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28.08.02 Release Wincmd 5.

10 Final
27.08.02 Fixed: When copying to removable NTFS volume, don't call "Flush" ever
y xx seconds (causing problems with preallocation)
22.08.02 Fixed: Installer hangs if any of the target files has the hidden attr
21.08.02 Release Wincmd 5.10 RC1
20.08.02 Fixed: Diskdir plugin: Extract file date/time with files
20.08.02 Fixed: Ctrl+B Branch view: Drag file from subdir with spaces in it to
button bar button would not open the file
20.08.02 Fixed: FTP: When editing a file with F4, then disconnecting and recon
necting to other server, the file was re-uploaded to the wrong server
14.08.02 Release Wincmd 5.10 Beta 2
14.08.02 Fixed: Crash on Alt+Enter if WinRAR 3 installed
13.08.02 Fixed: Moved creation of sound registry keys to configuration dialog
- only if "Configure sounds" button is clicked
12.08.02 Fixed: Make Wincmd work with current RAR.EXE version (Winrar.exe alre
ady worked, use this if possible)
07.08.02 Fixed: Shift+Enter didn't work inside of archives
07.08.02 Fixed: "Show (Lister)" no longer working in context menu
06.08.02 Release Wincmd 5.10 Beta 1
06.08.02 Fixed: Parameter %P in button bar: Remove "0:" pseudo drive for ftp c
04.08.02 Fixed: Search function unpacked ACE archives even when it didn't sear
ch for text
30.07.02 Fixed: Compare by contents: If one listbox has a horizonal scrollbar
and the other hasn't, scrolling to the end brings lists out of sync
30.07.02 Fixed: User-defined hotkeys didn't work with RestrictInterface=1 (tur
ning off the start menu)
28.07.02 Added: Support for TAR files >2GB (the individual packed files must b
e smaller than 2 GB!)
28.07.02 Fixed: On Win9x+ME, the parallel port driver cannot be loaded if the
directory contains a non-English accented character -> copy driver temporarily t
o system directory
28.07.02 Fixed: Parameter /L=//servername/ didn't work, only /L=//servername/s
26.07.02 Fixed: Shift+F4 (new file) didn't work if editor was defined with "%1
" parameter
26.07.02 Added: Translate environment variables in the command line, e.g. cd %
windir% -> cd c:\windows
26.07.02 Fixed: Right click on drive button and choosing a command from the 'N
ew' submenu sometimes created the new item in the current directory
23.07.02 Fixed: WinXP shows other computers in Nethood subdirs in the form "Se
rver Comment (servername)". Changed to "servername".
23.07.02 Fixed: When unpacking to temp dir on ENTER, remove read-only attribut
e so file can be deleted later
19.07.02 Fixed: FTP: access violation if local name too long
19.07.02 Fixed: Sync tool: German 'sz' letter was detected as being the same a
s 'ss' in sync tool ('feature' of the 'CompareString' function of Windows...)
19.07.02 Fixed: background transfer manager: Total length of source+target dir
couldn't exceed 259 characters
02.07.02 Fixed: Compare by content, if file too big, the file handle wasn't al
ways closed after compare failed
25.06.02 Fixed: Configuration dialog, when changing fonts, the preview shows t
he wrong fonts after clicking "Apply"
25.06.02 Added: On FTP downloads, replace colon ":" by underscore "_" because
otherwise Windows creates a named substream on NTFS
20.06.02 Added: Command line during FTP connection: "PUT" command now supports
absolute paths, e.g. PUT c:\files\file.txt
18.06.02 Fixed: Creating multi-volume ZIP archives slow on Win2k
18.06.02 Fixed: Background transfer manager: "-" button removed wrong items fr
om list if already downloaded a file
18.06.02 Fixed: Show file sizes >2 GB also in overwrite confirmation dialog
11.06.02 Fixed: Parallel port server in Wincmd16: Could not access empty drive
s (e.g. floppy with no files)
11.06.02 Fixed: Command line: Forward slashes will now be converted to backsla
shes on local drives
31.05.02 Fixed: Selection with Shift+Left click didn't always work after selec
ting first item with right click
31.05.02 Added: Synchronize dirs: Total % of comparison now calculated by file
size, not number of files
31.05.02 Added: Support for <XMP> tag in lister (same as <PRE>)
31.05.02 Fixed: In place rename in ZIP can now also be invoked by a slow doubl
e click
31.05.02 Added: Search for multiple paths in search function now also works wi
th UNC paths, e.g. \\server\share1;\\server\share2
29.05.02 Added: FTP: When using auto-retry, also wait for the retry timeout af
ter the first connection attempt
14.05.02 Added: SHA1 authentication to FTP client
14.05.02 Fixed: Drag other window over drive button bar could show frame
14.05.02 Fixed: In the button bar, a button was shown as down after right clic
king on it
13.05.02 Added: FTP client will send FEAT command to ask for ftp server featur
es MDTM and LIST -lT (full date/time display)
10.05.02 Added: FTP client: Upload/download files > 4 GB, also with resume
