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Now that the 2018 gardening season has come to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank

you for your financial support and to let you know what your donation helped us accomplish.

2018 was an extraordinary year. Thanks to a mild spring, no late frosts and some much needed rain
during our summer “monsoon” season, we had a record harvest. We donated a total of 87,935 pounds
of fresh fruits and vegetables. Of that total, 70,255 pounds was grown or gleaned by Seed2Need
volunteers and 17,680 pounds was grown by Silver Leaf Farms and donated to the food pantries
through Seed2Need (more on that later). This year’s crops were primarily tomatoes, green chile and

Food pantries served included St. Felix Pantry in Rio Rancho, Casa Rosa Food Pantry in Placitas and Rio
Grande Food Project, The Storehouse, St. John’s Episcopal Food Pantry, and the New Mexico Veterans
Integration Center in Albuquerque. We also donated over 25,000 pounds of apples and pears to
Roadrunner Food Bank, which was distributed throughout the state.

What went well

1. Harvest: In addition to having a record harvest this year, Seed2Need reached a new milestone -
over 1/2 million pounds donated since 2010.

2. Fruit Crop: It was a phenomenal fruit year. Seed2Need volunteers harvested over 48,000 pounds
of apples, pears, peaches, plums and cherries. Plums and cherries hung from the trees like clusters of
grapes. The fruit crop was so heavy that we had to thin our trees multiple times to prevent the limbs
from breaking.

At many orchards, clusters of apples were so large that it was impossible to pick them one at a time.
Touching a cluster brought down an avalanche of fruit. You almost needed a hard hat to harvest them.

Because we had planted peach varieties with several different maturity dates, we donated peaches all
summer. And these were tree ripened peaches, the kind that you bend over to eat to avoid peach juice
running down your chin!

3. Silver Leaf Farms: Silver Leaf Farms is a commercial, organic farming operation located in Corrales,
NM. They sell primarily to fine restaurants, premium grocers and farmers’ markets. This year Silver
Leaf donated their excess produce to local food pantries through Seed2Need. All we had to do