker
Cell: 280-4940
Yourson Hotchkiss’s mother is finances and situations allow, our
also a satisfied Yourson seniors should take advantage of
Construction Inc. customer, having bene- these bathroom conveniences,
From Page 48 Business Profile fited from her own bath- making their homes more com-
remodeling wasn’t completed • Yourson Construction Inc. room restoration a cou- fortable and more enjoyable.”
correctly, leaving improperly • (505) 298-3871 ple of years ago. “The And while a monetary price tag
sealed grout, rotting drywall and bathroom looks so nice can be affixed to a bathroom
the smell of mold. Much to tizes and diminishes hard water now, I wish I could have Yourson restoration or renovation, the
Jane’s relief, Yourson’s restora- and soap scum stains on ceramic come back every month to main- peace of mind associated with the
tion was much more than sim- tile, glass and other surfaces, seals tain the ‘newness!’” says Jane. reduced risks of falls or injuries
ply putting a new tub or shower them from further water damage, Barragan is pleased to have cannot be undervalued.
surround over existing compo- and brings them back to a like- served homeowners such as Yourson is a family-owned and
nents, a cosmetic fix at best. new appearance that will last.” Jane and her mother for more operated company with a stellar
Paul Barragan, owner of Yourson’s environmentally safe than 21 years. While bathroom track record in customer satisfac-
Yourson, describes the refurbish- products resist mildew, mold and restorations are currently popu- tion and an A+ rating with the
ing process. “Our process sani- stains in grout and caulked edges. lar, Yourson can also provide Better Business Bureau. Their
kitchen renovations, room addi- longevity in the community,
tions and whole-house remod- respectful demeanor and depend-
els. Yourson is also one of the able service is backed up with a
few Albuquerque businesses customer satisfaction guarantee,
certified for flood, fire and trau- complete with a one-year warranty
ma restoration. “Unlike some on services, labor and materials.
companies, our restorations Since Yourson’s bathroom
The “Original” Kitchen & Bath
NM Lic. #86255
involve more than a deep clean- restorations are so affordable,
ing. Damaged structural compo- there’s no need to wait until the
Refacing Company nents are actually repaired or next “Ugly Bathroom” contest to
replaced as needed,” Yourson invest in your own home! Call
Still The Best Prices & Service says. Yourson today at 505-298-3871
– FREE ESTIMATES – Yourson is also adept at bath- to schedule a free estimate. Then
Serving New Mexico 41 Years Experience room conversions to meet ADA invest in your own comfort by
MarketPlace Readers
Since 1997 229-2500 compliance. “No-curb or roll-in
showers and walk-in tubs are pop-
taking advantage of Yourson’s
current discounts for all your
ular conversions,” notes Paul. “As home projects.

