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IRS e-file Signature Authorization oma s:8cer ton 8879-EO for an Exempt Organization Bee a Pui eeeese | «2018 aomes ee ge MATIONRL UHR AND POLICY coNTER seotsonee Heme anata officer PETER T, FLAHERTY CHAIRMAN [Part] Type of Return and Return Information (whale Setar Om ‘Check the box forthe etn for which you ar using this Form 88750 and ater the appleable amit, Fans, kom fe eka. you Grech tho box ‘on lin ta, 2a, 334, Be below, andthe amount on tha nao the rlum beg fed wt this form was lan, than seve ie 1, 25,9, 4b, or 8, ‘whichever is Sppiate, Dink (Go na enter 0), But, yeu enteradO-cn tha etuen then anter-0-cn the appcabl ne balow. Do not compete more than one tine Part 1a Formss0 chock hare PeLE]_ b Totatrovenue, ten (Fm e80, Par Vl, column (i= 12), 2a Fomss0€2checkhere PL] b Total revenue, if any (Form 96022, Ine 8) Sa Form 112001 check here be_[—] — b Total tax Form 1120FOL, ine 22) 4a Formee0PF checkhere pL) b Tax based on investment income (Form 980-F, Part V1, ine 5) For 8863 chock nao. b Balance Dus Form 8888, ne 3) 2,550,210 eeeee [ParIT]|Deciaration and Signature Authorization of Officer ‘Under penaoe of perry, | coclar that | am an ofr ofthe above organization a that have warned copy ol the organization's 2078 ‘electron rium and aocompanying echedues and statements and to fe bos of ry knowledge end bal! thay are tr, corec, and compte | furse declare that tho amour n Par | above [she amount showin cr he copy ef te organizations olan atu. consent to alow intermediate srice provcer, tenet, or slootenc retum cresnator (ERO) to cond the organization rotrn tote IFS an to racove fom hv IAS. {@)an ecknonacgerant of reoniptorranson far raecon of the transrssion (3) the ressan for sy aay in procesclng the etm rea, ane) the dats of any rotund. applcabe, | autherae the US. Treasury’ anal colgnetec Financial Agar to ato an elocon funds withcrawal aract Gobi entry tothe Fnancilttton acceunt dicated in the tex proparation sofware for payrnent ofthe organization's fadoraltxos owed an tis Fetur, and ta nancial tation to dat the ery the soaour, To rovoka' payment, must contac: the U.S. Treasury Fnancel Ager at "380604557 no lle than 2 bushes cae pri othe paymant eotiomort cata. |i autnorza the thoncialinstutlons rwol/e3 the proceasing of the elctcnie payment of taxes fo racsive contdantalnformlion neceseery to answer ngues and resoWe ssues lated tothe peyment. have selectec a pasonat donieaton number (PIN) as my signature for he organization's elacvont return an, Wapleab, he xganzaions onsen to elotoni tnd withorawal Officers PIN: chesk one box only (authorize THOMPSON _GREENSPON. toenter my PINT 50028, EO mame bas but ery sonatue onthe orceization’s tax yer 2038 electronical la return. favs inceated within tis elu that copy ofthe etm 'Sbaing fod with a state agency(os) equating chavs 9 part of the IRS Fec/Stets program | also autharize the eforsmenttoned ERO o ‘enlor my PIN onthe rena’ ceciosure concent coron, as an otficer ofthe organization, | wil enter my PIN a= my signature on the cxgenization’s tax yaar 2018 elactronicaly fled return. i have ‘alates win thi etn that a copy ofthe atu is borg Hed wth a state egencyles)regating chiles as pat o the RS FedState rogram, Il ertar my PIN on the ralum’s dlelosure conesat cers. oer’ sontce De Date [Parti “‘Cenification and Authentication ERO’ EFIN/PIN, Enter your sleight elacronle fing ietioation ‘number (EFIN} flowed by your tivedigt seltsslected PIN. rater a aos | comity thatthe ove numa entry is my PIN, which fs my signature on the 2018 elocrorically fled etun forthe organization inccated ov, | ‘or Gal | am auomiting hig glum n aocoreance wen the oquiemente of Pub, 4163, Modomized la MF information for Author IAS —— <> “EM FRO Sgr fain This Form - See Instructions Do Not Submit rm to the IRS Unless Requested To Do So ‘TH Fer Paperwork Reaction Act Notice, see Inetruations; Fem BBTO-EO (aie) 08211105 701392 AH50028 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 15, 2019 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax | “aS — som 99D- nas atur of Organization Exempt From Income Tax. 5A 7 For to ADT oolnde” your ar ac year boginning ‘endending 8 arg, [Osa of comiaten 1 EmplayrWoriicnbon nor eet | NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER (ERS | oing buns as aeeeeo188 (E3RE” | Name nc suet or. bon Talis a daimed w a aires) Room [ETaoprone nonbor (ms, [107 PARK WASHINGTON COURT (703) 237-1970 yor own, ste x prove, cou, sn ZP or logn pana 0OGe a earaaet “306,116 FALLS CHURCH, VA 22046 HO ie «gn F Name and adaress of principal offcecPETER T. FLAHERTY for subordinates? CJves CX] No SANE AS C ABOVE rmsevesacr ver L]No Tarorenet tue (X) 1G) Jag, 1 Geatve) Leora attach it (up nstucton) ‘JWebste: > WAW.NLPC. ORG ic form of organo EI Cerporaion [—[Trest LJ Assoemion [Tota He) Group sxemtion number [e Year et formation: 1.9.9 1] ma State ot egal domicie: D [Parti] Summary | 1. Brefy cescrbe the garizalors iscon or mow sgnicen aclvioa: TO EDUCATE THE GENERAL PUBLIC 8| | DHROUGH RESEARCH, DOCUMENTATION, AND THE DISSEMINATION OF E| 2 Gheck his bax P [ifthe oranzaton ascarid te eporations or ceposed of more tn 26% of ie nt apes §| 9. Nunterct ving monbars te govering boy Pat, ote 3 5 | 4 sumber o ndeperdont vais membar fhe governing body (Pa Vi nw 8) * t B] 5 Tealnunberctindune smplyed inci yor 2018 Pa 92) s 6 8] © Tota number ofvounteers festnete if nocessary} ° 4 | 79 Tota ulated txsinassrevanva rom Par Vil conn 0), ine 2 ra o. Net uneted bsineas tabla came tam Form 9907, ne 98 7 o. Price Yaar Cument Year | & Contutors ane grants art i to th 1,845,153, 1, 527, 562. £| © Program seni venue Par Ws no 25) 5 7 o. E | 10 nvstmant come Parl, column nes 4 FF Iz,1a2, 1,347. J +1. conerreveruo Pa il column nes 5,80, 86, 96, 108,4ne 16) Wr o0T sor. 12 Tota revenue acl ines though 11 must equal Par Volum ne 12 T357,295.