architecting corporate strategic reports yes


citibank, during mortgage crisis recession 1)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1) org structure program manager implement and design the data warehouse , Business intelligence, high level business reports . business analyst executing and maintenance of DWH/BI, enhancements in terms of f unctionalities data analyst -- manual or automated reports related to data bases skill sets pl ,sql reporting analyst -- manual or automated reports related to excel, skill sets ma cros and formulae 2) SAR board reports can be given to me in place of michelle reports 2)job description is exactly the same which was provided to me in the interview except for one extra liner, --- managing the team. 3) ops manager should be capable of handling and resolving technical issues rela ted to various aspects, like macros, pl,sql queries, and other various things. 4) my growth and future prospects in nvidia this post is an opportunity..

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx agenda my role in HP (program manager) implementation of datawarehousing, business intelligence and business reports. business analysts reporting to me. hierarchy in HP, reporting analyst -->data analyst --> business analyst -->

scope of JOb if selected as ops manager in bangalore and who would be reporting manager ? scope of job if not selected as ops manager in bangalore and who would be report ing manager ? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXxx . as days moves on it is quite clear that he has no practical experience and many of them fake their way in by having suitable backups for verification in th eir previous orgs.senior business analyst(program manager) ryan and michelle transition ryan macros. (macros. sql queries. don't understand the subordinate problems as the time goes on provide vague solutions to the issues faced unwanted expansion of team whenever an issue is faced as he is not aware of its resolution in the first place creation of favoritism and internal politics amongst team members in such a scenario I will like to continue reporting to Ken rather than reporting to the indian foo lish manager reasons for not selecting even though i have the experience. pl and sql q ueries) recruitment involvement scope of job if not selected as ops manager in bangalore only BO implementation. manual reporting to be taken c are by Ops manager) no involvement in recruitment as that is the reason why you have floated this po sition I can't recruit the best guys for someone else inherent issues with typical indian managers behaves in the interviews as if he is an expert know all. he will do no productive work and barely act as a communication int erface between his managers and subordinates. enhancements and modifications in macros. michelle. once joined. pl. RBPC only (other manual reports are out of scope for me) as they are done by reporting analyst scope of JOb if selected as ops manager in bangalore monitoring and mentoring. skillsets for that job? agenda ryan and michelle transition reports and skillsets related clarification wrt my role.

Self starter with the ability to work independently with minimal direction. Oracle or other ERP systems as well as Excel. data base structure. . Yi eld Management Systems.include all the various certifications include the comparisons between nvidia requirements and my experience include the presentation on integrated business analytics nvidia ops IBA MANAGER OF OPERATIONS REPORTING/ANALYTICS Job ID 1342413 Description MANAGER OF OPERATIONS.The position requires a Master's degree in Engineering or MCA and 6-10 years r elevant experience. Product Engineering and Finished Goods data requirements . including source data elem ents. weekly.Support daily. . data management. & 2 US) developing ad-hoc and system generated reports for NVIDIAs supply chain and product engineering organi zations. . Business Objects an d other standard business data base applications.Travel required but not very extensive .Experience in a hi-tech manufacturing industry.Translate vague business requirements to an actionable IT requirement MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: . 1 Taiwan.Automate current manual reports by working closely with reporting analysts . . . data retrieval and supporting applic ations. . and other Windows applications . .Above average verbal English language ability with excellent written communica tion skills. Business Warehouse. Collaborate closely w ith IT in building and implementing reports using different data warehousing too ls. RESPONSIBILITIES: .Works on projects as required by the business and understand business requirem ent and guide other reporting analysts .Manage day to day reporting operations for the sustaining and execution of var ious required reports. which includes Fable ss Manufacturing.Works with the business functions to help provide various data reporting solut ions using current SAP tools (BO.Candidate should be familiar with manufacturing concepts and practices. .Support reporting requirements for Supply Chain analysis. BW. SAP.Highly proficient in Excel (macro development will be required) .Candidate should be proficient in SAP. and monthly recurring reporting requirements for variou s members of Chip Ops and Boards Ops.Strong experience with ERP systems preferably SAP and other Databases (SAP. . Improve business results by developing reports that enhance better dec ision making by working in collaboration with operations functional leaders and product engineers to identify and design required reports. B2B data) . Develop front end dashboards for easy access of the KPI reports to the top level management. fables semiconductor preferred . wi th the potential to lead small projects. REPORTING / ANALYTICS #1342413 Manage a team of six employees (3 India.Expert knowledge in the design and development of reports and queries. etc).Identify potential improvements in current reports. . Able to write technical specs and be able to articulate into actionable IT requirements in the following applications: SAP R3.