Advertisers Index–Please Give Them Your Business. Tell Them You Saw Them In New Mexico MarketPlace
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5-Day Kitchens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 Eclipse Plumbing & Mechanical LLC . . . . . . . . .32 New Mexico Design Center-Green Street . . . . . .41
A New Millennium Spray Foam Co. . . . . . . . . . .27 Elite Carpet Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 NM Fabrics & Foam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55
A-1 Firewood Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Enchantment Cabinetry & Design, LLC . . . . . . . .8 Nuri Shafii . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46
ABQ Laser Lipo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Enchantment Windows and Doors, LLC . . . . . . .58 Pacific Mutual Door & Window . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Affordable Service Plumbing & Heating . . . . . . .20 Energy Pros Windows, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Parks Landscaping & Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47
Air Pro Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Four Seasons Sunrooms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Patio and Hearth Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
Albuquerque Custom Tint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Garage DoorMan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Pilates by Lourdes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
Albuquerque Garage Door Sales & Service Inc. .24 Garage Doors By Nestor Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Pro Finish Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57
Albuquerque PC Medic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Get A Grip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Professional Coatings Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Appliance Liquidators . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 GMX International . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Re-Bath New Mexico . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59
Artistic Landscaping & Trees . . . . . . . . . . . . .22, 42 Granite Transformations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Renewal by Andersen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
Aspen Leaf Landscaping Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Grout America Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Right Track Constructors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
ATS Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Hallmark Interiors LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Rio Grande Landscaping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56
Axiom Home Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 The Handyman Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Sandia Marble Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
The Blind Man . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Handyman Connection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Sandia Sunrooms Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
Cabinet Connection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 HearMart Hearing Aids, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Shea’s Carpet Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57
Carpet Source . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Home Run Construction Services . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Slik Finish Resurfacing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
Casa De Decor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Hurtigruten . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Smart Consignment Decor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
CertaPro Painters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 JC Tree Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 Sunshine Plumbing & Heating Inc. . . . . . . . . . . .22
Certified Packing, Crating & Delivery, Inc. . . . . .31 K-9 Scoopers Plus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Super 6 Tokyo Auto Service Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
Champion Window of Albuquerque . . . . . . . . . . .60 K-Ram Roofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Synlawn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34
CJ’s Upholstery And Fabric Center . . . . . . . . . . .12 Lambert Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Tile Mart Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
Clean Carpet Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Lee-Sure Pools and Design Deck . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 TJ Hardware, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
Clocks and More . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 London Chime Clock Repair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Toyo Auto Services Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
Curb Crafters & Concrete . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Malibu Cleaners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Two Dad’s Construction, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55
Custom Pull Outs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Maria’s Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Two Men and A Truck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56
Cutting Edge Painting, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 MarketPlace Homes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49-51 UNM Lobo Club/Dept. of Athletics . . . . . . . . . . .44
da Vinci’s Gourmet Pizza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 MATSCO Transmissions & Auto Repair . . . . . . .14 V&M Yard Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56
Design Build Inc. of New Mexico . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Matt’s The Pool & Fire Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Wayne Dalton Garage Doors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
DirecTV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 MG Stone LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 What Goes Around . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
Don’s Windows & Doors Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Minuteman Refinishing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 The Window Connection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24
Dooley Landscape Designs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Mountain West Sales Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Wood Wizard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52
Dr. Marge Prefontaine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Mr. Mudd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Yourson Construction Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48
Drycleaning Plus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 The Natural Lighting Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46
Duke City Search . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Nelson Mechanical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35


