By Kumwaga Ra-Nu Kiganja KemPtah

“He who hears is beloved of God. He whom God hates

does not hear… He who loves to hear is one who acts on what is said. …The hearer’s remembrance is in the mouth of the living, those who are on earth and those who will be.” (The Teachings of Ptahhotep)

Table of Contents
Introduction 1: Translation and Transition: The real Distributive, Associative and Commutative Laws of KemPtah.

2: Multiplication/Division: 1 is the New Zero

3: Ethiopian Mathematics and Synergy of sides

4: The Essential meaning of simple and expanded form

5: Codified Vs. Symbolism

6 : Praise be to Our Ancestors, our people in struggle or freedom

Essentially all or most my works will be on the critique of Eurocentric reckoning and at the same time putting forth a solution opposite of all swindle solutions (Eurocentric solutions). A non-swindle solution is the origin or Afrikan rooted (not based on European nomenclature of Afrika as the Coons or Krakkka believes so) solution. Being Afrikan center no matter what race, isn’t racist, it just make the difference of race (in which white kulture invented this mute classification) irrelevant because all people are types of Afrikan (since Afrika is all of our origin when it comes down to it). We need an aboriginal solution, nothing more nothing else. We need to plug up the hole (better yet build a concept with no holes), and get rid of the inconsistencies. It’s synergy of sides, whenever there’s a problem the solution is right along with it. Lift and pull is our ancestor’s concept, so logical inference comes from experience and not abstract thought and not like the Eurocentric logician’s take on thought. Eurocentric always only analysising objects that are dieing or dead, the whole theme is Necros, “put it in the lab” paradigm. While us Afrikans sees the whole planet and the universe as the real experimental lab to grab experience. Prior to writing my mathematical pamphlets, I was thinking about Al (black) Chemistry (ether (electronic) based) because of the concept of the “world is our lab” or how brothers that are hustling says “Lets change nothing into something”(or how Pac use to sat “…make a dollar out of 15 cent”) are our core concept. This is working with what you got into something you don’t have. It’s not based on just getting abundances of material wealth but all occurrences of wealth (mental (ideal) wealth is information). Basically alchemist uses the energy and things around them to materialize their goal. Not

just the immediate but also the intermediate and long range energies and things in your environment. It is a social-cultural explosion of our developmental (not detrimental like a bomb) scale. I know by now that this math that I’m presenting, stings the open wounds from the western ideological whips. I’m just cleaning your cuts so you can heal, hell Im cleaning my wounds too, so I know how you feel. This transition to our mathematical God (Black Seed) Mind isn’t a peaceful engagement when we still have Eurocentric restrainment in our minds. Black Power, Black Love and Black Supremacy to all my melanated conscious peoples! I put forth this math in reality because it is more general and can be apply so that inter inner lightenment can transpond. After a while it will look like hieroglyphics because the synergy of the concrete balances off the abstract, so that substance can be shown in what I say.

The only way westernized mathematical formulas can link up is if the formulas are the same equation expressed in different ways.

Notice the common difference (no matter what combination of different number there are) is zero because all combinations are essentially the same number (superfiacially different numbers). The different combination of numbers says the same thing in many different ways. This is like organizing words in the same English language so that it will mean “no” and nothing else. To get a new meaning (i.e. 12-4 = 8) means doing away with the above formula “link up” and start from scratch; this “isolated” calculation is a time wasting reckoning. Essentially the law of identity doesn’t respect the root; this assumption (axiom) is more like leaves in which they fall off just start anew again. But the leaves wouldn’t be the leaves if the root fell off. Their own qualities cease to exist. Thank G(0)od for the roots. The fruit (Nu Roots) is the fundamental nature of the root and not the leaves. So, respect is due. If the leaves want to carry out their own small process, they must respect the root (Black) and divide their multiplicity of power among the fruit so they can blossom. KemPtah formula is the mathematical version of the correct process of our ancestors, the correct process survived from holding weight to being slaves then neither (synergy of the progressive parts of both as a whole, The Divine). KemPtah equations do not need to start at accidental points of thought but necessary points of reality. Old equations are synergized with new equation in which both equations shine’s light on each other. This is the lift and pull of mathematics instead of leaving number as orphans. I guess that is why their Eurocentric technology, which is a Eurocentric mathematical technical analogy, is so cold (lifeless) and their interface is limited to clicks (even with their I-phones (heat sensing “clicks”). Hey, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. On the most elementary base of Eurocentric math, the distributive, associative, and commutative properties exist on an accidental basis and not as an attribute or essential property. This is why the Eurocentrics need to formulate narrow or specific formulations to play as if their properties are universal in their recessive reckoning system. Even in the above equation of 7+5 and 17-5,

