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Copyright © 2001-2006 by Tridaya Inner Power - Master Lukman Surjana

All rights are reserved, No part of this course may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systemor transmitted, in any form or by any means mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher



The art of self-defense has been my hobby since childhood. Karate, Judo, Kung Fu and Oigong are the self-defense branches practiced by me; however since r got to know about the Indonesian inner power art of self-defense in 1987 I started exercise on the inner power art of self-defense at various institutes such as Satria Nusantara, Sinar Putih, Tastiara Inti Pusaka Jakarta, Cakra Murti, Hawa Mumi Prana, Bungs Karang, Tapak Diri, Sinergi, and so on.

Inner power (TENAGA DALAM) in Indonesia is a part of the indigenous Indonesian art of selfdefense called Pencak Silat except that in the further development this inner power method progressed far more rapidly and actually this inner power method had existed since long but it was only taught privately or taught through the pesantren {Moslem boarding school} because in the olden times this inner power method was not openly taught and it was linked to Moslem spiritualism but in its development there were also inner power institutions giving an opportunity to non-Moslems to join the exercise.

The uniqueness of this inner power method is that you can block the opponent's attack so that the opponent is not able to hit or touch your body and in addition you can deliver long--distance blow so that the opponent will be thrown back without your hand touching him at all. In addition, by mastering this inner power method you will able to protect your property such as house, or protect someone from a criminal act or bad intention like pickpocket, robbery or even rape, and this method can also be applied from a short or long distance such as out of town or even out cif the country. This inner power method remains effective when you are asleep or when you are in a position of not knowing that the enemy or opponent is going to commit crime.

This basic level inner power manual is intended to arouse the inner power in you that may have existed inside everyone and unlike the arts of self-defense available now, the inner power that is going to be taught does not require years to master it but only a relatively short period, namely only within one to two weeks you can already prove your inner power. The techniques taught in this book is the result of summary and my conclusion is how to arouse inner power quickly and safely and I myself shall assist you by arousing the inner power within you remotely for synchronization.

This basic level/levell manual is more focused on arousing the inner power within you, whilst the advanced level is taught the use of inner power through the mind and various applications for daily life in an amazing manner. The inner power taught in this book is of a universal nature and uses neither. mystical element nor certain religious element so that whatever your religion is you can freely follow it. The practicality of the exercise instruction is purposely prepared by me to facilitate exercise but the result that you get will be extraordinary and can be proven.

Whoever you are and whatever your work is this inner power method is very useful to maintain health, safety and can be directly practiced fir daily activities. This inner power method is not everything but based on my experience if we have this inner power method you will be more selfconfident and can prevent someone carrying out bad intention on you, The experience of many colleagues and students of mine shows that this inner power method is very good for everyone. especially women and youths, living at an area the surrounding environment of which is quite crime-prone.

Thank you for your interest in this Indonesian inner power method and I guarantee if you follow carefully what is taught, then you will be able to use this inner power method to protect and your family.

Lukman SUIjana

Master Tridaya Inner Power



What is Inner Power

Inner power is a power originating from inside our body which after being processed with a certain technique the inner power within a person will be aroused and will transmit outward. The arousal of inner power in this basic level book uses the breathing method and for the advanced level the inner power that has been aroused is processed again spiritually. Each human being already possesses inner power, except that because It is not processed the inner power is only in the form of potentiality along and is asleep forever and will arise spontaneously when we face a danger threatening us, for example a mother may lift a sewing machine or cupboard when there is fire or someone is able to jump to a high wall when he is chased by a fierce dog. Or there was a real event when a sixty years old grandmother could lift a car to save her grandchild.

You may be wondering what is the power coming out of our body? Regarding this, let us look around the nature around us. All living forms have an electromagnetic field as well as material structure. In the human body this field shows up in art and Kirlian photography as a halo or aura. Western science has had difficulty admitting the existence of this dimension, because it is nonmaterial and could not be weighed or measured.

However, the human body is first and foremost an energy field and we have some evidence to establish this fact, such as the heat that radiates and can be measured by thermometer, our brain operates on waves and are measured by electroencephalogram. The acupuncture meridian system powers our organs and muscles as measured by voltmeter. Our heart responds to electrical energy as measured by electrocardiograms. Scientists have now established that the electricity, magnetism, heat, sound and light form energy fields around which our physical body form. So the human being is more than just a body. It is a dynamic electromagnetic force complete with an aura.

Protective Shield

If you see pictures of holy men in the olden times such Jesus Christ, Buddha, or the saints, you will see a round light encircling the head and this is known as "halo" and this was made by painters in the olden times long before Kirlian photography was invented. Naturally the halo on these holy men was so big, so that it more visible with naked eyes, thus the halo came to be illustrated and at present it is known as aura.

If you look it up in the dictionary, the word aura means "a particular feeling, air or atmosphere", for example, there was an aura of mystery about ....... Aura is seen as a light cast from the body energies. The word aura comes from the Greek word 'aura' which means breeze. Energy comes from the Greek word 'energeir' which means producing movement or work. The energy is the living force, emanating consciousness. As we know, the body contains water. This in turn conducts the electricity in the body.

Aura is an electromagnetic field of variable densities extending outside and around physical objects, or mental, emotional etheric and spiritual subtle bodies. These energy particles remain in suspension around the human body in an oval shape. The size of the aura field outside the body is approximately one meter on each side. It also extends above the head, and beyond the feet, penetrating the ground. Everything existing in this universe has its own aura or energy field that surrounds it.

The human aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body, reflecting the subtle life energies at work within and around it. This is something like the magnetic field that surrounds a simple magnet. Like a magnetic field, aura is generated within physical matter, and is also affected



by its surroundings. The energies flowing through the aura make what we are, and are in tum affected by our surrounding life conditions and life style. Aura reflects the activity of our organs, healtb,mental activity and emotional state. The strength and properties of an aura are detennined by the amount of and the quality of the energies flowing through it. The more vitalized your auric field, the more energy there is.

As you know, the earth is covered by layers in the sky such as ionosphere and troposphere functioning to protect the earth itself. For example, a meteor falling to earth, then before touching the surface of the earth, the meteor will pass through the layers so that it will be burnt before reaching the earth. And for nearly a billion years, ozone molecules in the atmosphere have safeguarded life on this planet. This is one of the examples that we can see that naturally a life will protect itself from all forms that are going to hurt or harm it.

In human beings God has created aura to protect ourselves from all things that can harm us, so aura is the etheric protective shield surrounding the body. Aura exists in seven layers or bodies. The first auric layer is the etheric layer. The etherie layer is closest to the body and fits nearly like a second skin, this first layer constituting the layer protecting us from all forms of enemy attack and is a very important things in the Inner Power exercise.

The second auric layer is the emotional body. This layer deals with emotions, emotions with us and emotions we have for other people. The third auric layer is the mental layer. This is the layer of thought and ideas, the layer where concepts are fashioned into reality. The fourth auric layer is the astral layer. The astral layer marks the division between the physical layers and the higher layers. This layer is responsible for interaction between people, it is the layer of love and relationship, the emotional bonds being formed on this layer. The fifth auric layer is the etherie template. This body is a copy of the physical body on a higher level, it is the "master" copy for the etherie body to model itself after. The sixth auric layer is the celestial body. It is the body of emotional love and trust. The seventh auric layer is the Ketheric template, also known as the causal body. This is the menial layer of spiritual level, through this layer can become one with the Spirit.

