Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of Master of Business Administration (Annamalai University, Chennai) 2008-2010
Under The Guidance MR. AMIT KUMAR Regional Sales Manager Submitted By DEEPAK VAISHNAV MBA-1ST YEAR ENROLMENT NO. 4740800300

(Affiliated To Annamalai University)

In today’s customer centered market consumers have more choice because of their different habit’s attitudes, opinions, perception, personality etc. and therefore, they have really become choosy. Their buying behavior constantly undergoes modification, consumers are the king or god in the market, so it is important to know the buying decision of consumers and why they buy one particular product when other is equally attractive. This project report has been prepared to satisfy dual purpose. The market survey done will at us know the consumer habits, buying criteria, Inspiration rate, time period, frequency rate, place, effect of an advertising and sales promotion of HCL and secondary data will give us an inside into Newspaper and trends of last few year. Finally, this summer training was really good learning process for me and it gave me an opportunity to compare the theoretical knowledge gain with the practical aspects and difficulties that come across in real life. This project is fulfillment of course curriculum of MBA Programme set by AICTE, as each student has to undergo for Summer Training Project. The report has been prepared for submission to HCL Info systems and Amity Business School Noida under summer training programme. This project is presented in systematic manner. It contains the information related to company’s profile and sales promotion of HCL thin clients than research methodology, analytical part, findings suggestion, recommendation and conclusion is given at the end. The bibliography and appendix also given for know more about the sample and other information related to IT markets. I hope that these will serve the purpose.

Acknowledgment .

my supervisor.I sincerely thank to my Internal Guide Ms. Mr. Amit Kumar (Regional Sales Manager.). Deepak Vaishnav . Faculty. The training was part of my course curriculum and it has brought immense changes in my overall personality. NIS Academy. I want to thank to Mr. HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. Ajmer for providing me an opportunity to work as a summer trainee with HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. without which I would not be able to complete this project successfully. Amit Kumar motivated me at every step of my training and clears all my conflicts by stealing time from his own busy schedule. for his valuable advice and kind support. Surbhi Sharma.


TABLE OF CONTENTS Company profile Vision & Mission • • • Alliances Quality Achievement Product Description Research Methodology • • • • • • • Problem Objective Sample & Sample Size Data Collection Data Analysis Time Schedule Procedure S W O T Analysis Result & Discussion Conclusion Limitation Recommendation Bibliography .


♦ The instrument used for market research is structured and directs the observation as well as questionnaire method and in that structure-non-disguised method also used. . ♦ For know about what can I observe from dealer. Study Related ♦ An overview of retailing business and HCL’s entry into retailing. ♦ For collection of the primary data observation method and questionnaire method used. ♦ The sampling units are HPM’s people. time and human constraints.Introduction • The report involves the Company profile. For obtaining nearest accurate results as well as keeping in mind as money. Promotional and Marketing Strategy of HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. descriptive and casual research designs. ♦ The Scope of the study is limited to Ghaziabad City only and time duration of research was from 1st may to 28 June. customers are used and sample size 150 units by stratified random sampling method. • At the end of report information related to Indian Information Technology Industry and HCL‘s secret of success as well as Photograph of HCL are given. ♦ The main objective behind the study was find out different routs for increase sales volume and viability of the retailing. ♦ The main finding of bathe study is non-availability of the product due to no supply of product from factory side. ♦ For the study of research design used as exploratory. I visited all dealers first time as customer and pilot study for checking out validity of my questionnaire and than the questionnaire is finalized. ♦ The strata made according to the dealer-wise and list of people cross the shop collected through observation method for deciding sample size.

conclusion based on report and essay is based on What I learned from my summer training whereas the bibliography with the help of reference books.♦ Finding. websites etc. The SWOT analysis is marketing point of view. suggestion and recommendation are based on the inferences and analysis of tabulated data on opinion stated by respondents and my observation at HCL Distributors. Given at end. .


“Marketing Strategy is nothing but a combination of decision bearing on a various aspect of marketing mix element.” There are Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Packaging. HCL concentrate on all aspects that’s why HCL has very good market not only in Ghaziabad but also other region in India. 1. For product planning: [a] HCL take decision their existing product along with future products. This is the continuous process, which is done by top management of HCL. [b] Then they research the product by research department. Research & Development Department

Product Research

Potential is There or not

Technical Research 2. Management Information System

In this step they collect the details about competitor’s product. They saw the pricing, features, quality, Advertisement, Packaging, and Promotion of those particular products.

Market Segmentation
We know that market segmentation means dividing market into distinct group of buyers with deferent needs charecterstatictis or behavior. Who might require separate product or marketing mixes? It refers to large heterogeneous market in to with smaller

homogeneous parts in order to select any one out than in which the company thinks it can satisfy customer more effectively different product for different segmentation. There are different classes people are living HCL, like.... 1. 2. 3. 4. Lower middle class Middle class family Upper middle class family Higher class family

According to their classes they launch the New Product New Product launch MIS Department Survey Survey {they survey that which class will purchase the product} Decision

For larger the target is fulfill by the help of advertisement and Promotional Events.

