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"God's Country"
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(There have just been too many people telling me what a blessing this newsletter is and too many confinnations that it's a "God thing," so I decided to start it up again after over a year of not doing it.)

• •• Interestingly, in talking with a stranger while visiting another state recently, I mentioned that I live in NW Arkansas and the man said, "Oh! That's God's country!" Quite a few people who ended up relocating here have said those exact same words about this area, but hearing it from a stranger in another state thrilled me. While going through some DVDs recently, I came across one that someone had given me a long time ago and decided to see what it was about. To

my great surprise, the speaker, John Moore (who is retired after 28 years of military service as an intelligence analyst and a Green Beret) talked about climate changes and rising ocean levels that are considered by high-ranking military officials to be a serious threat ahead. Military officials know about things before they happen, according to Mr. Moore, and he named several examples including wars. He said that preparation is being made by the U.S. and other countries, the Vatican and Fortune 500 companies for abrupt climate changes. Oceanographers are concerned saying the Gul f Stream has slowed down considerably. There is concern about a change in the salt content of the ocean causing the Gulf Stream to stop, ultimately causing abrupt climate changes. Moore also mentioned that the permafrost in Alaska is melting and structures are starting to have problems. One of Moore's friends in the Navy Submarine Corp revealed to him that during a classified briefing about rising ocean levels and climate change, submarine corp retirees were encouraged to consider moving to the Arkansas/Missouri Ozarks as one of the "known safe havens." On a separate occasion, Moore was told by another intelligence officer that while working in the Pentagon, he and his wife picked the Ozarks for their retirement home. Yet another person, a submarine officer, confirmed everything and told Moore that he also had chosen the Ozarks for
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retirement. Also, an insurance agent asked, "Why is there such a cluster of retired Navy personnel in the Ozarks?" One of the reasons I find all this home a place of "We have found a L.~~~ d f lends an d' family to is that peace, an ;ays and strengthen ~~ many brighten ~~~ith the Lord. Who cou . in ourwa times k for more?" over the as . . yea r s 1 ve neard believers relatlll~ theIr concern about this issue, some ~ven havlll.g vivid dreams and visions about .It and feellllg an unction to prepare for turmoIl. Iwas recently invited to speak to a congregation at a wilderness church et "1~ I t hat the lord wanted us here where f d H. , many 0 an e prOVided the means." all J the




believers have an unction to prepare for disasterous times ahead and help peopl.e. fleeing into the area. A number of famlhes throughout the northwest co~er of Arka~sas and up into Missouri have thiS same unctIOn. They haven't necessarily known about each other or even known that there are others feeling the same thing. The love of God flows through these people. They're not only
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We're Rocky and Annie W. As I [Rocky] was flying in a small military jet over northern Arkansas in the early 1970's, I had my first spiritual draw to the Ozarks. I was taken with the serene beauty of the area. I felt such a supernatural peace that I knew this was where I would someday retire. A small town on my map caught my attention, Eureka Springs. Little did I know that an unknown stranger (the Holy Spirit of God) was mapping out my life and the life of my future wife, Annie. He had already planned our location, our association and our vocation. Spring break 1985 found us visiting Annie's family property in Eureka Springs. On the way back to Texas our unknown friend, the Holy Spirit, filled us with an overwhelming desire to relocate to Arkansas. By December 1985 we were home in Arkansas. It would be several years later that we would come to learn that the move decision was not made by Annie and me but it was made by God (Who up to that time had been basically a stranger to both of us). We built the Wildflowers building in 1990-91. Its purpose was to raise money to help fund a safe house for abused women and children (Annie's calling). In 1992, to my complete disbelief, God called me into the Ministry. From that small beginning, God's blessing flowed. Wildflowers Chapel has housed the Wildflowers Ministry, the Tabernacle Ministry, Spoke-n-Word and seeded out Soul Purpose Ministry. Wildflowers Ministry has operated a free food pantry for 17 years, a thriftythrift store for 16 years, and last year opened a low cost furniture bank. Wildflowers has no payroll. From the beginning, every member has been volunteer status. Serving God has been an enormous blessing to Annie and me. Somewhere along the way, Jesus Christ became our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Praise the Lord. Meanwhile we are waiting to become part of the 100-year followers on Azusa Street Revival!