Auric Layer



In the inner power exercise in the book, the first layer is the layer that plays an important role and that will make your opponent thrown away when attacking emotionally because when the etheric field determines that the system is in danger, it extends out to protect the system. Its influence for survival can overpower the emotional and mental, imitating their functions in order to assume complete control of the physical body.

It can extend as far as the edge of the fields distorting what is being brought forth from each level, Sometimes it becomes so dense and extends so far out that it can be easily sensed by other people. The ethertc field presence of the system is like clothing for the body.

The etheric layer or level is energy of an intelligent nature closest to the physical, it has cultivated the art of judgement because it holds the key of fight or flight. It thinks it must judge all things according to its standards of good and evil. It is the field that most people "see" or sense around the physical body. When a person, through the etheric filter, perceives threat in any way, the etheric field tends to expand around the body to accommodate the fear and control the outcome based on the etheric concept of survival.

When we are in defense, the etheric field provides us with false images, symbol, and emotions to justify is protective posture. It will even extend itself to provide an additional space of safety (which may account for the reason we feel to put space between us and something we perceive as dangerous). The etheric field can become very dense in its process of protection and control, even putting on the appearance of physicalness. Some people appear to be very large-bodied because their etheric field has condensed into physical form around the core of the body in protection. Very obese people may be suffering from overprotection from a zealous etheric field.

The etheric field presents the base survival level of our being and is demonstrated by root or base chakra. The etheric field is a filter to the body of all things coming to the body. Like water that bends lights as it passes.through it, so the etheric field can distort the images it filters for its own survival.

From the above information it can be conclude that God has provided natural shield as protection for the etheric layer against threats to protect our body mentally, physically or emotionally, however to make the opponent thrown away when attacking emotionally, your etheric layer is capable enough to do such things, and for this purpose it must be strengthened and condensed, and to do this you must know which energy center must be trained so that enlarging the energy center means enlarging the capacity of the etheric layer.

Energy Centers

Most commonly, inside every human being there are contained seven major psychic centers, five situated along the spine and two found within the ally translated from the Hindi meaning "Wheel of Spinning Energy". Chakras are non-physical organs and the chakras do not themselves contain energy.

Chakras are energy centers in the body which receive, process and transmit energy, each energy center being a vortex or wheel of energy, extending from the physical body into the etheric layers of the aura.



Energy Centers

There are additional major chakras centered off the physical body as well as minor

chakras throughout the body. Some of the most significant minor chakras are found in the hands, feet, fingertips and behind the eyes. The major chakra points areas as follows:

1. Base (or Root Chakra)

Its color is red and it is located at the base of your spine. It is the chakra closest to the earth and represents earthly grounding. Fear is felt in this chakra and it controls your fight or flight response. It is the chakra of physical survival.

2. Sacral (or Navel Chakra)

Its color is orange and it is located between the base of spine and your navel. It represents your sexuality, creativity, emotions of anger, resentment, and frustration. Associated with the transformation of lower vibrational energy into the higher types of energy.

3. Solar Plexus

Its color is yellow and it is located in the solar plexus area, a few inches above the navel. Personal emotions are carried in this chakra. Feelings of personal power, anger, and hostility. Your sensitivity is stored here. It is the seat of your emotional living. This center is extremely sensitive, especially to the emotions projected by others.

4. Heart

Its color is green and it is located at the center of the chest. It is the center of love, harmony and peace. We fall in love through our heart c'hakra, that this emotion moves to the emotional center, the solar plexus, then to the sexual chakra for strong feelings of attractions, then to the base which promotes feeling of wanting to settle down.

5. Throat

Its color is green and it is located within the throat. It is the chakra of communication, expression and judgement. Every time we do not speak our truth, blocks occur in the throat chakra.

6. Third Eye (or Brow Chakra)

Its color is indigo (a combination of red and blue). It is located at the center of your forehead. This chakra is used to question the spiritual nature of our life. Our inner vision is contained



here, inner dream gifts of clairvoyance, wisdom and psychic perception. In its connection with the pituitary gland it affects clear-seeing and psychic perception in aU its forms, and is often called the third-eye or transcendent gateway.

7. Crown

Its color is violet and it is located at the top of your head. It is the chakra of divine purpose, the chakra of destiny. This chakra is said to be your own place of connection to God. This is the ultimate center and the last to open. It connects you directly to the God/Goddess and, when open, produces a halo-like effect. This center synchronizes all the others, integrates all polarities, and is all-pervasive in its power. It affects the development of psychic abilities and spiritual attainment. Humans do not operate with this center open constantly.

The chakra system is used with every psychic ability, no exceptions. Whatever the psychic ability, the method of development or terminology used to describe it, it is all done in the same way, through chakra stimulation. It is impossible to manifest any psychic ability without first stimulating the chakras. After beginning chakra work, you may find psychic abilities starting to grow in you.

In this basic level inner power exercise, the chakras to be stimulated are root chakra, navel chakra, solar plexus and heart chakra. Among the four chakras, navel chakra is the main to arouse inner power, because this chakra provides the biggest portion in the formation of the etheric layer that is developing ad dense. The ancient yogi did not discuss too much this navel chakra, but the ancient qigong master and self-defense expert from China and Japan seriously observe the chakra, for this purpose I am taking reference from here.

Sources of Inner Power

The main inner power sources in human beings are located at the navel chakra or as the Chinese ancient qigong call it "Dan Tian or Tan Tien" (Field of Elixir). There are locations in the body which are able to store and generate chi (prana, vital energy, vital force, etc.) in the body. The first one is called "Shiah Dan Tian" (Lower Dan Tian), in Chinese medicine it is called OJhai, which means "Chi Ocean". It is located about one to one and half inches below your navel and is about one to two inches deep.

In both Chinese medicine and Qigong society, the Lower Dan Tian is considered to be the well spring of human energy. Abdominal exercises not only open Chi channels, they can also draw original Chi from its residence in the Lower Dan Tian to join the post-birth chi in its circulation. Original Chi is considered to be the original vital source of human energy. Therefore, in and out abdominal exercise is called "Chi Huo" which means "start the fire". By doing abdominal breathing exercise, whereby breath holding is done at the lower abdomen, means you are strengthening the absorption of energy in the root chakra and the navel chakra, and explained above the two chakras are related to physical survival and emotion of anger, therefore with the two chakras growing it is expected that the etheric layer will counter the things than endanger ourselves. After the two chakras can absorb more chi/prana, the etheric layer will automatically be bigger and denser. Inner power exercise using abdominal breathing is frequently found at inner strength martial arts institutions found on the Java island , it also found in Javanese Mystic literature.

The second inner source is located at the Solar Plexus and the heart chakra, by doing chest breathing the two chakras will be more active and will assist in enlarging the etheric layer already aroused through abdominal breathing. These two chakras are also related to emotion, therefore by exercising chest breathing you will be more sensitive. Inner power will be effective if the emotion of the attacker is at quite a high level, so that the emotional force layer of the opponent can be returned to him, as a result of which the opponent will be thrown away.