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t ra t ion f or c la sse s just st a rt e d.
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469-8593 Personals www.academyofdanceandmusic.wor qualified. Call 800-510-0784 $300/Day depending on job. No
DONATE YOUR CAR…To the experience. All looks needed. 1-800-
Cancer Fund of America. Help Those General Instruction 281-5185-A103
ING. “Cars for Kids”. Any condition. GET YOUR DEGREE ONLINE *Medical,
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Run your classified ad in red or ence. Teacher loves to share the joy
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blue. Call 888-0500. of music! Juan Tabo/Montgomery
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Business Opportunities For Sale Real Estate - For Sale Health & Wellness Services
Business Opportunities Wanted to Buy Land/Property Weight Loss Carpeting
HARVARD MD DISCOVERY: OLD PAINTINGS & ART Old Books LAND LIQUIDATION! 20 acres $0 No time for three healthy meals a All Jobs Big or Small We Do it All:
New product will create fortunes. & Libraries, Old Cowboy & Indian Down, $99/mo. Near Growing El day? 190 delicious calories without Carpet Sales Installation/Repairs.
Distributors needed. FREE CD. Items, Old Archery Bows and Arrows. Paso, Texas. Guaranteed Owner shopping and chopping. Each Free Estimates. 30 yrs experience.
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Computers NOW 1-800-799-4935 CODE: Free pills 3 (619)294-7777, Kitchen and bath cabinet refacing and Computer Services
New Year’s Blowout Sale! All inven- DIRECTV FREEBIES! FREE refinishing. Make your cabinets
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Warehouse 5445 Edith NE Ste. E. $29.99/Mo. Ends 2/9/11 New cust.
Also offer Structural Integration estimates. 221-6318.
615-4166 only, qual pkgs. DirectStarTV computer build and training. Home
Massage. Office in NE Heights. Call Carpet Cleaning service, senior discounts—Greg
Disney Characters 1-877-360-1869
382-2005 Revival Carpet Care Revive Your 681-7743.
Avoid Paying Retail! Buy directly GIGANTIC GYM MIRRORS
Get Your Business Noticed! A busi- Carpet •5 Rooms For Only $99•
from the source! Visit our one-of-a 48”x100” (11 available) @ We Make House Calls. Onsite
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kind specialty website to find some of Setup, Repair/Upgrade for Software
@ $165/each. 60”x84” beveled (3 MarketPlace is an inexpensive way •Rugs, Upholstery •Truck
the most popular and sought-after & Hardware, Internet-Access Setup,
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to the public at unbeatable prices! Intermediate & Advanced comput-
Free Gift With First Purchase. available. Will deliver free. 1-800- er/network training. Albuquerque PC
w w w. E p C h a r a c t e r s . c o m . 473-0619 Services Services
Medic 266-0565.
Authorized and Accredited Characters The Lottery Swindler Scratch Construction/Remodeling Construction/Remodeling
Club Partner. Card Remover Complete Removal All real estate
Household Items Every Time! Features a Comfortable TWO DAD’S CONSTRUCTION advertising in
Grip & Convenient Storage Clip. Remodels • Kitchen/Bath New Mexico
$3.79. Great Gift! Order NOW! 414- Porches/Decks • Pergolas • Kitchen & Bath Remodels
750-0451; Drywall Repair • Painting • Additions
WHOLESALE! T-$299 F-$349 Q- Sean Conrad • Patio Covers HOUSING Federal Fair
$399 K-$499 ADJUSTABLES - $799 DIRECT to home Satellite TV 410-9258 934-2034 OPPORTUNITY Housing Law
FREE DELIVERY 25 YEAR WARRAN- $19.99/mo. FREE installation, FREE
HD-DVR upgrade. New customers -
Lic # 352379 - Bond / Ins 573-3400 which makes it
illegal to advertise any preference,
TY 90 NIGHT TRIAL 1-800-ATSLEEP License #354953 • Bonded • Insured
limitation or discrimination based on
1-800-287-5337 WWW.MAT- No Activation Fee! Credit/Debit Card
Req. Call 1-800-795-3579
Furniture Repair race, color, religion, sex, handicap,
familial status, or national origin, or an
intention to make any such preference,
limitation or discrimination.
New Mexico MarketPlace will not know-
Computer Services
HOME • AUTO • BOAT • FURNITURE ingly accept any advertising for real

Computer Problems? Materials, Supplies, Tools and FREE Advice 10% OFF estate which is in violation of the law. Our
Snaps and Fasteners Foam Orders readers are hereby informed that all
dwellings advertised in New Mexico
We make house calls! Decorative Nails• Fabric Cleaners & Protectants Foam Cut To Size
MarketPlace are available on an equal
Furniture Fabric • Automotive Fabric with this ad
opportunity basis. To complain of dis-
Albuquerque PC Medic 265-1524 crimination call HUD Toll-Free at 1-
800-498-9371. The Toll-Free telephone
266-0565 • 610-8568 Since 1985 number for the hearing impaired is 1-
1110 First St. NW, North of Lomas • Mon. - Fri. 8-5 pm 800-543-8294.

