Question What is the meaning of your name? Attitude Probed Expected next Question Do you feel that your personality is reflected by your name? Or In what manner does the meaning reflect your truest personality? How do you justify that? Give me an example to prove your claim?

Where shall you like us to begin your interview? Tell me something about yourself? Tell us something that you have not mentioned in your Bio-data. Tell me a story? Tell me about your family background? What are your career objectives? Where do you foresee yourself in next 4-5 years? What goals have you set for yourself in life? How do you propose to achieve the same? What is Management? Why do you want Work for us? What attracts you to our company? Why not some other X company? What do you know of our company and its products? We have a transferable job. Will you be open to transfers? In what manner shall your X degree help you in this job? What subjects do you think shall be taught to you in our curriculum? What subjects were taught to you during your degree course? Which of the subjects did you like the most and which of them did you hate the most? Tell me a story? Tell me about your family background? I am bored to take interviews. Please motivate me to take your interview? Interview me? Ask yourself 3 questions and answer them. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What have you done to overcome your weaknesses? How do you justify X as your weakness? Define Strength? Define X Strength? Do you read newspapers/magazines?

What do you mean when you say that?

Give us an example to prove that you have the claimed strengths/weaknesses? Give us an example to prove that you have the claimed strengths/weaknesses?

Who is the Publisher? What were the headlines in today’s

EXPECTED QUESTIONS FOR THE INTERVIEWS newspaper/coverpage in the latest edition of the magazine? Why X newspaper/magazine and not Y? What is the price of the newspaper/magazine that you read? Who is the editor? Give me your opinion on the issues? What major issues have been covered in the newspapers/magazines lately? You hail from Gujarat? Tell me something about your state? What is the most important place in your state for the tourist to visit? What things are popular in your state? What is your opinion on VAT? What is your opinion on the Gulf War II Tell me as a common man on the street how you feel being a Gujarati? Gujaratis have a tendency to migrate abroad? What about you? Don’t you plan? What subjects did you like the most in your academic career? (Chances of asking questions on the subject of your choice are very high) Which subject did you like the least and why? We prefer people from the Engg..... If there is a person who doesn’t match the profile as stated by you. what can you do to make him a . What was your general impression among your colleagues in your last college? Why should I prefer you over other people? Sell yourself to us? Sell this product to us? What opportunities does your life present to you? With what kind of people do you normally make friends? Why? What books do you recommend for reading in the subject of your choice to a layman? Why? Give us an example to show that you are a good leader/honest person/. background? Given your non-technical background why should we prefer you? What did you like/dislike in your last college? Are you happy with your progress till date? Why are your marks showing a decline over the past few years? Describe a situation that was the most difficult for you to handle? What did you learn from the situation? Describe a situation in which you failed? Have you been able to achieve the best in you? Describe the best work that you have done so far? Define Honesty/Leadership/Cooperation.

which is not the same as yours? Why didn’t you opt for a diploma in Marketing instead of Degree? Which single happening/event in your life changed the course of your life? Suppose you are made the chief minister of Gujarat/Mayor of Baroda.EXPECTED QUESTIONS FOR THE INTERVIEWS friend? Befriend me? Describe a situation in which your idea was criticised? What sports do you like the most and why? How did you react to the criticism? All questions related to the sport of your choice like: 1) Who is the Current World champion? 2) Who is the Olympic champion? 3) What are the dimensions of the court/field? 4) What is the weight of the ball? 5) What is the weight of the bat? 6) In how many countries is the sport played? 7) Where did this sport originate? 8) Which is the most popular event in this sport? Which title is the most coveted for the sport? 9) Who won the title last year? 10)What is the world/Asian/Indian record in your game and who holds it? Share the most embarrassing moment of your life with us? For the profession that you have chosen for yourself. what personal characteristics are necessary for your success? Do you prefer to work with people or alone? (Psychological Questions with inference can also be asked) What problems do you face in working with people from a background.. etc... Have your predecessors not addressed the same? In what way shall your strategy be different than that of your predecessors? i) do you model? ii) What find characteristics in your role Do you have those characteristics? . what issues shall be on your topmost agenda to be addressed to? Anything that you would like to ask us? Anything that you would like us to ask you/you would like to tell us that shall help us to justify your selection? How shall society at large benefit from your If you have to stay in the slums how shall you cope up with that kind of life? Who is your role model and why have you chosen him to be your role model? Suppose you have been given a project? How shall you accomplish the same?(like organising the cricket match) In what way do you think is the degree be better than diploma? How do you justify in context of this job.

Why should we give you a chance in such a case? vii) What are your role model’s weaknesses? viii) How can you help him overcoming his weaknesses? What challenges do you forsee as a manager in the future? What do you think is the philosophy of our company? . vi) We are looking out for a person having the X characteristics. but you don’t seem to have them as you are in the process of building the same within you.EXPECTED QUESTIONS FOR THE INTERVIEWS iii) Why do you feel that these characteristics are important for you? iv) What efforts have you taken to inherit these characteristics? v) In what way shall these characteristics be of use to you in MBA.

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