Solar Plexus and heart chaktaare identical to the Middle Dan Tian (Jong Dan Tian), and it is located at the solar plexus, the point between your breasts, or pit of your stomach. The Middle Dan Tian is considered to be the center where the post-birth chi is produced and gathered. The postbirth chi is affected therefore by the type of food you eat and the quality of air you breathe. By conducting chest breathing the Middle Dan Tian is enlarged, so that the absorption of the chi/prana found in air being inhaled will be more effective.

Now a few words asto the source of human chi. As mentioned, Chinese doctors and Qigong practitioners believe that the body contains two general types of chi. The first type is called prebirth chi or original chi, also called "Shian Dan Tian" which, translated literally, means "preheavenly chi". Heaven here means the sky, so pre-heaven means before the baby sees the sky. In other words, before birth. This is why the original chi is also called pre-birth chi.

The second type is called post-birth chi or "Hou Tian Ghi" which means "post-heaven chi". This chi is drawn from the essence of the food and air we take in. As mentioned, the residence of post-birth chi is the Middle Dan Tian. This chi then circulates and mixes with the pre-birth chi or Dan Tian Chi (Original chi). Together they circulate down, passing into the governing vessel from where they

. are distributed to the entire body.

One of the functions of chi is to protect and is called "Way Chi" (Guardian Chi). Wey Chi forms a shield on the surface of the body to protect you from negative outside influences. Wey Chi comes from the chi channels, and is led through millions of tiny channels to the surface of the skin. This chi can even reach beyond the body. When your body is positive this chi is strong and your pores will be open. When your body is negative, this chi is weak, and your pores will close up more to prevent the chi from being lost. Wey Chi functions automatically in response to changes in the environment, but it is also influenced Significantly by your feelings and emotions. For example, when you feel happy or angry, the chi shield will be more open than when you are sad. Wey Chi is identical to the etheric layer.

From the above description it can be concluded that basically the protective shield in the form of etherie field will be more effective if it strengthens the Lower Dan Tian (representing root and navel chakras) through abdominal breathing exercise and the Middle Dan Tian (representing solar plexus and heart chaktas) through the chest breathing exercise. The stronger both energy centers, the body protection shield will work when you experience a threat of danger or of a negative nature and this will work automatically. What causes someone to be thrown away if your opponent attacks emotionally, the clarification can be read by you below.

The third Dan Tian is located on the forehead ancl. is called the Upper Dan Tian (Shang Dan Tian) in the advanced level/level II book there will be further explanation on how to process it to get inner power through spiritual process referred to as Spiritual Power (TENAGA BATIN).


(NNE£. powe£. - LeVEL (


For evezy effect, there is a cause

For evezy action there are equal and opposite reactions There are only Effects of Causes and Causes with Effects

Without a Cause there can be no Effect, and yet without an Effect there is no Cause

Many people believe that this Indonesian inner power contains mystical element to that it can throw the enemy without being touched or hit the enemy remotely, although it does exist and is usually done in Moslem, Hindu, or Kejawen (olden Javanese spiritualism), but the inner power that I am teaching here is only through the breathing method and does not contain any mystical element at all so that you do not need to be afraid to study it and I am even of the opinion that there are still many mysteries about the breathing itself whereby by processing breathing we can many manifestations and this has been proven by the yogis or Taj-Chi Masters who were able to do strange things beyond normal condition such as being able to slip over nails, knowing in advance what is going to happen, and so on.

The human body itself is an electromagnetic machine. Each body cell has a positive and negative field and physical and mental functions are controlled by electromagnetic impulses from the brain and central nervous system. For those who conducted inner power breathing exercise, automatically the etheric field or the electromagnetic field becomes bigger and organized, whilst an individual who is in an emotional condition at the time of attacking you will have a big body electromagnetic field also but not organized. When the attacker is in an emotional condition and has bad intention to harm you, then there is considerable mobilization of muscle power, thus the generation of electrical events in the body which is beyond normalcy will produce equally big electromagnetic wave also, as a result of which when the positive pole energy meets the positive pole energy of the enemy there will be pushing one another. so that the enemy will be thrown back. In accordance with the Law of Magnetic Poles: the same poles will be pushing one another and different poles will pull one another.

The Law of Magnetic Poles

The question that may arise is why only the attacker is thrown away. This can be explained thus: you who have been conducting the exercise will have a bigger. more stable and firm body electromagnetic field whilst your opponent although also having sudden electromagnetic field that is big but it is not stable and its direction is not well-regulated. this is why only your opponent is thrown away.

The process of emergence of the pushing capacity arising in the person being attacked is not as simple as explained above. and naturally the energy center plays a role and triggers the occurrence



of the reaction. Energy centers respond to the existence of an emotional vibration that will harm or hurt the body of a human being thereby arousing the ethertc body to protect it.

The inner power knowledge can indeed function to the optimum extent only when the emotion of the opponent has reached one hundred percent anger level, so that with the pushing power being returned proportionally with the bad or angry intention being thrown away, the bigger the emotion of the opponent, the bigger the force causing him to be thrown away. In the case of an individual having big inner power, the opponent will be thrown away automatically without being touched even though from a distance of one to five meters, and even it can be farther than this. The more frequent an individual exercises, the bigger and stronger the inner power of this individual. And in accordance with the law of cause and effect, if someone does not have ill will or attacks emotionally, then surely there will be no pushing power.

The ill will of an individual such as intending to steal, rob, rape or commit other crimes, sometimes is carried out not with a high level of emotion, may be this has been frequently done in the individual's daily life. However, inner power in this case can still be effective, because at the minimum it will eliminate the ill will of the perpetrator, so that the manifestation is softer, not with the perpetrator being thrown away. Naturally by possessing inner power we hope there will be protective shield against people having ill will against ourselves, not only making them thrown away and this is called "safety method".

Since the ill will is of a soft nature than in the case of someone attacking emotionally, naturally there is a need for a reliable protective shield, in other words no matter how small the negative energy attacking you will be returned or eliminated. The Inner Power being trained in this book is the basic level, therefore to enlarge the protective shield capacity there is a need for a method the core of which is taking strength of a spiritual nature. The strength which is far more powerful and softer is referred to as Spiritual Power (TENAGA BATIN). the exercise of which is also by including spiritual process.

Like the inner tube and the tire of a vehicle when they are being pumped, the pumping of the inner tube will automatically cause the expand, at the same time as the tire. The inner tube is the center of the strength spreading also to the tire. This illustration assumes that spiritual processing will produce inner power and spiritual power at the same time. Although the manifestation of the result of exercise is almost the same, the nature of which is softer and cannot be displayed. If you are interested, please read further our second manual book/level II entitled "TENAGA BATIN".


To arouse the inner power that is already available in our body there is a need for a process and the process is through breath processing.

Inner power breathing exercise may be regarded as being identical to the process of emergence of energy produced from water. Water which is the basic material for energy must be processed first, namely by the heating process so that up to a certain temperature the water will boil and will produce steam creating energy. Without the heating process the water does not have power or energy at all. Likewise if we only inhale without carrying out a process or applying the breathing method, then we do not have the additional power called inner power and to arouse the inner power in ourselves we must also carry out the process of heating and this is accomplished by holding breath. To know how the mechanism for arousing inner power works, let us review the process of breathing and the basic material called vital force or vital energy.