05.05.02 Fixed: Lister standalone: Mouse scrolling didn't work
17.04.02 Fixed: After changing attributes in subdirs, the current selection wa
sn't removed if nothing had changed in the current directory
17.04.02 Added: Also copy date/time of IStream objects on drag&drop (doesn't w
ork with Outlook Express, because OE doesn't pass them)
17.04.02 Fixed: Zip subdir was removed when clicking "encrypt" in pack dialog
17.04.02 Fixed: Compare by contents could fail with a single character at the
16.04.02 Added: Internal unpacking of single files from multi-volume RAR archi
ves (requires new unrar.dll)
16.04.02 Fixed: Multi-volume RAR files: Only show files which start in that vo
16.04.02 Fixed: Support for new multi-volume RAR files (requires external winr
ar for unpacking)
15.04.02 Fixed: Problem with copying huge files using the special copying mode
15.04.02 Fixed: Pausing a HTTP download moved to the background also paused a
foreground ftp download
15.04.02 Fixed: No error messages when trying to compare a file on an ftp serv
er, or copying from ftp to an archive
15.04.02 Fixed: FTP download later: didn't save firewall type for http firewal
15.04.02 Added: Support for bmp files with negative height (stored upside down
15.04.02 Added: Support for *.jp2 and *.j2k (Jpeg 2000) through Irfanview
15.04.02 Added: Open link (*.lnk) in other window with Ctrl+Right arrow (or le
ft arrow, respectively)
15.04.02 Fixed: Background transfer manager didn't remember max. transfer spee
d during multiple http downloads or ftp via http downloads
15.04.02 Added: Timeout to "Download complete" message from ftp server - Wincm
d should try to continue if no reply for 15 seconds
25.03.02 Fixed: By mistake, quotation marks were removed from command line par
ameters of 2 character commands.
25.03.02 Fixed: Ctrl+B in packer plugin: Extract of files from subdirs didn't
work (because subdir wasn't created)
25.03.02 Fixed: Background transfer manager didn't rename files on same drive,
instead it copied+deleted them
25.03.02 Fixed: Check for a colon ":" when copying/moving with F5 or F6 to avo
id the copying of the data to a named substream
25.03.02 Fixed: Explicitely check for a colon ":" when renaming with Shift+F6
to avoid moving the data to a named substream on NTFS drives
25.03.02 Fixed: If deletion of non-empty dir is canceled, the dir loses any sp
ecial attributes like hidden or system
11.03.02 Fixed: Problems with internal HTML links without double quotes
05.03.02 Fixed: Don't get special icons for folders with read-only attribute o
n UNC network drives
28.02.02 Fixed: FTP transfer log sometimes contained duplicate slashes in URLs
25.02.02 Fixed: Couldn't copy file on remote share to other dir with file of s
ame name
25.02.02 Fixed: Extension was removed from when clicking on 'create
self-extracting archive' in pack dialog
15.02.02 Added: Support for OTP secure FTP authentication (not encryption!), e
.g. for Serv-U, supports MD4 and MD5 (not working through all proxies)
26.02.02 Release Windows Commander 5.0 Silent update
25.02.02 Fixed: Extension was removed from when clicking on 'create
self-extracting archive' in pack dialog
20.02.02 Fixed: HTTP download in background, better function to abort a downlo
19.02.02 Fixed: Lister F3 crashed with AVI files with a name longer than 193 c
haracters (bug in media player) -> use dos name
19.02.02 Fixed: Wrong unzip progress if selecting dirs in zip with Spacebar
19.02.02 Fixed: Alt+F4 in verify checksums dialog didn't re-enable the main Wi
ncmd window
13.02.02 Fixed: HTTP download in background didn't show name of downloaded fil
e if clicking 'Background' during the connect
12.02.02 Fixed: Background transfer manager: When using "add URL", don't ask f
or the password for anonymous FTP URLs
11.02.02 Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration], UseShellConnect=1 lets Wincmd use
the old (4.53) method to connect to network shares (in Ctrl+D etc.)
10.02.02 Fixed: Switch to wrong FTP directory when synchronize is closed and c
onnection was lost
04.02.02 Added: Auto-install feature to installer (no questions asked). In ins
tall.inf, section [auto], set auto=1
lang= sets language, alllang=1 installs all other languages, i
niloc=c:\wincmd sets ini location
iniall=1 sets ini location for all users, mkgroup=1 creates St
art menu group, mkdesktop=1 makes desktop icon
Install dir is determined by previous installation location, o
r [Destination], Dir=
04.02.02 Fixed: Ignore junk data after the end of a .GZ file (e.g. padding wit
h 0 bytes)
04.02.02 Fixed: Unicode big endian files not shown correctly when switching to
hex and back to Unicode view
04.02.02 Added: Don't use compression for help files, makes download archive 1
00k smaller(!)