We're Roy and Julie A. We first met at a Christian summer camp in Minnesota, where Julie was part of the kitchen staff and I [Roy] was on the grounds crew. We got to know each other later that fall, and were married in April 1977. We began Our married life in a tightly-knit Christian community, where members lived on the same property, and everyone was very involved in their neighbors' lives. However, I my mother's death.felt the need to return to Texas and be with my father after We raised Our four children in Granbury, Texas, and for long years we looked for a strong Christian body where we could have the kind of intimate fellowship we had had in Minnesota. However, every traditional church we found seemed to lack strong friendships that existed outside of church activities. In Our search we became interested in the teaching of a traveling minister who encouraged deep relationships and a strong sense of community. in 1997 he held a Arkansas. conference at Harbor House, a bed and breakfast in Sulphur Springs, Neither of us had spent much time in Arkansas up to that point, but I was immediately impressed wih the beauty of the area; as a city boy who loved the country, I fell in love with it. Julie was especially drawn by the wonderful people we met there, as Harbor House was more than a lovely place to stay, it was the center of a thriving Christian fellowship of believers. We both felt that this was the perfect place for us, but it didn't seem feasible to drop everything and move to Arkansas. We had young children at home and Jluie was studying nursing in Texas. We kept in touch and visited Sulphur Springs several times over the next ten years, always wondering if one day we could move here. Sy 2007 Our situation had changed. When our children moved away from home and Julie finished her schooling, the possibility of a move to Arkansas became a viable option. It was a big decsion for Julie, leaving the place she had raised the children and her beloved home, but she felt that God was asking her, "What is really important in life?" She realized that relationships, not location, were What would make her and me happier and more fulfilled. We both felt that God wanted us in Sulphur Springs. Over the next few months there were many confirmations that mOving was the right thing to do. We had wanted a home within walking distance of Harbor House, but for a long time there was nothing available in the area. We came up to look around one weekend and three such houses were on the market! The place we decided to buy was a real fixer-upper, but Julie was able to find a wonderful job that would provide the funds we needed to remodel. We were able to stay in one of the rooms at Harbor House while working on Our new home. Everything seemed to fall right into place! The people, the countryside, and two daughters and three grandchildren who are now living in Sulphur Springs are all great blessings to us. We have found a home, a place of peace, and friends and family to brighten Our days and strengthen us in Our walk with the Lord. Who could ask for more?


