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The State of the Union

Alex Gao
My fellow citizens, I stand before you in office today, making a speech to you about our success in this election of 2012. I have no one to thank but you for my election into office. However, there are some great problems present in this country, even right now. And they are not ones that I alone can solve. To further develop our country and to promote the welfare of our people, I will need you to help me, and to help yourselves. There is a saying: all for one, and one for all. We, not as individuals, but a nation, must be for the individuals. What we need to do is, no matter how old, young, rich, or poor we must unite as one. We need to acknowledge and remember all the individuals who have made America. Back in the 1930s, our country was going through the terrible World War II. For this war, all of America united. The young bought stamps to fund our soldiers. The women worked tough jobs so that the men could go fight. The soldiers sacrificed themselves in battle to save us. Our nation was together in purpose, and moved as one unit. Less than a hundred years later, the unity that pulled us through this terrible time is gone. Unless this oneness comes back into the heart of America, we are in deep, deep trouble. Our country faces a crisis yet again in this time. The health care plans aren’t getting to enough people. People are being forced out of jobs as companies are forced to cut down on budgets. The country is going through an economic crisis, more severe than any we have had before. Unless we can agree on things, nothing will be done to help. We are divided now on everything. Democrats and Republicans fight for what they think is best, yet in their arguing, nothing is done. Everyone cries, “Less taxes! More taxes! Yes abortion! No abortion! More government control over the economy! Less government control over the people!” But in the end, all this arguing does nothing. This is a much easier, milder time than the time of the world war, yet we are in more of a dilemma than before. Can we learn to set aside our own differences and unite, together? Right now, Americans are discriminating against Muslims because of small group of radicals who ended the lives of three thousand Americans. Right now, politicians are fighting for their own interests, even knowing that their petty arguments are hurting the citizens of America. Right now, boys

might be jeering and bullying other young boys because they are just of a different race. Must we be so divided? Remember the factory worker who is tediously screwing on bottle caps for money and a life worth living. Yesterday, we may have passed a bill that will increase trade in Asia, but an unknown woman in Georgia, worked a night job and two day jobs so her son can have an education. Tomorrow, we may find a breakthrough in science that will allow for farther space travel and a new age of technology, but tomorrow, a young girl might sing the opening bars to a new state anthem. All these individuals, every single one, are America. It doesn’t matter if the factory worker was Christian or Muslim. We shouldn’t care if the Georgian woman was Republican or Democrat. It is inconsequential whether the young girl is Chinese or African-American. They are all building America, and they are all one. When we are divided, America is divided. When we are together, America is together. And it is only then that we will win in our personal and national battles. Sometimes, America stands strong and with pride, as honest men and women work to defend it and to uphold America’s beliefs. Sometimes, America droops, for the people have forgotten it, forgotten what it really is, forgotten the beliefs and unity that holds it up. America is not just a word. What it really is, though, is the people. The stars shine as the hopes and dreams of the millions of Americans, the anthem is the rallying cry. As one nation, we are together. We are one in purpose, and all barriers are broken down as we become America. Together, we can be a nation. Together, in unity, we can march on, discover new horizons. Together, we can promote peace in the world. Together, we can overcome, and uphold our America.

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