| 2,550,210. 18. Grats and smile amounts pais Part coume (fs 1-3 0, o: 14 Bente pai to a for mambe (act eek (9 4) o, oO: | 18. Ssote, cher ompensaten ployee benote Pat col fines 10) 580,002, TTT, 675. £ | 100 Protesenal nding foe Pat, cir (ne 76). a, oO. 8) 5 Tota tncreising exoonee (Par, colama ©), Ine25) 364, FAR. S| 47” oterexoensee Pat ookimn I nos 18.1%, 172%) [449820768093 48 Total ecaenses. Aad ines 1917 must equal Part IX, ecu (ne 26) 1, 329,022,| 1,539,768. $0 Revenue ss expenses, Susract ng 9 orn 12 1473, 1,010, 442. a aging ef arent Veut| End of Year ‘B20 Total ascot Partie 16) 1,214,789. 2,344, f=| 21 Total kabilti (Part X, line 26) 39,3505) a1 F957 BE] 22 Net exseis ord balances, Subtract ine 21 from in 20 215,399.) 2,103,019. | [Parti [Signature Block Sign Here peor areas Te Praype prepares ane Frasers sea a Pr pié ANDREW HENDERSON 01280212 Prapuer [Femsrana yp THOMPSON GREENSPON uve ny [Frnseccrsy £035 RIDGE TOP RD, SUITE 700] FAIRFAX, VA 22030 Prowno.(703) 385-8868 he RS discuss he rlwn with he prenarsr shown above? (soe hatructions) LAA For Paperwrk Reduction Act Notice, so0 the separate instructions, i Ti yes LT The Form 990 ote) SEE SCHEDULE O FOR ORGANIZATION MISSION STATEMENT CONTINUATION Foam 990 2018) NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER s#-4*40188 page? Part Il] Statement of Program Service Accomplishments ‘Check it Sorecive 0 cortane a reeponge er note oan ine in tle Pat oO 7 BRBTy describe the organization's scion 70 EDUCATE THE GENERAL PUBLIC THROUGH RESEARCH, DOCUMENTATION, AND THE DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION ON NONPARTISAN ISSURS RELATING PRIMARILY TO ETHICS AND ACCOUNTABILITY, INCLUDING THE CODE OF BTHICS FOR GOVERNMENT SERVICES. 2 Did the orgeizstion undertake any signifloant program sen during th year which were not lated onthe prior Form 980 or 980.2? Clyes CXINe 1 "Yee," deccibe these new services on Schedule O, 9 Dic the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes in how it conducts, any program services? (Wes FEI No: I1-Y06,"aescrbo these changos on Schedule ©, 44 Desc the organization's program serie accomplishments fr ch of theo largest program series, as measured by expenses. ‘Section £01(6(8) and 501(34)cxganztions ae requis to repent the amount of ants and alccatons to others, the tla expenees, and revenue il any for ea program sa ae fee 1 Fone Ts renee mea V fee CORPORATS INTEORITY PROJECT, THIS PROJECT PROMOTES INTEGRITY IN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, INCLUDING HONESTY AND FAIR PLAY IN RELATIONSHIPS WITH SHAREHOLDERS, EMPLOVESS, BUSINESS PARTNERS AND CUSTOMERS. TRE CENTER EXPOSES AND PUBLICIZES THE INFLUENCE OF CORRUPT CORPORATE EXECUTIVES ON PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND THE POLITICAL SYSTEM. ow Treo TOE TET. vlayomeas Y femwes 5 ORGENTZED LABOR ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT, THIS PROJECT FOCUSES ON THE ACCOUNTABILITY OF LABOR UNIONS AND THEIR CORRUPTING INFLUENCE ON GOVERNMENT OFFICTALS. THE CENTER INVESTIGATES AND EXPOSES TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC THE POLITICAL ABUSES OF THE LABOR UNIONS AND THE UNETHICAL AND CRINTNAL BEFAVIOR OF LABOR UNION LEADERS. 40 (on Viaoonar BOT 102, wacim pres ) fremont GOVERNMENT INTEGRITY PROJECT. THIS PROJECT FOCUSES ON THE ACCOUNTABILITY AND ETHICS OF GOVERNMENT BURSAUCRACIES AND ENPLOYEES. THE CENTER INVESTIGATSS AND EXPOSES TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC UNETHICAL OR ILLEGAL PRACTICES OF GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, PUBLIC OFFICIALS, AND GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, AS WELL AS ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS THAT IMPACT THE GOVERNMENTAL PROCESS. “4a_ iver rogram seviows (Oesarbe h Schedui 0) (somos resto penatt aes » do Total program aontoe xpenees 385,845. Foam 900 eo78) esse 189598 i 08211105 701392 AH50028 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 Fem 990 2015, NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER s#-***0168 paged [Part iv] cheoxilst of Required Schedules Yes [No 1. Is tho organization deserved in section 6018) or 4947{aK oer than a private foundation? 18 °¥es." compete Schedule A ix 2 Is the erganization required to comesste Schedule 8, Schodule of Contibutor? 2[x id he crganizatlon engage in dsc cr indect poltcal carmpaln actiiies on bahal of on opposition to cancldats for publ ton? I es," compats Schedule C, Part 3 x 4 Section 5014245) organtzations. Cis the crgerinton ngega ln obbying acta, or havea eacton SOT alacion malt uring the tax your? Yes," compioto Schedule C, Part 4 x {Is the organization a ssction S01(o4), $01 (o,e S0(e)6) organization that recsives mamiberp Guss, assessments, oF simiar amounts as deed in Revenue Provadtre 08197 if "Yas comploto Sanecul C, Pat I 5 x 1& Cid the erganization maintain any donor advised funds or any eiiar unde or accounts for which donors have tha ight to rovde eves onthe datrouton or Invaetment ef aroun in euch fund or accounts? I "Yes," complete Scheatie D, Pat! |_6 x 7. Oi the organization receive arhold a consoration ossemant, ching ements to preserve open epece, ‘the environment, eter lane area, or tele structures? "Vos," complete Schedule D, Pat 2 x {8 Old the ergrization maintain colectlons of works of er, hletoral treasures, or ether sitar assets Yes, compote Schedule, Part i 3 x {9 Did the argarizatin ror an amu in Part X tina 21, or escrow or custodial eccount lity, sve oe a custodion for ‘anounts a! ted h Part X or provide crac counseling, debt management, ed repa,or debt nagoltion services? 