We're Robert & Phyllis Robert: I woke up one day and realized that anything that you do, anything you accomplish in life doesn't mean anything if you haven't done It for the Lord. Phyllis: We were so very busy with our jobs, kids, and everything, that we started feeling all we were existing for was to work. It started hitting me hard, so I started digging in more to the Word of God. Robert: On Valentine's Day in 1998 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball on my brain stem. Phyllis: That made me realize even more that we've got to get things straightened out now. Robert's diagnosis pressed me more and more into the Word of God. After Robert went through gamma knife surgery and had recovered he went back to work. I kept seeking more after God. I felt led to go to a meeting and while there I started sensing that we were getting ready to be called somewhere. We were feeling that we were not being fed from the Word of God at our church. I jumped to the conclusion that moving close to a certain ministry that was instrumental in my growth was what we were supposed to do. When I got back from the ministry meeting, an attorney friend said he wanted to do something special for Robert and me for our anniversary. He paid for our trip to a caribbean island via chartered fiight. We missed the fiight and there were no second chances. I felt bad about missing the flight but I confessed to Robert that I didn't really want to go anyway. After traveling into Dallas for the chartered fiight, we noticed a meeting was being held that I had wanted to go to. Up to this point, Robert was not convinced that we were supposed to move away from our girls. Though they are grown, they are daddy's girls and he did not believe we were going to be moving away from them. But during the meeting, he started getting hints of revelation from the Lord about moving, as I had already been shown. Robert: I kept getting the words from scripture "decentiy and in order" conceming moving. I kept thinking about how I could get out of a bunch of contracts in order to move. We began to pray and one by one, those contracts got dropped. Phyllis: I started making a game plan and a budget. I think it really scared Robert that I was that serious about this. He thought it would all blow over after a while because it was such a major undertaking. He thought that I would eventually give up if it was too difficult to do and if I had to give up too much, that the price would be too high. By this time we were still assuming that our goal was Fort Worth. I kept talking with the girls to help them understand that we were doing what we believed the Lord was asking us to do. They were having a hard time understanding. As grandparents, moving away from the family was very hard, but I knew that there were things we all needed to learn through this. I once heard someone say, "If you always do what you've always done then you will aiways get what you've always gotten." I wanted more of God and we were not getting that where we were. It was time to make a change if we were ever going to make a difference. We kept hearing about an upcoming meeting with a ministry in Branson and decided to attend It. While we were at this meeting the Lord used the minister to speak about the donkey that the disciples were supposed to go untie and bring to Jesus. Jesus told the disciples that if they were asked why they were untying the donkey that they were to say "the Lord has need of it." That just went off in my spirit and I kept hearing it over and over, "The Lord has need of it." I knew that Jesus was using this to speak to me that the Lord has need of me. I'd hear "The Lord has need of you!" I saw that I was to even create a poster like the old Uncle sam poster with his finger pointing and the words "I have need of you!" I shared what I had seen with Robert that night after the service on the way back to our condo. No one else would have known about this conversation. Robert: What Phyllis did not know at the time wass that I still was uncertain that moving was really from the Lord. So before that meeting I had said to the Lord, "I know You have not lost Your voice, and that You still talk to people today as You did in the Bible. I need to hear You clearly about this and I need to hear You audibly. Phyllis: Then something remarkable happened. The meeting was dismissed, but the crowd stayed a while. We were singing and praising God. His presence was strong and we all wanted to just stay. A brother in the Lord who did not even know us came up to us and said, "The Lord just told me to tell you, He has need of you. You know, like the Uncle Sam poster," and he pointed his finger like the poster. Robert: The Lord had just spoken verbally and directly to me, just like I asked him to. We were starting to sense that we were not supposed to be in Fort Worth, but instead in Branson. It was during the meeting when we heard about this special project. We began to see that we were definitely hearing the Lord calling us to come out for a work, but prior to that we had been assuming we were supposed to be in Fort Worth. Instead, we began to see that this ministry was what the Lord was calling us to. The man whom God led to speak to us at this meeting was an amazing confirmation to us that the Lord needs us to work in a particular ministry. Getting here, we had to make some decisions that were hard. We had to go from having several homes and a business with many contracts to living in a dumpy apartment, at first. Our girls didn't like coming to find us living in this little apartment, not getting any money and having to shut down our business and now just volunteering. It didn't make sense to them and it scared them. We had to go through all of those emotions and Jesus told me, "I protect." Because of the brain tumor and all the other issues, all of a sudden It was "whatever we do for God is what counts." So we just got hungry and decided to just go after God and see what happens. In 2004 we made our move to Branson. It was not easy and we went through many hardships, but God used these times to prove He is our God.