03.02.02 Fixed: Replaced NOOP by PWD in various places, because some servers d
islike it
03.02.02 Fixed: FTP server may return another wrong reply on NOOP command
03.02.02 Fixed: Read WinXP-specific registry keys only on XP, some installers
may write them on older versions of Windows
01.02.02 Fixed: WinXP supports yet another new type of association, added to W
incmd too
01.02.02 Fixed: Click on parent button in search result while other window ope
n refreshes wrong window
01.02.02 Fixed: Errors in German, French, Spanish, Slovak and Polish language
01.02.02 Fixed: Buttons like "Mail" on newer keyboards stopped working with Wi
ncmd in foreground (only Win2k and newer)
28.01.02 Fixed: Show larger rename edit box (Shift+F6) for very small fonts
28.01.02 Fixed: If append to file fails, the file is now truncated to its orig
inal size
28.01.02 Fixed: No error shown when trying to pack to write-protected zip
28.01.02 Fixed: Long directory names, or file names without extension are cut
off by 1 character in brief mode
22.01.02 Fixed: Compare by contents crash with "ignore case" and DBCS characte
21.01.02 Release Windows Commander 5.0 Final
21.01.02 Fixed: Wrong font in background transfer manager
20.01.02 Fixed: FTP in background: upload of files in subdirs wasn't aborted c
orrectly, user was asked to continue multiple times
20.01.02 Added: Button in installer to show readme file
18.01.02 Added: Uninstaller can now repair missing desktop icon and start menu
18.01.02 Fixed: Uninstaller didn't close the hidden console batch file to dele
te itself
18.01.02 Fixed: Made background transfer manager a bit larger to allow longer
17.01.02 Fixed: Changed background transfer manager to use font as defined for
all dialog boxes
15.01.02 Release Windows Commander 5.0 RC2
15.01.02 Added: F1 key support for background transfer manager
13.01.02 Added: Control panel icon to wcmicons.dll (this icon is redistributab
le according to MSDN Pro documentation)
13.01.02 Fixed: Found a few functions without string length checking
11.01.02 Added: Support for Back/Forward buttons on some newer keyboards/mice
08.01.02 Fixed: Wrong error message when renaming file and trying to give inva
lid name
08.01.02 Fixed: Problems with installer (back button not going to correct page
06.01.02 Release Windows Commander 5.0 RC1
04.01.02 Added: Show user-defined folder icons if read only attribute is set f
or this folder
31.12.01 Added: Download from list: Send additional header fields with Header:
command, e.g. Header: Referer:
31.12.01 Fixed: Remember "Save destination" option (in Download later) during
a Wincmd session
31.12.01 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Copy files from Ctrl+B view or se
arch results not working correctly
30.12.01 Added: Supported for RAR SFX file ending with a header containing all
30.12.01 Fixed: Show read error when trying to zip files from virtual folder l
ike the desktop (which isn't supported)
30.12.01 Fixed: Couldn't compare files by content in zip subdirs from synchron
ize right click menu
30.12.01 Fixed: Search - go to file didn't place cursor on file in zip sudir
28.12.01 Added: Dir branch (Ctrl+B) now also working inside of archives (user
can choose to extact paths or not)
28.12.01 Fixed: Background transfer manager, 'add for copying' dialog showed '
ftp' in title
23.12.01 Fixed: HTTP download in background: invalid progress data shown in ti
23.12.01 Fixed: Uninstaller couldn't remove itself when the path to it contain
ed any spaces
23.12.01 Fixed: Lister was printing in the color set as the default text color
in control panel instead of black
23.12.01 Fixed: Combine files could fail if first part was smaller than second
part (difference multiple of 32 k)
20.12.01 Fixed: Lister (F3) had a limit of the number of files which could be
opened at the same time
19.12.01 Release Windows Commander 5.0 Beta 4
19.12.01 Fixed: Don't abort download of whole subdir if download of 1 file fai
ls, just report error after downloading whole dir
19.12.01 Fixed: Couldn't search in self-extracting archive opened with Ctrl+Pa
19.12.01 Added: FTP through HTTP proxy: Support for proxies returning listing
in a table (<tr> tags)
18.12.01 Fixed: Error shown in "Define server type" when giving empty definiti
on string
18.12.01 Fixed: On WinXP, Wincmd no longer switched to C: automatically when d
isconnecting a network drive
18.12.01 Fixed: Rename (Shift+F6) window too small for big fonts
18.12.01 Fixed: Configuration - Edit/View: Save double quotes around editor na
me if specified by user
18.12.01 Fixed: Resume download never worked in "Synchronize dirs"
18.12.01 Fixed: Sound settings not always saved
18.12.01 Fixed: Double click on zip associated with Wincmd didn't always work
18.12.01 Fixed: Unpack multiple archives to same dir didn't always unpack all
12.12.01 Fixed: 'Configure' sounds button opened wrong control panel applet
12.12.01 Fixed: Custom associations no longer worked
11.12.01 Release Windows Commander 5.0 Beta 3
11.12.01 Added: Detect symbolic links in ftp by http proxy
11.12.01 Fixed: Consider XP style associations also in files - associate with
11.12.01 Fixed: 16-bit version: Crash in 'synchronize dirs' due to stack overf
low when uploading
11.12.01 Fixed: Self extracting ZIP: Percent bar not correct for very big arch
ives (several 100 MB)
11.12.01 Added: Allow to set when to play custom sounds, either always or only
for slow operations
10.12.01 Added: Take associations also from new WinXP registry keys
10.12.01 Fixed: Unpacking files with password through external pkunzip no long
er worked
10.12.01 Added: Sounds for copy/move complete, delete complete, pack/unpack/se
arch complete
10.12.01 Added: SFV creation: suggest name of file if only one file selected
10.12.01 Fixed: Don't try to open *.m3u files in lister as multimedia, they do
