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The Methodist Messenger

First United Methodist Church

Edinburg Texas
August 2010

Vacation Bible School 2010

What a wonderful week we had in “Egypt.” Each year, we travel back in time
to a place in the Bible and have wonderful adventures while learning valuable
lessons about God‟s love. This year was no exception! Children (and volun-
teers) learned that because of God‟s awesome love, we have hope, special gifts
to share, wisdom, forgiveness and the love of family. All the while, the children
learned that while many ancient Egyptians worshipped many false gods, there is
really ONE TRUE God. We don‟t have to do special rituals or have special of-
ferings to keep Him happy. We only have to love Him & love others the way
He loves us. The giving comes natural as one of the many ways we show our
love and gratefulness.

God‟s love was shining through each of our volun-

teers during the week. And I am eternally grateful to
each person who committed their valuable time and
their hearts to being here each night to teach the children in our community. I know
it is a valuable tool in reaching out and it works.

We had originally set a goal of reaching 50 young lives and welcomed 60 through
our doors. This is a wonderful thing! We‟d really to be able to set our goal a little
higher for next year as we, sadly, had to turn children away this year. We simply did
not have enough supplies for more than 60 kids. Our goals and supplies purchases
were set at this amount early on in the year based upon how hard it is to get volun-
teers each year. Next summer I‟d like to reach 75 kids. With just 5 more volunteers
for each night, I think we could pull this off. Won‟t you consider making that com-
mitment to God and to this community?
Finance Class
If you have not already done so, make plans to attend an important informa-
tional seminar on September 12.

“Putting Your House In Order” is a two-hour workshop that is designed to

help us address important questions such as who will care for my children if I die?
How will I divide my assets? Do I wish to be kept alive through artificial means?
What should take place at my funeral service? Who will keep a record of all my important papers and wishes?
Samples of living wills and other important documents will be discussed. A 33-page workbook [cost $10] is
included to aid in making important decisions.
All age groups can benefit from this thought-provoking class. Childcare will be provided. Call Josh at
381-9806 to register.

A Message about Your Church’s Endowment Fund

Investment assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual
funds make excellent sources of gifts to our church’s endow-
ment fund. If they are transferred directly to the church,
taxes on capital gains may be avoided. Consider giving ap-
preciated securities which are paying minimal dividends and
which you may not want to sell due to the capital gains conse-
By making a gift of securities that have increased in
value and have been held more than twelve months, you are
entitled to a federal income tax deduction based on the full
fair market value of the securities. Since this is a gift of shares and not a sale, you do not have to pay
capital gains tax on any increase in the value of the stock.
Are you wondering how to make a gift of securities to the First United Methodist Church Endow-
ment Fund? Contact Susan Wiesehan or Jackie Billings for information.

Blue Jean Sunday Back Pack Sunday
Plan to wear your blue jeans to All students are invited to
worship on Sunday, August 29. bring their school backpacks
On that day you are also asked to church on Sunday, August
to bring a pair of new jeans or 22nd. We will bless your ma-
new school uniform pants for terials and bless you as you
a needy school-aged child. All begin to start the school year.
sizes are welcome. The new
jeans and uniform pants will Members are invited to bring school supplies to
be distributed to needy school church on Back Pack Sunday; we will donate
children through the Rainbow Room. those supplies to needy children.
Mission Service Project 2010

This past June (from Saturday, 6/12/2010, to Saturday, 6/19/2010), four high schoolers
and two adult sponsors participated in Mission Service Project. The high school students were
Joseph Henderson, Doris and Gary Tolar, and Amanda Wilke. The adults were Ronny Villar-
real and Marivic Tolar.
Mission Service Project is a community service project created in 1981 as a home re-
pair service by the First United Methodist Church of Mission and has since expanded, enlist-
ing the efforts of churches from different parts of the county. In the almost thirty years since
its founding, MSP has worked on thousands of homes and has been the recipient of several honors.
This year the work team representing FUMC Edinburg was assigned to work on the home of an elderly
lady whose house was in need several major repairs, including (but not limited to) replacing rotten siding, re-
pairing or replacing broken windows, hanging a new door, and repairing the floor structure. The work team
was able to replace much of the dry rot exterior siding and (with the help of another team) hang a new metal
door. However, as they did not have the expertise to repair the damage to the home's sunken floors nor time to
repaint the house, these tasks were left to experts and future work teams. Nonetheless, the new siding covered
previously exposed areas from which the resident, Mrs. Barrera, said rain leaked through.
Ms. Barrera, who lives alone and whose children are grown, was very grateful for the work done on
her house. She was presented with a bible and cross from MSP during the house blessing. She kissed the
cross, expressing that she was sure that this event was one from God. However, if this is so, then all acts of
kindness are godsends.
The work team would like to thank FUMC Edinburg for supporting the mission team. Proceeds from
the annual Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Bread sale completely funded our portion of the project. Also, the
visits in the afternoon from folks bearing fresh chilled fruit, popsicles, and drinks were greatly appreciated and
provided a needed break from the relentless sun and RGV heat!
We‟re looking forward to serving God and this church next year in another MSP or other mission
See you in the Pumpkin Patch this October!!!

Senior High Quest Camp

Beginning on July 18, 2010, eight senior high youth members from Edinburg FUMC had the privilege
of returning to Mount Wesley in Kerrville TX for a five day summer camp called Quest Camp. There were
about 250 senior high youth from all over the Southwest Texas Conference that attended the camp, including
our eight, who were Evan Brough, Kathryn Brough, Courtney Hiser, Madison Hiser, Nicole Wilke, Amanda
Wilke, Tyler Murray, and Joseph Henderson.
Our week was filled with individual devotions, group worships, activities and games, meeting many
new friends, and overall drawing closer to God. We were each placed in small groups with youth from all over
the conference and leaders who were committed to help guide us in our „quest‟ to grow in our faith. Through-
out the week each small group participated in activities to learn more about God through communion, baptism,
and worship. We each created new friendships through our small groups that will continuously support our
desire to know God more.
It is safe to say that each of us came away from camp with renewed relationships with our God and a
new look on life. Without the support from our church, this experience would not have been possible for us, so
we thank you for your service to our church and activities such as the Pumpkin Patch. Your time and contribu-
tions to our youth group helps raise money for us to be a part of amazing experiences such as Quest Camp. We
are grateful for the doors you have helped open for us and thank you for helping us become the people we are
- Nicole Wilke
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OCTOBER 2, 2010

7:30 A.M.--12:00 NOON

Start saving your "stuff" for our Fall Rummage Sale. You can bring items to the church starting Sept. 26 through Sept
29 from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

We will be sorting, arranging and pricing items from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon on Sept. 27 through Oct. 1.

Much help is needed during the work days and especially the day of the sale. We will have a sign up sheet posted in
the front of the sanctuary beginning Sept. 13, so please sign up!

We need you!

For more information contact Alice Hury at 457-4670.


Working Appliances Gently Used Bedding Electronic Equipment Towels & Curtains

Gently Used Clothing & Dishes, Pots, & Pans Shoes Knick-Knacks

Furniture in Good Condition Tools of All Kinds (this is our best seller) Kids' Toys & Bicycles