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Principles of Marketing Marketing Plan For Nestle Every Day (Outline)

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Although in the ever growing global market perspective. Pakistani consumers pay more attention to the quality and blend of the tea leaves than to the milk used in it. Current Marketing Situation: Currently NESTLÉ® EVERYDAY® is a market leader in tea whiteners with a strong customer percentage.Candia There are few others international imports also but they have insignificant market share. the product was a huge success. The main concern is to maintain lead in the market and identify the market opportunities to expand and increase its current share. Nestle must be credited for creating consumer awareness and generating a brand of milk specifically for use with tea more than eighteen years ago. In Pakistan.Tarang Haleeb Foods . Given this environment. Owing to its focused positioning and convenience it offers. The brand has shown strong growth pattern with a great promise in the future. Interestingly. .2 MBA (D) – Principles of Marketing – Group Marketers Product: NESTLÉ® EVERYDAY® (Tea Whitener) Manufacturing Company: NESTLÉ Pakistan Limited Executive Summary: NESTLÉ® EVERYDAY® tea whitener was launched in 1992 to exploit the potential offered by the tea whitening segment and to expand the overall powder milk market. tea is a national beverage consumed in all walks of life. it is vital to retain maximum number of customer. but it now faces tough competition with following recent new entrants: Engro Foods .

the tea whitener market can be divided into the following categories: Corporate Sector (Offices & Companies) Instant tea at stalls (made with tea bags) Households (Mixed / kettle tea) Product Review: Main features are: The brand is available in a variety of pack sizes ranging from 5 to 1000 gm.3 MBA (D) – Principles of Marketing – Group Marketers Market Description: The Pakistani consumer market & customers. The cultural value and importance of tea are strongly rooted in both urban & rural population. NESTLÉ® EVERYDAY® being the local pioneer in this domain has successfully developed taste for tea whitener and acceptability among the urban population. so you can enjoy the same delicious cup of tea each time! . The product is matchless in quality and has no match. a cultural norm which is different from tea’s origin. The taste spectrum is concentrated with dairy milk. In general. which is difficult to relate to other countries and cultures. NESTLÉ® EVERYDAY® tea whitener. where it is used rarely with milk (black tea). made from pure fresh milk gives you that perfect rich taste that only specialized milk can. the tea whitener concept is still not excepted widely across the country. The use of milk in tea is a custom. both have a unique & dynamic perspective.

and the old one’s like Haleeb. less volume. If they are not reverent of quality and reduction cost. The major contributor is its appropriate strategy particularly its relationship with the social and environmental sectors. We must watch and learn from our competitors. which would drive growth through innovation and renovation. Engro Foods . Keeping new players such as Olper’s.4 MBA (D) – Principles of Marketing – Group Marketers For your convenience NESTLÉ® EVERYDAY® is available both in powder and liquid forms. On the other hand Haleeb has a market share of 28%. Haleeb is having their own suppliers so the raw material cost is bit low. and . We can achieve competitive advantage through Quality. Success can never be taken for granted. Perhaps this is the reason that it in spite of being a multi-national has been well accepted in Pakistani culture. marketing and sales departments. Competitive Review: We live in a competitive world and must never forget that our customers have a choice. There are ample chances of its survival in future. ready to drink. And Engrofoods having 21% the major contributor toward this growth and development are human resource. Nestle focused more on advertising. If they do something better.Tarang Haleeb Foods . more stable shelf life. The study concludes that Nestle has a significantly high growth rate (36%) and has grown and developed at a high pace in short span of time.Candia Nestle Pakistan envisions that the company should develop an extremely motivated and professionally trained work force. we must improve our own performance. NESTLÉ has introduced the milk powder which outshined others because of its great taste. Nestle have been experiencing a constant increase in cost with raw material contributing the larger part of this increase. refrigeration. Nestle maintained its value of gross profit margin around or above 30% to ensure that it has a strong control over its costs. Special training programs have been designed for employees at each level to keep up with and develop this vision.