n't work
09.12.01 Fixed: Catch access violation happening in unacev2.dll when unpacking
bad ACE file
09.12.01 Added: Allow to skip files which cannot be deleted
09.12.01 Added: 1hourdif option added to config dialog: Workaround to daylight
saving time problems with local/remote NTFS drives
09.12.01 Added: Count files in subdirs option split into 2 options: when hitti
ng spacebar/when copying+deleting
07.12.01 Fixed: Delete target GZIP file when packing fails
05.12.01 Added: Option 'Skip' if write fails during copy
05.12.01 Fixed: Set current dir to dir active in active window when right clic
king on a file
05.12.01 Fixed: FTP timeout settings in configuration - misc accepted negative
05.12.01 Fixed: FTP delete in background: Didn't always ask to delete non-empt
y dirs
05.12.01 Added: Show progress bar for 'Compare by contents'
05.12.01 Fixed: 'No files selected' error shown twice in CRC functions
05.12.01 Fixed: Couldn't abort background packing while it was paused
05.12.01 Fixed: Multi-rename tool stopped working with FTP after adding [P] pl
05.12.01 Fixed: Uninstaller: Removed system menu and icon from title bar
05.12.01 Fixed: TAR packer could show 'ZIP' in error text instead of 'TAR'
05.12.01 Added: Show display adapter bit depth in true color mode (24 or 32 bi
02.12.01 Release Windows Commander 5.0 Beta 2
02.12.01 Added: Custom sounds when connection established or transfer complete
, can be set in Control Panel - Sounds + Multimedia
02.12.01 Fixed: Win2k/XP: Files - Associate with - (none) didn't remove associ
ation if it was made directly (shell\open\command under .ext key)
02.12.01 Fixed: Background transfer manager: selection in main win could disap
pear when clicking the "+" button
30.11.01 Added: Background transfer manager: Delete button with no selected it
ems or first item selected allows to abort current transfer and continue with ne
30.11.01 Added: Enhanced plugin interface allows to search for text with packe
r plugins (needs new plugin)
30.11.01 Fixed: Problems with TAR files containing very long names starting wi
th a slash (absolute directory)
30.11.01 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AppendWarning=0 removes warning mes
sage when appending to a file
28.11.01 Added: Comment lines in 'download from list' allowed, must start with
a ;
28.11.01 Fixed: FTP: When trying to upload multiple dirs to read-only dir, the
re was no way to abort the operation
28.11.01 Fixed: Unpack each archive to separate dir didn't work with external
28.11.01 Fixed: Show workgroup name on Windows 2000 in 'System information' di
25.11.01 Added: Install/Uninstall allows to add/remove icon to/from the deskto
25.11.01 Added: FTP upload in background (with transfer manager): Added overwr
ite confirmation dialog
25.11.01 Fixed: Background HTTP download: no progress bar shown when dialog wa
s not in the upper left corner
25.11.01 Added: Pause button support for background zip+unzip
23.11.01 Fixed: File selection not removed after packing to .GZ file(s)
23.11.01 Added: Support for .GZ files where the stored name contains forward s
23.11.01 Added: Deleting the only file contained in a .GZ file now deletes the
.GZ file itself
23.11.01 Added: Hints to new speed buttons in "compare by contents"
23.11.01 Added: Support for SFV with chr(10) as linefeed
23.11.01 Fixed: Couldn't create SFV files in the root of a drive
23.11.01 Added: CRC-Check function: Show result list of checked files with 'OK
' or 'Wrong CRC'
23.11.01 Fixed: Support tabstops in SFV file
23.11.01 Fixed: Added version number to SFV file to make WinSFV happy
23.11.01 Added: Double click on SFV file starts verifying CRCs
23.11.01 Fixed: Detect Windows ME and XP in system info box
23.11.01 Fixed: Installer: Increased wait time for Wincmd closing to 30 second
23.11.01 Fixed: Copy in background: 'Pause' button not working with Skip
23.11.01 Fixed: The background transfer manager was appearing behind Wincmd ev
en when started empty
23.11.01 Fixed: Create separate archive per file/dir: Archive file name was wr
ong (test.txtzip)
22.11.01 Added: Moved WinXP .Manifest file into EXE
21.11.01 Release Windows Commander 5.0 Beta 1
21.11.01 Added: Pause button now also works when copying, moving or deleting f
iles in background
20.11.01 Fixed: WinNT/2000: If parallel port driver was loaded, then Wincmd mo
ved to a different dir, the driver wasn't found any more
20.11.01 Fixed: Copy+Paste files: File list was only refreshed with Ctrl+V, no
t with right click+paste
20.11.01 Fixed: Show free space available to user, not total free space on dis
k (considers quota settings if present)
20.11.01 Added: Support for ZIP with wrong local header PK#7#0 instead of PK#7
20.11.01 Fixed: Right click on dir - search didn't work correctly
19.11.01 Added: Download-list can now also upload files. WARNING: No overwrite
-confirmation! Syntax: put:sourcename -> targetname
19.11.01 Added: Ctrl+A selects all, just like in Explorer
18.11.01 Added: Split the "Commands" menu into "Commands" and "Net" menu, to m
ake it smaller and add more commands
16.11.01 Added: Extension of plugin interface allows to create archives of typ
e TAR.Plugin
16.11.01 Fixed: Documentation error in plugin writer guide: ProcessFile() is a
lso called in PK_OM_LIST mode (with PK_SKIP parameter)
16.11.01 Added: TBitBtn: Support for XP styles
15.11.01 Added: Install+Uninstall: Support for new WinXP style
14.11.01 Added: Background transfer manager can now also be started separately
13.11.01 Added: FTP download in background: Allow to set the used firewall for
ftp connections with line firewall=1 (here, 1 stands for the first defined fi
13.11.01 Added: Support for Mouse Wheel in "Compare by contents"
13.11.01 Added: Support for XP themes - remove wincmd32.exe.Manifest if you do
n't like them in Wincmd!