Identical process of inner power

A. Vital Energy

Vital Energy or force that transcends time and space, permeates all things in the universe and upon which all things depend for health and life. It is known by many names in different cultures, some of those names follow:

Prana: The Hindu name from a Sanskrit term usually translated as "life force", "vigor" or "vitality". To the Hindu, prana is the divine power that acts in the Akasha which is where the universe is manufactured through the power of prana. Akasha is a Sanskrit work defined as either "fundamental etheric substance in the universe".

According to theosophy, akasha is an eternal record of vibrations of every action, thought, emotion, light, and sound. The prana is the soul of energy, the essence of all motions, force and power in all things. It permeates all matters, animate and inanimate; however, it is NOT matter itself. Probably the nearest thing it can be said to be analogous to is electricity. When material substance reaches the end ofits life cycle, it is resolved back to prana.

OJ (chi): is the Chinese term literally meaning breath, gas or ether. It has never been clearly defined. It was developed into a metaphysical principle by various Chinese philosophers as far back as Lao-Tzu who allegedly authored the Tao the Ching and conceived of it as a dualistic principle which evolved into the concept of yin and yang. Yin is earth, the dark, the passive, wet, feminine principle. Yang is the light, the sun, the active, dry, masculine principle. From this arose the concept of Five Elements in Chinese medicine as well as the basis of the I Ching and Feng Sbui. The Yang energy enters the body by flowing downward from the heavens. The yin flows upward from the earth converging at a point in the lower belly about two inches below the navel deep within the body where this life force can be converted into spiritual energy creating physical heat and force.

K1 is the Japanese for Qi which was introduced into Japan between 710 AD and was absorbed into Shinto beliefs about nature and its Life Force. With the rise of the Samurai class, the concept of Ki began to undergo dramatic changes and became a part of the warrior's discipline of courage, will power, vigor, conserving energy and even prolonging breathing as a matter of life and death. In this guise it had a two-fold nature: (1) the unifying principle between the individual.and the universe and (2) the expression of breath powers. Victory depended on Ki.

Mana: is a term used by Huna in Hawaii. It has three primary forms functioning in one of the three "selves" in every individual. Mana, the basic life force, operates in the subconscious (the Low Self) and builds and maintains the physical body. Mana-mana operates in the conscious (the Middle Self) and is creative will power and manifested thought and emotions. Mana-Loa operates in the Superconscious (the High Self) and is high voltage energy containing the power of compassion to be harnessed for instantaneous healing and miracle. The flow of Mana


rNNEIi:. POW£1i:. - LEVEL t

through the body is in weaves and layers, through breathing and visualization, mana can be converted from a lower to a higher layer for many purposes.

Odic Force: is a term created by Baron Karl von Reichenback which describes a subtle substance emanating from all things in the universe including the stars and planets. It streams form crystals and can be observed by clairvoyance as luminous radiation similar to the aurora borealis and can be felt as hot or cold. It is believed to be affected by breath and fluctuates during day and night ad before and after meals.

Orgone: is a term for vital force or primordial cosmic energy that permeates all things and exist as a biological energy.

Bioenergy. is an Eastern European concept of vital energy. The term itself was borrowed from Wilhelm Reich who was the first to use it to describe the life energy within the body. It is seen to tie all things together and may be controlled and directed by personal will. The Eastern European healing disciplines use this energy.

In this book I am using the word Prana, Chi or vital energy. Prana is that which gives us life, the vital spark which let us live, move, and function. When the term is applied specifically to human beings, it refers to the energy freely circulating around the body.

Basically there are three main sources of prana, namely the sun prana, the air prana, and the earth prana, the sun prana is the prana originating from the sun's ray and this prana strengthen the body and make the body healthy. The sun prana can be obtained by facing the sun's ray or sunbathing or drinking water exposed to the sun's ray, but the exposure to the sun's ray should not be too long because the sun prana will endanger the body physically and bioplasmic ally because of its very strong nature.

The prana found in the air is referred to as air prana formed in the form of smaU and quickly and irregularly rotating ray points. The air prana is absorbed by the lungs through a breathing process and also absorbed directly by the bioplasmic body centers where these energy centers are referred to as chakras. The air prana can be absorbed more with slow and deep rhythmic breathing rather than shallow and short breathing. The air prana can also be absorbed through the skin pores.

The prana found in the earth is called earth prana, this prana is absorbed through the palm of the feet and this takes place automatically without us being aware of it, therefore walking barefooted will increase the number of earth prana absorbed by the body. People can learn to consciously absorb more earth prana to increase vitality and improve health.

Prana is also found in fresh food compared to preserved food and the prana found in water and in plants. Prana constitutes vital energy the existence of which is everywhere in our life, without us realizing it we inhale and absorb prana automatically but if we can consciously absorb more prana we shall have a body that is more healthy, fresher, and able to prevent sickness.

Prana has many levels of meaning from the breath to the energy of consciousness itself. Prana is not only the basic life force. It is the master from of all energy working on the level of mind, life and body. Indeed the entire universe is a manifestation of prana, which is the original creative power. Without prana the physical body is no more than a lump of clay. Breathing is the main form of pranic activity in the body.

Inner force exercise is the training purposely inhaling and absorbing prana and storing it to be used when required such as for self-defense and healing, therefore we not only merely inhale oxygen but the oxygen contains the vital energy that is a very important thing enabling us to


rNN6~ POVJ6~ - L611ft r

live. You can see prana by looking at a hollow point (the point determined by you as the point of concentration) before you at a distance of more or less one meter after several minutes if you concentrate properly then you will be able to see a very large number of points shining like stars and moving in irregular rotation.

LOOking at prana

B. Breathing and Inner Power

Breathing is the most important life function we perform. It regulates the heartbeat and proper deep breathing is a natural way to increase the energy level. It is important to learn how to regulate your breath so that you can obtain enough prana from the air. The practice of deep breathing exercise accelerates the required intake of 88 pounds of oxygen daily. Its main function is purification. Hemoglobin, the red element in the blood is an iron molecule that is magnetic. Iron is a positive ion and oxygen is a negative ion. During the exercise as the breathing is kept compressed or breath is held this means the amount of oxygen in the lungs becomes less while the metabolism is going on, so it will be metabolism poor of oxygen (MFO). To compensate this situation, the MFO result is an increase of hemoglobin in the blood, and it is meant to increase the positive ion of the magnetic field. The result will be increased electromagnetic flow into your body and your aura (the electromagnetic energy body) will be bigger and stronger and this is your inner power.

How about the breath of your opponent or enemy in anger? They will do fast and short breathing and sometimes cause the blood flow increase, the face will be red but the person in anger has a rhythm of brain wave is in chaos so that the result in the breathing is also in chaos. But in this condition his electromagnetic force is bigger than as usual so that is why when he attacks you he will be pushed back or will be thrown further if he becomes more emotional.

In accordance with the law of cause and effect, the bigger the emotion to attack or harm you, the further will he be thrown away although not touched even once. The positive magnetic pole of the body of an individual who has done breathing exercise will meet with the positive body magnetic pole of the opponent causing the opponent to be thrown away in accordance with the law of magnetic field in physics, and why is it that you who have done breathing exercise not thrown away as well? Because you are in a stable position whilst the opponent is in an angry and confused position so that only the attacker will be thrown away. Or it can also



be said that your body's electromagnetic force is in stable and orderly condition whilst your opponent although also having big energy but not orderly and not stable.

