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=DEFENDER: HARRIS COUNTY CRIMINAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION aS Rede ee eee aor Oe eden eee eee ee Re one oa R72 ee LC SEEN Oe) 5/23/31 | 5320 Shepherd Dr. Houston TX 77091 eat te ee Dent nee Ee ag ata 5/30-5/31/13 | Jury Assembly Plaza / 1201 Congress St / Houston, TX 77002 PURO eC RTT “The only thing more dangerous than the line being crossed, is the cop who will cross it.” Cdn a ee ea a ae ea Ee nn ner eet ont ae fer te ey ce ie) 6/20/13 | Danny Easterling :: PRE TRIAL DIVERSION & GRAND JURY PACKETS (1.0 Poraegai 1c) FALK SHOW aK kh vi Hosted by Todd Dupont Thursday Nights @ 8pm ethics hotline 713°518°1738 Staffed by HCCLA Past Presidents Lele Lo MU Reso hold us i ", et Stay Updated Houston Media Source with HCCLA Comcast (Channel 17) AT&T U-verse (Channel 99) www. reasonable doubt facebook PRESIDENT Christopher L. Tri SU mC a VICE-PRESIDENT Sa men M, Aloe eed T° As Wood Dune Gaara erg rl Yea gS] PC ne) Robert A. Moen Wil Gray Danny Eastering ec hM, Prt ea ecu Pete oreo Ea) ee ee 3 ir PUBLISHER eDrToR Cae ate i a Eee Cen CONTENTS ON Oo 17: 19: 23: 27: +A Word from the President by Chris Tritico : Future Warriors :HCCLA News Round Up 8 :: Welcome New Members! 8 :: Mock Trial 9: The Amachi Texas Mentor Program 112012 HCCLA Holiday Party Photos :! Hung By Mistake by Robert Pelton : (Most) Harris County Law Enforcement Agencies Adopt New Written Eyewitness Identification Procedures by Scott Ehlers It's Time for a Texas Jury Instruction on Eyewitness Identification Evidence by Cheri Duncan :15 Easy Steps to Your First Habeas Writ by Pat McCann Practice Checklists by Pat McCann 24:: Habeas Checklist 24 :: Punishment Checklist 25 :: Investigation Checklist 25 :: Appellate Checklist HCCLA Extras ‘Ad Rates New Member Application iL BONDS EXPERTS . 113-227-106 a www lockwoodbailbondcom 1417 CONGRESS ST HOUSTON, TK. 77002 _: Chis Mental Health and Its Drain on the Justice System Ido not know about you but I have an ever increasing umber of mentally ill clients. I have a forensic psychiatrist on call to assist me with my mentally ill case load, Over the past year I have been representing, a severely mentally ill client. He is charged with Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer. When I got up con the facts and realized that his conduct is a result of hhis mental illness I began attempting to get him help. My first stop was to my forensic psychiatrist who put together a treatment plan and located half way houses that he could reside in. No easy task, as this had to be an inpatient half way house that would assise this gentleman with his sobriety and maintain him on his prescriptions. Once that task was completed I went 0 the District Attorneys mental health prosecutor. It ‘was my belief that this client, who is so mentally ill that he has had a court ordered guardian for the past 20 years, was a prime candidate for the new Harris County Mental Health Court and the DA's office tried to help this man. ae &