1" ¥es," complete Schedule O, Pat V 4 2 x 10 Did he organization, drectly or through a lated cxgarizatio, hold assets temporary resicted endowments, porrasion exdowmants, ar quastencowments? I Yes," complete Sohedua Pat Vo 10 x 111 ie erganieatin’s answer o any ofthe flowing questiane is "Yas," then damplete Schedule 0, Pars Vi, i Vl, IK or 28 spptcable «is tho orgerzation report an mount fr land, bulcng, nd aqulpmantin Prt x, ne 107 -Yes,* complete Schedule D, Pant vt i sal X bb isthe organization report an amount forinvastment other secure Pat XI 12 thas 96 or mora of ts total ‘ssots reported in PartX, ine 162 "Yas," complare Seneca sm] |x isthe organization report an amount fr investments program relate in Pat ne 18 tht I 6% or more os tte scoot reported in Part X, io 167 "es," compete SchodleB, Pat Vl se] | x is the expiration report an amount fr atherasstsin Paix, ns 18 thts 5M or moro ots otal asses ported in Per X, ino 167 "Yee," compote Schedule D, Fat I, sa] x 1 Dic ho oerintion report an amount far other faba in Part X, Ine 269 I "Vas" comeiote Seed O, Par sto] & {lhe orgenition’ separate or consoled fancial tater forthe tex yaar elude footnote tat edceaaae the erganzstion’ lat for uncerain tax sotiers under FN 48 (ASC 740}? "Yee," complete Sched D, Pat X at | x +128 Did the ergniztion obtain separate, independent altos fhenci etatemant forte tax oar "Yes," compote Schedule O, Parts % end XI s20| & ‘Was the organlzationinckded in eonsldated, independent audited ancl statemonts for tho tax your? 10s. and if the organization answered ‘Noto fine 12, thn cemplating Safed D, Parts X and Xl is optional wo] |x 19. ste organization a schoo! descibad In section T7O{OYAK If "es," complete Schedule & 2 x ‘Wa Oc the igenizaton malntain an ofc, employees, or agonts ouside ofthe Urited Stats? 40 | 'b id the oganiaton have aggregate ravenuss or expenses of mere than $10,000 rom grentmaling, undrasing, cuscoss, ingostment, and pregram serlon acts ouside th United Stas, oF ogregste forelgninvstmants valu at $100,000 crmore? if "Ys," comple Schedule F, Parts and IV sw) | x 15 id the organization report on Par x colan f) ine 3, mare tan $5,000 of grants orator aesistance too or ay foreign orgarizaer? If "Yas "complete Schedule F, Parts and IY 45 x 46 Did the organization oper on Part column (ne 3, more than 85.000 of aggregate gents r ether asistencs to ‘or for foreign vidual? I "ee," completo Schedule F, Pars end 1V 6 x +17 Did ne organization pert total of mors than $15,000 of expenses or professional fundraising servos cn Part IX ‘column (8 tes 8 and 1187 "Yes, "complete Schedule G, Part 2 x 48 Di te orgenization roprt mere than $16,000 total of tuncralsing evant grass Income ane contibutons on Par vil nas +e and 8e? If Ys," compete Schade ©, Patt 0 x 19 Di the oianzaton report moro then 816.000 of gras naora from gating activites on ar Vil ine 937 "es,* ‘compete Schade G, Part 2 x 20a Did the organization eperate one armare hee ace’ If Vos," complete Schedle H 20 x bb tes tone 202, the excanzation attach a copy of is auld fancial statement otis ret? 206 21 Did the organization racer more than $5,000 of grants or cthereesistance to ary Comeste organization or domstle govammant on Part X colar line 17 "Yes, complete Scat | Pats rand i 21 x fae inane Form 80 (2018) 3 08211105 701392 aN50028 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 om 90020 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER Me-¥**0188 paged [PartIV[Checkit of Required Schedules (sontnuso) Yea] No id the organization port more then $5,000 of ants oer assistance to for emetic induiduals cr Part, column (ne 2? Hf "as," complete Schedule, Parts and I z| |x 2 ha argarizatlr answer "Yes tort Vl Section A, Se, 4 or about compensation a the ergeneation’s curent and former ofcars, decor, tustons, Key employaes, ane! highest compenssted employess? "Ys," complete Scheduled a |X ‘2¢a Dis th organization havo & axcexamp bond asus wth an outstanding principal amount of mere than $100,000 as ofthe last ony of tho yar, tat wes nsued tar December 1, 20027 Yos," answer des 246 thraugh 24d and campiste Schade K. Ne," go to fina 258 veal | x 1b Did the organization Invest any procascso!taxcexempt bone beyond temporary period exception? 2a © Oks the orgaizaton maintain an aserow account othe than a etunding escrow at any ta durng the yar to detesse any taxexempt Bones? 2c ls th erganzation act 2 an “on banat” ReUer Tor Sorde cuttancing at any tie curing the yaar? 248 25a Section 601(0H'), 5OW}{4h, ane 601(0( 29) oxganizatons, Di ths organization engage in an excess banett ‘rensacton with claqualfie oerson dng tha you If "os," complete Schedule, Part asa| | x by lethacrganzation aware that & engaged in an oxcees benefit ransacton witha elaqualifled porn ina pear yar, and ‘nat the tansacton has not been reperted on ony ofthe organization's peer Forme G00 er 9002? if "Yes," compote Schedule L, Par asp| | £20 Cicthecrsenzaionrepert any amount on Par X ne 6,6, ar 22 for reosvabls trom or paysbies to ry euont or formas olfests, rectors, tustess, key ployee, highest compensated employees, or dequaed persons? if Yes,” compete Schedule L, Patt oo |X 127 Dic theorgerzation provide a grantor ote assistance to an offcar, decir, Vuste, Kay employee, substartia controuice or employes thereof, = grant selection commites member, of 68 36% conta entity a feily member of any of tesa pereans?I"¥e,"comoleto Schedule L, Part! a x 28 Was to organizer gary tos busines trancectlon wit one of tha fellow partis (see Schedule Part IV Ingtetions for sppleatie ling thrashods, condor, and excoptions) 18 Acuient of former oer, erecta, rates, oF key empoyee? Yes, "camplate Schedule L, Part zea] | x A enly mombar of current or former fica, east, truston, or key emplyoo? IF "Y6," complete Schedule, Part V [aa [| ‘© Anentiy of when @ cuanto formar ocr, ckactox, nto, kay ompioyse (ra fam memibr thar) was an ocsr, ‘rector, ruetae, or cect arincrect ovine "Yes," cammpleto Schedule, Part IV, 20| | x 29 Di the ergeiztion aoove mere than $25,000 non-cash cantons? If Yes. compists Shs 2 x 80 Did the ergenizatin raeave contributions ofa storie! treasures, or other iar absats, cr qualiled consorvatin contibutione? If Yes, compote Sapecle bt 2. x 31 Did th ergniztin lauidate,teeinat, or decoWve and cease operate? 