Computer Services Construction/Remodeling Construction/Remodeling Electrical Floor Coverings
Need a Website? Have a website, Home Remodeling by MR. MUDD Drywall/Plaster **5 Star Electric** Quality that Erik’s Flooring. Sales/
but you don’t know how to get pay- Southwest Regency Homes /Stucco General Contractor. speaks for itself! Residential- Installation/Repairs. Ceramic Tile,
ing customers? I can help. Willing •Home Repair •Remodeling Absolute Fastest & Finest Repairs & Service & repair, remodels & addi- Carpet, Vinyl, Wood, Wrought Iron.
to barter. Call •Concrete •Metal And Shingle Renovations. Construction services, tions. Free estimates. License#EE98 26 Years Experience, We Take
Stan 505-463-3804 Roofing •Granite •Tile And Much offering: Restucco, Door & Window 353722/Bonded/Insured. For all Samples To You. Take Advantage
PC Tune-Up LLC Nights/Weekends More. Lic#360052 Bonded/Insured. Installations, Framing, Block & your electrical needs call Antonio: Of Our Winter Discounts! Erik,
Onsite Repairs, Upgrades, Concrete work. 814-3043 489-5635 All CC’s Accepted 255-5259, 440-3922. 107
BBB Member. Call 239-1517 for a
Preventive Maintenance, Basic Free Estimate or Visit Lic#109220256 Need an Affordable Electric Washington SE. Credit Cards
Home Networking, One-on-One Upgrade? Lic# 353730, Bonded, Accepted. Draperies/Windows Coverings Insured. Visit our site www.albu-
Training. A+, Network+ & MCP Tile And Laminate Installation
RQ CONSTRUCTION, LLC Sales and Installation of Shutters, or call
Certified. Free Estimates! Call Brad Professionally Done At Reasonable
463-3035 Quality Home Repair. Remodels, Cellular Shades, Roller shades, (505)332-8965. Prices. Free Estimates! Senior
Drywall, Concrete, Tile and Horizontal Blinds - All Window Financial
O’NEILL PCS onsite or Discounts. Bonded/Licensed/
Additions. 25+ years experience. No Treatments. 36 Years Experience.
pickup/delivery computer service! HOURLY, FEE-ONLY FINANCIAL Insured Call Lee 712-1718 Visit
Repairs, Virus, Spyware, Networks, job too big or small. License# Call David For A Free Estimate. 449- PLANNING. •Retirement, Investment,
Setups, Tune-Ups, Data Recovery. 362784/Bonded. FREE ESTIMATES! 7464 Tax Advice. •Financial Physicals. Lic# GS03-361940
Microsoft Certified, 19+ year’s expe- Call Ron at 615-7000 Member Drywall •No commissions or fund sales. •1 Garage Doors
rience, competitive rates! Shane BBB. Fast Drywall: Quality Service at hour free initial consultation. Stephen J.C.’s Garage Door Service
239-6226. CONRAD CONSTRUCTION reasonable price. Any textures, any Madeyski, CFP, MBA. 798-9496
Service your door before winter.
Concrete Work ”Special, Special, Special!” Patio patch. Nothing too big, nothing too
Broken springs replaced. Same day
Quality Concrete. Driveways, patios Covers, Decks, Bathroom/Kitchen small. All work guaranteed to match. $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT CASH service in most cases. Service of all
and walkways. Bobcat & Dumptruck. Remodels, Painting, Tile Work, We Free Estimates. 908-6693 NOW!!! As seen on TV, Injury brands, replacements. 261-8689
Free Estimates! License #60835 Do All Jobs Little Or Big! Will design. Professional Drywall Repair Lawsuit Dragging? Need $500- Lic#357888
Jose 363-6489 10% Plus 10% Senior Citizen $500,000++ within 24/hrs
Patch-Tape-Texture-Paint. Serving
afterApproval? Compare our lower
Handyman/Home Repair
Acid Stained Decorative Etched Discount Off Labor. Free Estimates! Albuquerque Metro area and East Allied Maintenance & Repair:
Call 480-1829 Lic#FIA0068365 rates. CALL 1-866-386-3692
Resurfacing On Concrete. Free Mountain communities. Prompt Commercial/Residential.
Estimates. Senior Discount. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling. clean service. No job too small! *Interior/Exterior *Carpentry