The throwing away of someone when attacking emotionally remains a mystery although I have tried in a simple manner to explain it above but I feel there are still many mysteries not yet revealed because of the limitation of measuring instruments and knowledge regarding such matter.

If your opponent is hit by inner power after attacking, then sometimes it is seen that the opponent will be shuddering as if hit by electrical shock or unable to breathe. I therefore hope you will be prudent in the use of the strength of the inner power. This inner power science is intended for self~defense and not for fooling around or harm other people by making them emotional until they attack you.

An unforgettable experience that I have was when for the first time mastering inner power, I trained with an inner power trainer from one of the martial arts institutes. Earlier he told me that if cried for help I must pull the shock of my inner power by rubbing from top to bottom on his back while inhaling and exhaling. Our distance was around 3 meters and he started to take the position of attacking whilst I kept standing, but around one minute passed but he still had not attacked me but suddenly I saw his face reddened with the neck veins being clearly visible and he could not say anything whilst I kept waiting for his attack and I thought perhaps this man is building up his emotion, but then I saw his eyes opened widely and there was. moaning because of pain, I ran to approach him and carried out disposal of the inner energy hitting him from me, and in the end he fell down weakly while feeling very painful, my conclusion is that this person could attack without excessive expression of emotion and at that time my inner power was adequately hitting him although at a distance of 3 meters. And this is indeed a valuable experience and expanded my knowledge about the Indonesian Inner Power.

I also had a bad experience when I wanted to test the inner power strength that I was just able to master. A friend of mine who had studied karate for five years was called by and I instructed him to hit me, on the condition that he must assume I was his opponent and must hit in an emotional condition and must do so without hesitation.

I was standing with both arms spread whilst my friend was getting ready to launch the attacking blow from a distance of around three meters and after making himself ready he ran fast while hitting towards my heart. Then the blow felt to be so fast hitting my mode without my friend being thrown away at all, and I was lying down feeling the pain and made my friend panicked with fear. This experience was very important for me because in testing the inner power mastered by us it is not easy to see whether or not someone was at the emotional level so that the vibration of the emotion needed to make someone thrown away did not exist.

Usually self-defense art sportsmen can control their emotion, therefore I hope you will be careful when testing your inner power on a layman. To effectively us inner power when facing the real opponent will be explained later.


INNeR poweR - LeVeL I


Based on metaphysics every human being has inner power and after doinq breathing exercises with a certain method, the inner power that has been sleeping thus far will arise, but there is a question as to why this traditional Indonesian inner power can throwaway someone attacking emotionally, whilst in the other self-defense arts originating from Japan, China, and other countries such capability cannot be realized?

The secret lies in the method of arousal of inner power whereby the master teacher also plays a role in assisting to open or baiting the inner power of the person directly being faced or remotely, whilst the self-defense arts originating from other countries the teacher plays a role only as mentor or teach movements only, therefore the students do not experience arousal of their inner power within a relatively short period although the students have been doing exercises for years.

In Indonesia the method of arousing inner power within someone is not the same between one martial arts institute and another and this is usually kept strictly confidential, only the students who do exercises routinely, are diligent and talented will be given the inner power arousal secret. One of the examples of inner power art institute which I attended did exercises routinely for one week continuously where each days for two hours of exercise steps and breathing method were taught, then on the last day the teacher would open the inner power source of the students. After that test was conducted, namely the students would be asked to stand passively without having to take the horse stance position or ward off if the attack from the opponent came, then for the other students who were more senior and could create high emotion vibrations purposely will try to attack by cutting, thrusting, hitting or kicking and the result was the attacker would be thrown away to a distance of twenty centimeters or two meters before touching the person being tested and if he hit with the palm then the attacker could be thrown away to a distance of three meters. And if the attacker attacks from the rear the strength of the inner power remained effective although the person being attacked did not know anything.

Besides being able to throwaway the opponent, this inner power science can also make the opponent unable to breath. And for the other applications of inner power such as separating people fighting, fencing the house, protecting your child or girlfriend, and so on can be studied in the advanced level/level II entitled "TENAGA BA TIN' or Spiritual Power and for business application delegation and wealth can be studied in the manual book entitled Vibrotic Power - advanced exercise levelllI.

Anyone buying this course will not merely be following the lessons through this book but I shall play an active role in carrying out arousal of inner power within you remotely for the basic level and likewise at the advanced level your inner power will be synchronized.

You do not need years of exercise to prove the arousal of inner power within you because all this can be proven through test that you can conduct yourself at home. After I have conducted various researches and development quick arousal of inner power is created, therefore I call it instant inner power but all this will be obtained if you want to do the exercises in accordance with the instruction not merely reading this book and wanting to know what the Indonesian inner power is.

The inner power arousal process for you is just at the basic level and the synchronization process for the advanced level to be done remotely will be conducted by me individually or personally, the purpose of one by one is I shall conduct the arousal although you do not know or feel anything whatsoever, because not all persons are sensitive in receiving the vibrations transmitted and for



you who are sensitive may feel several sensations in your body such as the body felling warm, cold, and so on.

I hope you write the address correctly and completely and if possible send your biographical data like date of birth and mother's name and your photo so that I can contact you and facilitate the arousal of the inner power within you accurately to yourself.


Inner power knowledge has many benefits particularly for self-defense without requiring you to do physical resistance, in addition it is beneficial for healing, fitness, and enhancing sense of security for yourself and your environment.

1. Self-Defense

The main benefit of inner power is for self-defense. Since the olden times this science had been developed for the purpose of facing attack or threats of wicked people. As a means for self-defense or perhaps more accurately to say it as a means for self-guarding and in addition to be useful to protect other people and prevent anyone having ill will such robbing, picking pockets, kidnapping, raping or whatever form intended to harm or take goods belonging to you.

2. Healing

By doing exercises diligently and patiently without realizing it you are carrying out a process of self-healing and this is because vital energy will flow properly in your body, and various sicknesses such high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes will automatically gradually disappear after several weeks or months of training and this depends on he condition and situation of each individual.

3. Fitness

For you who frequently feeitired, weak, and dull, after doing the exercises you will feel fitness although perspiring quite a lot, because a the time of training you are stimulating the smooth flow of blood, and intensify the function of body organs and inhaling more prana than you usually did. Vitality of life is felt and you will feel not easily tired or sleepy when working so that the passion of life feels different compared to before doing the exercises.

4. Enhancing Sense of Security

By mastering this Indonesian inner power science you will feel safer, because the inner power that you possess will automatically function to protect yourself from various attacks and ill wills of someone. With the strength of inner power we can fence our house and property against theft, robbery, snatching or burglary. You can even protect also cash and securities against theft attempts committed by supernatural creatures, and in Indonesia they are known as tuyuI, babi ngepet, and so on. Theft through supernatural creatures are widely found in several Asian and African countries and this really exists. In addition you can also protect yourself or other people against black magic intended to harm or kill you through magical medium.



