2011 Horoscope Forecast

Libra the Scales in 2011
diplomacy ± and determination!
Happy New Year, Libra! You're one of the signs in the spotlight this year, but given the natural diplomacy and carefulness you have in you, we should see you gliding effortlessly through the months ahead. Saturn has been holding court in your sign since last year. This bossy planet wants you to grow up and face any difficulties with a strong will to resolve them. Saturn exalted in Libra will certainly make you a better person. It will help you make decisions more carefully, and sometimes will push you to make the right ones right away. Saturn's visit brings a certain hardship to life, but that's not necessarily scary. The important thing is that you don't surrender to your hypersensitivity²and remember that not everyone is out to get you! Don't allow yourself to get hurt or upset easily; most of those feelings are due to Saturn's cold presence. This visit will certainly bring maturity to a good number of you, but it may temporarily darken your outlook on life. Another aspect to Saturn's influence is that it could make you unusually stubborn, or even emotionally cold. So be careful not to ruin the good moments of this year by being intolerant, or suspicious. All right, let's take a look the positions of the other planets. In 2011, Jupiter will visit Aries for nearly six months, between January 22 and June 4. Aries is the sign facing yours in the Zodiac, making those six months a good time to get married and/or start a business. If you are willing to commit to your other half, then this an excellent period to propose, plan or prepare for marriage and finally enter a new stage of your life. Some Librans may get engaged as a first step, or hear a surprising proposal from the other person. As for business, the first six months of 2011 are very encouraging. Entering a partnership, especially for trade, promises swift profits. An unlucky few will enter the courtroom to resolve disputes legally, which will lead to a divorce, breakup, or an end to a business contract. If you're too young or inexperienced for marriage or business, 2011 will escort you through some tough times that will change your personality. A powerful authority figure in your forecast will cause you stress, but what does not kill you makes you stronger, right? See this as a learning period. Obstructive Pluto in your domestic sector is squaring stern Saturn in your sign, which signifies arguments and disagreements at home. As a Cardinal sign, you demand the upper hand in everything, claiming the right to command and direct the people around you. You're either at the top of the matter, or out of it, but with Pluto squaring your sign, you will have to share responsibility, learn to co-operate and listen to other people's demands and requests, especially where your family or loved ones are concerned.

Relationships: the Journey to the Heart

This is a very good year for both love and money, Libra, if you know what to do and when to do it²and we have the feeling that you will. As we said earlier, fortunate Jupiter will visit your house of marriage and partnerships in 2011 for nearly six consecutive months, from January to June. Some of you will propose; others will receive a proposal (or more than one!) that may come as a total surprise! Lucky Librans will be approached by their dream companion, while others will get engaged, but since Saturn is retrograding in your sign you could refuse the proposal, finding the other person unsuitable, or not the one of your dreams. If so, don't be harsh²try to let them down nicely. Jupiter's dialogue with regard to your sign is talking about a great deal of money, coming from marriage or business partnerships. 2011 is a very good year, dear Libra, if you make the right choices! The way we see it, you're the best sign when it comes to making balanced decisions. If you are already married and passing through difficult times, Jupiter's journey could double the trouble, by adding new responsibilities or duties towards your spouse. So don't postpone making decisions like you always do, and don't let things find their own way to resolution, because most of these things will be waiting for you to make up your mind. March and April represent a turning point in your life; each one of you must find his or her direction. Another word of caution: don't try to overload your beloved with responsibilities or demands, as this is sure to create resentment.
Home and Family

Your home and family will have a strong effect on you this year, especially in January, when Mars and the Sun are passing through Capricorn, your fourth house of domestic conditions. January could very well be a stressful time for you. A verbal battle with someone at home could arise; indications are saying it is a man. Once again, you're required to submit to someone else's opinion against your will. And it could involve something that needs to be done. In April, Pluto will turn retrograde in your home sector, just when your marriage and partnership sector is visited by the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus! Could it be that someone at home is having a hard time accepting what you're about to do? Let them be, they'll get it with time. Be patient, because March and April are likely to be two irritating months. The rest of the year will be okay, with no major afflictions disturbing your home life, except maybe at the end of the year²but we will talk about that in due time.
Work and Health