Bonded/Insured/Lic# GS03-361940. CASH NOW! Get cash for your struc-
Installation of tile, cabinets, plumb- Saturdays by Appointment. Call Paul *Drywall *Fences *Hauling Needs
Call Lee 712-1718 Visit tured settlement or annuity pay-
ing, electrical, countertops. Free for Drywall 235-9712 ments. High payouts. Call J.G. *Tree Trimming/Removal *Welding Estimates. Gilbert, 804-2255 *Yard Maintenance, And Much
Super Mario Drywall, LLC Gets Wentworth. 1-866-SETTLEMENT (1-
Su Casa Construction: Block And Lambert Construction: remodel- the job done in hours not days! More! Call For Free Estimate
866-738-8536). Rated A+ by the
Concrete. •Home Slabs •Foundations Members of BBB and Angie’s List. 331-5211 Senior Discounts!
ing, drywall, flooring, additions, and Better Business Bureau.
•Driveways •Sidewalks •Retaining J-Services: General remodeling,
patio coverings. Reliable. Free Water damage and patch repair spe- CASH NOW! Cash for your structured
Walls •Free Estimates •Guaranteed plumbing, carpet installation, paint-
Estimates. Lic# 354953, Bonded/ cialist. Now offering venetian plaster settlement or annuity payments. Call
Work! Gilbert 804-2255 Lic# 93403 ing, tile, drywall and texture, yard
Insured. Call Matt at 573-3400 or interior finish. License #360153 J.G. Wentworth. 1-866-SETTLE-
Construction/Remodeling visit Insured, Credit cards accepted MENT (1-866-738-8536). Rated A+ work, concrete, electrical and roof-
Two Dad’s Construction, LLC: 319-9870 by the Better Business Bureau. ing. Dependable, Professional. Call
Home Improvements, Home
Remodels, Kitchen/Bath Additions, GET FAST CASH! Pre-approval by Frank 261-8842. Free Estimates!
Repairs, Bathroom/Kitchen Remodeling, MR. MUDD Drywall/Plaster
Drywall, Painting, Porches/Decks, phone. Bad Credit OK. No faxing. Lic#397544
Additions, Garages, Drywall, Painting, /Stucco General Contractor.
Tile and Southwest style pergolas. Cash in 24hrs. Apply now! Checking Home Improvements, Home
Licensed/Bonded/Insured. Lic# Tile Work, Flooring and More! Absolute Fastest & Finest Repairs &
Renovations. Construction services, account required. 800-390-4380 Repairs, Bathroom/Kitchen
352379. Conrad 934-2034 or Sean Competitive Prices/Quality Work.
offering: Restucco, Door & Window FREE DEBT CONSOLIDATION Remodeling, Additions, Garages,
410-9258 www.twodadsconstruc- 34+ Years Experience, Lic#
Installations, Framing, Block & First 400 Callers! Help Reduce Your Drywall, Painting, Tile Work, Flooring 56751/Insured/Bonded. Reliable
Concrete work. 239-5747 Lic# Credit Card or Unsecured Debt! and More! Competitive Prices/Quality
ProBuilt Construction: Quality Home Service You Can Trust. Amtek
109220256 Decrease Your Expenses/Help Lower Work. 34+ Years Experience,
Repair, Remodeling, Additions, Builders. Call Mike 440-6407.
Your Payments Free Consultation/ Lic#56751/Insured/Bonded. Reliable
Kitchens, Baths, Shade Structures. Landscaping/Mowing Info Call 800-593-3446 Service You Can Trust. Amtek
Licensed/Bonded/Insured. Free
Estimates. Call Les at 480-5881
WE’LL TAKE CARE OF YOUR LAWN! NOW!!! Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Are you a daycare professional?
Renaissance Man Construction: INSTALLATION RATES Need fast $500-$500,000+? We Advertise your services in the New
Remodeling, Additions, Property help. Call 1-866-386-3692 Mexico MarketPlace for as little as
Maintenance, Custom Cabinetry and $25 per month. Call 888-0500.
Carpentry Work, Metal Gates, and
Much More! Lic #362892 Call Moving/Storage
Richard At 235-5986 We Do The Small Jobs
J-Services: General remodeling, That Big Guys Won’t Do! Simplify your move.
plumbing, carpet installation, paint- SCHEDULED • Xeriscapes • Lawns
Customized moving services to fit your needs.
Across the hall, across town or across the country.