11s, compete Schedule N, Pa a x ‘isthe orgenzation eal exchange, clepoee af, or tense more than 2696 of ts net sesate? "Ys," compte Schoo, Peet I 2 x ‘isthe organization oom 100% ofan enty dlrogardas as coparata rom tho organization uncer Regustions sections 901.77012 end 901,770132 I Yee, ‘corepete Schedule R, Pat 1 2 x ‘84 Wes the organization sted to enytaxenemptor taxable entity? "Yea," compete Sched, Pat ih, or, and Part Vino 1 34 x ‘86a Od the organization Fave a contated entity within the mearing f section 120)? asa} |X bf -¥ee" tole 850 cid ergnizatin rosie any paymnt fom or engage in sry wansaction wih a contaled entity “within th aeaning of section 812%0K15)7 Yes," complete SchocleR, Pat ie 2 sp 96 Section 501(6}'3 organtzstons, Dis the cxganieaten make ary transfers to an exempt novcharabe rise orgaiztion? 15" compete Schedule R, Part, ine 2 Ea x ‘87D tho organization cancuct more than 596 of lis actos trough an atty tat snot a este orgaiztion and tats reat ae 2 parnaran for fecal come tax purposes? IF "es," complete Schedule Fi Part VI or x 98 Di tne organization complate SeneduleO and peovise axpanaton' in Schade Ofer Pat WI nes t1b and 197 Note. Fer S00 flee are requis 'o compere Schedule O x [Part V] Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance Check’ Schedule O centsna a response er note to any nein tis Part o Yes] No. ‘1 tar the number eported in 89x of Form 1006. Enter 0-inot applesbla 12 sf Enter the numberof Ferme W'2G included inno ta. Enter not appicable b 7 {Di the organization comply with beckup vithnalding rues for raparabie peymerts to venders and reporiabie Deng {camoting) winnings to prize winners? sel x Gare seat Form 90 (2018) 4 08211105 701392 aH50028 2018,05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 Fon 990 201 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER we-***0188 paged, [Part V]_ Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance (continued) Yer ne 20 Erect umber of enphyes rapt on Fo M3 arta Wage ee Tx Staton, fcr the cedar yer eng wih own tha yor covered ty tur 2 bata ereerepcriad an ne 2, te cgartzan tl equ ial ana x Not. ine uno es a and 2 gona ran 25, yu may ba equ oe 88 stein {8 ig the argeriaen have ured buat goes Inura of $1,000 mote tn te Jee? sol |x Yen ha tl aFom SOT tee yea? No" Tone 2, rnd an exunatin mn Seede O 3 4a Atay ire ving te cnlonr yu, id to ongriaton Pave ane in, ow gata otha auitoy ov tanci account ina tesgn cowry (sch aba bark oecou, secure acount or car nani account? wl ix bien" orth name of the fog county: Seeinatvetons tr fing oqderents fer Fit Fam 174, Papa ol Forign Bark and France Roca FA &a_ Vis tho erorzatnapaty fa pote ox ster ranean lary tne ng them yoa? sol |x 1 Oi ny tne pry tly te orarizatn tat tes ort a pry oa orchid tx sete rasa ee ¢ 1 "es" le ao Sci the gman Ferm 60687? fe 2 Dows reorganization haan rcs recspts thal normaly at then $100 09, ni tw oman Sof ary cottons tat were nol tox dost ws chetabecotibutons? col |x b Yon tho craton Incl ith eer sofctaon an earess stato thet such cantons oe wore ol ox dete? ee 1 Orguniztions tat may receive edctble conbatons undo section TO), a Diticrganzatin csi payaso S15 tery as confuten a ary ou an sins provi tt pao? | ra |_| 2k 1 1 -Yene dW cranny dear fh vaio good or none ot? 7 © th ornate eo exchange, tae pons angie perl ropa fr nich vas ogi tote fom azaz? | |x 4 Yon" ndeste ne ranbe’ forme 282d ug oe your 1a ¢ Dit rpaniaton ect ary tude, dec or hdrecy, fo pay pains on apron baeft comet? 10 £ oishecrsereon aving ne yor, ay prmte, Seat nsec, ona prone Bett ona? Fa 6 ltncgeatn rooved contnaon of ule alchal pope, he rparzalin ie -armeso sacred? 7g 1 in rpnznton ooo a corbin of care, bat, apne, r oor vile, ed te eget la Fern T0086? [Th {8° Sponwerng orgunnatins maintaining donor adie tds i done avid find rtsined bythe spansring orpanzaton have exces busines hangs a any tine cing te yen? ® €Soneorng orgeieton meaning over ecaed nd 4 the sponsoring erosion ae ry taste Siatoutone unr scton 4066? o © Od thespoeotngerurizaton mate wdtrouton to dona cone ado, rated esa % 40. Seaton Soc} organizations. Enter 2 Inetion fee and capil cottons cided on Pat il ne 12 ‘oe 1 Goss recipi, dud on For 980, Prt It, for pu ute i cian “ob 18 Section 5016.2 orgniatons. nie {2 Goss incre om manasa sharers tie ® Goss income fom tar sours (otra arts die pli ie ours aga tmounis a orcad torn ham) 2 ‘Section 404791) non-exempt charable ust ste agrzton ing Fm 66 ina of Fm 10477 ws Yon" ontore amour of aaron caved ar ected du te yar | 48° Section £01(0}20| uated nono heath nerance esr. {2 fst organztn feened toe qsiod heath pane hae tan en tate? a Noto. Seo telnet ntonelitomatin te genio mut ep on Soke 6 1 Emorth aneunt freer th ganiaton required to rary he stan hin te cegeiaton soonest nee queda are 1 © Enter teat of earves en hand fee ‘Ma Die ergenzatn rete en paymari fr dcr naning Saeed ha tyr? wap _1x it"Yea- hast led oom 20 trope has payment? No pondean xlanaton in Sahoais © ie 18. the crgmicaton sujet tothe scien 4260 axon aye marth 20200 namie ens parce payer) Suing tayo? ws| |x {ves sevinstetons en le Fr 480, Sched 416. Isthecaamiaton en edocatona Petttnsubt the ecton 4968 ox ox on nt restart hea? w| |x ives" eam Foun 472, Schacla Fa B00 HH 5 09211105 701392 aH50028 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY ¢ AH500281 Fexmg00 2016) NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER *A-**40188 _Pago6 Part VI] Governance, Management, and Disclosure Fer each Yas" rspcnse tones Uvough To balaw, and Tora To™ respanae. ‘one 83 €0,o7 706 beiow, dosente tha creumetances, processes, ar changes in Sched O. Sao iistuctons Check it Scnedule 0 contains a response or neta to any tne inthis Part ir Section A. Governing Body and Management Yes No +8 Entortho number of ving member of tho governing boy at the end of tha ton year se tere ae mer tence in vot rihts arang mabe athe governing oxy, ere pavemiag ody setae boat aunty oan executive caries or ex commits, ex in Seed . Enter the rumor of voting memiarsinctuded in ine ta, above, who ae independant th 4 2 Did ery otioe, director, trast, okey employes have afamly raletionship or bushes relationship with any other ‘officer, dato, trustee, key employee? 