We are Mansour and Tarleigh. Mansour: I am from Iran, from the province of Zanjan. I came over to the United States in 1957 for an education. In 1958 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I was a Muslim, but I went to a church close by. I had been asking questions about the Lord. I asked a pastor, "Can you tell me, is this correct, that when every time you're singing, every time you're praying, every time you're talking about Jesus Christ, I replace that name with Muhammad? Do you think that it is a sin to say this thing?" He hesitated and then said, "Go to ask them." I thought he was really trying to get rid of me. So, I left. I was really upset, because that was a good question, a very important question for me, and he said, "Go ask them." Who? About three or four weeks later a good friend told me my question was a bright question, and the right answer to the question was "Go ask them." I said, "Who? Them who?" He said, "Muhammad and Jesus." I said, "But they are dead." He said, "Yeah, that's the point. Is Muhammad alive today?" I said, "No, he is dead." He said, "But we believe that Jesus Christ is alive. He is in our hearts and our lives each day. Everywhere we look, He is here." I ended up getting on my knees and basically asked the Lord, "Who are you?" I don't know how long I prayed, but suddenly I saw a vision. Three men stood before me in normal clothing. I asked, "Who are you? What do you want?" The one in the middle answered me in Farsi, "I am Jesus." I asked Him, "Why haven't You shown me Yourself?" He answered, "You never asked me to." I knew this was right. I knelt to kiss His foot, but suddenly, they were gone. It was that night that Jesus became my Savior. My wife and I lived in Iran for many years, and then came to the United States, where we lived in San Diego, CA. Some friends of ours lived here in Arkansas, and wanted us to come and live near them. We came out to visit, but I had no money to move at that time. I didn't believe that we could live here, because there was no work for me. I am not really a labor man. Mostly, I had executive positions. Also, Tarleigh was needed to care for her elderly mother who was in San Diego, so we did not come then. Tarleigh: For a year and a half the Lord was speaking to us about moving from California. California was getting really crowded, and the state government is so liberal. We just wanted to move someplace else and we weren't sure where to go. We were just kind of praying about it, and checking things out as they came along. Last year, my daughter came to Arkansas and was here for about six weeks in January and February. She came home and said, "You've got to go out there and see it." So we came out in September, for three weeks and stayed with the same friends who had invited us here years ago. They took us everywhere, and we loved the countryside, the community, and the church that we are now a part of. So we went back home, and Mansour set a date for us to move in six to eight weeks. We had a small apartment building to sell, and 10 and behold, somebody came out a week later and made an offer on it. Mansour: God worked it all out beautifully, and everything was done very quickly. In a matter of one month, I sold my house. That was unbelievable in this market; so many houses are for sale, and a lot of them sell with a loss. Out of nowhere, someone came and wanted to pay cash for our home. We also had three cars to sell, one of them was a Porsche. Again, the economy made selling a Porsche very difficult. My Porsche sold immediately. We also had Tarleigh's car, and it sold as well. All these things were confirming God's sovereignty in our lives. I felt that the Lord wanted us here, and He provided all the means. Tarleigh: We love it out here. I love the nature, and I love that people's faith in God here is very basic, that they're not trying to be better than everybody else. I thought I would miss San Diego and the ocean, but I haven't missed it at all. I grew up near the ocean, and I lived in Iran for almost twenty years, and I really missed the ocean when I was there. But it's funny, I don't miss it at all here. I've heard many times that it is better to be in a difficult place where the Lord wants you, than in paradise where He doesn't want you. If the Lord doesn't want you there, everything will fail, and you will not be happy. But I know that Lord wants us here, and we're just asking God to show us what He wants us to be doing, and how He wants us to use our lives out here.


preparing for themselves, but for families who would flee into the area. There have been a few prophecies from reliable godly Christians about the Ozarks being a place of refuge. There are apparently other places of refuge
I "[We were] filled with an

~verwheJming desire to relocate o Arkansas."

in the U.S. Regardless of this, what is of u t mas t

Him and He answers. If we "draw out our soul to the hungry and satisfY the afj/icted soul" THEN shall our light rise in obscurity and our darkness be as the noon day and the Lord shall guide us continually and satisfY our soul in drought, make fat our bones and we shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.
So, from this scripture, it looks like FIRST we must concern ourselves with the needs of others - now in this time - ~--------::l THEN our Heavenly "We made our move.... It Father will satisfy our was not eaS'{and we went soul in times of through manyhardshipSbut hardship. God used these ti';,'es to Blessed is he that prove He is our God.