ing, tile, drywall and texture, yard MAINTENANCE • Water Features • Home and business moves • Packing services

work, concrete, electrical and roof- • Winter Cleanups • Gravel/Accent Rock • Licensed, insured and bonded • Boxes and packing supplies

ing. Dependable, Professional. Call • Leaf Raking & Cleanup • Decorative Walls 505-872-8787
• Trim Trees & Shrubs • Weeding & Terracing
Frank 261-8842. Free Estimates! • Xeriscape Weed Control
Each franchise is
3215 Matthew Ave NE
independently owned Lic# 397544 CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE FREE ESTIMATES and operated. Albuquerque, NM 87107
Handyman/Home Repair 203-2996 797-LEAF (5323) Pet Cleanup
The Handyman Can Reliable Yard Services by V&M K9 Scoopers Plus
• Plumbing • Tape We Work Year Round!
• Texture • Tile We Scoop Up Behind Your Pup!
• Yard Cleanups & Maintenance
• Painting • Sheetrock
• Removal/Hauling • Mowing Mention this ad for 15% OFF
Individual Room Carpet • Gravel/Xeriscape• Pruning, Trimming, Planting First Month’s Service only
& Padding Installation
Jesse 280-9801
Estimates 554-0349 280-6511 Senior
Discounts 350-7970 Albuquerque
Area Only


Handyman/Home Repair Hauling Hauling Heating Landscaping/Mowing
Cheapest hauling of trash & Haul It All Services: Junk, Trash, Herman’s Tree & Hauling PLUMBING/HEATING/AIR CONDI- Ne e d La ndsc a ping? Call Ryan at
unwanted items! Tree/Shrub trim and Garbage Removal and Hauling. Free Service Stump grinding/removal TIONING/ELECTRICAL. One Call 505-980-9980 Specializing In Low
removal, landscaping, rock, con- Estimates/Cash Discounts. Licensed, (small stumps $35). Hedge, shrub, Does It All! Licensed/ Cost Landscape Maintenance.
crete, lot cleaning, and tractor work. Insured, and Bonded. BBB Member. root & tree removal. Tree & hedge Bonded/Insured Lic# 87050. General/Winter Cleanups, Hauling,
Call 352-1621 or 203-9179 You Call 553-5545 We Haul! Or Visit trimming. Bobcat work. All hauling Senior/Military Discounts. Call Bush/Tree Trimming, Shrub/Tree needs. General cleanups. John 307-1224. Removal, Lawn Care, And More!
-Anything/Everything Hauled- Reasonable rates. 7/days a week. 25 Landscaping/Mowing Free Estimates!
Remove trash, branches, shrubbery, years experience Free Estimates. PAPA’S LAWN & GARDEN Green Mesa Garde ns: Plant that
ITEMS, Bobcat Service, Tree 220-6308 Lic#163035
yardwork, cardboard, concrete, dirt, SERVICE Winter Yard Clean Up. Flower Garden Or Shade Tree You’ve
Cutting, Property Cleaning and gravel, leaves. Same day service. Advertise your services in the New Leaf & Pine Needle Removal. Bush Always Wanted. Landscape design,
Hauling. Free Estimates and Free estimates. Lowest rates. Eddie & Tree Trimming. Free Estimates
Mexico MarketPlace for as little as installation, maintenance, customer edu-
Competitive Prices. Call 269-9672 261-6751 or 243-4657 Call Jim 274-3086
$25 per month. Call 888-0500. cation. Free estimates. Tom 217-4060.

Service Directory
Carpet Cleaning Concrete Drywall/Stucco

Shea’s Carpet Care Curb Crafters & Concrete

Sidewalks • Patios • Driveways
st uc c o
Drywall • Plaster and More…

Curb Cuts • Borders • Remove & Replace
5 Rooms only $ 10% Discount On ALL Jobs
Repairs • Remodels • Completes • Block
Windows • Doors • Framing • SW Timber
Expires 1/31/11
Expires 1/31/11 Remodel Today!
Call For FREE Estimate
255-5266 463-1188 MR. MUDD
Brad Shea–Owner Lic.# GB98 84278
Pride In Our Work Since 1975
Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning
23 Yrs. Experience • 24 Hr. Service Licensed • Bonded • Insured • GA3 • GS4 814-3043
Firewood Your Ad Here Furniture Reupholstery