8 Di tho exganizaton delegete contol over menacennt dae custorarly parormad by or unr the dec supervision ofofcars, deectors, or tustees, okey enplayees to/a management company or cther person? 4 Dis the organization make an sloricant changes ots goveraing documents since the pie Frm 890 was fa? 5 Dic te oganizaton become aware cutng the year ofa slorcant version of the organization's assets? 6 Dic the organization Fave marbars or stockholrs? ‘Ta Did the orgarization have mambars, stockholders, orathar persone whavnad the powarto vac appt one or ‘era menbars of tha govetning body? te bb Ae any governance dcisons ofthe organization reer t (or subject o approval by mambore, tocknoldere, or persons cher than the governing body? re {8 Didemeerganzaton contrporanscusydesumen tie mecings hd er wen scons unde ding ta yea by oionng ‘8 Tho governing Deey? 0 bb ach commits with acthenty to ct on behalf f the govarring body? ab © tether ay ocr, director, musta, or hey employs leted in Part VI, Sacto A, wh carne be reachod at ta ‘orgarizalion's meiing adsoss? “Ve,§ provide the name and aderensa in Schedula O 2 x Section 8. Policies (7 Secton 6 requests information sbout cofeie nt requled by tho htoral Revenue Coat) be [be [oeneefye [oe ee Yea] Ne, +08 Di the engenization have focal chapters, branches or affilates? wal [x bb 1'*Ves.’ ci te organization have wrtton pices end procedres governing the actives of such chapters fate ‘end branches ta eneura tek operations are consistent with the organiatlon’s exert purposes? 10 ‘1a Ha the organization provided a comolate copy ofthis Foim 880 to all members of ts governing body before ing the form? [Aa ascribe in Schade Othe process any, uted by the organization to revi ths Form 880, ‘128 Dis tha organization havea wen cont of inteest poy? IN go oS 19 22 Ware afer, aca or ste, andy empayoes rue ie dlsose anual test te ald gi octets? “2b, {© De the organization regula and conaletanty monitor and anforos compance wth the po? "Yes," describe In Sohal Onow tis wes dere We 13 Do the ergenzston have wnttan whietsblonsr potoy? 8 1 Dad the ergenzstin have a wnttan documant retention ang destruction paley? 6 418 Dad tha process fr deterring companeation of th foloing parsons include &rouew and aporovel by depends peteone, comparaclty dat, and contamperanecue substantiation of the dleaation and decison? ‘2 Tha eqgenizaton's CEO, Executive Dractr, or top managoment otf 150 1 Other oforsorkoy employees ofthe organization “1 Wee" tone 15a or 156, deserbo te process in Schedule O (208 nstucion) 182 Did he organization nvastin, ontrouteataets to, er partipate inant vertursor cms arangomont witha ‘exelent during the year? "Yes," cc he eeganizton fallow & writen palcy cr procedure requing the organization to evaluat its participation ‘holt ventura arrangements under applicable fedeal tax law and take stops to sefeguars the organization's ‘xem! atu with reapoct to sueh srangemants? $00 ‘Bedtion 6. Disclosure “TL the sales with which » copy ol Wis Few S00 s egured obo fied PAL, AK, AZAR, CA,CO, CT, DC FL, GA,HT, Th 18 Section 8108 ques an organization to maks ts Fas 1023 (1024 o 1024 if eppSeae,€90, and 980 Section GOT(CKSs ery avalablo for pub inspection. ingests haw you mad these avait, Check al thst pp. wn weosite CX) anothers weasito — L_] Upon request [] other explain in Sehacuts 0} 19° Descrbe In Schacule © whether (anit so, how) the orgenieation mags ts governing documents, cone of interest poly, and francil statoranteavalabi othe pubic cring tha ax yes. 120 State tha name, across, and teleprone numberof he person who possassus the crgeneation's books and recorés Dr THE CORPORATION - (703)237-1970 107 BARK WASHINGTON COURT, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22006 feaae ear ‘SEE SCHEDULE 0 FOR FULL LIST OF STATES Fern 800 (2076) 6 08211105 701392 aH50028 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 pene [rele [oe ps sa] |X Form 980 (2018) NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER **-**80188 pago7 [Part Vif Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trusties, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors eck Sheela O conta arespene ots oe ne thie Pat o Sealon A_oficer, Drectore, Tusles, Key Employes, ang Highest Compenssied Employees ‘Complete fis tabie oral parsons outed Be ted Report compensation fr the calender yor end wih own the erpastows Tax yea Lit at oto crganztionscuren otoars, rectors, wstes (anata ncviua 0: oxgenlationa) regaress of areunt of campareation nar ds gous Gh ae 9 troconponsaon neepad Cerarer a 7 Gato inecpenaatanscurent ey smployen, any Sao petusters or enitlon of ey employe.” * Let ins crn’ te cel ighes compares payee (ther an anole, ect tes, Key employes whe ected apr aye commento ans a Porn Wes anrar Sok Fm UsD SC) more tan 10,000 tom he egarisaie and ey rots penne tat oranzatlnstrmer ofoers key employees, anc Highest compansatadeloyes who reve mere than 100000 of repstoblecompensan fom ta ergarizaon ae ay rote organo Let nl ofthe orgrieat's torre decors or trusts ia aconed nthe capacy a afomer director or ste of he ergarizaton, mor than 10,000 of epotatle compansaton forthe ogeieton and ry rts gatas Ut persons nthe floning exder: nc rustees or draco; nsttutanel ustes;oflers key employees; highest compenssted emlayees; Sdfommer such persone, a Ta cok tout nthe tho exten or any ted eranztion compensated ay cent fou, ecto. ortustee ay e © © © a are and Tle reese | com Eel rmen | Reporte reporate | estimates vecreper [SETEseuet ES) compensation | compenaten | smut ape | Girurvacatmad | oman ree tetany Ty ‘be cromiatene cngriraton | 271009150) Ele] | fE] | earooewisa, ergarization lrgariaatone| 5) [EE nd eared a i z eld : ‘organizations: TE AT 00 CHATROR x) [x 273,551.) O.