12.11.01 Fixed: Workaround to WinXP bug - lparam in LB_ADDSTRING or LB_INSERTS
TRING cannot be 0 if .Manifest file present!
12.11.01 Added: Download-list can now also copy+move files. Syntax: copy:sou
rcename -> targetname or move:sourcename -> targetname
11.11.01 Added: FTP download from list: detect if list file was modified, and
add new items to current download
11.11.01 Added: FTP+HTTP in background: Set speed limit for up- and downloads
11.11.01 Added: FTP+HTTP in background: Pause button
07.11.01 Fixed: Lister: Characters with code 00 not copied to clipboard -> rep
lace with spaces
07.11.01 Fixed: Installer: INI file could be created in wrong dir when user ch
ooses custom location
07.11.01 Fixed: Search function showed an error message for every bad *.ACE fi
le it couldn't search
07.11.01 Fixed: Synchronize with ZIP file: error when zip contained subdirs wh
ich didn't have the 'subdir' attribute set
05.11.01 Fixed: FTP download files in subdirs: date/time not copied with files
older than 1 year
14.10.01 Fixed: Drag&Drop didn't work with negative coordinates (when using a
secondary monitor on the left side of the primary)
12.10.01 Added: Linux: TAR packer can now pack/unpack symbolic links
12.10.01 Added: Linux: TAR packer now stores UID/GID/Permissions
10.10.01 Fixed: Unzip: Detect encrypted files in ZIP also in subdirs
10.10.01 Added: FTP details dialog: automatically replace forward slashes by b
ackslashes in local dir path
09.10.01 Added: Create CRC-Checksum files in SFV format, allows to verify that
a copied/downloaded file is intact by verifying the checksum
09.10.01 Fixed: F3 in lister couldn't show any multimedia files with names lon
ger than 63 characters (Win9x+ME only)
08.10.01 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: middle mouse button click also opened the co
ntext menu
05.10.01 Added: FTP client: In log window, show connection number in front of
the command/reply, e.g. 1:LIST (only for connections >0)
05.10.01 Added: Configuration-Packer: Create TAR files either for Linux or Sun
OS. Difference only important if packed file/path name longer than 100 character
05.10.01 Added: Configuration - Display: Tree: Use ENTER to open dir in other
window: If unchecked, dir is changed automatically
03.10.01 Added: "Branch view" to "Commands" menu
03.10.01 Added: Compare by contents: Button to show the two windows above each
other, e.g. for wide texts
03.10.01 Added: Pack: Option to create a separate archive for each selected fi
le/dir. If no target dir is given, the packed file will be placed in the same di
r as the original file.
01.10.01 Added: Lister, right click menu: "Copy all URLs" in HTML-Viewer mode
01.10.01 Added: Lister: Double click on a word now selects all letters includi
ng underscores _.
01.10.01 Fixed: No tooltips shown for too long directory names in view - brief
28.09.01 Added: Compare by contents: Search for text in BOTH files simultaneou
sly, found text will be underlined!
28.09.01 Added: Lister: Ctrl+F3 now reverses search direction (until now it fo
rced backwards search)
28.09.01 Fixed: [..] and [\] buttons, <Backspace> and <Ctrl+PageUp> now work i
n cm_SyncChangeDir mode
27.09.01 Added: Internal TGZ (TAR.GZ) packer. Uses same compression settings a
s the (G)ZIP packer.
27.09.01 Added: Internal TAR packer. Warning: Names longer than 99 characters
will be packed the GNU-way (Linux) and cannot be unpacked on SunOS etc.
26.09.01 Added: Internal GZIP-Packer. Uses same compression settings as the ZI
P packer.