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Service Directory Ads

Cedar Piñon $185/Cord …Affordable Marketing
Oak Mix $285/Cord
Piñon $195/Cord
For Small Businesses Before After
Picture Perfect Reupholstering
Prices for Pick-up Only Only $199 per Month!
Casa de Decor 30%
Delivery Available
3134 Bridge Blvd. SW Call 323-5205 OFF
M-F 7-5 • Sat 7-4 Fabric
242-8181 A-1 Firewood All Work Guaranteed • 38 Years’ Experience

Garage Doors Grout Restoration Remodeling

GARAGE Additions • Remodels
Estimates Kitchens • Bathrooms
15% s enior & Patios • Courtyards
Concrete • Masonry
Sales • Services • Installations We Clean, Stain & Recolor Grout
Financing Available Also: • Regrout 13 Years Experience Complete Exteriors
Mon-Sat/24-Hr Emergency Service • Grout Repair Xeriscaping & Designs
480-0924 • Tile Installation
Garaged Estimates
• Laminate Flooring
Bonded & Insured • l ic. 94216 867-6858 Lic. #059288 Lic 93311/Bonded/Insured

Roofing Tub & Sink Resurfacing Window Tinting

• Porcelain
Resurfacing GOT TINT?
Au TO • ResId eNTIAl • COmmeRCIAl
• Acrylic Restore it to
like-new for Gift Certificates Available

• Fiberglass
only $27500 OFF TINT
5-Year Warranty Auto • Residential
New Clients only. Exp. 1/31/11
All 345-ROOF (7663)
Types Serving ABQ For Over 30 Years Albuquerque Custom Tint
Roofs 350-3656 243-0060 • 1619 2nd St. NW
Landscaping/Mowing Painting/Wallpaper Plastering/Stucco Work TV/VCR/DVD Service Upholstery/Fabric Repair
Robert’s Tree & Landscaping: FOUR HILLS PAINTING MR. MUDD Drywall/Plaster/ DIRECTV SAVE UP TO $29/MO Mike’s Upholstery. Don’t buy
Retaining Walls, Flagstone Interior/Exterior. Quality Work. Stucco General Contractor. FOR 1YR! NO Installation fee! Free new. Make it look new with reuphol-
Patios/Walkways, Gravel Design, Affordable Rates. 25 Years Absolute Fastest & Finest Repairs & DVR/HD Upgrade! Packages Start stery. From a patch to a new look for
Sprinkler’s, Sod, Irrigation, Tree Experience. All Work Guaranteed. Renovations. Construction services, the New Year! 908-6693. Free esti-
$29.99/Mo. Ends 2/9/11 New cust.
References available. Licensed/ offering: Restucco, Door & Window mates.
removal/trimming. Hedge/Shrub only, qual. pkgs. CALL
Bonded/Insured. Member BBB. Call Installations, Framing, Block &
removal. Stump grinding, raking, yard Larry for Free Estimate. 323-3645 DirectStarTV 1-800-620-0058 Window Cleaning
cleanups. Hauling. Weeding. Insured. Concrete work. 239-5747
ACCENTS OF TRIM Earthen Clay Lic#109220256 Tile/Tile Work Get a clear view! By Clearview
Best prices guaranteed! Free Estimates. Plaster, Faux Finishes, Murals, Window Washing. Windows, shower
Plumbing A+ Master Setters Install granite,
Senior Discounts 489-5169 visit Custom Tiles, Lighting Consultation. doors, chandeliers, and mirrors. Drain Cleaning Guaranteed Low tile, marble and glass block. Shower
Clean,Reliable,Quality Work. Licensed/Insured. Call Jay 306-6330
Rates! 60 Day Guarantee(In Most pan experts. Complete remodel
Japes Landscape Fall/Leaf/Gutter Licensed/Insured/Bonded. Free Wind-O-Brite Premium, Longer
Estimates. References. Lois 281- Cases). No Extra Charges For work. Install wood and laminate
Clean-Up. Also Specializes In: Lasting, “Polish Dry” Finish!
9205 Weekends! For Prices And Estimates flooring. Repair tile. 379-0253. Work
Complete Lawn Care & Reasonable Rates, Quality Service,
A.D.G. Painting & Decorating: Call That Plumber Guy Johnny Guaranteed Lic#EB98-59251
Maintenance, Tree Trimming, Free Estimates. Call 440-3436 /
Offering Paint And Home Fix-Up 203-7177 Senior Discounts! Towing
Pruning & Tree Removal, Hauling,
Xeriscapes, Sod & Gravel Designs Specials for the New Year. Highest Semi-Retired Contractor Providing Free removal of junk cars and
Quality/Fairest Prices. Senior & Services to Fixed Income Retired LET THE LIGHT IN FOR THE
And Installs, Patios And More... So unwanted vehicles. Also, any NEW YEAR with LIGHTEN UP WIN-
Military Discounts. Free Estimates! Senior Citizens. Minor Plumbing
Call 301-0266 Lic/Bonded/Ins unwanted metals. We Buy Some DOW CLEANING. Free Estimates.
Repair Installation, Interior Room
Winter Cleanup! C&F Landscaping. 228-5815 254-3763 Painting, Miscellaneous Other Running Vehicles. Ask for Joseph Impeccable results. Reasonable
Keep your yard clean! No job too BILL COSTA PAINTING, Services Available. Reasonable Rates 352-1621 or 203-9179 rates. On time dependability. Tim
small! Specializing in tree trimming/ Competitive Prices - Interior/Exterior 293-3449 Travel Restrictions Apply. Tree Service 352-4901
cutting/removal. Free Estimates. drywall, stucco repair, licensed Roofing Robert’s Tree & Landscaping: Windows and Doors
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antee. BBB. Senior & Military CONRAD CONSTRUCTION: The Window Payne:Replacement
Freddie, 459-6695. removal. Stump grinding, raking,
Discount Call anytime 296-1035 Special On Shingle Roofs! 30 Windows. Services All Makes &
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Organizing Need shade? “We’ve got you cov- Lic. #87490
Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get ered!” Custom aluminum Lattice