| 69,349. (2) BNTTD WIERTRGOR 7.50 xmacron x 0. oJ o. 3) tee PACER T.30 pmacron x a. o o. a) Rant STREET T50 aca. inn x 0 o 0. Sy BERR FGA 730 unsoron x 0. 0 o. TE} THOMAS ANDERSON 0.00 szcuor con? witovee x 152,500. o,| 42,574. (7) REET P, ROEHL “40-00 roish CHAIR! x|__56,250. o.| 18,906. arene Fan HOBOS 7 08211105 701392 aH50028 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 om 990 2014) NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER [Part Vil Secton Oricon, Draciore, Trustees, Ky Employes na Highest Companssied Empl ayensoonnuod #440188 _page® @) e) ©) ©) © a Nara and te Av260 | oon Pte ene | Rape Reports | Estimated nous pe |Seinisese ties] compensaton | comparanion | aunt of week | stan serene ‘rom ‘fom ete her (stay the ergertaaters | camponton tour aganzation | qwanceeease) |“ tomthe lato war on@ls0) ‘sxaeniztion [esto : frosts i : croenizaons ‘tb Sub-total > 487,307] O,| 130,825. ‘© Total rom continustion sheets to Part Vil, Section A Lie > 5 v1 o. 4 Total edd tines 1 and fe), > | 482, 301 OL T3U O2T. Zoran of nl noting at not med nov ited above) whe raoaved mer han $100,000 ot apo compensation rom the ererizstion Pe 2 Yea] Ne 3 Di the orgeniztion it any former fle, ector, or sos, key anayee or righest compensated employee on to 187 "Ys, complete Schodl fr such nl a|x 4 For ay individualised cn ne 18 te sum of reponable compensation and chr omeenaatin om the ergavizaton and related rganzations greats then $150,000? I Yea," compote Schedule Jer ave naval alx {5 Dil any parson ated one 1 eceve or acc samenston fom ay ulated exgeiztion rind fo anvooe rendord tothe cxarization’ "Yes," compete Schedule J for such person s|_ |x ‘Seslion 6, Independent Contractors "| Complete tis table or your veritas compansafed rWepondert corlractor that received rors ther $100,000 of eompeneaian fm the organization. Report comaansation fcr ha cloner yout onaing with or within ths orarzaton’s tox your @® Name ang busress acérees NONE: oscrption of savices © Compensation 2 Teta number ol dependent contrastor cluding bul hot ved Yo thee ete above) wo received more than 0 $100,000 of compensation from tne orgarization 8 Fom 880 or) 08211105 701392 AHSO028 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500261 Foxmgg0 2018) art Vill | ~ Statement of Revenue Chookif Shed. O coniane ereaponce ot nto toa NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER wH-#H40188 Popo a Igein ths Pert Vi i Totatrovenue ‘ti elated or exorer unetion ‘th Lsoited “ee ane bei Federated campaigns ie Members duos ft ‘Aivounts Fundraising ovonts fe eleted organizations ri Goverment grents contributions) [te ‘bother conrbutons, git, grants, an eae 1,527,362, 1 orcs cronies 8 by Tota Ado ings Yast Contributions, Gis, Gra [ond Other Se 5 > usiness Coal reverse Program Service ‘iaher program sonics revenue “otal. Ads ings 2624 other similar amounts) 5 Royaos Investment income fockding vided, toes, and 4 Yoana from investment of taxexempt bend proceeds 21,300 21,390 ivy fy { Poreonal [grea Gross rents [ Laas: ronal expan ‘at ental income or ass) e ‘© Rantalincame ce (083) a Gross amount rom sale of [ 1) Seourtes (one state other then ventory 15,863 1 Leas cet orator basie and sate oxpeneoe 15,906 © Gain or oss) =33, Mt asin or oes) 82. Groes income from undtaing events (ret inotdngS ontibtion reported on ihe 16). Soe Part Wine 18 Les: cect exoances 1 Netncome o oss) ro funckaising rents 9. Geossincome om gaming acts, See Part n0 19 Less: chtect axpances 2 Netincame a (ss) rom gaming cts 10 a Gross sales of nventary, le ets Other Revenue Netineome a oa] rom sas ot hve . b ang alowances 2 Less: cost of goed sla > -5 Macotaneous Ravenue usinese Coch Fra PaGetOS Pon Lie TNSURANS 300099 4,001,302 1,002,303, d Alotherrevenve (8 Total. Add nae Hate 42 Tota revenge, Svinstucors ,0r 3om, > > 0g2iii0s 701392 aH50028 s Farm 990 (20%) 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 Ferm 990 2018, NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER [Pat ix [Statement orFunctionar Expenses ‘Secon 30 G19) ae SOTA) organizations must campiaié al calms. Al ether parvalons rast comple GOUT Dy *A-***0188 pane 10 heck Soh O cons eeonasonole yoo i Pa ‘Bo not natide amouni reported en Ines 8, i) 7b, 9 ard 10b of Part VI Managhrent and Sereda sed Funding 0 " ® 6 “ 6 6 7 6 ‘Gant ad oar esisane to domosteorgantatn| and somes goverment. Soe Part ne 21 {Grant and thar aesatancs to domestic Individuals. Soe Part ve 22 {Gents and other assistance to forign cexgarzations, foreign governments, and fan lndlldusia, See Pat I, thes 15 2nd 76 Bones pal to or for mambers CComponsaton of curant oes, crecor, trusts, and kay employees 603,185. 535,217, 33,984. 33,984. Commpersation nat neuded abo, o disguag sone as dna under ycbon A956 1) rb persone ceso-besn seten4859(0(318) Other sates and wagee 129,146, ELE Z19T. Penson plan asus ne coins (ude section 411K) an 40K) por contours) 2,400. 2,400. Other employee bones Payrol taxes 36,900, 31,083. EFEYA VEICH Fees for services (ner-omplayees): Management Leet 6, oom] 6, 404,] Accountg 30,124. 30,124. Lobbying Professional unklsing servis, Soa Pet, ie 7 Invstmant managamert fees Chee ie 19 mount exaets 10% of ine 25, tnlumn () aman, at ne 1 exense on Sh 0) 165,811, 125,233, 27,500. 13,078. Aaverieng aoe promotion Otoe expenses, 375,30] 68,082. 20,760. 