Hi, Please find the below Activities has to be performed when doing Period End Closing.

1 Execute Report for Inter Company Activity & Journal Entries 2 Open posting period for next yr (T.Code: OB52) SAPL0F00 3 Run Business Area's Assignment report. (T.Code: F.50) Program : SAPF181 ZXM_EURO_CLOSE_MM_0072_0000_1SU 4 Review list of recurring journal entries (T.Code: FBD3) SAPMF05L 5 Execute Recurring Entries for A/R, A/P, G/L (T. Code: F.14) SAPMS38M 6 Process Parked A/R, A/P, G/L accounting documents (T.Code: FBV0) SAPMF05V 7 Final Cutoff for the Maintenance of Fixed Asset- Add Transfer and Retire (T.Code: ABUMN) 8 Run Depreciation in Test Run and post (T.Code: AFAB) 9 Verify Display Log for Depreciation Test Run (T.Code: AFBP) 10 Capitalize AUC Assets if needed (T.Code: AIAB, AIBU) 11 Enter Payroll Data to SAP (T.Code: CAT2) 12 Verify Depreciation Balances with GL balances ( T.Code: ABST2) 13 Post Depreciation (T.Code: AFAB) 14 Execute Asset History Report, and retire assets if needed (T.Code: S_ALR_87011963, ABAVN) 15 Adjust specific depreciation areas if necessary (T.Code: ABCO) 16 Reconcile AM sub ledger with GL (T.Code: ABST2)

Code: OKP1) 24 Compare current (cost estimates) with last current price (Moving Avg) ( T. FCHI) . FBL5N.Code: FBL5N) 19 Review AP Open Items (FBL1N) 20 Execute Pending Invoices(T.Code: OKSA) .Code: KO88) 29 Verify All Post Goods Issue have been Invoiced (Billing Due List) (T.Code: F-03.Code: MB5S) 35 Post Accruals and Deferrals (T. F-32. F-44) 37 Check Profitability Segment Adjustment (T.code: FBL1N.Code: S_P99_41000212) 18 Review AR Open Items (T. 28 Settle All Orders (T.Code: FBS1) 36 Clearing of Cancelled Documents (T.Code : F.Code: V-31) 27 Review Internal Order Postings(T. CK24) 26 Process Freight charges. Match SD freight to actual (T.Code: MRBP) 21 Clear Open Item for GRIR.Code: MI07) 33 Perform Manual Adjustment if needed (T.Code: F.13) 22 Reconciliation of Financial Documents and transactional figures (F.2D) 31 Reconciliation of MM movements in Transit Intra-SAP to Non SAP 32 Reconcile PI Inventory with SAP (T.Code: CK11N.Code: OKBH) 25 Update current cost price to material master price field (T.Code: FCH1.Code: KISR) 38 Aging Report-Reconcile GL balances with sub ledger balances AP ( T. FBL3N) 39 Check the check run numbers (T.Code: VF04) 30 Review SD Billing Doc from prior month that have not yet been released to accounting (T. FB50) 34 Verify balance of the GR/IR account ( T.03) 23 Open new CO Posting Period: (T. freight (T.Code: F-02.17 Check Bank Data (T.