EnchantmEnt WindoWs d
Organized! I can organize your patio coverings and Southwest style and
gazebos built to your specifications.
home, office, garage. Absolute confi-
Lambert Construction Lic# oor s
dentiality. References. 15yrs.
Experience. Let’s Get Organized!
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STUDIO 2225 Wyoming NE
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McCallister 249-3000 Dave Scranton
Tree Services
Get a FREE TREE*! web:
Trimming & Pruning Email:
Tree & Stump Removal
60 Ft. Bucket Truck
JC TREE CARE • 907-8069
Licensed *Offer good with large tree removal equal to 8 hours labor.
Visit Our Showroom at
7417 Menaul Blvd. NE 881-2020
P.O. Box 92800 • Albuquerque, NM 87199-2800 U.S. POSTAGE
Printed on Recycled Paper C Please Recycle

Call Toll-Free
Champion 1-888-637-0825

*Minimum purchase required. All discounts apply to our regular prices and cannot be
combined with other offers. All prices include expert installation. Sorry, no adjustments
on prior sales. See store for complete warranty. Offer expires 1-31-11.

Champion windows k keep
eep the
cold outside where it b
elongs .

Champion windows , with our exclusive Comfort 3 6 5® Glass , have twice the insulating value of typical dual pane
windows . Which not only keep you comfortable year round , but can also help you save big on your energy costs .


33 O FF 33% O FF 2,500 O FF
Champion Champion Patio Rooms
Champion W
indows* Entry Doors* & Porch Enclosures*

When you compare, and choose Champion

When Champion,, you win every time!

Call today for a FR E E

in-home estimate

*Minimumm pur
c rrequired:
chase e ed:
equire 5 windows, 16 1600 sq. ft. patio rroom.
All discounts
counts apply to our rregular
eegular prices. All prices include eexpert
tion. Sorr
Sorry,yy, no adjustments can be made on prior sales.
Offer eexpires
e 1-31-11.

Applies to Champion vinyl rreplacement

windows & patio rrooms
ooms ©Champion Window Mfg. & Supply Co., 2011 O FFER CO D E: 3966

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