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From the Desk of David Gratke

This is a place for me to quickly let you know what’s on my mind with respect to planning your
‘perfect day’!
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‘What’s Doing’ at David Gratke Wealth Advisors?

Greetings from David Gratke Wealth Advisors (DGWA) this Holiday Season!

It’s been a busy summer and fall at DGWA. This newsletter will focus on the activities created on
your behalf, my client, this past summer and fall to ensure your financial success.

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

I recently completed my registration with the SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). What is
an RIA you may ask? Let me quote from the Financial Planning Association, which recently
announced a Standard of Care for financial planning professionals. The Standard of Care clarifies the
role of a fiduciary adviser subject to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. According to the Standard
of Care, all financial planning services will be delivered in accordance with the following standard of

Put the client’s best interests first;

Act with due care and in utmost good faith;
Provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts; and
Disclose and fairly manage all material conflicts of interest.

It has always been my goal to act as a fiduciary on behalf of my clients, to include individual private
net worth clients and corporate 401(k) retirement plan clients. Being an RIA allows me to reinforce
this goal; to have the duty and care of managing your investments with your best interest in mind.

Note that stockbrokers and insurance agents are not held to this level of fiduciary care. Legally they
do not have to have their client’s best interest first, but rather just meet certain suitability
requirements. A Fiduciary Advocate group recently surveyed investors on this timely subject hoping
the SEC takes notice with respect to this lack of understanding by investors. The survey’s findings are
astounding: investors believe brokers and agents are held to this level of fiduciary care. They are not.

Portfolio Monitoring and Measurement System (PMM)

We have invested in a new portfolio monitoring and measurement platform which provides you with

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From the Desk of David Gratke » Blog Archive » ‘What’s Doing...

the tools needed to manage your accounts.

PMM is a simple to use, web-based solution that allows you to access all of your account information
across multiple institutions in a single place. The tools on the website allow us to run reports on
accounts, groups of accounts, and across your entire portfolio or household of accounts. Types of
reports available include activity, holdings, asset allocations and pertinent account details. In addition
to account information, PMM analyzes data each day and calculates the return for each account,
group, and household. These returns can easily be switched from daily to monthly , quarterly, and
yearly too.

On top of all the reporting, PMM provides a document vault that allows me to upload reports and
documents for you to securely access and for me to store. This will help eliminate some of the need
to mail sensitive documents and forms through snail-mail or email. There is also a tool that allows
both of us to create a statement-on-demand; giving us control of when we want to view our

Family Financial Websites (FFW)

Later this winter, DGWA will be introducing Family Financial Websites. This will allow you, the
client, to create perhaps for the very first time, a holistic view of your entire financial ‘picture’. You
will be able to receive targeted financial guidance from DGWA on any or all of your financial
positions regardless of the location of such asset or liability. As an example; get help managing
self-directed accounts such as your employer sponsored 401(k) plan or employer sponsored stock
option plans. By having a complete view of your financial picture, including all assets and liabilities,
you will be ‘educated, empowered and enlightened’ to make better, more targeted decisions about
your financial life!

FFW uses unmatched security – FFW leverages the same technology that is used by the world’s
leading financial institutions to safeguard Internet banking portals, so we at DGWA and our clients
can be sure their data is protected.

What data can your FFW include?

Deposit Accounts: Checking, Savings, CD and Overdraft

Investment Accounts: Brokerage, 401k, 403b, Cash Management, Money Market
Mutual Funds
Employee Stock Purchase Plans
Employer Stock Options/Grants
Insurance/Annuities: Annuity, Term Life, Universal Life and Whole Life
Liabilities: Credit Card, Mortgage, Home Equity and Line of Credit

FFW will soon integrate with the above mentioned Portfolio Monitoring and Measurement system
thus allowing us to create performance reports on any or all of your household accounts as you like in
one concise report. Here’s to planning your ‘perfect day’!

The benefit to you includes complete monitoring and management of your entire financial portfolio.

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From the Desk of David Gratke » Blog Archive » ‘What’s Doing...

Receive accurate and targeted financial guidance by DGWA thereby increasing your probability for
financial success. No overlapping of activities, no gaps in activities.

Investing in Your Future

We at David Gratke Wealth Advisors, LLC are proud to be investing in our firm during such
challenging global economic conditions as experienced over the past few years. From our Portfolio
Monitor and Measure System, the Family Financial Website addressing the need for holistic financial
advice, to our core philosophy of acting in the client’s best interest, we are please to be of service to
you so that you may live ‘your perfect day’.

Happy Holidays

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