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Production Design

Production sets = A set is a place with an artificial nature that creates the illusion
of a real or imagined place. In filmmaking there are many reasons to build or use a
set instead of traveling to a real location. Factors such as Budget, time, the need
to control the environment, or the fact that the place does not exist can be
reasons to film on a set. Sets are normally constructed on a film studio backlot or
sound stage, but any place that has been modified to give the feel of another
place is a set.

A floorplan is simply an overhead or bird eye's view of the location. Although some
locations do not lend themselves to working with a floorplan, most do. The
floorplan helps us to "choreograph" a scene before rendering it with a camera. A
floorplan is a ceiling viewpoint of the space in which we shoot our scene. On a
floorplan we show the character's movements and the camera angles necessary
to cover the scene properly.

Prosthetics is a type of make-up used in productions. Prosthetic makeup is the

process of using prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques to create
advanced cosmetic effects. Prosthetic makeup was revolutionized by Dick Smith in
such films as Little Big Man.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the notable example of prosthetic make-
up. This movie even got an OSCAR for the make-up. Prosthetic is a special effects

Storyboarding is one of the ways in which directors prepare for a production.

Storyboarding is also known as continuity sketching. The detailed use of
storyboards, or continuity sketches, as they were originally called, began at Walt
Disney Studios as early as 1927, in the creation of animated films.

Disguising some person into someone else as required by the script or story is
known as a get-up.

Puffing on face is done to eliminate oily substances that appear visibly on a

camera. With the use of puffing, we can hide oily skins under dry substance. Once
a heavy make-up is done and characters start shooting, there is not much time to
apply new make-ups again n again since it takes up too much of our time so light
puffing is applied on face and neck.

Staging makes physical what is internal. The most obvious job of staging is that it
accomplishes the functional and obligatory physical deeds of a scene. In other
words, staging renders the action.
A wardrobe (sometimes called an "armoire" the french word) is a standing closet
used for storing clothes. wardrobes - Cardboard closets, dust proof, in which
clothing hangs as in a closet.

Set Types = Theatrical sets, Television sets and Film production sets.

Recce (pronounced "recky") is a military term that has been borrowed by media
production in the United Kingdom, derived from "reconnoiter" (the verb form of
"reconnaissance"). It is a pre-filming visit to a location to work out its suitability for
shooting, including access to necessary facilities and assessment of any potential
lighting or sound issues. The term 'recce' is also used in radio and television
production. Other examples of later media borrowing from film includes wildtrack
which, in film production, was sound recorded without pictures for use in post-
production later. Recce = Prefilming visit to a shoot-location. Outdoor Recce =
Prefilming visit to an outdoor shoot-location. Sometimes there are more than one
places to shoot, we choose the one that is most suitable and easy for us. If we can
shoot our scene in a simple outdoor location, we needn't add expensive props in
there. It won't add more beauty to the scene but exceed the budget. Attention
should be given to content and story-telling not to the quantities of props and
expensives used.

Stage-Wings may be used by theatre personnel working on the particular

performance as well as a space for storage of scenery and theatrical properties.