March 12, 2010


Development report of CLC Sargodha

She is very happy to know that CLC is again starts it’s functioning. Meeting with EDO Education Sargodha Atta Ullah Shah is currently EDO education.D. He informed that he is also running short of staff and he can ask for E. Meeting with Mr Saif Ullah Mr Saif Ullah is owner of Sargodha News which is the leading e-newspaper of Sargodha . . He is conducting many govt IT related projects. She makes certain all kind of moral support and availability for CLC Sargodha. And she is also a member of our committee. He also agrees to cooperate in future without any cost. He also ensures his availability for meeting of CLC Sargodha and also his support for any issues relating to it. He also ensures that he will attend the meeting if informed a week before.Development report of CLC Sargodha Development report of CLC Sargodha MEETINGS Meetings with Current RD (DDO(R)) of CLC Sargodha Frequent meetings with current RD (DDO(r)) are held with issues relating to staff and building of CLC developments. He has also worked with UNDP. He also ensures full technical support for developing computer section in CLC Sargodha and availability for meeting anytime.He is very supporting and happy with CLC Sargodha. Meeting with owner of Nobel Computer Mr Sarfraz Ahmad is Owner of Nobel Computer and also member of committee of CLC Sargodha.O education for providing staff for CLC Sargodha. He makes sure to give full coverage of CLC Sargodha starting and its functions. He makes sure all kind of moral support for CLC Sargodha. Meeting with Head of Department of Education Dr Riffat is head of department of education in University of Sargodha.

wash rooms and entry are still needed to be white washed. Govt Elementary School. Renovation Three rooms two halls and half of the gallery is white washed. Meetings with School teachers Frequent meetings with several school teachers to provide them information about CLC Sargodha services are held.Development report of CLC Sargodha Meeting with Principals of nearby Schools Principals of Misali Ravian. while all rooms and hall is repaired. But half of gallery. He frequently patrol hostel in evening and in night time to guarantee the security. In day time our own guard Muhammad Khan is available. Jamia boys school. s of Education in Sargodha Meeting with Ms Suriya Sultana and Mr Tahir Kashif is held and brief them the functionality and operations of CLC Sargodha in accordance with their expectancy for being future RD of Sargodha. GCET Boys hostel building status. Meeting with D/O. Security Security position of the place is increased by engaging the security guard of GCET Mr Shezad. . Sir Syed Model and Qaid Model Schools for giving them information of CLC Sargodha and invite them for visit when CLC is required. Maintenance Only one big hall needs some maintenance.

Garden Boys Hostel Garden is maintained by planting proper grass. They ask for copy of NOC which i am waiting from head office. Internet Letter for internet connection is send by mail but I get no response on it.Development report of CLC Sargodha Cleanliness As we have no staff for cleanliness. While all next bills along with phone calls detail is mailed by me. Only one letter of load requirement signed by head of department is needed. they were on strike for more than a month due to their conflict with DPO Khushab. Ten roses are also planted along with many seasonal plants Allocated Space Status Meeting with building department officials Meetings are conducted with building department. The SDO visit the place marked by officials of DSD. I mailed that letter to you earlier and request for consideration several times but I still cannot get it. Principal of GCET is requested in this regard .He appoint one Sweeper which can clean the premises on demand. On the other hand we still need funds for cleaning materials Electricity Separate Electric meter of three phase is still pending due to incomplete file. . Telephone The first telephone bill of November is still unpaid due to technical problems of Bank.

Tables. So the first installer can be contacted for there reinstallation. . Playground equipments Play ground equipments were uninstalled in away that they need special technicalities for reinstalling in new place. So to make an entry from that side we will need NOC from irrigation department so that it will not affect our building plans in future. We have to ask WAPDA for alternative ways for smooth construction of premises. Computer tables These materials can be taken to GCET but no letter to commissioner for our good is sent. Electric polls Three electric poles are present in the space allocated to CLC Sargodha which can interrupt our building design.Development report of CLC Sargodha Current Status of allocated space Currently space is given on contract to a plant nursery. So at earliest provided him with vacancy notice so that it will not interrupt in future. Status of Goods in Commissioner House Cupboards. He informed me that he has legal right to evacuate after three month when he gets legal notice for it vacancy. I meet the owner of nursery who is retired head clerk of GCET. Space outside the wall The space outside the wall from where we have to plan the entry is property of irrigation department.

II. Letter to commissioner for goods Copy of NOC of the allocated space Legal Notice to nursery Funds for security and maintenance Letter of load requirement for wapda Letter to NTC for internet connection . the students of elementary school visit frequently in the library but with the passage of time their number is reduced because of exam seasons and no innovation of services Expected members With a start of only three sections i. COMPUTERS Computer can be sent to Sargodha by clearing the hall where the computer section is developed. III. V. Under the instruction of ADMIN OFFICER they would not be opened until care taker came and opened it. IV. I can ensure you up to four hundred members. Current requirements from Head Office I. Current services BOOKS Books are available but still in packing.Development report of CLC Sargodha Visitors of CLC Sargodha As currently there is no member registered.e. VI.

Development report of CLC Sargodha Way of Action for functionality of CLC Sargodha. Soon I will provide you more information in this regard . A letter to commissioner is for our stock taking is needed. Library Library can easily be developed by taking cupboard from Commissioner House. For temporary functionality of CLC Services in Boys hostel. 3. 2. Sport section / Hobbies section Some sport goods can be changed into complete section With the development of these sections we can make CLC Sargodha functional. Care Taker is also needed for stock taking in this regard. Development of sections 1. Computer section Three phase meter is basic requirement for computer section and secondly internet connection is needed to develop computer section. Step 1.

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