India.Strong understanding of Inventory management systems within a manufacturing en vironment (ERP) . . Nvidia 1)Datawarehousing Projects a) Implented the datawarehouse concepts in Nvidia Operations Department Designed .Yield actual v forecast updates Mark Hudson data quality measures NPI Metrics .Financial KPIs Keith Katcher (VP Eng) . for the sucessful implementation of Corporate Strategy Reports for HP and exter nal client Citibank.Must meet accepted goals. KPIs.Knowledge of data tables within ERP system such as SAP R3 . Later the RMA Analyze emerging business trends Greatest Achievement : obtained the exceptional performance Certificate from the HP Director.Working knowledge of Inventory Projections models .. objectives.Hands on experience of Business Objects for Master Data collection (SAP MDM/IM ) . NPI Metrics SQL queries analysed the process and scheduling the NPI metrics e very week Periodic modifications done to include the new family products in the metrics.Candidate must have a high degree of creativity.Paramjit FGS Hold .Carole Edwards/David Untalan (planning directors) Cust Perf .Hands-on experience with Business Warehouse (BW) reporting cubes .% of wafers SAR Himanshu Kumar (Product Eng Director) Jeff Quinn .Excellent analytical and trouble-shooting skills. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXxxxx RMA database SQL Queries analysed the process and ran a few queries to get fami liarise with the database.David Untalan David Sar die aging @TSMC/NVIDIA . and timelines . creation of the Process Enhancement and b) Integrated Datawarehouse involving the following reports Q3 Shortfalls . conceptualised and implemented the first datawarehouse model in form of OMR logistics on the Business Objects Technology.

since they had refer to previous meetin g reports to update the current meeting report. Sap reporting. Customer Sampl es. Analysed and understood the process. The completed and cancelled tasks from the nvtask are moved to the completed an d cancelled tab. A03. It provides the detailed GPUs Demand and Committed dates for each of the board . The current process takes about 5 minutes b)GPU_SiFDA Project Clients:. -. Durga.refer to IBA-ops presentat ion. A02. Carlos and others Chip Request Allocation file and exported file from Nvtasks are used as 2 diffe rent input files The output Resultant file contains the Allocated Quantities . Perfect.Otto. Durga. sql q ueries. Delievered quanti ty and Balance quantity. Achievements: The manual process used to take 2 hours. along with the priorities. Carlos and others The process provides the consolidated GPUs Demand for Validation.Otto. Customer Return Subprocess a nd RMA Reship Subprocess. Uma. NPI metrics Datawarehousing ( yet to b e implemented) 2) Database SQL Server a) NPI Metrics The process provides the metrics for the New Product lines with respect to First commit date. b) RMA Database SQL queries . Uma. To define the internal process and policy for processing Return Material Author ization (RMA) requests from NVIDIA customers through the use of SAP/CRM and R3 It Includes 3 subprocesses RMA Approval Subprocess. Scheduling the NPI metrics every week Periodic modifications done to include the new family products in the metrics. Any and other categories. on various aspects of Datawarehousing for SAR log istics. SAP BW queries and datawarehousing.High Level Design is under process c)Conceptualised and Designed an Integrated Business Analytics Process which would integrate the various processes of reporting involving macros. Analysed the SQL queries and t he process . d)Trained and Mentored Tahmra. It takes into account the d ifferent types of Die Rev such as A01. comments and committed dates assigned by the Planners . Explained High Level approach for Serus. 3) Macros a)Chip Request Rollup Project Clients:. Due date and Current Commit date . Control Run. Additionally they also had to refer to the NVtask da ta to verify the completed and cancelled reports.

