Work done • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Incomplete work/Complete your work Where are your corrections? /Do your corrections Seen/ Checked Be careful with your spelling Don't copy your friend's answers Do the work on your own Do every step of the calculation till you get the solution Memorize the steps Apply the formula properly Spell the term correctly Observe tenses Follow the steps accordingly Do not leave out any important steps Do not skip steps, it may carry marks Complete all steps of calculation Redo your work Respond to the questions accordingly Ensure you write topic and date Late work/submit your work on time See/Consult me See me immediately Do not repeat the same mistake Be more specific Refer to previous lesson for clarification Write your answers in pen Underline your answers Ensure equal signs are on a straight line

Positive Comments/ Remarks • Good work! • Excellent work! • Keep up the good/excellent work • I love your work! • A good attempt • Excellent! Your answer is precise • Neat work/handwriting

Negative Comments • Untidy work • Improve your handwriting

The rest need to be encouraged and be energetic in the class • 50% of the students were able to fill in the blanks with the correct answers while the rest were given helping words • 95% of the students knew how to perform the operation while the rest will be given extra explanation • 75% students can identify and multiply any two linear expressions • 85% can factories quadratic expressions . 50% of the students were able to answer the given questions.REFLECTION (SOME OF THE EXAMPLES ) • Some of the students did not understand the concept of Bernoulli Principle. 'Understanding The Bernoulli's Principle' is postponed to the next lesson • 5 students don't understand science related-careers. 15% students will be given more explanations . 60% of the students were able to make suggestions/ express view on the topic. The rest need to enhance their knowledge and do more reading • Approximately. Most of them need to be Tided in forming grammatical sentences • Approximately. Those students will be given enrichment on the next lesson • 10 students don't understand the importance of science to life. Those students will be given reinforcement on the next lesson • 'Understanding The Bernoulli's Principle ' could not proceed. Those students will be given deeper explanation in small group • 60% of the students were able to state and group the nouns into their groups. The rest were given more explanations • Approximately. 50% of the students were able to read but without understanding. because more than 15 students don't understand the previous lesson. • 5 Students don't understand about the concept of Bernoulli's Principle. 70% of the students were able to complete the given task correctly. They will be given extra explanation on next lesson. • Approximately. They were given further explanation.