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How common is it today to find technology having an effect on workers jobs?


It’s affecting in a way that in an organization if we replace the work of

workers or clerical staff with computer or any other machine the 60% of the
work will be done by that machine as we have discussed above, and if it
happens, where will they adjust that 60% labor force?

So they will ultimately be fired and will result as unemployed people. Those
will affect the economy and workers job.

Another factor to be kept in mind is that the technology can affect wages of
workers in a two distinct ways. It can contribute to shift in the distribution of
workers across different wage levels. Typically this will result in shifting
workers from lower to higher paying jobs. But technology can also affect
wages by altering the content of jobs without shifting workers.

One more factor technology may make a job considerably less complex and
thus require fewer skills.


How much of a problem did the introduction of the computer present to the
management team in this company?


In this company the problem we are going to have by the introduction of

computers that the workers and the clerical staff have no know-how about
the computers. And another factor is that the machine will do the 60% work
of the total which means that it will replace that 60% labor force. So the
workers and the clerical staff are going to be worried about their work and
employments in the organization that if the machine will do 60% of their
work then what will they do?
The workers and the clerical staff will be more concerned about their
employments in the organization. Management will face the problem how to
give mental peace to the labors about their employments in the


If you had been in charge how would you have tried to alleviate the fears of the
employees who thought they would be replaced by the computer? Explain


If I have been in charge then I would try to alleviate the fears of the
employees by putting training programs for them to teach them the know-
how about the computer so that they can do their work on computer like
they do it papers.

I would typically be composed of the raising and recording of changes,

assessing the impact, cost, benefit and risk of proposed changes. Developing
business justification and obtaining approval, managing and co-ordination
change implementation, monitoring and reporting on implementation.
Reviewing and closing change requests.

As a manager or in charge I have a responsibility to facilitate and enable

change, and all that is implied within that statement, especially to
understand the situation from an objective stand point and then to help
people understand reasons, aims, and ways responding positively according
to employee’s own situation and capabilities.

So the in charge should keep these points in mind while taking the decision
that how negatively and positively is going to affect the different levels from
top level to lower level.