Level: Intermediate Gender: F/M Age: 15 - 18 Materials: Pictures, Handouts Interaction: Ss-Ss, T-Ss Assumptions: The Ss know most of the grammatical patterns and words in the text so they can understand the text. Anticipated Problems: The students may have difficulty in catching some words in the text while listening. In addition, the students who aren’t interested in the subject may not want to participate in the lesson. OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, the students 1. will have improved their listening and speaking skills. 2. will have practiced listening for gist and for specific information. 3. will have had some idea about tipping in different countries.

PRE-LISTENING Time: 4 min. Materials: -Interaction: Ss-Ss, T-Ss What the students do: The Ss are asked to talk about the differences between countries and to share their opinions and personal experiences related to the topic. Grouping: Whole class and pair work Aims:


To motivate the Ss to get to the topic To arouse interest/curiosity To prepare the Ss for listening


To give the Ss an idea about what they are going to listen To make the Ss familiar with the listening text


1. The teacher starts by asking the Ss some questions: “Who has been
abroad before?” and “Who wants to be in a different country?”. The Ss share their experiences or opinions. 2. The teacher says that there are some differences between countries and asks the Ss what these differences could be. 3. The teacher asks the Ss to discuss these differences between countries with their partners in thirty seconds. Then the Ss share their opinions. 4. If the teacher gets the answer she wants –tipping-, she goes on with the first listening activity. However, if she doesn’t get the answer-tipping-, she helps the Ss to find this difference with the help of hang-man game.

WHILE LISTENING Time: 10 min. (5 min. for each section) Materials: Pictures, Handouts Interaction: T-Ss What the students do: The Ss try to understand the listening text and do the exercises related to the topic. Grouping: Whole class Aims: - To have students understand the listening context clearly



To have the Ss understand the main idea of the listening text To get the Ss to understand the text in general

Steps: 1. The teacher asks the Ss whether they want to learn some differences in tipping in the USA and the UK. 2. The teacher says that there is a conversation between a woman, Ruth who is from the USA, and a man, Graham who is from the UK. She writes the names and countries on the board.

3. The teacher asks the Ss to guess the people who will be mentioned to tip in the conversation and the Ss share their opinions. 4. They listen to the conversation, take notes while listening and check their answers. 5. After the first listening, the Ss tell the people mentioned in the text and the teacher shows the pictures of these people, sticks them and write the answers on the board.



To get the Ss to understand the text in detail. To get the Ss to have specific information about the text.

Steps: 1. The teacher asks the Ss some questions: “How much do people tip restaurant staff in the USA?” , “How much do people tip taxi drivers in the UK?”. 2. As the Ss miss these points while listening, the teacher asks the Ss to listen to the conversation again in order to answer these questions. 3. The teacher gives the Ss a chart to complete with the words, phrases or sentences in the envelopes while they are listening. 4. They listen to the conversation again and try to complete the chart. 5. After the second listening, they check their answers.

POST LISTENING Time: 6 min. Materials: -Interaction: Ss-Ss What the Students do: They discuss with their partners tipping in Turkey, write their opinions and share them with the class. Grouping: Pair work Aims: -


To improve their writing and speaking skills To help the students integrate what they have learnt from the text into their existing knowledge.

Steps: 1. The teacher asks the Ss their opinions about tipping in Turkey.

2. The teacher asks them to discuss tipping in Turkey with their partners and to write their opinions and then share with the class. Munise ÖZTÜRK 070565087

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