Code: KALC) 55 Run BW reports P&L and Balance Sheet 56 Maintain CO yr variant (T. 58 Fiscal Yr Balance carry forward CO (T. Cost Elements. CO area (T.Code: FB41) 42 Reconcile GL balances with sub ledger balances AR/MM/AP ( T.FI .Code: F.16) 60 Fiscal Yr balance carry forward PCA (T.Code: F.new year (OBA7) .Code: F.Code: CXS1) 59 Fiscal Yr balance carry forward FI ( T.Code: GGB0) 49 Check COGI--for both month end and year end 50 Doubtful receivables (T.Code: FF67 & FEBA) 41 Enter Tax Journal Entry (T.Code: F.Code: F.Code: KSU5 & KSV5) 54 Run CO-FI Reconciliation to balance (T.Code: KE5U) 53 Post Cost Center Assessments and Distributions (T.Code: F. OBA7) 62 Set Document number ranges AP/AR .40 Bank reconciliation Data (T.03) 43 Display Balance Sheet Adjustments (T.Code: KCRQ) 57 Fiscal Yr Balance carry forward AP/AR/AM (T.05) 46 Check generic cost centers for posting with wrong accounts 47 Correct wrong postings on generic cost centers 48 Check Validation dates for Cost Centers.5F) 44 Post Balance Sheet Adjustments (T.07.Code: 2KES) 61 Set Document number ranges .new year (T.Code: OBH2.Code : F104) 51 Verify In-transit Inventory 52 Reconcile PA to G/L (T.5E) 45 Post Foreign Currency Valuation (foreign exchange) (T.

Budget Data for Cost centers.Asset Accounting--final for year end (T.FI as well as logistics.Code: AJRW) 65 Year end Closing-.16) If you want to perform Month End Activities then follow the below minimum activities          Foreign currency valuation Posting recurring entries Accrual and deferral entries Automatic clearing (GR/IR open item mostly) Maintain exchange rates Post depreciation for the month Withholding tax payments Run and check reports for Tax and other statutory requirements Close periods .Code: F.Code: OKP1) 67 Close Prior A/R Posting Period ( T. sales 73 Update Retained Earning Account .81) 71 Reconciliation of Financial Documents from old fiscal year and new fiscal year ( T.Code: OB52) 69 Close Prior MM Posting Period (T.Code: F. .Code: OMSY) 70 Reverse accruals and deferrals for the new month (T.Code: FSE2) 64 Change Fiscal Year For Assets (T.63 Generate Financial statement Reports ( T.Code: FNSL) 72 Load Balances.Code:OB58) OR (T.Code: AJAB) 66 Close CO Posting Period : (T.Code: OB52) 68 Close Prior A/P Posting Period (T. balance carry fwd (T.

FBV0.KSU5 19 .Maintain Statistical Key Figures .F.KSU5 20 .Balance Sheet Adjustment calculation .MM period close and open .F.Revaluation of foreign currency open items .Release of Standard Cost Estimate .Assessment cycles .KP26 2 .Reposting of Inter Office CC .Profit Center Reposting .Recognition of Inventory at Bonded warehouse .CO88 18 .SBU CC to COPA .Depreciation entry .5D .Provision for current month .KEU5 21 .SAP FI Month End and Year End Activities 1 .Parked documents to be posted .KKS1 17 .To be Updated 13 .F.13 10 .Bank Reconciliation 8 .Maintain GRIR clearing . MIRO 6 .KB61 7 .CK40N 3 .Settlement of variances .Assessment cycles .Maintain Activity prices .J1INPP 9 .Aux/WH CC to Main CC .05 14 .Variance Calculation of Process Orders .FI period open 5 .FB50 15 .Update Section Code where missing .FB50 12 .FB50 11 .9KE0 22 .KB31N/KP46 16 .MMPV 4 .Functional CC to SBU CC .Assessment cycles .Exchange rate .

Transfer Inventory to PCA . . Please also note than it can vary to business to business depending upon the process.23 .Dummy PC to SBU PC .Balance Carry forward (Year End Only) .Reclassification of GL balances 31 .1KEH 25 .3KE5 26 . not Invoiced" .Match PCA and PA 29 .VF03 27 .Top Down Distribution in COPA . Cosolidated from the available resources available on google and some other sites.PCA Balance Carry forward (Year End Only) .16 32 .1KEK 24 .Assessment Cycle .KE5T 28 .2KES 33 .KE28 30 .Transfer to FI .Transfer Profit Center to AR & AP .1KE8 Source .Check for "Delivery made.F.Match GL and PCA .

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