Oral Presentation Question 1 : Magazine’.

I’ve been assigned by my boos to interview you on the topic “The importance of speaking well in the English Language”. Before that, could you tell me some information about yourself ? Pn. Malathi : Good morning, Encik Zamri. My name is Puan Malathi Kunjuraman. I am married with two two school going children. I graduated from the Sultan Abdul Hamid Teachers Training College in the year 1989. Then, I obtained my degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in the year 2008. This is my second school in my teaching career and I have been teaching here for the past eight years. Question 2 : From your observation, what do you think about the level of English proficiency among Malaysians ? Can they speak well? Pn. Malathi : In the fifties and sixties, English Language was the medium of instruction in the primary, secondary and university. Therefore , the students had a good knowledge , understanding and effective usage of English Language. But as the era changed in the seventies and Bahasa Melayu was made the medium of instruction, English Language has been badly and downgraded by the government. As a result , only a certain percentage of student in the education line are able to speak and write in proper English. Nevertheless , there are still good English speaking employees in the labour market and in the professional line of work. But as for the general Malaysians I must admit that many of them are still struggling to converse, write and communicate effectively with correct use and usage of English grammar and functions. Salam, good morning. I am Zamri Bin Ismail from ‘Perspective

consumerism. being one of the most spoken language in the world . the other ethnic races of Malaysia too have the freedom to learn and use their mother tongue such as the Mandarin . But. to enable Malaysians to complete in global economy activities. business deals are signed and world friendship are forged. do you think Malaysia should master the English Language at the same time we have our own national language that we should be proud of? Pn. tourism and economy . speaking . Malaysians also need to be good in the study skills of English Language because English Language has been accepted as the universal language throughout the world. businesses and world matters. technology . science . English Language. we have to . So. Malathi : As our country’s national language Bahasa Melayu is definitely of utmost importance to every Malaysians. has been the unifying factor when all these people cross against each other. Tamil . English Language as been used as the yardstick in communication where new thing are learnt. latest information on education and research are inseminated.Question 3 : In your opinion. labour market. industrialization . Every single citizen must acquire the knowledge of listerning . reading and writing effectively in Bahasa Melayu and be pround of our national language that has been accepted as lingua franca among south-east Asia countries . maybe you can explain the importance of English in our daily life especially involving your own profession ? Pn. Punjabi and other. every individual must make the effect to master the English Language. In addition to this. education and other related field. Question 4 : Why you think so ? Why Malaysian should master English . Malathi : Let me stress one point. To excel in the field of education . Different people throughout the world use different languages as the medium of instructions in the field of communication.

Question 5 : How about the importance of speaking well in English language for education ? Pn. Malathi : “Speaking communication. First. Second. It is one of the important study skill of English Language. opinions and thoughts with a better understanding and clear meanings. effective communication in English and effective usage of English in performing all the given tasks to them. Sixth. it helps us to express ourselves more effectively and meaningfully. it enables us to participate in debates. especially in performing well in their major examinations. it helps us to convey our ideas. he has to show a genuine interest and hard work to learn and speak well in English language. Fifth. he has to have a good grasp of the vocabularies in English. As for the teaching line. Third. Second. it helps to enchance our communication with our teachers and friend relation with the learnt subject matter. Malathi : A non-speaking English language person can build his confidence to speak through many ways.master the language and communicate effectively. he has to learn the basic grammar correctly especially the subject-verb agreement. Question 6 : How can a non-speaker of English language build up his confidence to speak ? Pn. it helps us to score better in oral examinations or in the quest to get a scholarship for further education. tenses and well” is the essence of expression and effective . Third. Fourth. First. forums and seminars with confidence and effectiveness. it helps us to delever our oral work and assignments with greater impact and value. Speaking well in English language has great importance in the line of education. I have to use English Language daily to teach my students the study skills.

Malathi : There are several ways on how we can improve the usage of English. Third. English should be widely used and spoken at home. Next. . First. The short term effects are as follows. Question 8 : What step should we take to improve the usage of English ? Pn. he can join classes to learn up proper speaking and pronunciation in English. the individual could not learn the subject matters taught in English effectively. Second. Sixth. get your friends who are good in English to detect and correct your errors. Second. the individual cannot get involved in the communications in English language with peers and public. Question 7 : What is the short term and long term effect if an individual cannot master the English language ? Pn. Malathi : The inability to master English language does have some short term and long term effects. Fifth.sentence structures in English. listen to more English speaking programmes. with interest and confidence. the individual would not be able to work effectively in the private sectors that give importance to English language. Next. the individual could not learn and grasp the contents of books written in English effectively. First. It need to be used consistently in our daily lives to make us a knowledgeable and competent user. he has to converse as mush as possible in English. contents of internet and research papers were produced of internet and research papers were produced in English language. First. English is a living language. Third. The long term effect has a wider impact to the particular individual who cannot master the English language. the individuals quest to enter the business line would be hampered because most of the business dealings locally and internationally are conducted in English. he would struggle to achieve excellence in his totiary education for most of the reference books.

are they any other importance uses English ? Pn. he can enroll in the internet cyber talk programmer that would enable him to corresponds and converse with English narrative speakers thoughout the world. the usage or the vocabulary and the construction of the sentences. seminars and workshops regarding public issues. Malathi : There are other available avenues where a person can try to improve himself.Second. it would be of great help to you if you are in the business line to expand your expand your business links especially throughout the world. he can be a member of the British Council and attend English classes conducted there and at the same time read the available reading materials there. Second. In addition to this. it will help you greatly when you want to pursue your masters or Phd’s at foreign countries. read and write in English. it will be as great advantage and assistance to you when you are at travels a foreign country . Third. it . one must possess a good dictionary to find out the meanings of difficult words. Question 10 : In your opinion. Second. Third . Fourth. you will have a wider circle of friends and not those only who speak your mother tongue. he can attend public talks. each home must buy an English newspaper and family members are encouraged to read it. Maybe a Malay-English or English-Malay dictionary. In addition to this. storybooks of interest in English should be bought and read.. more programmes in English should be watched and special attention must be given on how the words are pronounced. Malathi : Definitely yes. such as the UK or Great Britian. speak. First. Question 9 : What other avenues that can a person try to improve himself ? Pn. Fourth. First. Find more opportunities to listen. health matters and religious talks that are usually conducted by academicians and professionals with good command of English. Third.

will your company with the research and development programmes that are so important to the future of your business. he has to rehears the speech many times and ask someone to detect and correct his mistakes.consumerism and the private sectors. to make an effective and meaningful speech. it has a significant importance in the field of science. First. Third. facts and figure about the subject matter of the public speaking. Malathi : Every Malaysians must realize the importance of mastering English language. tourism. he has to have a lot of confidence in facing the audience and eliminate the stage fright. To be a good public speaker a person need to adapt many things. Pn. informations and ideas that cover various aspects of lives. It is an important tool of communication regardless one’s culture. spook. background and status. . he has to work on his voice modulation so that his speech will have the right tempo. can you please summarize briefly in your own view “the importance of speaking well in the English language”. Second. Fourth. Third. technology. read and write effectively in English to achieve excellence in tertiary education locally and abroad. he has to gather enough information. it is a must for future graduates to listen. Second. Next. Question 12 : Final question. spirit and charisma to attract the audience. Malathi : Public speaking is an event that requires good use and usage of English language. Question 11 : What is the adeptness that a person needs to be efficient in public speaking ? Pn. it is an effective way of acquiring knowledge.

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