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Continuous Dry Fermentation

The invention consists in a process and a device for the continuous liquefaction of
biomass. An upward flow in the ambient liquid of the fermentor brings the biomass to
the surface. Feeding of new biomass and removal of waste material can be performed
at any time, so that continuous fermentor operation permits constant biogas output.
Compared with common farm-based digesters the reactor loading can be increased by
at least factor two to three while yielding the same amount of gas.

The invention permits continuous fer- Moreover, using the pre-fermented am-
mentation of stackable biomass (con- bient liquid in an extra fermentor in-
taining more than 25% dry matter con- creases the methane output.
tents) with minimal handling. Continuous
mixing of the input material is not neces- At present, the only dry fermentors that
sary, since the invention uses a property are available – with either vertical or
of biomass: the upward flow of solid ma- horizontal vats – use mechanical, pneu-
terials in an ambient liquid. Thanks to this matic or hydraulic devices to mix the
property, the novel fermentor requires biomass. Such fermentors have a num-
very little operating energy. Selection of ber of disadvantages, however: they are
various parameters permits regulation of complicated, fragile, and expensive to
both the fermentation speed and the operate. The new dry fermentor is en-
methane output. tirely free of these disadvantages.

UASS (Upflow Anaerobic Solid State) reactor for continuous dry fermentation.

Contact Main Characteristics Advantages

Brandenburg GmbH  Constant biogas output thanks to  High productivity and stability of the
Brainshell continuous fermentor operation biogas production process
Dr. Petra Köhler  Simple construction  Compared with common farm-based
Steinstrasse 104-106
14480 Potsdam
 Use of natural flotation properties for digesters the reactor loading can be
Germany solid material transport increased by at least factor two to
Tel. + 49 (0) 331.660.3166  The fementor can be coupled with a three while yielding the same amount
Mo. + 49 (0) 173.627.7227
methane reactor to increase gas yield of gas.
Fax + 49 (0) 331.660.3202 form of the ambient liquid  Low energy consumption, since the fermentor requires no mixing of the
January 2010
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Continuous Dry Fermentation

Applications Business Advantages

Up to now, no entirely satisfactory solu-  Reactor loading can be increased by
tion was available for continuous dry at least factor two to three compared
fermentation. We can therefore expect with common farm-based digesters
that the users will readily welcome the while yielding the same amount of gas
novel, simple and robust fermentor.  Direct use of heaped biomass (without
prior processing)
The device is fed with stackable biomass,  Low-cost device and low operating
without prior processing, including bio- costs
mass from renewable resources.  Optimisation of gas and energy pro-
According to Fachagentur Nachwach-
sende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR) at the end of
2009 approximately 4.500 mainly farm-
based biogas plants will be installed in
Germany for energy production, with an
installed electrical capacity of about Patent Information
1.650 MW el. Compared to 2001 the 15-
Patent status
fold installed capacity was realized. The
German, European and US patents have
average installed capacity increase from
been applied for.
60 kW el 1999 to 125 kW el in 2004 and
360 kW el in 2009. At the same time qual-
Development maturity
ity of biogas plants improved.
The process has been tested in a lab
prototype and pilot plant scale.

Conditions of use
The patent can be licensed nationally
and internationally.

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January 2010
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