5. Opening Sixth Sense

Sometimes those who are talented will automatically make you more sensitive towards vibrations or the opening of paranormal capabilities, such as clairvoyance, sharpening instinct, conduct healing, getting rid of wicked souls, cleansing a place from vibrations that are not good, making the ears more sensitive, and so on. And all this sometimes come automatically and to get such supernatural capabilities does require patience and diligence and eliminating hastiness to immediately get such capabilities, and all this will come automatically when your body is ready to receive it so that you can use them properly and wisely.


Preparation before exercise

1. Wear clothing that can absorb sweat and that is not too tight so that you feel comfortable

when doing the exercise.

2. Exercise may done outdoor or indoor without using any lining whatsoever.

3. Do not train in full stomach condition.

4. Do not exercise in tired condition or when the mind is in a frustrated condition.

5. The place for doing exercise must not be noisy, thereby facilitating concentration.

6. Try to do exercise at the same place.

7. Try to have the heart being in a peaceful and happy condition.

8. Carry out adequate body warming up so that your body feels comfortable and fit.

9. Take off ring, chain, bracelet, wrist watch, any metal objects you are wearing.

Your Body Posture

Try to sit cross-legged on the floor without lining and for you who find this difficult you may sit with the knee quite comfortably. The head, neck and torso must be upright so that the entire body is upright, the chest pushed slightly forward. However, the chest may not be pushed forward too much and it must not be stiff.

Droop your shoulders and relax your chest. Put your thumbs in your palms and fold them lightly with the other fingers, then rest the fists on your knee. Placement of the thumb must be in such a way that none of the energy being processed can come out easily through the tip of the fingers of your hand, but by placing the thumb into the grip the energy will return into the body and thus the result of exercise will not cause energy to be wasted uselessly.

The heart condition must be peaceful and happy because thereby it will be easier for the body to absorb the vital energy, if your mind is not calm and confused try first to make it calm by relaxing the entire body and relaxing, then inhale deeply, then exhale deeply with a smiling face until it is instructed that the body must be more relaxed, then after you have done this several times you will feel your mind is light and there is more comfortable feeling.

To achieve comfortable body posture, the stomach may not be too empty, maybe you can each snacks like biscuit or drink a glass of warm water and avoid also stomach in full condition. In addition, maybe yau must go to the toilet first. The exercise place is preferably the same place so that your energy will be concentrated on a point if possible use the same dress because a dress when used far months or years then the dress will become "energy clothes" that are excellent for health. Your clothes which are full of energy also contains healing energy, such as for those who


tNN£~ POW£~ - L£IIEL I

have headache and are not able to sleep can wear the clothes. Although the clothes are washed but if use for exercising quite long, then the energy attached to them will not disappear easily.

Cross-legged posture and thumbs in your palms

End of Exercise

After you have finished doing the exercise your body will be sweaty. Wipe the sweat with the palm and if you have a disease then use the palm, slapping with it slowly to the affected part, for example if you are not able to sleep well enough, slap your abdomen area. You can also wipe the face and eyes gently by massaging a little, this is good to keep your face young and bright and to make the eyes clearer with good eyesight.

The most important thing is after completing the exercise do no take cold drinks or take a bath immediately, wait a few moment so that the body can cool down.


Prana, Chi or vital energy are widely found around us, through a breathing pattern the energy can be accumulated by us and processed inside the body to produce inner power. The breathing method used in this inner power martial art of self-defense has many variations, but in this book only three types of breathing method usually used will be given, namely: Chest Breathing. Abdominal Breathing. and Combination Breathing.

This exercise constitutes the basis for arousing the strength of power and must be done with right angle breathing. What is meant by right angle breathing is the uniformity of time when inhaling, holding, and exhaling breath. For example, inhale for 10 seconds, hold breath for 10 seconds, and exhale within 10 seconds. This right angle breathing is done rhythmically, constantly and unhurriedly.

In this book I purposely make it as brief as possible, without many movements or steps because as in many other self-defense books I see that if there are too many movement techniques the readers



still find it difficult to understand, althouqh pictures are also provided. Thus the readers will not be interested in trying to do the exercise because they

are already prejudiced that the exercise will be too difficult to follow and they are afraid of making mistakes. Therefore this exercise will be done only in the meditation position and you apply the breathing technique while concentrating on the Lower Dan Tian or the Middle Dan Tian.

Do not underrate this simple exercise because this basic exercise will arouse your very powerful inner power. When you are enrolled as my student, automatically synchronization will be made and opening of your inner power will be done remotely.

A. Method of Chest Breathing

1. Sit in cross-legged position or sit on a bench with upright backbone.

2. Put your thumbs in your palms and fold them lightly with the other fingers, then rest the fists on your knee.

3. Loosen all joints and muscles until you are in a relaxed and not tense condition.

4. The position of the face is upright with eyes opened facing straight ahead and the mouth closed with the tongue touching the ceiling.

5. Concentrate your mind on the Middle Dan Tian point between your breasts.

6. Inhale slowly for 15 seconds through the nose by imagining the vital energy being as bright as a star entering the chest cavity.

7. After the chest is fully filled with vital energy, the chest will expand, then hold breath for 15 seconds, when breath is being held the chest is hardened and concentration of the person holding breath is on the Middle Dan Tian.

8. Then exhale slowly through the nose for 15 seconds by imagining the. vital energy entering the Middle Dan Tian for storage. The breath may not be exhaled quickly hut slowly and orderly.

9. After exhaling, repeat again as in numbers 6, 7, and 8, and so on.

10. Do the exercise for one hour.

11. After completing the exercise, say in your heart that you are storing the vital energy processed at the Middle Dan Tian.

12. If you are accustomed to this exercise, then for number 7 the time for holding breath may be as long as possible, such as inhaling for 15 seconds, holding breath for 25 seconds, then exhaling for 15 seconds.


When you do the above exercise there is a possibility you will feel dizzy, and this normally happens to beginners. If such is the case, rest for a moment and continue later or shorten the period of holding breath to only 10 seconds. Or breath holding is done only up to eighty percent of the capacity of the lungs, this way you will able to hold breath longer. While inhaling and holding breath the chest will always be in hard condition.



B. Method of Abdominal Breathing

1. Sit in cross-legged position or sit on a bench with upright backbone.

2. Put your thumbs in your palms and fold them lightly with the other fingers, then rest the fists on your knee.

3. Loosen all joints and muscles until you are in a relaxed and not tense condition.

4. The position of the face is upright with eyes opened facing straight ahead and the mouth closed with the tongue touching the ceiling.

5. Concentrate one's mind on the Lower Dan Tian. It is located at 1.5 inches below the umbilicus.

6. Inhale slowly for 15 seconds through the nose by imagining the vital energy entering the Lower Dan Tian, thus the stomach will undergo contraction, enlargement, and hardening, whilst the upper chest is not filled with air.

7. After that hold breath with concentration of breath holding on the Lower Dan Tian for 15 seconds. Do the lower abdomen hardening as much as possible at the time of holding.

8. Then exhale slowly through the nose for 15 seconds by imagining the vital energy entering the Lower Dan Tian for storage. Do not exhale quicklybut slowly.

9. After exhaling, repeat again as in numbers 6, 7, and 8, and so on.

10. Do the exercise for one hour.

11. After completing the exercise, say in your heart that you are storing the vital energy processed at the Lower Dan Tian.

