Project Weekly Status Report
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Project: Project PF225 Report Period: 10/05/07 to 10/11/07 POP: 2/5/07 to 12/31/08 Project Manager: Loren Flossman (b) (6) Scope: Planning, design services and physical construction of 225 miles of primary border fence at various locations along the Southwest Border no later then 1 Dec 2008.

 IPR MEETING: PF225 SBI PMO team met with the Corps in Ft Worth on 10/10/07 to conduct an IPR  RE STRATEGY: PF225 team met with DOJ on 10/11 t review condemnation prcess and timeline  CONTINGENCY MILEAGE: All PF225 “high priority” mileage has now been visited. Site visits for contingency miles need to be conducted (likely mid to late October). Approx. 55 buffer miles have already been identified and with the potential of 70 after recent site visits  Temporary Restraining Order: TRO issued on 10/09 for 1.5 miles of fence  NEPA: Planning for public meetings underway.  STD FENCE DESIGNS: Resulting from 9/6 meeting, we’re working with OBP to narrow down fence options. Will then provide ‘Fence Toolkit’ to Corps/Baker to complete design details. Std design will offer numerous benefits including ability to show OGA’s & Landowners what we’re installing, and enabling early material procurement.  UTILITIES ALONG LEVEES: USACE needs to immediately commence with locating all utilities that run along and under IBWC levees; IBWC has no up-to-date data, and there are an abundance of high voltage lines, natural gas lines, irrigation piping, etc. that will impact design and construction.  FENCE SUMMARY SPREADSHEET: It’s been revised and now includes columns to track Real Estate, Environmental, and RFP and Construction activities and progress relative to the baseline. Planning aspect colors need to be reviewed and validated.  BASELINE: Need baseline ASAP – PF225 to met in Dallas on 10/10 to finalize.  FENCE ALIGNMENT WRT LEVEES: 9/28 was kick-off for levee fence alignment/design PDT. Next meeting planned for the week of the 10/14  IBWC MOU: Nearly complete per (b) (6) – will need to execute prior to finalizing segment K-1 design, which requires IBWC coordination. Also, will need to help IBWC electronically scan & file their real estate documents to determine where their easements and fee land interests begin & end wrt levees in TX.  Risks: Still need risk statements provided by corresponding risk owner
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Deleted: <#>FWS in RGV: FWS informed us that fence is not “compatible” with “National Wildlife Refugee (NWR) mission” in RGV and as such cannot legally approve its installation on NMRs. S1 waiver may be required to build the affected segments (9 locations, 2.6 miles)¶ Deleted: . ROE-C and ComplaintOnly processes are now off the table. USACE/OBP are approaching green landowners for ROE-S&E and PF225 team is redrafting RE acquisition strategy in partnership with DOJ

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Deleted: kick-off meetings held in Yuma, El Centro and San Diego.

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Deleted: <#>Notice of Intents (NOIs) for RGV and SD EISs: They were advertised in local newspapers and Federal Registrar on Monday, 9/24. ¶ Deleted: e Deleted: 11

Project Manager’s Assessment
Category Scope Status Y Assessment Summary All of the PF225 “high priority” miles have been scoped. Need to confirm scoping of contingency mileage. Corps has completed preliminary plans depicting laydown locations for El Centro and Yuma-on schedule to complete preliminary plans for remainder of PF225 by 09/28. OBP will need to review and confirm locations and associated improvements.. Coordination efforts with IBWC and FWS associated with fence locations is going well. Fence Lab completing standard design details for PF225 fence tool kit.. (b) (5) estimate (+20%/-5%); based on parametric estimate Corps proposed draft schedule that shows Dec 01, 2008 completion date was to have been provided to us by Sept 28. Preparation of Phase 1 RFP documents on schedule; IBWC MOU needs to be prepared/executed; Significant DoI & IBWC coordination activities

Budget Schedule Technical


Deleted: 664M Deleted: is Deleted: Need green light for use of RoE for C ASAP to keep to March 1st Real Estate delivery deadline, and DoJ engagement is critical as well

Schedule Details
Key Milestone Complete draft PMP document Corps accepts Delegation of Authority and Accompanying Support Agreement Execute IBWC MOU Complete Phase 1 Preliminary Design/Contract Awards Complete Phase 2 Preliminary Design/Contract Awards Complete Phase 1 Construction Complete Phase 2 Construction Complete Real Estate Phase 1 Acquisitions Baseline N/A N/A N/A 12/02/07 TBD 08/31/07 12/01/08 11/27/07 Current Estimate 09/28/07 09/28/07 10/15/07 10/01/07 TBD 03/01/08 12/01/08 11/27/07 Status* Y Y Y G R G R G

FME004191 Complete Real Estate Phase 2 Acquisitions
Complete Phase 1 NEPA Decision Documents Complete Phase 2 NEPA Decision Documents
Project level gate reviews – Next Event/Milestone Only

01/01/08 12/22/07 03/01/08 N/A 10/25/07 TBD

01/01/08 12/22/07 03/01/08 10/07/07 09/30/07 09/01/07 TBD


- Approve PMP - Prepare/Approve Phase II and overall project baseline - Phase I construction breaks ground - Phase II construction breaks ground

* Green = No Issues, No Help Needed, Yellow = Some Issues and Problems, No Help Needed, Red = Can’t or Probably Can’t Meet Promise, Need Help

Financial Details – TO only ($ in thousands)
Budget Category Expenditures thru 09/28/07



Baseline Budget

Estimate at Completion

Variance at Completion

Cum Variance*

(b) (5)


BROM Estimate Design & Const.*** Mgmt Reserve Profit & Fee Total
Predicted Overrun/Underrun

0. Incl.

(b) (5)

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* For schedule and cost variances: Positive (+) Var = Green; Negative (-) Var = Yellow when < 8% and = Red when > 8% ***Assumes ROM Fence Cost $1.65M/mile

PF 225 Major Risks and Issues (not necessarily in order of priority)
1 – Project lay down control management plan Engagements/Message/Transactions 2 – Timely ROEs and land acquisition (will require condemnations) 3 – Timely completion of NEPA decision documents (will likely require a S1 waiver) 4 – Preparation and implementation of Project Management Plan 5 – IBWC Coordination/MOU 8 – Public/environmental groups opposition 9 – Fence deployment in South Texas and portions of San Diego sector 10 – Accuracy of current cost estimates (based on parametric estimates) 11 - Accuracy of schedule duration estimates (based on professional judgment) 12 - Identification and planning of buffer mileage

Deleted: 100 mi +/- of

6 – DoI Coordination/Approvals

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