24.09.01 Added: FTP: Option to send keepalive messages (NOOP, PWD or so) to th
e server in user-defined intervals (for max. 1 hour of inactivity)
24.09.01 Fixed: Compare by contents: Difference found at end of file if 2 file
s different in line ends only (CRLF vs. LF)
24.09.01 Added: Find files: Start search inside an archive (only in the root o
f the archive)
24.09.01 Added: Files - Unpack: Option to unpack each selected archive to a di
fferent dir, with the name of the archive (without the extension), e.g.
-> test\
24.09.01 Added: FTP-Server-Template: Allow multiplicator in size template, e.g
. SSSSSSS=1024 in template multiplies size value with 1024, e.g. for servers whi
ch return the block size
24.09.01 Added: Internal command cm_SyncChangeDir makes Wincmd change to the d
irectory of the same name in BOTH windows synchronously, e.g. to traverse two id
entical trees local+remote
23.09.01 Added: Multi-Rename-Tool: Placeholder [P] puts name of parent dir int
o file name, [P2-5] the letters 2-5 of the parent dir name
19.09.01 Added: FTP: SOCKS4+SOCKS5 Proxy support (active+passive mode!), SOCKS
5 without encryption
17.09.01 Added: FTP - Synchronize dirs: If 'ignore dates' is checked, Wincmd n
o longer changes the date of the local files on upload
17.09.01 Fixed: Lister: Hide hint window for URLs when menu is accessed
17.09.01 Added: FTP-Server-Template: Allow Time format of or hh,mm in UU
UUU template, not only hh:mm
17.09.01 Fixed: FTP server may return wrong reply on NOOP command (1684240 NOO
P command ok), should be 3 digit number
17.09.01 Fixed: Lister: Last search method not remembered correctly (Hex searc
17.09.01 Added: FTP+HTTP: Auto-Resume download if download-connection lost
14.09.01 Fixed: Long URLs in Wincmd start menu can cause Wincmd to vanish
14.09.01 Fixed: ZIP file lost hidden/system attributes when adding files to it
14.09.01 Fixed: Lister: Last character in a file not shown in UTF-8 mode
22.08.01 Fixed: Test CAB archives while connected to FTP (in other panel) does
n't close progress dialog
22.08.01 Fixed: Ctrl+Q in an archive with sound files didn't delete the files
when going to next file while playing
22.08.01 Fixed: Wincmd installer: Changed icon in "Installtion complete" to in
formation (was warning icon)
22.08.01 Fixed: Access violation when accessing FTP server in Network Neighbor
hood while offline
22.08.01 Fixed: Lister: Positioning cursor with % menu item caused crash if fi
le no longer existed
22.08.01 Fixed: CAB unpacker didn't extract hidden/system attributes from CAB
21.08.01 Fixed: FTP-Client: Problems with recursive deletion if FTP server sho
ws drive letters in all subdirs
21.08.01 Fixed: 1 Pixel offset of right window when moving % slider between th
e 2 file windows
21.08.01 Fixed: FTP client can now show file details correctly for files > 2GB
(up/download still limited to 2 GB per file)
21.08.01 Fixed: Config-Dialog, label of RAR+ACE checkboxes changed to ARJ when
clicking Apply
12.08.01 Fixed: Shell Extensions like PathCopy could prevent Copy+Paste in Win
cmd (Ctrl+C Tab Ctrl+V)
12.08.01 Fixed: (Second try): Problems with WindowBlinds: Multi-Rename tool mo
ves up a few pixels each time it's re-opened (reason: Aspack EXE packer)
12.08.01 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: With >10'000 files in a dir it took a long
time until the renaming starts
10.08.01 Fixed: Search - go to file didn't always work if file/dir in root
10.08.01 Fixed: Search function didn't show NTFS-compressed attribute
10.08.01 Added: FTP client now supports more than 2 definition strings per tem
plate (up to 32!)
28.07.01 Fixed: Some file systems can contain file names with a space at the e
nd, e.g. CD-ROMs
27.07.01 Fixed: In huge copy block mode, don't use 'no buffering' flag with CD
New in Version 4.54 (16.07.01):
- Compare by content: Switch between binary and text mode.
- Lister: Support word wrap in UTF8 mode
New in Version 4.53 (31.05.01):
- Display of UTF8 (special 1-6 byte Unicode format) in Lister
- Support for ACE 2.0 archives
- Support for files > 2 GB in Lister and split/combine functions
- Directory print with subdirs: Print only files of certain types, e.g. *.txt *.
- Change date/time of folders also on Windows NT/2000 (admins only due to restri
cted rights)
- FTP: Resume upload (binary files only). WARNING: With some versions of the ser
ver WarFTPd, the resume seems to work, but the uploaded file is unusable!
- Directory hotlist can now contain up to 200 entries
- The location of Wincmd.ini and Wcx_ftp.ini can now be set in the registry (32-
bit command
The version
key mayline
be created
and /f=
text take
or precedence
- Special larger block sizes when copying very large files can increase the copy
ing speed
This function
of these
is only
a bit.
users, and needs to be enabled through
wincmd.ini (CopyBlockSize etc).