importance is to keep in the forefront of our minds that we are to love God and love one another as we're told over and over in scripture. Everything hangs on love. Isaiah 58 talks about looking out for others: "Loose the bands ... undo

the heavy burdens ... deal bread to the hungry. .. bring the poor that are cast out to your house ... cover the naked. ... " THEN (when we've BEEN doing that) light will breakforth, health will spring forth, our righteousness shall go before us, the glory of the Lord shall be our rereward (protection). THEN (after we've stopped falsely accusing others and speaking vanity) we call on

considers the poor, the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive and he shall be blessed upon the earth. .. (Psalm 41: 1-2). - J T

W";JI" "'NO a'NOtA", j
bllft/OIlO. tNltb

-r-al<e heed as unto a light • that shines in a darl<place.
-II Pet 1:19


1/1.0 laft.'

g/YfJIt/l'i6t .
- [f)({/nIIrIlM 62


Clear Sound Ministries (Pete and Lynda Bowers) would like to invite you to their gathering near Kingston, Arkansas: Start Time: Wednesday, July 28 at 6:30 pm End Time: Saturday, July 31 at 9:30 pm Location: 565 Madison 2370 Huntsville, AR Join with us to celebrate all the Lord is doing and will continue to do in NW Arkansas. Several other ministries will be joining with Clearsound Ministry to deposit blessings into our areas. There is no charge to attend! Directions: From Hwy 412 turn onto Hwy 21 toward Kingston. Approx 3 miles after crossing the 3rd Kings River bridge turn left onto CR 2360. After approx.2 miles, turn right onto private drive 2370. Follow the gravel road to our "Ministry Barn" on the right.


'Tftepurpose of tfiis newsCetter is simpfj to encou~ age 6eCieverstfirougfi tfie testimonies of otfiers. If you fiave a testimony you wouU Cifi.sto sfiare, pCeaseCetme I(now. )ICso, I fiave 6een many times to fiave get togetfiers so tfiat tfie peopCewe've 6een reading a60ut can meet eacfi otfier. {[)epetuf.. ing on tfie response to tfiis newsCetter,after so Cong a time of not putting any out, I wi{( consider pfanning a "Corner (jatfiering" in tfiefa{( (tfie Lord wi{(ing) I do need to fiearfrom you. )Is mentioned 6efore, upcoming newsCetters wi{( onfj 6e sent to tfiose wfio respond to tfiis, giving me an emai{ address or a regufar mai{ing address for tfiose witfi no internet access. I wouU aCso{ifi.sto invite readers to comment on articCes tfiat interest you in tfiis pu6Cication. If you fiave a need, Cetme I(now. If you (lave a miracfe you'd Cifi.sto s(lare to encourage otfiers, pCeaseCetme I(now 6y ca{(ing me, JuCie 'Jurner, at (870)420-3278, 6y emaiCing me at, or 6y writing me at !P.O.!JJo.x:.2313, Jfarrison,)I'RJ( 72602. ~



I'm Jeanette from Nebraska. The year 2009 brought startling changes for me, beginning with a series of supernatural events. Early in April I received prophetic words from a trusted prophet who had received a series of visions and words from the Lord regarding terrible disaster and destruction soon coming to America, and how to prepare for it. In his vision, he was elevated above America and it was revealed to him some areas of the nation where many Christians would be protected, including north central Arkansas. Based on that, I decided I should spend a little time waiting on the Lord to see if He wanted me to respond to this prophecy in any way. In one day, three scriptures stored in my memory bank sprang up. The first came loud and clear. ''I will go before yo~ and make the crooked places straight: I
will 3). break in pieces the gates of brass and cut asunder the bars of iron" (Isaiah 45:2-

Because I've heard that voice many times before, I immediately knew it was the Lord, and also what it meant. I groaned, for I really didn't want to hear it. I knew I was going to have to leave the place I loved and had thought I would live 'til I died. Being a very cautious person, God knows He has to give me plenty of proof and time to be certain. That afternoon, again, I sat quietly and asked the Lord if that first word really was from Him. In a flash, another scripture verse sprang up: "Depart, depart ye, go
ye, go out from thence ... for you shall not go with haste, nor go by flight: for the Lord will go before you and the God of Israel will be your rear guard" (Isaiah 52:11-12). Following that came, ''Fear not for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes I will help you; yes I will uphold you with my victorious right hand of righteousness and justice (Isaiah 52:11-12, Amplified).

