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To seek entry level position in a prestigious organization as a Clinical Lab. Manager /

Senior Medical Technologist / Research Officer, where I can utilize my academic
knowledge in clinical/practical application for successful goal. I have a positive attitude
and can work both independently or in a team environment.


Father’s Name Dr. Mohammad Mureed

Cast Kandhro
Religion Islam
Date of Birth 13 – 04 – 1977
Marital status Married
Domicile Dist: Dadu (Rural)
Address 1. Latif Diagnostic Research Lab
Opposite taxi stand near workshop stop
Tando jam, Sindh
P.O# 70050

2. House # A-54 Mir colony, Tando jam

P.O# 70050

Mobile: 0300-3061263

Degree / Board / Passing year Grade Major subjects

Qualification university
M.Phil Isra University
(Biochemistry) Hyderabad 2010 First Class Biochemistry

M.Sc Baqai Medical Clinical Biochemistry

(Medical University 2003 First Class Clinical Microbiology
Technology) Karachi Hematology
B.Sc Baqai Medical Clinical Microbiology
(Medical University 2001 First Class Clinical Biochemistry
Technology) Karachi Hematology & B.Bank
Diploma (Medical National Microbiology
Laboratory Institute of 1999 Second Biochemistry
Technology) Health Class Hematology
Islamabad Histopathology
Inter Govt. Muslim Biology
(Pre-Medical) College 1995 “B“ Physics
Hyderabad Grade Chemistry


 Clinical Lab. Manager/ Operations at Healthcare Molecular &

Diagnostic Laboratory, Hyderabad from 1st March, 2010 till to date
 Clinical Lab. Manager / Senior Med. Technologist at Isra
University Hospital Diagnostic & Research Lab. Hyderabad from 1st
May, 2007 to July, 2010.
 Clinical Lab. Manager/ Senior Med. Technologist, at Isra – Rahila
Research & Reference Lab, Hyderabad from 22nd Feb, 2004 to 30th
Apr, 2007.
 Evening Lab. Supervisor, Fatima clinical lab. Baqai Medical
University campus, Karachi from 2nd Feb, 2002 to 15th Jan, 2003.
 Medical Technologist, Fatima clinical lab. Baqai Medical University
campus, Karachi from 2nd April, 2001 to 16th December, 2001.

 Educational Experience:
• 2 years bench work experience during the course of Diploma
(Medical Technology) Islamabad, in which rotation of all the
 Clinical Biochemistry
 Clinical Pathology
 Hematology & Blood Banking
 Microbiology & Serology
 Microtechnique & Histopathology

• 4 Years Bench work experience during the course of (B.Sc & M.Sc Medical
Technology) Baqai Medical University campus & Baqai Hospital Nazimabad, in
which rotation of all the departments:

 Clinical Biochemistry / Special Biochemistry

 Clinical Pathology
 Hematology & Blood Banking
 Microbiology & Serology
 Microtechnique & Histopathology


• Train, supervise and evaluate the performance of laboratory staff; develop work
performance standards; schedule and assign work and develop priorities; provide
technical expertise as needed or requested.
• Establish and revise laboratory policies and procedures; develop and maintain
appropriate control and quality assurance procedures; ensure compliance with
current safety requirements; coordinate laboratory activities.
• Participate in long-range planning and budgeting processes; project personnel and
equipment needs; develop and monitor the laboratory budget; approve purchase of
equipment and supplies.
• Maintain knowledge of technological advancements in public health laboratory
testing, computer applications and specialized instrumentation.
• Work cooperatively with health providers and health officials, regarding the
identification of chemical and biological hazards; provide clients and event
appropriate agencies information as appropriate; maintain confidentiality of
information as appropriate.
• Prepare and maintain required documentation of test results; record and analyze
data using computer hardware and software.
• Maintain current knowledge of advances in laboratory technology; federal and
state regulations; attend seminars, lectures, meetings and professional
• Provide technical consultation to other laboratories and health service programs.
• Perform laboratory testing, which involves complex, non-standardized innovative
• Consult and network with other public health laboratories and agencies;
communicate findings to appropriate individuals and authorities as required by
law and agency policy.
• Perform related duties as assigned.
• Expertise:

• Microscopy of Hematological smears for the diagnoses and

identification of normal, anemia, Leukemia, Lymphomas, Inclusion
Bodies, malarial parasites etc.
• Microscopy of Urine analysis to rule out any related pathology to
kidney, urinary tract also stool examination to rule out parasitic
• Microscopy of Microbiology smears of different samples, body
fluids, sputum, pus & wound swabs and other secretions for the
identification of bacterial infection.
• Microscopy of Immunology reactions (Agglutination in cross match,
Rh antibody screening, Coomb’s etc.