there are two different fives (-5 and +5) or else they can combine to get ten (10)(presently the two complementary fives create zero (black). Since they are complementary this makes them anticommutative (in a Eurocentric sense which require the law of identity crisis, loosing the identity also means a lost of core, root, source). So their link up chain (essence in motion) in actuality abhors the real distributive, associative and commutative (D-A-C) attributes. It is proven by their “link up formula” (basic multiplicity diversity), which is a rigorous display of their essence alive! Identity crisis (i.e. law of Excluded middle, law of separation (anti-synergy) of sides) means identity is gone. Below is a KemPtah formula that is flexible but nevertheless firm. Movement is Maatic to nonmovement. All things are inter-translatable and inter-transformable. Distribution, association and commutative qualities of numbers are not isolated but are unified as a whole. None of these properties naturally coexist outside their synergy. What I mean by that is that all three qualities are not universal outside of being unified (if a water glass break it no longer have the property to hold water H-O-H (hydrogen-oxygen-hydrogen) or mathematical water called Distributive- Association- commutative (D-A-C)). What do people think? That Afrikans – the ancestor-root as the true and living can’t be consistent and correct? That’s contrary to the contrary, it’s rare. All numbers from one end to the other is distributed among themselves (and numbers in between). The distributive qualities means each number in the equation can be related to all other numbers in the equation and their direct difference can found or derived from the indirect connection. This means distributive qualities are inter-distributive. Association is also inter-relationship quality of KemPtah equations, all numbers can be calculated in groupings, then calculation can be done together in any way that is practical, no set rules (i.e. Be Creative), just mathematical freedom. Commutative in KemPtah means that the numbers are inter-changeable (the difference is conserved no matter what order the numbers are in).

The boxed (above) circling the numbers are the numbers that will change positions. Below is the formula in which 5 and 3 changed places. Notice the difference between the numbers changed, and the direction of addition versus subtraction (addition of complements) changed.

Below figure shows the sum of difference, which regulates the direct difference of 1 and 7 or 1=7 KemPtah equation.

Rearranging the numbers makes the unseen difference into seen and seen into unseen difference. In above formula the difference between 1 and 5, 3 and 7 was not directly apparent until they actually fit the position to give direct difference (1=7). Translation and transformation are synergy of sides, their synergy give rise to distributive, associative and commutative qualities of KemPtah formula. The complexity of the formula directly corresponds to the complexity of qualities (D-A-C). In White Supreme Mathematics (coded as “Modern Mathematics”) the link up formulas must separate from it’s core just to show their alleged laws or properties of Distribution, Association, and Commutative (D-A-C). KemPtah equation stays in its center or square and still maintains the essential universal properties (D-A-C), no mathematical escapism here!

or the expanded version

The two zeros (inside the outer maat mathematical sign (Equal sign)) is the same zero hence it is one number. That is why it is called the expanded form (kinetic, non-potential form) One (1) represents the smallest number that can be added to numbers and their complements, which create change in the progression of numbers. The number one (1) is the first extension (1 plays a more important role in multiplication instead of mere extension).

The necropsy or law of identity crisis gut’s out the heart (essential part) and use it as a complete

system. For example


are dead versions of KemPtah form. Just like isolated sodium is different from sodium ether-connected (chemically(electrically) connected) to Chloride. An isolated 0=0 is different from the 0=0 inside the KemPtah formula. Isolation is relative; relationship (synergy of sides) is absolute. Law of identity crisis makes isolation absolute and synergy of sides insignificant. Law of identity reduces (crisis, dis-ease) all essence to just a mere manifestation of essence. That is why paradoxes cannot be solved under the Eurocentric mathematical or logical system. That is why their technological analogies (digital computers, fuzzy logic systems etc) of their mathematical reality are inanimate and highly insensitive and inflexible. Their analogies are not KemPtah analogies. As I shown that the KemPtah has the ability to transform (flexibility) and translate (sensitivity) hence the technological analogies will have the same quality. Without sensitivity and flexibility, brutality will happen. A couple of technological analog of Eurocentric math is the nuclear weapons, processed food (making food more chemically the same (1=1=34-33, etc. law of identity crisis), mass genocide of diverse masses of Black and brown people, etc.