New in Version 4.52 (15.01.01):
- Display of Unicode and HTML (as plain text) in Lister
- Search for Unicode and Hex in the search function
- Print function to print directory lists, trees and compare results in 'Synchro
nize dirs'.
- Display of all files in the current dir and all subdirs with Ctrl+B
- File windows above each other instead of side by side
- Display of the file size in kbytes or dynamic depending on the actual size
- Multi-rename tool: Enhanced counter settings using definition strings [Cxxx]
- Submenu 'New' in the right click context menu allows to create new (empty) fil
New in Version 4.51 (18.07.00):
- Bugfix of 4.50
New in Version 4.50 (30.6.00):
- Multi-rename tool: Allows to rename multiple files in one step (Hotkey: Ctrl+T
- Batch rename function with Shift+F6 to quickly rename multiple files one by on
- Rename files and subdirs inside a ZIP archive (Shift+F6)
- Parallel port transfer function (direct cable connection), works between Win95
/98/NT/2000/3.1 and DOS!
- FTP: Definition of custom host types, using a definition string
- FTP: Retry to connect multiple times also for non-anonymous connections
- FTP: Support for multiple proxies (separately for FTP and HTTP connections)
- FTP: Workaround to bug in some FTP servers: Upload of subdirs failed
- Resolve lnk files on the desktop or in the Network Neighborhood
- Unpack self-extracting files created by WinACE and WinRAR (open with Ctrl+PgDn
- "Unpack all and execute" in packer properties allows to try out a program or r
un an installer from inside an archive
- Define custom colors for different file types, e.g. all directories, all zip f
iles etc.
- Search for text also inside CAB files
- Copying to 'write only' directories (Windows NT, network)
- Uninstaller: Automatic removal of the program through the Control Panel
Several new commands and parameters for Button bar / Start menu:
- cm_List now allows to open a file. The file name must be given directly behind
CM_LIST, and not in the parameters field!
Example: cm_list c:\windows\wincmd.ini always opens the file wincmd.ini in lis
- cm_ShowFileUser: Show which remote user has opened a local file (through a sha
red directory)
- cm_EditPersmissionInfo: Show permissions dialog on Windows NT (NTFS file syste
- cm_EditAuditInfo: Show file auditing dialog (NTFS)
- cm_EditOwnerInfo: Show "Take ownership" dialog (NTFS)
- cm_ShowOnlySelected: Hide all files/dirs which aren't selected when this funct
ion is used
- cm_OpenRecycled: Open 'recycle bin'
- New parameters %L, %l, %F, %f, %D, %d create a list file in the TEMP directory
with the names of the selected files and directories.
New in Version 4.02 (16.12.99):
- Unzip, delete and HTTP downloads (Ctrl+N) in background.
- Synchronize dirs now also supports directory from/to ftp synchronization! Conc
erning the date/time synchronizing problems with ftp, please read the section im
portant note on the page Synchronize dirs.
- Tray icon right click menu (context menu).
- Direct upload of files from inside an archive to an FTP server.
- Better parsing of FTP file lists downloaded via a HTTP proxy.
- User-defined keyboard shortcuts.
- Split "Equal/Unequal" button into two buttons in sychronize function
- Change date/time of directories (Win95/98 only)
- FTP server to server transfers (FXP): Always sends PORT command to left server
, PASV to right server. This allows for file transfers between a public server a
nd one in a private address room, or behind a firewall. The private server must
be in the left window.
- Find files: Only search in selected files and folders
- many small additions and bugfixes (see history.txt)
New in Version 4.01 (27.07.99):
- This version was mainly a bugfix release
- HTTP downloads enhanced (now supports passwords, and special sites which requi
re 'host:' line)
- Settings what to do when second ftp connection opened in same window: wcx_ftp.