250,502. Intermaten tcrnalogy Royaties Ocorancy 55,53) 2,758. Trove aymonts of aval a cntctainmantexpensce {ox eny federal, stat, er oes! public ofciats Conferences, conventions, and meetings 28,333. 60 Tas. Payments to afiiatas ‘Seareciation deletion, and amortiztion SPELY A TL, 343. (Ober expense exenses nt coed ngcoleaus oes nan eats oo re 2, cl (8) ine 2 epeses ot Satecle O) LIST RENTAL T3652 ‘GOVERNMENT FEE 3,913. BOOKS AND SUBCRIPTIONS_ 291, ‘DUES 623, ‘iletner oxpenaae 9; der ‘ota tunoton! expenses Alone aro 2a IOS T7539, 768. 356,043, ‘nt pet, Compe isin ale orgerieater| reported inclu (3) ont oss rom combined cvetona cangain ano funerals sla. sreaxnmo > [] nesorg 800952 n80 8620) 08211105 701392 AK50028 10 Fem 980 (2075) 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500261 Form 990 018) NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER [Part x [Balance Sheet (Check Schedule O Santina a response ornate to any ine ns Pan +#-¥9*0188 pane tt a 8) Bagong of yor ent yor 7 Cash comitereatboanng T59T[ 4 33,0 2 Sings ana temporary cash restos 33,909, 2 30700 3 edg9e ana gate rcoad, nat s 4 Account recatebs nat “ 5 Loans ane otter ecetabas tom suena omar een, deca, soo, ty enplyaos ana aghetcompensatad employee, Comet Pat If Senedio 15,000. 5 30,000. © Leans and ctor ecevabis tom star agua’ persons dined under eaten 49524), preons describ n secon <8), ane cntieuteg omplyer nd spnserng organiations of cen SOT) vlutry 4g. | __emleees' ener egsniztons (oe ins) Comptes Hof SL 8 ¥ | 7 Notes ancloen recta, net z 2] 6 tnveraresorsele ruse n 9 Prepaid expenses and deere charges OPELEPIEY IT oz, {08 Lane, bublngs, ne eaapmont cater thee bas. Comite Pat Vo Seneasa soa 598,325, bos: ecumustos deoreiaton 108 235,470: 376, 807.1 100 362,855. 11 nvastmonts publ ded secre 167, 797.| [1,287,208 12 investments oer scuntes, See Part, be 11 2 13. vestments programed Seo Pa W, ie 1 7 +4 angie esos 7 18 ter ascot, Sap ari, ino 1 172,306. a5 40,150, 18. Tota vets, Add nee 1 twouoh 16 est saul ins 3 Tata, 789.[ae | 2344 518. 17 Aecounis payable and oes penges 23,124.47 104;871- 18 Grarta payable “8 19 Deferedrverus “9 20° Taxexempt bord iain zo 21 sori oust account iby. Comeiote Pu of Sched 5 21 | 22 Lanne end ote: pads to cent and eres, rect trustee, 3 | key omployeos highest compansetd omeleyes, ane csquale’ persons B | compte Part of Schedso 2 3 29. secures motgeges and noes peyabi outed id pari a 24 Unsecared notes an loans payable to uncle itd patios 28 25 Cine tants jong federal nooo tax payaos 0 ralte hi partis, ane othe ais rat okdod ones 1728), Completa Pat Xot Schedule 76,266.) 25 136,628. 29 _Totaiapties Ad ines 17 tough 38 2390.[ 5 PLLC ‘Oreanzetions that flow SFAS 117 (ASC OSB) check Here > LET ana g | _cenptetetinos 27 wrough 28 and ines 9 ane 3, £ | 27 Unvatictd not ascts 1,097,949] or| 2,098,853. 4 | 20 Temporary enced nat aaca TT, 450.| 20 16 $ | 20 Permanory rotted ot oso Fa E | organizations tat dono follow SFA 117 (ASC 96}, check hare BeL—) © | andeomplete nes 39 through $ | 90. Conte stoc or st rnp or cant unde 20 J ]01 Pain cr caitel sul, rnd, bulking. or suipmant und 31 } | 52 _Retaned earns, endowment, securuleted income, or ow tude 2 2 |55. Tota notassos ore taarons TTS; 3IT | oo | 7,03, 19 $A Tot Keitos and nt estan tances T,214, 789.0 [ 2,344,518, Fem 960 2018) 08211105 701392 AHS0028 at 2018.05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 08211105 701392 AH50028 Fam 990 2016), NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER #¥-**0188 page 42 Part XI] Reconciliation of Net Assets Chesk if Schedula © contens respon or note to any nein this Part Xx x 1 Totaevenue (mu equal Part Vl, ctu (A, i 12) 1 2,550,210. 2 Total expances must equ Part 1K ods (ne 25) 2 1,539,768. 8. Rovervo ese expanses. Subiact Ine? fom ine 1 3 1,010,442. 4 Net asoots ound balancss at beghnring of year (must equal Par, ne 8, colar fl) 4 T,115, 395. 5 Net unreeized gains fosses} on investments s =6,005. 6 Donato survioes anc use of aces 6 7 Investment expenses 1 8 Prior period adistmants = 9 Other crengos net sssets ound baieneas (exp in Schock O) 2 =I6, 817. 40 Not assets ound bates at anc of year. Cambie kno through 9 must equal Pet ine 3, oun (8) so|___ 2,103,019. Part Xil Financial Statements and Reporting _Check it Schedule O contains & response or nots to any Bre in this Part Xi oa Yes] No 1 Accounting method used to prepare the Form 990: CJ] cash CE] Accel [J other ‘ve erganizsen changed ts meted of eccourtng trom a pit year or checked “Other explain h Schaakle 2a Were the crgerzstion’s financial etetements comple or reviowod by an independent accountant? ol |x 116," chook a bax below to inaate whether the nancial tsteronts fr the yest were compiled orrevewed on @ separate basis, consolated bls, or bot: ‘Separate basis [_] Consolidated basis [] Beth consolidated end separate basis bb Wore the cxgrization’sfrancial statemants audited by an independent accountant? | x 11 Yes,’ checks box below to inckoate whether the nancial statements forth year were edad on @ sapere bai, sgnsodated basis, oF bot: CE] separate vasis — [] consotiated basis] Both consallated and separate basis € I1"¥es"totine 2a 020, 0s he organization have corte that assumes ressonesly for oversight of th auc, raviaw, or compilation os nancia tstaments and alecton fan independant accountant? 