Strength is that people trust on Nestle. The only brand in the area maintaining its quality and taste and having the same impact on its customer Economical Pure Drinking Water in market (Free of chemicals) Strong Brand Name Weaknesses: One major weakness of Nestle is that it is entering into markets that are already mature and can give a tough competition to new entrants. IT is an important aspect that people all around the world are becoming more conscious about health. But on the other hand. They transport their products at major ten regional sales offices. These sales office (distribution centers) have their own vans with sales people who sell and transport goods to the small retailers. innovation.5 MBA (D) – Principles of Marketing – Group Marketers the efficiency of production. renovation. It looks at achieving higher volumes by renovating existing products and innovating new products. Another thing is high level of market share and that people all over the world trust and recognizes Nestle as a big brand name. Nestle has its own distribution networks equipped with all necessary transportation facilities. But Nestle by analyzing the sensitive areas can overcome its weaknesses. that’s why they prefer Nestle. product availability and communication are major strengths. Nestle focus on collectivism and performance orientation attitude which encourages employees to work harder. Strength is that they are low cost operators which allow them to not only beat competition but also edging ahead operating excellence. Nestle Plain Yogurt has proved to be a Nestle weakness because it has been unable to make its market place in USA. Communication is weak Lack of Awareness . Channels & Logistics: Distribution system of Nestle is one of major source of competitive edge over its existing rivals. which are situated at different cities of Pakistan. SWOT Analysis: Strengths: The greatest strength of nestle is that it includes a culture that is team focused and an open door policy. Haleeb faced a bit of down fall when Olpers introduced their campaign.

In line with the above objective. Improvements in profitability would be achieved with due respect to quality and safety standards at all times. through development of a large variety of food categories of products with highest quality. Marketing Strategy: The effective formulation of the marketing strategy depends on the proper match between the three key elements: Consumer Quality . Many conferences and campaigns have been held against Nestle in this regard which can damage the name and trust of its customers.I t also has opportunities largely in China and India as well. Company’s objective is to be the world’s largest and best branded food manufacturer while insuring that nestle name is synonymous with the products of the highest quality. Nestle Pakistan aims at growing into a number one food company in Pakistan in the shortest possible time with the unique ability to meet the needs of consumers of every age group . Through proper marketing research Nestle can cash on to these opportunities.from infancy to old age. for nutrition and pleasure. Concentrating on these areas can increase sales Increase in product line Threats: Nestle is facing the threats by worldwide community due to its violation of international marketing standards.6 Opportunities: MBA (D) – Principles of Marketing – Group Marketers Nestle in Pakistan has a great opportunity for expanding its markets because in Pakistan there is a large ready market of food and beverages due to trends of eating and the increasing . Marketing objectives are compatible with the overall corporate objectives of nestle. capital efficient and profitable long-term growth. Another threat is due to the increasing popularity of its competitor OLPERS in local and international markets. Segments are being shared by competitors Uncertain conditions will effect the sales(diseases of animals) Under cutting by competitors Objectives & Issues: The strategic priorities of Nestle Pakistan are claimed to be focused on delivering shareholder value through the achievement of sustainable.

. Customers expect us to keep this promise every time. A Nestlé brand name on a product is a promise to the customer that it is safe to consume. Quality is our most successful product. It is the key to our success. today and tomorrow. People. Companies with huge quality standards make fewer mistakes.7 Competition MBA (D) – Principles of Marketing – Group Marketers Every product on the shelf. Under no circumstances will we compromise on the safety of a product and every effort must be made to avoid hazards to health. waste less time and money and are more productive. every service and every customer contact helps to shape this image. compliance with all relevant laws and regulations is a must and is not negotiable. equipment and instruments are made available to ensure safety and conformity of Nestlé products at all times. The effort is worth it. Likewise. that it complies with all regulations and that it meets high standards of quality. They also make higher profits.

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