2010 was very much the year of work for you, Libra. You simply had so much to do last year, and may even have become exhausted just trying to keep up with your daily tasks. Physically,

you probably had to deal with problems of overindulgence, and all of that was due to expansive Jupiter's stay in your sixth house of work and health. In 2011, your sixth house will be crossed by all the inner planets, starting 21st of February to the 21st of April. Hopefully, any physical problems from last year will finally come to an end during this period of time. However small surgical operations are possible, and to ensure their success you must not postpone them. Anticipate any physical illness by listening to your own body. Guard against any emotional setbacks, for 2011 is expected to be a tough year emotionally. You will be prone to emotional fatigue or even depression, for debilitating Saturn in your own sign will battle Jupiter in Aries (your house of partners and opponents) and Pluto in Capricorn (your domestic sector) during the first quarter of the year. If you feel in need of professional help, then go for it.
Career and Finances

For Librans on an upward career path, 2011 is a good year for you. Jupiter indicates success, promotion and money, especially with a partner, along with a chance of branching out into a new career or new line of business. You just have to work a little bit on it, or recognise the opportunity when it presents itself. Although some hitches or delays to your accomplishments may emerge (sometimes coming from you!), we're sure you will find success. From June until late September, ambitious Capricorn, your house of career, will be visited by several planets to boost your position in society and at work. These will push you up the ladder of success. First, communicative Mercury invokes talk and preparatory tasks, then the Sun and Venus shower success on your endeavours. The last planet to lend a hand is dynamic Mars, but this may also bring stress and arguments with it. Be careful as it generally takes 45 days for the Warrior Planet to march through a sign, but given the other aspects, you'll be okay.
Mercury the Messenger

Mercury moves into retrograde motion three times a year for about three weeks each time. This phase heralds a time of confusion and misunderstandings that can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for and didn't. When the retrograde phase occurs, watch out for such possibilities as well as putting off major decision-making or the signing of crucial documents and agreements. We tend to miss things while Mercury is in reverse motion and then have to come back and do them again. A process of review in the retrograde phase can efficiently show where problems might lie and help us with damage control or the mending of things. Double-check arrangements at these times! What you think you've said and what others have understood will often prove to be two different things.

The first retrograde phase will be in Aries between the 31st of March and the 23rd April, which could mean obstacles or delays to your plans. It will give you a second chance to think things through before committing to anything or signing contracts. Check and double-check what was said and what was actually done. This period is not recommended for signing a contract, so beware: what you've said and what has been understood could be two different things. The second retro phase will be from the 3rd to the 26th of August, occurring in your house of friendships. This one is not so serious, but you do need to watch what you say to your friends and associates. You might realize that you've unintentionally hurt a friend with something you've said, but fear not, the Zodiac will give you time to reconcile and make up for what was lost. You could also gain new friends or spend more time with your favourite group of people. Another interpretation is that there will be a delay regarding some earnings you have made, but no worries, you'll get them. The third time happens in Sagittarius, your communication sector. It is a time of confusion and unreliability. So don't make any decisions and don't allow any negative thoughts to invade your mind. Your car could break down during this phase (from the 23rd of November to the 13th of December). Watch out for car accidents and be cautious with phone deals and the like. When retrograde Mercury occurs in our third house we are urged to drive responsibly. If you are feeling tense, take time out for a hobby. Try meditating, walking by water or barefoot on the earth and grass.
Lunar Life with Lady Moon

Your Full Moon shines on the 18th of April. Unfortunately, you won't be feeling very happy on that day, thanks to the opposition not just of the Aries Sun and Libran Moon, but also of macho Mars in fiery Aries and stern Saturn in Libra. Any short cut designed to make things easier is likely to produce undesirable results. Don't waste time and energy in a futile attempt to get around the rules. The authority of others is onerous, and what's worse, you provoke a rebellious or resentful attitude if you try to impose your own authority on them. It's tough to put structure and purpose into projects, so tasks may be abandoned. Delay turns into cancellation, and anger thwarts maturity and experience. Dang! Take care, for the potential for accidents to your teeth or bones is high, and flare-ups of chronic ailments are indicated. With so many planets in your seventh house (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter) some of you will reach a decision to end your marriage. For other Librans, the same Full Moon will signal the near completion of your marital or business plans. Your New Moon however will happen under much better circumstances on the 27th of September. With dynamic Mars in friendly Leo and the powerful stellium of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn stimulating your own sign, this New Moon will charge you with positive energy. Get ready for a new start, because sound personal and business decisions are highly favoured around this date. A power play from a woman, or a struggle in the family is to be expected, but you should survive with flying colours!

Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon affect matters connected with home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children, and with the public at large. Both may affect your health. A partial solar eclipse will take place on the 4th of January this year. Eclipses are important landmarks in our lives and this one occurs in your fourth house of home, family and domestic conditions. Change is expected there, with a new beginning in the stars. Unfortunately, this eclipse will occur in a less than fortunate time for you. Take care of yourself physically and mentally. Stay away from domestic politics or arguments with family members. If disturbed or offended, step out of the scene gracefully, or at least try to. A second partial eclipse will occur at the cultured New Moon in Gemini on the 1st of June, and this one is more pleasant. It could push you to travel; as a matter of fact, it most probably will, and it will be followed by joyful times at home or abroad. The trip could be for business or pleasure and some of you will make a decision to travel overseas for post-graduate studies. It is followed by a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 15th of June, when relations with neighbours, siblings and educators could be a little out of joint. Emotional issues will surface that are likely to have poor communication at their base and may involve money, or psychological motivations. It's not the time to make a phone deal, buy a computer or a new car. Avoid travel on this day. A third partial solar eclipse occurs on July 1st, at the New Moon in Cancer, your solar midheaven. It will motivate you and boost your morale. Something beneficial to you could come out of it, like a reward, a promotion or a bonus. If that doesn't happen, and you feel pulled in different directions between career and home don't worry, it is a temporary situation that will go away soon.

A fourth partial solar eclipse on the 25th November, associated with a second total lunar eclipse on the 10th of December urge caution. These dates and the period between them are problematic for communication and travel, because you're one of the most affected of all signs by these two eclipses. Misunderstandings abound. During this interval, Mercury will be retrograde, so be careful with sharp tools, fire and vehicular accidents. That's it for 2011 dear Libra; remember to follow our monthly forecasts throughout the year.

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Effects of Planets Sun in 7th house 7th house you may have to face difficulties in marriage and relationships. doing a partnership is not good for you. You May be insulted by women. You want a partner that you can be proud of. In some way your sense of pride is involved in the choosing of a marriage partner. There may be a wish to gain social prestige and to marry someone who can be admired and respected or someone who is higher on the social ladder.Your companion will be of a higher status family. Your partner must be one who encourages you to be your real self and one who wants you to fully develop your powers of inspiration, creativity and will. Your partner may be in a position of authority and this may help give you more confidence in yourself or more security within the framework of the

relationship.You may have to face defeat on some occasions.Will have to face humiliation. Body may be tormented by illhealth.Your work will require lot of travelling .If saturn is conjunct in the seventh house late marriage is expected .You may get wealth through female agency. Selfish pride and too much desire to have your own way may be the greatest challenges in your relationships.Your partner must be one who encourages you to be your real self and one who wants you to fully develop your powers of inspiration, creativity and will. Your partner may be in a position of authority and this may help give you more confidence in yourself or more security within the framework of the relationship. You may be challenged to display a greater degree of confidence and to exercise authority more effectively and with greater magnanimity. If your natal Sun is badly aspected, then the partners you attract may be egotistical, domineering, vain and ostentatious. If your natal Sun is well aspected, then partners are likely to be proud, firm-minded, selfconfident, ambitious, honorable, frank and generous. Selfish pride and too much desire to have your own way may be the greatest challenges in your relationships. Mercury in 8th house This benign position of Mercury makes one famous.You have talent for analysis, research, insight, tax preparation, insurance and perhaps detective work. You are a born investigator. Has a job with punitive powers. Will have a regal status. Will be a commander and will be the leader of one's community. Will be versatile with wealth and comforts. Will be regal in bearing and respected by many. Will have a long life .You w3ill be a proud owner of many lands. Venus in 9th house You are intrested in the psychic arts,are religious and a lover of fine arts.You probably have a love of travel and the ability to benefit from these travels. You may move far away from your place of birth.You may also settle in a forgien land and will adjust beautifuly with their culture. Beauty, art and music from foreign cultures appeals to you.You will be successful,generous and will have a comanding nature . sometimes you act Selfish which may creat diffrencesbetween your relations with others .There may be love of and attraction to religion or ceremony, philosophy, law or higher learning. You will have favour from the Government. Mars in 10th house You are very energetic person with a fighting spirit.You have an ambitious, enthusiastic nature with lots of energy. You have good executive ability and organizational powers. You want to lead and show the way, taking the initiative in your career.You are a pioneer. Success comes through your own enterprise. You are a Founder of institutions ,famous, self made man, clever, decisive and wealthy.You have the ability to generate profits.Will have good sons, fame & wealth. There may be some difficulty or friction with one of your parents or with superiors at work Jupiter in 10th house You will atain a high position in goverment or a multinatinoal organisation. You have a magnetic.You will be well off in life. Will be equivalent to a lord, will be famous with comforts, vehicles and children, will be virtuous, scholarly and fortunate.You have a good personality; Virtuous, learned, clever in acquisition of wealth, conveyances, children, determined, highly principled, accumulated wealth, founder of institutions, good agriculturist, non-violent, ambitious, scrupulous. You are steadfast in spritual or religious life;wise and happy.You may head research institutes ,academics and educational institutions. There is a strong sense of responsibility toward your career and toward personal achievement. You have the ability to get others to believe in your expansion-oriented, long-range plans, dreams and visions. Saturn in 8th house You have an charismatic personality and attract people towards yourself.You are a smooth talker and can impress others. You are a hard worker who is