This is what make information compact and inherited in one formula instead of the scattered many.

Just like we know that the difference (+ and -) between two complementary numbers (that are above and below the equation) is zero, but the “sequential” difference( * and ÷) of two complementary is 1 because instead of subtraction (or adding complementary) numbers, we are sequentially subtracting (or adding complementary, counting how many zeros the sequential adding of complements produced) numbers. “13” sequential difference of itself (13) is “1” because “13” divided or sequentially subtracted by 13 is “1”. The thing about the KemPtah roots is that it has a logical meaning. Hence the one (New root) is also syenrgized with the zero (mature root), this gives the reason why multiplication and division has a complex structure compared to just the typical adding and subtracting. Hence 1=0 (new-old synergy) as the start of KemPtah derivative instead of A=0=-A (same thing as A=-A). The synergy of 1 and zero… 0=1 becomes the source that makes 2 the second (next) extension. Remember that in elementary adding and subtraction the extension is 1 (because 0 is recreated by adding complements), but on one level higher (multiplication/division), it is two (2, because 1 become part of the source from dividing the difference in multiplication/division hence 1=0) that is extended. Number 1 sub merge to become a Nu part of the source.

Multiplication is explosive in order to divide among its synergy of sides. Division is secondary or is the effect from the cause of multiplication (multiplying the inverse (sequential complements)). If you have over abundances it is best to give, divide among us, let the power get distributed (synergistically divisible). This will complete the calculation. This is all about sensitivity and flexibility because; Black Supreme Mathematical ability is fully free to show its source by transition and translation. Sticking to the mathematical synergy of sides. Multiplication and division are children of addition; this means that they also have translation (sensitivity) and transformation (flexibility) qualities (distributive, associative and commutative qualities). Below is a simple translation and transformation of Elementary KemPtah equation in multiplication/division.

All Afrikan traditions hold the law of synergy of sides as their core. We regulate things by it’s synergy of opposite or different sides. In Ethiopian multiplication the synergy of half and doubles are the most basic in dividing and multiplying without producing the same product (multiplication and division by 1) or zero it out with multiplication or division by 0. All number higher than 2 might miss its mark in accurate calculation (remember in KemPtah 2 is the first extension of 0=1). So 2 is just right, the Maat in Ethiopian multiplication-division. In addition, 2 represent the embodiment of the KemPtah (1=0, 0 and 1 are two distinct numbers in the most basic synergy, hence 2) source of multiplication and division. We see this in life. Cell multiplication is limited (marked) by division (sequential adding of complements) oddness (differentiation of cells) is what counts in living organisms. The formula below represents Ethiopian multiplication and division in parallel. The products of dividing by 2 are marker that forms a direct connection to numbers that add (odd markers) and numbers that are not added (even number markers, the "zero outz”). If there are no add up markers then the zero counts for “doubled” that corresponds to that number (marked by one) plus zero (number marked by one + 0). The number 1 is the new zero (In Ethiopian style adding the 0 is the limiter and not 1). If one didn’t limit the calculation then the calculation would go on with no point. This is a beautiful synergy of multiplication with division. In all traditional Afrikan kulture the root is the most cherished and is put forth first because the root is much older (more experienced) than the tree. So division comes after multiplication, but both are considered one calculation. Example is when knowing what you don’t have essentially comes from what you have. Afrikans here as Nu Afrikans, and abroad (and in the mother land) are the richest people on the planet because we are the oldest sentient beings on the planet so our makeup is also a representation of social-historical experience over mere biological presence. Ethiopian style adding: Addition is prior to 1 being a Nu source.

Notice in below Ethiopian style adding that the number one is not a marker like it is in Ethiopian Multiplication. Also adding is not done at the end of the calculation because it was already done during calculation.

Notice that subtraction is the limiter to addition just like division is the limiter to multiplication. In Ethiopian addition subtraction is also done in parallel. In Ethiopian multiplication division is done also in parallel. Subtraction and division are the limits hence the inverse of the list of addition and multiplication yields answer for subtraction and division respectively. Zero (extended form is 0=0) is the marker and limiter of addition and subtraction, in multiplication both 1 and 0 (hence 1=0). I had to use this O.G. (Original Genius) Ethiopian math to validate KemPtah. The ancestor math given by the ancient

Ethiopians shines light on KemPtah and KemPtah shines light back at their great mathematical kulture, because it’s all about synergy of sides. In above formula we are actually counting KemPtahly but in Ethiopian Manner. See, operations (connectors) and numbers cannot be separated, not only in elementary addition (i.e. –1, +1) but also in elementary multiplication (i.e. *1, ÷1). See, we can’t use a universal law and not be consistent with the universal law. Identity crisis law has the luxury to do that because their identity is in crisis. So the weight must be bare when bearing the basis. In the calculations below, the 1 is circled to indicate that it is the marker of 176 and the end of halving and doubling calculations, 3 acts as a marker to 88.

