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Springs Union Free School District

Request For Proposals

Interested bidders may submit written bids to the District Clerk, Frances Silipo, at Springs
UFSD, 48 School Street, East Hampton, NY 11937, or by email to

A non-collusion bid certificate shall accompany bids. The Board of Education reserves the right
to reject any and all bids received and to waive any informality in bids received and to accept
that bid, which in its judgment best serves the interests of the district. The Board of Education
may investigate each bidder as it deems necessary to determine the ability of the bidder to
perform the work. The bidder shall furnish to the Board all such information and data as the
Board may request. The Board reserves the right to reject any bidder if the Board deems the
bidder is not properly qualified to carry out the obligation of the contract.

Interested bidders need to submit a bid submission form indicating the annual cost for the work.
Only bidders submitting said form will be considered.

Bids will be accepted until the opening date of February 4, 2011 at 10:30 a.m.

The bid will cover landscape maintenance for a three-year period commencing April 1, 2011,
and ending March 31, 2014.

Landscaping maintenance work is to be completed as follows:

1. Complete mowing of grass on the grounds including, but not limited to, all ball fields,
lawns/fields behind, in front of, and along side of the school building, the courtyard inside
the building and tennis court areas, as well as the area surrounding the bus parking lot.
(Tennis court area to be cut until last day of school in June, and to resume on the first day of
September.) Check to see what Town has responsibility to mow during summer.
2. Mowing to begin the first week of April and to end on the last week in October.
3. Mowing will be done a minimum of once a week or as needed in order to maintain neat
appearance and playable fields. All mowing must be completed the same day. No spot
mowing. If contractor does not think the grass needs mowing on a certain week, he must
obtain the approval of the head custodian1. Monthly weeding of the flower/bush beds.
4. Complete edging of all school property including tennis court area, bush beds, flower beds,
walkways surrounding building and blacktop. Said edging shall take place twice per year as
follows: a) during the month of May; b) one to two weeks prior to school opening in
September (school will normally open on the Tuesday after Labor Day).
5. Complete trimming and weed whacking of grounds, including walkways, buildings,
blacktop, and tennis court area. Said work shall be done on a monthly basis, April through
Throughout this document, if the head custodian is unavailable, the following individuals
should be consulted, in the order stated: principal, district treasurer, superintendent.
6. No use of gas-powered engines within a distance of 50 feet of the school building when in
school is session.
7. Pruning/trimming of bushes and trees on school grounds. Pruning/trimming above the height
of 25 feet is not expected. Pruning shall be done annually during the month before Labor
8. Fall cleanup shall take place during Thanksgiving Recess or no later than December 15 and
shall be scheduled with the head custodian.
9. A school compost area may be used for grass, leaves and branches only. All other cleanup
debris must be removed from the property immediately.
10. After all types of landscaping work, the walkways, parking lots and curbing will be picked
up to maintain a clean appearance.
11. There will be NO use of pesticides or chemical applications on school property.
12. The payment schedule will be invoiced on a monthly basis at the rate of 1/12 of the annual
13. Spring cleanup, i.e., raking of leaves and debris, to occur during the Spring Recess or no later
than the second weekend in April.
14. Before signing a contract, contractor will walk entire area of proposed work with head
custodian so that there is a clear understanding of the Board’s expectations.
15. Landscape contractor to obtain and coordinate inspections and signoffs by head custodian for
work performed on each visit upon completion. A form will be developed for this purpose.
16. The landscape contractor will be required to submit certificates of insurance to the Springs
Union Free School District for both workman's compensation (statutory limits) and
comprehensive general liability ($1,000,000 and single limit ad $2,000,000 aggregate limit),
extended liability umbrella in the amount of $1,000,000. Also required will be an
indemnification agreement or hold harmless clause insured by contract liability for
indemnification of the District.
17. The party who is awarded said contract must provide a Certificate of Insurance for
commercial general liability naming Springs School as an additional insured. If successful
bidder employs others, workman's compensation insurance policies must be in full force and
effect (necessary?)
18. Failure to adhere to and comply with the terms of this bid award will be cause for
cancellation upon five (5) days written notice by the District to the contractor. Said notice
shall be given by certified mail. In that event and upon re-bidding and negotiation of a new
contract for grounds maintenance the original contractor will indemnify the Springs Union
Free School District harmless of any costs incurred thereby. The costs associated with re-
bidding may be deducted from any outstanding invoices from the contractor. Additionally, if
the successful bidder fails to comply with item #8 of the above, the district has the right to
hire another contractor to complete this work and to bill the contractor whose failure created
the need for the district to engage another contractor.