12.1f you are accustomed to this exercise, then for number 7 the time for holding breath may be as long as possible, the longer breath is held the better the energy accumulated, and you may do breath holding for 20 or 25 seconds, although inhaling and exhaling may only be for 15 seconds.


Try to keep the neck muscle not to be too hard also but only the lower abdomen and you feel dizzy, stop and rest for a moment, the continue if possible. If you wrongly place the emphasis focus point and normally the emphasis slips to the ass section so that you will slip to the anus area, then you will be farting or you will be inviting hemorrhoids, therefore be careful.

If the stomach is in full condition, sometimes after the training the stomach will feel uncomfortable and there is something wedging in the stomach, therefore wipe with both palms to the stomach area in a circling manner. In the case of women who are having their period, it is better not to do this exercise but only the chest breathing. While holding breath the stomach must be hardened as much as possible.





( A) Method of Chest Breathing

( B) Method of Abdominal Breathing

C. Method of Combination Breathing

Combination breathing is breathing by combining between chest breathing and abdominal breathing. The method is as follows:

1. Do points 1 to 4 as in chest or abdominal breathing.

2. Do chest breathing by inhaling slowly for 5 seconds, then hold at the chest for more or less 5 seconds (the position of the chest will expand and the stomach is flat condition), then the breath is lowered to the lower abdomen and held for 5 seconds (the position of the chest drooping but the stomach expanding and hardened), then raise again the breath to the chest for 5 seconds. This is one cycle, and then start again with the new inhale, the process same as point two.

3. Do this for 20 cycle.

4. Exercise is ended by saying in the heart that vital energy is kept at the Lower and Middle Dan Tian.


Inhale only once while exercising. To be clear, inhale, hold at the Middle Dan Tian, then lower the breath to the Lower Dan Tian and so on continuously without stopping, and is done only with one inhalation only. after completion exhale slowly. This exercise is quite tough, so try to do it as far as you can, do not force yourself.



Method of Combination Breathing

Don't inhale again ( like second pic) when your breath to the lower abdomen


After you have routinely done the exercise for two weeks you already have inner power that is ready to be used for self-defense, and to succeed in using your inner power the most important thing for you to remember is that the inner power within you can only function properly if the attacker is in emotional condition, whilst if the attacker is not yet in emotional condition then it may be said the inner power in you is functioning only 50 percent.

Your Inner Power Have Activated

In fact if you fight on the street it is certain that your opponent and yourself will have a very high emotion, therefore the fight taking place on the street can function properly and the attacker will be thrown away before hitting you, but you yourself must not be emotional but remain wary and careful.

Your opponent will be thrown away without you touching him proportionally to the level of emotion when making the attack, the more emotional the attacker the bigger the pushing force returned. If



you exercise diligently, then within a distance of two to three meters the attacker will already have been thrown away without you touching him.

To ensure that the inner power within you can function properly and not failing there are several items to be observed as follows:

In principle do not rely first on inner power, because generally the initial attack from the opponent is not directly at the adequate emotional level.

When there is attack from the opponent, keep calm. Hold breath while hardening the Lower Dan Tian, then imagine energy is flowed to the palms while the entire arms are also hardened, if breath is released, try to keep the Lower Dan Tian in the hardened condition, then inhale and hold breath again.

If there is fear, do chest breathing by hardening the Middle Dan Tian, then flow the energy to the hands while hardening them. Thus suddenly there is courage in facing the opponent.

Use the inner power energy in the hands to ward off. The warding off technique must be accompanied by continuing to harden the Lower or Middle Dan Tian while holding breath, occasionally making movement as if pushing.

Try to make the opponent emotional by evading, warding off, hitting, or kicking, by doing so you can see whether or not the opponent is affected by inner force.

If on the opponent an abnormal movement is seen, such as hitting but failing to reach the target, or when hitting the opponent is seen as if there is a power blocking the blow, this means the opponent is affected by your inner power.

If it is seen that inner force has worked in affecting the opponent, try to push remotely and if the opponent is pushed backward this means the opponent is certainly under your control.

Your opponent will be thrown away without you touching




The important thing to remember is do not inhale at the same time as the attack of the opponent, because if this is done the opponent will be drawn towards you and not thrown away, thus you will think that your inner power is useless. Try to imagine at the time the opponent wants to hit emotionally and at the same time you inhale, then what happens is the opponent will be sucked towards you and the blow launched will have additional pulling power from you and this means there is a blow from the opponent + your pulling power = weight of the opponent's blow. If this happens exhale quickly while the Lower Dan Tian is kept hardened, thus at the time the opponent is sucked towards you he will also suddenly be pushed away from you and naturally the effect will be fatal for the opponent.

Exhale when the opponent to attact


Exhale quickly when the opponent will be drawn towards you


'NN£~ POW£~ - LEVEL ,


The most important thing is conducting inner power breathing exercise is by testing whether or not it is true that you already have the inner power. For this purpose you will test it yourself in accordance with the instruction that I am going to give. The purpose of writing this book is no merely to be read, but also to be carried out and I want to ask you to be more confident that it is true that now the inner power within yourself is ready to be used and by looking at the manifestation achieved from thls test I hope your self-confidence will be strengthened.

Before doing several practices of breaking hard objects, your palm or body must first be prepared, in this case flowing the inner power that has been aroused to the area to be used for hitting, such as the palm.

The exercise is like the chest, abdomen or combination breathing exercise, except that when inhaling and holding breath both hands must form the hardest possible fists. Then when exhaling imagine your inner power is flowed to the two hands while continuing the strong fist form, then relax them for a moment, then inhale again while hardening both hands again, and so on.

In addition you can also while standing carry out chest or abdominal breathing but when holding breath your posture must be like you are pushing a car, whereby both hands are pushed slowly repeatedly while being hardened and imagine your inner flow is flowed to both palms and penetrate outward. And at the time of exhaling, both palms are pushed at the same time slowly while still being hardened, then when the push has reached the maximum point, relax both hands. Then repeat the exercise several times for minimum fifteen minutes for two weeks. In the posture of pushing please do this very slowly and try to have both hands hardened, imagining now both hands have been filled with inner power flowed from the lower abdomen.

The result of exercise can be practiced as described below and it is expected that you have conducted the exercise for minimum two weeks. It should be noted that in the exercise of hardening both hands you must not forget to couple this with emphasis on the lower abdomen for abdominal breathing and emphasis on the chest for chest breathing, because these are what causes the inner power to be subsequently flowed to both hands. If the exercise in only hardening both hands without following the inner power breathing norm, then the result achieved will not be satisfactory. Inner power flowing may be done throughout the body such as feed, head, torso, and soon.

The secret of inner power flowing is in the lower torso hardening being sought, then imagine the inner power flowing from the Lower Dan Tian or Middle Dan 'nan to the preferred area For those who have conduced inner power flowing continuously and quite long, you must be careful in using it, do not slap someone recklessly, use your capability wisely and not to harm fellow human beings. If you fail in doing the practice, this does not mean that your inner power does not exist, but possibly there is lack of concentration or not enough exercise.