20| X the orgentation changed stharits avraght process cr election process curing 2 tax yer, expan in Sento O As aresut of a federal award, was the organization requld fo unergo an auctor ats a St fot in tha Sngla Aud fet and OMB Creusr A137 al |x 11 °Yes" aid te ogannton ueerge the requires toa? tho erganzation os nok undeego te eqarad aud cravat, expan why in Schedule 0 ang eeorbe any stop taken to undergo euen aus % Foe 980 (2518) 12 2018-05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AH500281 SCHEDULE A cua no e800 ee Public Charity Status and Public Support 3018 Compete if the orgaization i a section 501(c¥3) organization ar a section 44967(a)1) nonaxempt charitable ust. ape tanany D> Atach to Form 960 o Form 990-62. pen to Pubic iene Ree ee Dr Go to wweres.powF onng80 for instructions an the [att information, Inspection Naive of he organization EnnplojarWonieatian nurber NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER a*-#840188 [PatT[Tesson Tor Public Charity Status i orpavatons musi Consett G2R) Seo RETUETONE ‘To eration not pte oundtonbecaute is: Frost vough 7, cheok ey ono box + CJ ‘Acrurchs convenien of hzches, or eso of churches desorbed mn seation ‘TOD HAND- 2 C2] schoo dosooedn action 17O(OK HAVE tach Soba (Fam 860 or 802) 2 [2] Anoepitatora cooperative Resp eevoe organization desorbed in ecton #70 KAN, 4+ (5) maces rece egerizaon operated conunction wie hospital desebed in seoton #7ORX NANI. Entre hosel rare and tt 15 (Cl Arorseiatin aprte ete velo Galaga or uray owned or opraedby a GovewTatal Fl dasa beaTh section TOKAI Compt Pes) 0 1 tect stat, oreo govern or goverantl nt ecb in section TOKINA 7 CE anoxgeiatin that noaty rece a substi pat of suppor roma governmnta ti om the general ple dsctbaain section HATHA). Gente Pt) 8 (1 Aearnmuny tt descrbed hn secton 172(5{ KAY). Corpse Pat I) 9 anarxtralecexeneparzmoncasorbadin section 17S H6)0 pertes in conunton wth alegre cotgo or unteraty ora nonlancgrantcolge of agic.stre (ue Instueon), Ener thao, fy, and ate of the colege or sever 10 1 Anerganzaon tt ermal ocoes (maa han 5 1 of ie eoppot on cantons, manera oon od een ecoblsFom actin related Rs exempt neo subjet ocean excepto rid (2) na more han 32 19% the euppor rom oss nvetment Income an ulated bushes taxable coms se seston 61 a rom bushatees aozued bythe rpaition eter Joe 0, 1975, Ses aoction 506042). (Compite Pai} +1 5) Amerganzaton organize and operates excuse ote for ube sly, Soe section Sate. 12 amerganzaon organized and operates excel fr the bene oft eri te functions of, orto cary tthe purposes of neo mere publ suppres organzatons desorbed in econ E05aK} or section 80H} See section S&LAK. Check nebox'n Ins 1a trough 12d tat describes th ype of supporig agariaton and compl nee 26 12. and 12a 1) Type'.Asunnerting reetatlon operated, suptvaet c contted by Rs euppoted agent) ypcaly by ng ‘he supported crarzato(] he povero ear air elect a maety othe drectr or buatees of the supporting corganzaton You mut comolte Part V, Sections land. (1 Tipe. A supporting xpanizaon supervised or corres conection wh ts supported gent by having cot ranagerent ofthe supporting organization vested inthe sare parsons that cot ermanage the supported ‘iganzatonj) You must complete Part V, Sections A and. ¢ C1 Type tinetonly integrated. supporting cganicaton operated nconnecon wh and unctonady rere with, sz suppored arentaton) fee nsiicton), You must complete Pant, Sections A, and, 4 2 ype it non-tunctonally Integrated A supparing organza operated comacton wah is supported eganzatons) ‘hats nct inconaly tegrated, Te oranzton gonraly mua satay «Stn requlement anda attntveness ‘equromact a natustons You mast complete Part W, Sections &anaD, ane Par V © (71 check this tox i tne organization receives a wetten datermination trom the IRS that itis a Type |, Type il, Type Ii {unctnay rtgrated, er Typo nan‘uneiorly ogate suppering organza, 1 Enter tha rumor a suppertod ergrizaone a «Provide the fallowing information about the supported rganization ‘Mio a aapoF THEN | Car yow a eeniain [PIERRE | UARaTeT Tora | WARSI a SRT ‘rpnation LGesated on ins 70 HY SHOE appa eoinetuctons) | suppor ve wens) Tata I iA For Paperwork Reduction Ret Notioe, eve the inttions for Form 900 or O90-EZ, wuz ese Schedule A Farm 050 6 @90-EZ) 2078 08211105 701392 AH50028 2018-05000 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY C AHS500281 w2e0 ors00#7 2018 NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER ¥4-45*0188 page jupport Schedule for Organizations Described in Sections T7O(D)(TNANIW) and T7OBTANAT WIT {Complete ony you checks the box on ine, 7.8 of Part | rhe organization fale to qualify undor Pet the organization fate o quay under tho test Itea elo plate coma art I) Section A. Publie Support ‘Galena years year beginning nT] _(alao% | eyaovs zoe [avoir ane [rena 1 Gis, grants, contoutons, remaship 608 rated, Do not Freiue any "unum grants) 1,210,506] 1,200,020] 1,225,059] 1,065,359] 1,527,562] 7,017,909, 2 Taxrovenues eed forthe organ leaton’s baneft and athe pals to or expended ons Baha 8 Tho vebe of services or feiss furohod by agovemmntl ust the orgarzatin without erge 4 Total Ade nes 1 trough 3 Tate, 300 4,08, 8e9,| 120s, sos] a ees aea] tsar sea] TOT Se 5. Thepotton of etal eontbutons by each person other then orernmana unt or ply supported orgarization) ncaded nine that exoveds 25 of a amount shown one 1, cota () 998,815. © _Pulble supper. ts int a 5,088,094 Seation B. Total Support Calendar yoar (or isl year bopnning)>]_cebeora | (pyaois | 2018 | _caya0i | yaoi] (yt 7 Amount tem ne 4 3,220,506] 1,08, 0505] 2,25 455] 1,45 55] 47 S00] 7,047 308 8 Goss income omnes [x] 1b 99 Vo% suoport test - 2017 If the ganization did not check 2 box on ne 18 or 16a, an line 15 fs $8 1/9% or more, check this box sd stop here, The organization qualifies 3s a publicly supported argarization a ‘17a 10% -tacts-and-crcumstances test» 2018 tho orgarization dks not cheoka box che 18,188 F168, and Ine als 108 a mara, endif the orgenzation masts tha Yacteandcroumstancss' test, check ths Box and atop here, Exoai in Part VI how the organization mosts the “iecto-ancicrcumstances" test, The organization qualifies as a publicly supported organiztion > 110% -facts-anc-okcumstancas test = 2017 tha erganiztion ci not check bax cn tna 13,185, 18D 7a, and ina" 16% or ‘more, anf the organization meats th “acts and cecumstances fost, chock his box and stop hers. 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