Being an 85-year-old widow, I was quite shaken over the thought of again moving from the nice secure place I owned and had lived in for over 10 years, but from the beginning I knew it was God. In spite of all the legal challenges, He continued to give me nothing but peace and confidence every step of the way regarding relocation! I had said to the Lord, "I wish You could send across my path a prophet to confirm this to me." Then I just thought to myself, "But I don't know of any around here and I'm sure I could not meet one while traveling to Arkansas," and dismissed the idea. While my Sister-in-law and I were planning a scouting trip to Arkansas I thought about the reality of what I would be facing. Well, there are times when I think God has a sense of humor and this was His opportunity to remind me that "With God all things are possible." He wanted me to have positive assurance that this move was indeed HIS idea. To make a long story short, on that trip we ran into three strangers who approached me (on separate occasions). Each had a prophetic word from the Lord for me. Each one gave details about my forty plus years of Bible teaching ministry, saying that God was relocating me and not to fear. One was a woman through whom God spoke saying, ''Like
Abraham, I the Lord, am moving you to a new place. You don't know where you are going, but don't feat; for I will guide and protect you eve/}' step of the way."

True to His promises, He has met my every need and I love it here in Mountain View. I immediately found a wonderful little church five minutes from my home and I just found out that the Lord spoke to my pastor to move here from another Arkansas location to establish "a refuge" for days ahead. I immediately met wonderful friends who have reached out to me with unbelievable love and "gifts of helps."


See that !IOU love one another with a pure heart fervent/.!;.

We're Pastor John and Janice F. John: We came here from Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1997. Months before that, I had gone to Pea Ridge, Arkansas, to intercede and pray at the battlefield for 3 days and 3 nights. The Lord gave me an unction to build a place of prayer and a place of refuge. Through a series of events we ended up buying a piece of property here in Arkansas which someone else was going to buy, but I offered a lot less for it and, surprisingly, the owner accepted my offer. A woman had prophecied over us saying, "God has shown you where you're going to go and you're going to be leaving real soon with your entire family." I didn't think that was possible because of major troubles some of my family was having and also because of distance. I started interceding and heard during that prayer time that I would be living in Arkansas by August of that year. Miraculously, our daughter and granddaughter showed up the morning we were about to leave and said they were going with us. The whole family came, fulfilling that prophecy. Janice and I both had good paying jobs and a lot of debt. We came because God told me in prayer to come and to get ready for things that are coming upon the earth. We were in debt then, but I can say today we are totally debt free. There was nothing on the property when we bought it. Erecting buildings on the property has been a work I'm faith. a wood-burning cook stove that is 110 years old. I've learned Janice: of using how to cook on it and do some things like back in the old days and it blesses me. I don't have to have modern conveniences (although we do have electricity) because I care about helping other people - saving money for helping people in times of trouble ahead. I are called to be intercessors. I was a blacksmith and had been rated Janice and with 100% efficiency on everything I did and made top money, but they laid me off. Three weeks before the layoff, I had asked the Lord for free time to become an intercessor. I had a vision which basically revealed to me that I would be laid off in three weeks. I ended up having thousands of dollars in hand, but right before that didn't have any money. I can't even remember where all the money came from some from a bunch of vacation time I didn't know I had, some from a collection that had been taken up at work for me, etc. It was a miracle. From that time on, we have been taking time daily and into the night praying, sometimes as many as seven hours. It's important to understand that intercessory prayer is very effective. for example, I was interceding for neighbors during a tornado. They stayed under the stairwell when the tornado hit and that was the only part of their 2-story house that was not destroyed. The Lord specifically had that man's name and his family on my heart while I was in prayer at that time. I want to see people step out by faith and do what God has called them to do. One thing I teach in my church in the wilderness is finding your place in God and fulfilling the calling of God in your life. I have a passion for that. I'm not trying to build a church, I'm trying to build a people of faith. I want people to be strong in faith and get things done that they're called to do.

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