The formula below shows the odd numbers marks what to add. The evens are not added together because we did that in essence already by dividing and multiplying each term in parallel by 2 (2 is the most universal even number there is). So adding up the even numbers is redundant. The Nu number that must be taken into account is what we didn’t deal with yet in essence…odd. Number 1 is not only an odd number but also the marker where doubling and division terminates. So the doubled numbers marked by odd (by division by two) numbers, analogous to a log slide-rule. The zero is the marker of the product

(end result of adding 176 with 88) of our calculations just like it was in elementary Ethiopian addition/subtraction. Sometime there might not be another odd number hence the number marked by one is added to zero (0) in which 1 and 0 are pointing to the same end calculation. The two main or universal markers are 0 and 1 (hence KemPtahly 0=1). All other odd numbers after 1 are secondary marker, for the fact that those even numbers might not be in other calculations using Ethiopian multiplication/division.

In division (and in multiplication) the formula is written backwards (if not, then find the multiplication of it, then write it backward from there, even if (i.e. 12+0, 12 counts as different numbers) there are no numbers after the marker one) the sum is also the first number on the list. The

list backwards (inverted) yields division instead of multiplication. So I have a better understanding why I put that in the KemPtah formula as 0=1 in between the equal sign as pointing to the source of multiplication and division, sort of a mathematical compass. Although KemPtah formula leads me to take Ethiopian math (another ancestor math) more seriously especially when I reformulated KemPtah multiplication and division and expanded the formulated structure to uncover KemPtah formula inside the Multiplication KemPtah form. I have found the 0=1 in KemPtah formula independently and cleared up the Eurocentric interpretation of just ending it with one. In Afrikan mathematics zero is the first number, not one, one is just the first “child” or offspring of zero. Hence the zero is the output of the calculation and not one (because one that marks the number might have to be added to another odd number to complete the calculation). In some Ethiopian calculation we do find that it is no other numbers to sum up hence we add zero and line that up with a zero pointer. Therefore for example in the calculations below:

I want to touch upon the essential meaning behind the two forms of KemPtah (whether your working with addition or it’s children), which is elementary or simple and extended, or expanded form. Their difference is analogous to summary (simple) and the whole story (expanded). The expanded form shows more details of the source and simple is the summary. In simple KemPTah form of addition, the fire and water, constructive and destructive elements on the bottom and top of the equal sign is zero, in expanded form the zero is equated with itself (hence 0=0). The expansion helps you to understand details while the elementary form show the general thing. In elementary form of multiplication the fire and water are divided into each other (sequential adding of complements) getting the Nu source 1 (which will synergies with the old source to get 0=1 expanded form).

The formula below show elementary KemPtah addition-subtraction of 5 and 25. The interdifference is +20 and –20 which regulates the translation and transformation of 5 and 25, the interdifference is what makes 5 equal to 25. +20 and –20 added together as complements creates 0 (Black, source). Zero is synergize with itself (0=0), a quality zero has from being the smallest and largest number (in which no other number has). The only difference between simple and expanded form is summary and whole story.

Below is Division and multiplication signs are taken as part of the number, synergy of operation with the numbers. The reason Eurocentric mathemitician nevered consider this fact because they lack the eyes of synergy of sides. We know in KemPtah that sign of multiplicat/division originate from negative/positive signs. So this means multiplicatio/division signs are nothing more than sequential neg/pos signs showing the direction of calculation. In the future I will will show you the same thing happen in squares and square roots, i.e. mere signs (direction of calculation) that is always united to numbers. But for now the 5’s in above equation cancels out (sequentially adding compliments) to produce a Nu source called one (1). Since addition (and addition of complement – subtraction) is the ancestor to multiplication and division then that zero (0) from the ancestor calculation must be carried on and synergize to 1 (Nu source) to make 1=0. This is the Black root (genetic, not generic) method of KemPtah (100% Black) logic. In the simple form the 1 is only put inbetween the equal sign because zero is already know to be the source also. The extended form just show both sources as one of a kind, and I use it to through detailed light on the simple form.