• Instrument Operations:

 I have successfully operate and run Hematology analyzers with calibration & controls:
a) Coulter-T series Hematology analyzer
b) MS-4 & MS-9 Hematology analyzer
c) Nihon Kohden Hematology analyzer
d) Actidiff-Backmann’s Hematology analyzer
e) Sysmax Hematology analyzer

 I have successfully operate and run Clinical Biochemistry analyzers with calibration &
a) Spectronic-20, 21 Genesis spectrophotometers
b) Erma colorimeter
c) Microlab-200, 300 (Merck)
d) Metrolab semi-auto analyzer
e) BTS-310, 330 Biosystems
f) Double Beam Spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer)
g) Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer)
h) A-25 Biosystems Autoanalyzer
i) Cobas-Mira Auto analyzer
j) Hitachi-902
k) Flame photometer
l) Easylyte / Biolyte electrolytes analyzers
m) Nova-4, 16, Electrolyte Analyzer
n) Clinicon-4010, 5010 photometer
o) Cobas-Cardiac reader (Pro-BNP, Trop-t, d-Dimer, Myoglobin)

 I have operated and performed PCR based technique for (HCV
Qualitative, HCV-Quantitative, HBV-Quantitative, HCV-
Genotyping) on Roche Amplicore.
 I have operated and performed Real time PCR based
technique on Abbott Real Time “rt2000 & sp2000” real time
machine for HBV, HCV and Genotyping.
 I have also operated and performed PCR based technique for LJ
Mini-Opticon Bio-Rad Real time PCR machine.

 Im munology:
I have operate fully automatic
a) Vitros-ICQ Immunology analyzer
b) AxSYM-Abbott Immunology Analyzer
c) IMX-Abbott Immunology Analyzer
d) Bachmann’s Immunology Analyzer
e) Stat-fax U.S.A, Plate reader with auto washer (Manual ELISA)
f) DRG-Germany, Plate reader with auto washer (Manual ELISA)
g) Lumax (Chemilumeniscence Strip Reader) Monobind, USA
h) Diamed, Plate reader with auto washer (Manual ELISA for HCV Serotyping)
I have run electrophoresis for hemoglobin disorders at
Baqai Institute of hematology, Baqai Med. University, Karachi
• Microbiology:
I have performing media preparation and sterilization. Inoculation
of clinical samples on different types of media, performing
biochemical tests, and anti-microbial sensitivity tests for the
identification of bacteria. Also perform environmental monitoring
inside hospital for the assurance of safe and reliable sterilization in
(O.T, Labor rooms, Dressing rooms, microbiology safety cabinet,
Incubator, and surgical instruments.
• Blood Banking:
I have performed ABO, Rh, Reverse grouping, Cross match, Coomb’s
(Direct / Indirect), Rh antibody titration & screening, du-detection,
Osmotic fragility, donor selection etc
 Special Techniques:
I have assist and performed Bone marrow aspiration, and performed
Cyto-chemical stains for the diagnoses of blood disorders.
I have also assist and performed FNA-Cytology, and performed
Cytological stain, for the diagnoses of malignancy and culture for the
diagnosis of bacterial infection.

 Research Activities:
 Perform Thyroid Hormones by Chemilumeniscence technology on
Cobas e411 (Roche) analyzer, Urine Iodine and Selenium
concentration by Spectrophotometer Hitachi during M.Phil thesis
on “Biochemical Risk factors involved in the pathogenesis of
goiter in adults in plain areas of Sindh” at Department of
Biochemistry, Isra University & High-tech Laboratory, Sindh
University, jamshoro.

 I have involved in research project on screening of HCV and

HBsAg Elisa in the community of Ghumanabad, Hyderabad in
Apr, 2004.
 I have involved in research project of M.Phil program at Isra
University for:
1. Biochemical parameters ( Calcium, Phosphorus, Electrolytes, Uric
acid, Creatinine, Urea and Magnesium ) in kidney stone patients
2. Effect of Negela setava on diabetic patients before and after
giving drug and measures Lipid profile, HBA1C, Blood sugar
3. Role of Homocystein level in myocardial infarction patients.

 Publications:
• Nayab Zohra, Farah Basher, A.Hafeez, “Role of antioxidants and
trace elements in the development of anaemia”, Abstract of Natural
Product Chemistry, international symposium; 241, 2003
Other Activities:

 I have attended 24th PAP’s (Pakistan association of Pathologists)

conference held at Chandka medical College, Larkana in 2000,
presents stall of Lab systems.
 I have attended Hematology conference held at Feb, 2001 at Aga
khan university, Karachi
 I have attended and present poster in 9th International Symposium
on Natural Product Chemistry held at PC, Karachi.
 I have attended Physiology Conference held at Liaqat University
of Medical & Health Sciences in 2006.
 I have attended 29th PAP’s (Pakistan Association of Pathologists)
held at Expo centre Karachi on Feb-2006.
 I have presented various presentations during the course of M.Sc
Medical Technology: (biochemical aspects in organ
transplantation, Acid-Base balance, role of Electrophoresis in the
disorders of Hemoglobin, Cardiac enzymes and its applications in
diagnoses etc)
 I am engaged in teaching Para-Medical training of Lab.
Technicians in Isra school of Paramedics & Nursing, also Clinical
Laboratory trainee technicians, technologists.
 I have presented various scientific research articles regarding my
M.Phil research project at journal club, Isra University, Hyderabad.
 I have attended ARAB HEALTH/ MEDLAB congress held on 26
– 29th Jan, 2009 at UAE.
 Attended workshop on Preparation & production of Anti-Snake
venom and Rabies vaccine, Animal Immunization techniques,
Review Guidelines of WHO for vaccine production and
Immunization by Prof. Kavi Ratnabanankoh (Thailand) at
Department of Biochemistry, Sindh University jamshoro was held
on 12th July, 2010 to 15th July, 2010.