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LLC 1 .CCIE Voice .Topology.0 Table of Contents Hardware Specification Generic Devices Specific Devices External Core Devices 2 2 2 3 Physical Interface Connections Frame Relay Switch Configuration 4 4 IEWB-SP Physical Interface Connections Physical Cabling Connections 6 7 Copyright ©2009 Graded Labs. Version 1.

15 4. 11. 12. 01) and replace Y with your one-digit rack number (e. Base port numbers are used to allocate ports in a shared Catalyst 6500 switch. 14 3. Version 1. 8. 9.g. 6. and VV being the first allocated port in the 6608 voice card SW1 (6500) Base Ports Rack Number (YY) 1. with NN being the first allocated port in the Ethernet switch-port card. 16 Ethernet Base Port (NN) 1 13 25 37 Voice Card Base Port (VV) 1 3 5 7 Copyright ©2009 Graded Labs.CCIE Voice .Topology. 5.0 In the tables below replace YY with your two-digit rack number (e. 13 2. 7. 10. LLC 2 .g. 1).

YY1.1.CCIE Voice .0/24 177.3.Topology.YY2.0/24 177.1.YY2.YY1.0/24 177.YY0.0/24 BR2 Subnet N/A 177.0/24 Copyright ©2009 Graded Labs.YY2.1.0/24 BR1 Subnet N/A 177. Version 1.YY1.0 VLANs and IP Subnets VLAN Name Server Voice Data VLAN # YY0 YY1 YY2 HQ Subnet 177.2. LLC 3 .

0 Switch Port Allocation Device CCM_PUB CCM_SUB UNITY IP Phone 1 * IP Phone 2 * IP Phone 3 * R1 Fa0/0 HQ Site PC * VG248 IP Phone 1 * IP Phone 2 * ATA 186 BR1 Site PC * IP Phone 1 * IP Phone 2 * BR2 Site PC * R3 Fa0/0 IP Phone 1* Location HQ Site HQ Site HQ Site HQ Site HQ Site HQ Site HQ Site HQ Site HQ Site BR1 Site BR1 Site BR1 Site BR1 Site BR2 Site BR2 Site BR2 Site BR2 Site PSTN Port SW1 2/NN SW1 2/NN SW1 2/NN SW1 2/NN+1 SW1 2/NN+2 SW1 2/NN+3 SW1 2/NN+4 SW1 2/NN+5 SW1 2/48 R2 Fa0/1/0 R2 Fa0/1/1 R2 Fa0/1/2 R2 Fa0/1/3 SW2 0/1 SW2 0/2 SW2 0/4 SW2 0/24 PSTN Fa0/0 VLAN Server Server Server Voice+Data Voice+Data Voice+Data Trunk Voice Voice Trunk Trunk Voice Voice Voice+Data Voice+Data Voice Trunk Voice+Data Description CCM Publisher/IPCC CCM Subscriber Cisco Unity VM 7960 Phone 7960 Phone 7960 Phone HQ Router (R1) PC for Softphones Shared VG248 7960 Phone 7960 Phone ATA 186 PC for Softphones 7960 Phone 7960 Phone PC for Softphones BR2 Router (R3) 7960 Phone * Note that the table shows both softphones and Cisco 7960 IP phones. LLC 4 .CCIE Voice . Version 1. Copyright ©2009 Graded Labs. As stated earlier the lab can be completed using either softphones.Topology. Cisco 7960 IP phones or a combination of both.

Version 1.Topology.0 ISDN Digital Gateways Name GW_HQ GW_BR1 GW_BR2 Port SW1 3/VV R2 T1 0/0/0 R3 E1 1/0 Type T1 PRI T1 PRI E1 PRI ISDN Line Settings Time-slots Switch NI2 NI2 NET5 8BZS/ESF 8BZS/ESF HDB3/CRC4 1-3 1-3 1-3 DID Digits 10 10 8 DSP Resources Location HQ BR1 BR2 Conference SW1 3/VV+1 R2 NM-HDV2 R3 NM-HDV Transcode R1 NM-HDV2 R2 NM-HDV2 R3 NM-HDV Copyright ©2009 Graded Labs. LLC 5 .CCIE Voice .

LLC 6 .0 Copyright ©2009 Graded Labs. Version 1.CCIE Voice .Topology.

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