Two sides can’t be the same side, they play different position within the same whole. Two alleged different things that have exactly the same quality mean they exist in the same time in the same place. Therefore they are one and the same thing and not two different things at all. Synergy of sides implies opposing tendency that form a tetrahedral connection. Synergy itself implies synergy of sides exist in itself representing the feed forward (Positive) and feedback (Negative), so when sides combine a tetrahedral shape is formed. Synergy is like a two-way road that connects two towns. The two towns are significant and equally the two roads are too, thus forming a tetrahedral structure, or the four elements. The yin and yang sign shows the four elements, the two dots and the two tear drops. Just the two sides realized in a Eurocentric world view will not have element of the other in itself because that will violate the law of identity crisis. Codification and Symbolism in isolation is used to fool the people, in general, and the aboriginal people (the first and root working class) in particuliar. The current Eurocentric dialectics refuse to use the Genetic method (alleged dialectical method) to properly reflect change. They want to find the dialectics other than the root (which cause them to suffer the European paradoxes that they thought they have superceded). The Genetic method properly pointed will point to Afrikans as the foundational working (creator) class. All people can be creative by choice but not all people can be “laborers” in a Euro centered sense. So what dominates is what is already inside each and every person. This Eurocentric error forces even the mightiest of Eurocentric materialist to settle on fracturing their goals instead of making freedom worldwide. This is a result of law of identity crisis running rampant. Afrikans on the other hand (which really need to be on both hands and on the back too) see codifying and symbolism as synergy of sides. They shine light on each other. A Picture says zillion words, what better way is to hide it in pictures by covering that essential meaning among many meanings. Data synergies to model as the abstract synergies with the concrete.

Praise be to Our Ancestors, our people in struggle or freedom
I love my ancestors very much through the perpetual evidence they have left to us I see it in my people and me. Since their existence (and during) they have beckon us to stand on their shoulders so that we can see farther than them. Thanks to our ancient ancestor, the only thing these Eurocentric elaborated or allegedly stolen are the greeting signs to our vast practical knowledge and nothing more. I guess our ancestor seen that the European savage had no manners (or methods). So manners (greetinds) must be learned in order to get pass even the first door (Eurocentrics still didn’t learn manners, but perfected on how to say it in many forms to hide their savagery in their kulture and sciences). The parents always want their children to be better, to have Nu-ness. What’s the use of offspring’s just to maintain the same ole thing? Just like I hear people say for instance “there can no one better than TuPac, Malcolm X,

Marcus Garvey”, they really in essence disrespecting them. TuPac want the world to be better than what it is (hence better people then them times…TuPac was a person) and also Malcolm, Garvey and all the other O.G.s (Original Generations) want us to supercede what they had to go through or else they wouldn’t been known to people who want real change. That’s Real. All people are directly or indirectly synergies with the Nu (Nun, Nwu, New, Null). A real N.I.G.G.A (“Never Ignorant means Getting Goals Accomplished”) do real things. If the Truth is the Truth you shouldn’t be scared to rep it. Since we are so use to Eurocentric values of socializing we confuse cocky for confidence. To be organized, we need to know how our route can be simplified, make A-Z have useful qualities as A-B. Sometime life can be like looking at a circuit board for the first time, so all these shapes and known experience make people be like “This sh!t is confusion” and the person forces themselves to make it trivial. But I over stand European culture because it is a limited point in KemPtah vastness. For short, since their culture started with savagery then it will end with it’s own savagery, this implies for it to extend it’s artificial existence it need to camouflage itself with noble cloths (because reality is noble). The greeting signs they are allowed to learn turned into a tool for their longevity (which is short-gevity compare to Afrikan existence). Their tool essentially sacrifices their need to know deeper and more practical knowledge. That is a blessing in a sense, because they can never be the roots even if they just dress up as one. All we need to do is test them, and the costume will fall off to rediscover their eternal weakness. What makes our problem seem complex and out of touch with the solution is that we keep empowering their illusions, like an abusive relationship (or the host-parasite relationship). Their power is mere sociological and technological rehash of the greeting signs and nothing more. But of course our amnesia got us seeing the greeting signs as divine and complete knowledge and we take it as face value (empowering the superficial or white supremacy (white is only the narrow visible spectrum). Before you talk to your kin you will say “what’s up” (Greetings), imagine the whole conversation is based on greeting, that will be a case if identity crisis, because it’s bigger than first impressions. AsE! AsE!

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