ini, [General] AutoDisconnect =1 disconnect previous =2 keep previous =0 ask
New in Version 4.00 (17.06.99):
- Directory synchronize: Compare two dirs with subdirs, or 1 dir and 1 archive
- Compare files by content
- Allow to abort binary compare in 'synchronize' with ESC
- Copy/move in the background - 32 bit only
- wincmd.ini, [configuration], AlwaysCopyInBackground=1 always copies in backgro
- Connect to UNC path (\\server\path) in background (separate thread), allow to
abort after 3 seconds
- Dialog box Change Attributes, button to set current date&time
- wincmd.ini, [configuration], activeright=1 activates right file listbox at sta
- Support for virtual folders through button bar. Use commands: cm_OpenDesktop,
cm_OpenDrives, cm_OpenControls, cm_OpenFonts, cm_OpenNetwork, cm_OpenPrinters
- Copy and Move files from and to virtual folders
- Copy to nul, prn, lptx and comx now supported
- Rename or append when copying and target exists
- Files - Split now also accepts fractions of a number, like 0.5 MB
- Use NTFS time compare method (2 seconds difference considered as same) in 'Com
pare directories' and 'Synchroinize dirs'
User interface:
- 2 drive button bars, one per file window (configurable)
- 256 color folder icons, and support for external icon library (icl):
i, [configuration], iconlib=dllname.dll (sample DLL on
- User-defined drive names (for drive list+button bar). Example: wincmd.ini, [Dr
iveHints], E=ZIP drive
- File window tabstops (column width) are now saved separately by resolution, an
d adjust to the right (configurable)
- Save current position and maximized state separately for search, compare and s
ynchronize dialogs
- Show special folder icons for system folders, e.g. the Recycle Bin
- Extended selection (Num+ and CTRL+F12) now supports almost all options as the
'search' function
- The / key on numeric keypad restores file selection as it was before the last
file operation
- Multi-threading of zip function (pack in background) - 32 bit only
- Packer/unpacker plugins to add external archiver DLLs
- Copy files directly from ZIP to ZIP
- Rename while unpacking (internally) and target exists
- Support for ARJ SFX 2.62
- LZH files with comment field (starting with -com-) now supported
- Configuration - Save settings saves current file display settings and director
ies even if auto-save turned off
FTP Client:
- FTP resume download even if multiple files selected
- FTP Connection dialog allows to specify commands executed after connecting, se
parated by a ";"
- FTP connect dialog, "duplicate entry" added - allows to create new connection
from an existing one
- CTRL+M allows to select FTP transfer mode (text, binary, auto) with keyboard
- Warn if binary file is downloaded or uploaded in text mode (to turn off: modif
y wcx_ftp.ini, section [General], WarnWrongMode=0)
- Support for some more ftp server types (OS9 etc.)
- HTTP proxy for FTP connections
- Transparent FTP proxy: Send firewalluser, firewallpass, user, pass
Search function:
- Search for/select files which do NOT match certain wildcards. Use | to separat
e, e.g. w*.*|*.bak finds all files starting with w, without extension .bak
- Search for all files NOT containing a certain string
- Duplicate file finder can find files with same name, size, contents or any com
bination of the 3
- Bitmap viewer, more formats through IrfanView plugin (see addons page on www.g
- Lister can now play sound and video (configurable)
- Printing in lister (Text+Graphics)
- Select all in lister: CTRL+A selects whole file
- Search for Hexadecimal strings, even mixed. Example: "PK"0102 will find 504B01
- Lister now wraps at word boundaries (may be disabled: wincmd.ini, [lister], Wo
New in Version 3.53 (8.11.98):
- Did extensive Year 2000 (Y2k) tests. Results: no internal date problems, only
one interface prob to FTP
- Possible Y2k problem with FTP servers showing a 2 digit year only. Rule: date<
80 ->20xx, date>=80 -> 19xx
- bugfixes
New in Version 3.52 (11.08.1998):
- cd \\Servername in command line (32 bit)
- Added: ACE packer/unpacker support
- unrar.dll and unace.dll internal unpackers for RAR and ACE (32 bit)
- bugfixes
Release Version 3.51 (07.05.1998):
- wcx_ftp.ini, [general], LogFile=Path\Log.txt writes FTP log to specified file
- Support for creating RAR SFX files
- Support for files > 2 GB (display, copy, rename, move, delete; NOT: ZIP, FTP,
- CTRL+P copies current path to command line
- FTP: Preserve file dates when downloading (selectable)
- FTP: Convert file names to lowercase when uploaded (selectable)
- FTP: Change Unix attributes (permissions) dialog for FTP sites (uses 'SITE chm
od', which isn't supported by all sites)
- Bugfixes
New in Version 3.50 (18.3.1998):
- FTP client
- flat look
- Network Neighborhood
- IntelliMouse wheel support
- Directory history list (alt+cursor down)
- Go back, go forward (alt+cursor left / alt+cursor right)
- Create self extracting ZIP archive
- Expandable tree as in Explorer
- UUE/MIME/XXE-encode and decode, Binhex-decode
- Split/Combine files
- Start menu now supports shortcut keys (Ctrl+Alt+F1-F12)
- More command line switches (see help)
- ALT+GrayPlus selects all files with the same extension
New in Version 3.02 (14.4.1997):
- Cut/Copy/Paste of button bar buttons
- Deletion method used by explorer can be used also in Wincmd [Configuration] Wi
- CTRL+Q on archive shows contained file_id.diz, readme*, or *.txt (in this orde
- Support for archives in archives
- CTRL+PgDn to open archives in archives
- TAR and GZ packers
- New commands cm_Switch83Names, cm_SwitchDirSort, cm_SwitchHidSys, cm_SwitchLon
gNames to button bar commands
New in Version 3.01 (31.12.1996):
- Bugfixes
New in Version 3.00 (15.12.1996):
- 32-bit version available
- drag&drop from and to explorer (32-bit version only)
- enhanced search function
- quick view panel (CTRL+Q)
- drive bar to select different drives
- button bar wraps around to 2 lines when larger than available width
- new multi-page configuration dialog
- Function to test selected archives for errors
- A header now allows to sort the files by name, extension, size, and date
- All parts of the user interface (except the file list) can be turned off in th
e configuration
- The file window separator can now be moved