Business Objects. S AP BI. High Impacting Teams based on Belbin Role models and Benne and S heats' Group Roles HP Program Manager (33 team members reporting to me including 3 project leads for 3 programs HP. backlogs and cancellations during rece ssion . Now it takes just 10 minutes c)Larry RBPC Supply Stability Project The process tracks the board demands and incoming supplies and creates the Larr y's RBPC Report Each Quarter the Product Family changes and corresponding modifications are upda ted. Brio. Achievements: It would take around 3 hours to process this report as it included various form ulae to be included and lots of manual processing was involved in the creation of the report. Achievements: The manual process used to take around 4 hours since it includes r eferring to various Board trains for each product family. supply and production planning during recess ion Deterministic product shipments. C itibank and Glaxo) HP Program Corporate Strategy Reports (Architect and Implementation): datawarehousing technologies such as Informatica. OBIEE databases such as Oracle and Teradata Access databases Excel data sheets Inventory Forecasting Reports Supply Chain Management Reports Inventory Control integrate demand. Cognos. Datastage. Enhanced and Modified the automation which resulted in the entire process being executed within 15 minutes. Team building .trains. It involves a complex iteration of 10 Stops with different GPU categories listed .

F rom the Warehouses they are transferred to the Regional Distribution Centers and Global Sales Vendors. Order fulfillment and Transportation. It involves the supply chain of the products from the chip foundries such as T SMC onto Assembly of substrates in SPIL. databases such as DB2 and Teradata Access databases Excel data sheets 1)managing customer information 2)customer segments based on networth 3)Customised Product lines for Corporate Banking During Recession implemented corporate strategic reports dealing with 4)Mortgage Loan portfolio 5)Customer behaviour 6)customer focused product delivery Advantages Creation of Right Product lines meeting the requirements of the Clients sales and marketing cross sell to customers Globally distributed datawarehouse Glaxo wellcome and smithkline beecham Integration Program Datawarehouses implemented Market share analysis Plans for new drugs based on the research inputs Integration with Informatica and Business Objects Glaxo Legacy data market research data sap r/3 data Smithkline 3 rd party market research facilities . Manufacturing. Opportunity Management. Cognos. Lead Tracking for New Sales Opportunities from the existing customers. Service Ord er Management. It involves the production right from the Chip Foundries to the Sales Vendors . Customer Feedback . It has integrated modules of Client Creation. Datastage.for Customer Relation Management. It is an integrated SAP BI and BO solution for Clients. S AP BI. Warehouse management. Product Registration. This provides the integrated supply chain management business solution SAP SCM i nvolving Procurement.Datawarehouse. Business Objects. then onto Warehouses for the storage. Citibank Program Corporate Strategy Reports (Architect and Implementation) : the coporate strategy reports involve data sources such as datawarehousing technologies such as Informatica.

Responsibilities: Have experience in doing excellent documentation on business requirements Experience in working with Visio which is used for requirements gatherings in bu siness. SAP SD --SAP solutions Business Objects. . Creating Process Flow Diagrams including the process related updates using Ms Vi sio Creating Power Point presentations related to the Process Expertise in System design and development required for business process Vast Experience in Project and Operations Management Have wide knowledge in Reengineering concept Have good written and oral English skill Have vast experience in Project Management. Generate Business Reports and pr ovide insights for the improvement of the Business Operations . Oracle database queries. and Data Modeling. Datawarehousing Projects SAP Business Warehouse for the SAP Datawarehouse Projects. Business Modeling . Managing and maintaini ng the database and interact with members of different departments namely manage rs. Worked extensively on Oracle Database to define data sources and on the Oracle W arehouse Builder to implement the Datawarehousing design Extraction of data using SQL Queries and Oracle Warehouse Builder Reports and Data Analysis using Excel and Access using extensive VBA programmin g Automation of the process using Macros 1) Business Process Management -. Performed the logistics Analysis and assisted the o rganisation in improving the Business Results. suppliers and vendors. Macros for automation of reports.non sap r/3 with Sap r/3 data progeon Process Lead ( 8 members reporting to me) SAP MM. orders and inventory. Business Analysis. Product Databases for the sales .Linksys Routers for Cisco.

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