patient and thrifty. You have the capacity for self-discipline and this strong discipline can cause you to deny yourself a social and/or sexual life in your quest for financial security. Transform this desire into seeking soul growth through understanding and wisdom, which can perhaps best be obtained through relating to others in partnership relationships. You may have problems related to health such as colic pains, defect in sight asthma,food poisoning etc. You may have problem in having children or there will be controversies & dissagrements with your childrens.You are advised to keep your language in check .You may have to face litigations ,obstructions and problems may be experienced with inheritances,a deep sense of hurt from the past may also be felt.Try to cooperate with your relatives. Moon in 3rd house You will be fickle minded and will not stick to one work.Changes in occupation are indicated . You possess intellectual curiosity and may well express your true feelings through speech, poetry or writing. Intellectualizing your feelings is probable. There is a strong need for communication and for gathering information, which is later shared with people in general or women in particular. You have a fine sense of humor and like to joke and play around. You will be famous,educated,intelligent,mild, lean,miserly and fond of traveling. Travel appeals to you because it affords new opportunities for learning. Routine of any kind probably bores you and you are constantly looking for variety. Your ideas change at a moment's notice and you are forever flexible and adaptable to any situation.You will have many siblings. You are soft spoken . Uranus in 9th house Your thinking, ideas and philosophies are original, offbeat, independent and unorthodox. There may be a desire to study metaphysics or a fringe religion or foreign culture. Sudden and unexpected long journeys are possible. Mental journeys in the form of dreams, visions, intuition and prophecies are possible. Your mind ever seeks to expand, gain knowledge and journey where it has never gone before. Too much mental activity, though, can cause nervousness and perhaps lead to a mental breakdown. Neptune in 10th house Strange and confusing things can happen with respect to your career and your drive to be successful within it. Strong idealism attends this position so keep your eyes open with your feet on the ground. Your career may involve something artistic, inspirational, humanitarian, dramatic, promotional or psychic. The theater, chemistry, psychic activities, photography or dealings with drugs are possible career outlets. Your public image may have its ups and downs due to forces beyond your control. A feeling of rejection by one or both parents is possible. Pluto in 8th house You possess strong intuition and good business sense. You have an analytical mind, with courage, fortitude and an interest in the metaphysical world. You may have clairvoyant abilities. There is a possibility of an inheritance. There may be concern or difficulty over money through marriage or through a business partner. There can be financial upheavals and transformation may come through this means. You search for the meaning to life and may develop a fascination or interest in death and the afterlife. You want to know how the Universe ticks. This position develops insight, self-awareness, independence and regeneration. Any tendency to dominate, control, or possess others must be dealt with in a positive manner. A strong desire nature will need to be overcome if regeneration is to occur. their Positive and Negative, Good & Bad effects on various aspects of your life. Your Ascendant is PISCES

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