My experience when not conducting exercise for one year, then I tested my inner power, to see whether or not it is still effective. It turned out that my friend who could deliver a blow with artificial emotion could not hit me, this means that my inner power was still effective, but when I tried to hit the mouth of a bottle to detach the base of the bottle, I failed. The strength of my inner power was not strong enough to do that, but at the time I actively conducted exercise, this could be done very easily. Therefore a minimum of once a week exercise is needed to maintain the strength of your inner power. If we do not conduct exercise this does not mean your inner body disappears, only its strength is diminished. Inner power cannot disappear, it is like a knife that is seldom used and not sharpened will be blunt and if it is sharpened it will be sharp again. Likewise


in the case of your inner power, if exercise has not been conducted for a long time, and then abdominal breathing is done only for a half-hour, the intensity of the strength of your inner power will rise quickly. Therefore you do not have to worry that the inner power already aroused will disappear.

a. Breaking hard object with palm

Your palm will be tested to break a file, as if you possess the Iron Palm capability although you have been exercise for only two weeks. For this purpose prepare the file with both ends wedged with an object and try to have equal position. The position of the palm must be more or less one span of the hand or more less at a distance of 20 centimeters. Inhale, then at the same time the hand with the palm must be hardened as much as possible, then hold at the lower abdomen for one second, then flow the energy from the Lower Dan Tian to the palm, then hit the file without any hesitation. When you do breath holding and the flow of energy is too long, sometimes there is hesitation and energy is wasted uselessly, therefore holding the breath and flowing energy only require one second, and exhaling may also be done at the time of hitting. Before hitting, say in your heart that the object is like a breakable thing.

The proper technique of hitting with the palm is by using the blade of the palm with a fortyfive degree slant and on the edge of the blade the palm containing the muscle and this is located slightly above the wrist. And do not hit using the flesh located under your thumb because you will find this is painful.

The position of hitting may be standing with the horse stance whereby both knees are slightly bent. To prove your inner power the positlon of the palm above the head is not allowed for preparing the blow, because this means that not only inner power is used but more or less eighty percent using physical strength, whilst if only at a distance of twenty centimeters only it is unlikely that the physical strength will be used, thereby proving that only your inner power will playa role in breaking it.

b. Bottle Base Detached

Stand with the position of both knees slightly bent, then hold strongly the neck of a soft drink bottle that has not been opened, then while exhaling the right hand must be raised and stiffened as hard as possible until it trembles, then hold the breath at the lower abdomen, then flow energy from the Lower Dan Tian to the palm. If you are not confident, exhale several times, then flow to the palm until the hand trembles and feels warm. After that slap the mouth of the bottle while exhaling through the nose, the base of the bottle will be detached perfectly.

The palm area touching the mouth of the bottle should be the middle of the palm but slightly lower towards the wrist. This is where the palm area is quite strong and do not touch the flesh located under the thumb because this will be painful. In addition, when doing this the palm must be swung totally and without any hesitation, whilst the left hand must hold strongly the neck of the bottle so that it will not be pushed too. If it is pushed the existing energy will be wasted and the base of the bottle will not be detached. Keep doing this until you are successful and you will be surprised at the result.

You may be thinking that it is the water in the bottle pushing so quickly that the base of the bottle becomes detached. This is true but for those not conducting inner power breathing exercise it will be difficult to do so, whilst you who have conducted breathing exercise can do it easily.



The palm area touching the mouth of the bottle

c. Making Bulb Unbroken when Falling to the Floor

Take a transparent bulb with its filament being visible, hold with the palm the part of the bulb, not the metal part. Inhale slowly and as usual flow it to the Lower Dan Tian, then hold breath for as long as you can hold it, then imagine from the Lower Dan Tian he energy is transferred to the bulb while exhaling slowly and say in your heart I shall give strength to this bulb and the bulb will be as strong as stone. Repeat this energy transfer several times, the more this is done, the denser the energy entering the bulb. Then when you are confident, try dropping it to the floor from the height of your knee and if it is not broken, raise to the height of your waist and if still not broken you may try from the height of your chest. You will be surprised because the bulb remains not broken whilst you know that the bulb will very easily be broken when dropped to the floor.

For proving further you can drop the bulb with the energy transferred thereto on a ceramic tile measuring ten centimeters wide, twenty centimeters long whereby the two ceramic ends are wedged with an object. When dropping the bulb the metal part is held so that the glass part of the bulb sliding downward will hit the ceramic and as a result the ceramic will be broken into two.

If you have not succeeded in breaking it, repeat the process several times until you are successful or you may also drop it while holding the breath and imagining the energy within yourself will remain connected to the bulb, this will assist the energy to remain dense and do not hesitate or be afraid when dropping it.

Testing your inner power to falling bulb to the floor


tNN£~ POW£~ - LEvEL t

d. Egg Difficult to be Broken

Do abdominal breathing while holding a chicken egg, transfer the energy originating from the Lower Dan Tian to the egg by imagining a light-colored energy such as a star entering the egg and say in the heart the egg will be as strong as a stone. Then give the egg to another person and request this person to break the egg by pressing between both palms squeezing it with only one hand, but do not squeeze the fingers. The egg will be very difficult to be broken and if broken it will made quite strong sound.

This test is one of the methods to test the capability of someone flowing the inner power to an object and in Indonesia one ofthe uses of the inner power martial art studied by me uses this method for rank promotion, by having the student being tested to prepare the horse stance, then the seniors will try to break the egg placed on the student's head, so that if it is broken the risk is the head will be splashed with the contents of the egg placed on the head.

e. Exercise with Animals

You may also test your inner power using an animal and usually the animal will certainly be angry when disturbed and the easiest to find is a dog. This animal can serve as the exercise object because it has quite high emotion and naturally the anger is not made up. Taking advantage of the anger of the animal, it is expected that your inner power can throw it.

The method is tie the dog first to avoid undesirable things in case you fail, then disturb the dog so that it becomes very angry. After that do chest or abdominal breathing, then aim both palms while being stiffened at the dog while exhaling and imagine the transmitted energy hitting the dog, and if successful, the animal will be thrown back or sometimes it cannot bark anymore.

In the test using an animal, please note that your must be careful and not be overly selfconfident, carry out the. protection or prepare against undesirable things if your inner power fails, the animal will have an emotion that is no longer artificial and therefore be careful.


Exercise with the dog




Congratulations to you who have studied this Indonesian Inner Power at the basic level, hopefully it will be beneficial for you and your family. What should be remembered is do not rely one hundred percent on your inner power but be careful, avoid excessive self-confidence and get rid of haughtiness. Practicing intensively for two weeks consecutively without stopping is the most important thing at the beginning, then subsequently the exercise may conducted twice a week only to maintain the strength of your inner power, or you may also conduct it every day although for only twenty minutes. The more the exercise. the bigger the saving of your inner power.

I hope after you have trained your health and fitness will improve and some diseases suffered will disappear, the diseases normally suffered being cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. can be cured within one to eight months and this depends on the condition of each person. For those suffering from hemorrhoids, please conduct chest breathing exercise only.

For you who diligently conduct exercise, there are times when you have extra capability usually referred to as having the capability of the sixth sense, and the capability of each person differs from one another. Speaking about the inner power available in Indonesia, many forms will be found, but what you have read in this book is the core. I suggest that to know further and to expand the perspective regarding this Indonesian inner power that is of a metaphysical nature, it will be good for you to read also books on advanced level inner power.

Lukman Surjana

Master Tridaya Inner power


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