Price refers to the value of product attributes. Expressed in monetary

Value is referring to the quantitative aspect product relative to other product. No doubt there is profit but pricing policy just to meet minimum margin for getting competitive advantage against assembler’s market. 2.Parallel pricing policy • • Bundal. marketing Profit margin They give to Channel Partner/demo center 6-8%.terms with a customer plays or is accepted or affords utility.Managment Information System First MIS show the price of competitors. pricing policies of work like as under 1. “HCL believes in wealth maximization rather than profit maximization. HCL’s main objective is service rather then profit.” Sales Promotion We know those sales promotion short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of product and services. In HCL. Company wants to maximize its profit than unit establishes higher policy its organization wants to cover the large part of the market than obligation may establish legible profit policy. and company gets X% profit. Sales promotion includes • • • Consumer Promotion Trade Promotion Sales Force Promotion Sales promotion refers to all efforts made by the firm to promote the sales .

In HCL for sales promotion gave special offer • • • To end-users To institution To corporate houses Total promotional expenses (3% of sales) Advertising (2% of sales) Sales Promotion (1% of sales) Press 30% T.of products. 35% Radio 10% out Door 25% Among all tools of promotion advertisement is given prime importance by HCL. That can be seen from the above chart that more stress put on the Television Press and Outdoor media of advertisement.V. View on Trade policy of 2005(Information Technology) .

Internet connectivity is provided through several networks. India is the preferred location for software vendors for its quality and cost. which provides opportunity for the development of products for Internet based applications.Investment Policy Automatic approval for foreign equity in software and almost all areas of electronics. Further.000 post graduate professionals in IT required annually by 2004) IT-enabled education Data Centres & Server Farms . Automatic approval accorded for foreign technology agreements in all areas of electronics except aerospace and defence. India has strong Unix base. Leased/switched high-speed data links from major centres through STPs and VSNL for point-to-point communication are also available. Opportunities According to a recent World Bank study. STPs. EHTPs. subject to specified conditions. Abundant investment opportunities exist in the following thrust areas in India: Communication Infrastructure Optic Fiber Cable Gateways Satellite based Communication Wireless Software Development IT-enables Services IT Education (100. India has global connectivity with international dialing facility from over 13220 locations. 100% foreign investment permitted in units set up exclusively for exports. Free Trade Zones/EPZs. and 100% EOUs. Such units can be set up under any one of the following schemes.



thereby increasing the customer confidence in us. across a range of technologies in India. we have developed and implemented solutions for multiple market segments. Be it a large multi-location enterprise. . with its origins in 1976. We have been in the forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions. or a small/medium enterprise. an excellent service & support infrastructure. sales & support capability to service the needs of the customer. Last 27 years apart from knowledge & experience have also given us continuity in relationship with the customers. Today HCL is country's premier information enabling company. Our strengths can be summarized as: Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology Long standing relationship with customers Pan India support & service infrastructure Best-vale-for-money offerings Technology Leadership HCL Infosystems is known to be the harbinger of technology in the country. strong customer relationships. For over quarter of a century. ability to provide the cutting edge technology at best-value-for-money and on top of it. Right from our inception we have attempted to pioneer the technology introductions in the country either through our R&D or through partnerships with the world technology leaders. It offers one-stopshop convenience to its diverse customers having an Equally diverse set of requirements. HCL Infosystems ( HCLI) draws it's strength from 27 years of experience in handling the ever-changing IT scenario.COMPANY PROFILE HCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market. HCLI has a product range. or a small office or a home.

. This is one of the key ingredients that go into our strategic advantage.Using our own R&D we have Created our own UNIX & RDBMS capability (in 80s) developed firewalls for enterprise & personal system security launched our own range of enterprise storage products launched our own range of networking products We strive to understand the technology from the view of supporting it post installation as well.

OUR PEOPLE OBJECTIVES To help people in HCL Infosystems Ltd. to recognize their individual achievements. which they make possible. share in the company's successes.COMPANY GUIDING PRINCIPLES VISION AND MISSION VISION STATEMENT "Together we create the enterprises of tomorrow" MISSION STATEMENT "To provide world-class information technology solutions and services to enable our customers to serve their customers better" QUALITY POLICY "We deliver defect-free products. and help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work. every time" OUR OBJECTIVES OUR MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES To fuel initiative and foster activity by allowing individuals freedom of action and innovation in attaining defined objectives. to provide job security based on their performance. services and solutions to meet the requirements of our external and internal customers. the first time. CORE VALUES • • We shall uphold the dignity of the individual We shall honor all commitments .

• endeavor • We shall be committed to Quality. Innovation and Growth in every We shall be responsible corporate citizens .

” To exist as a market leader in a globally competitive marketplace. organizations need to adopt and implement a continuous improvement-based quality policy. We also employed concurrent engineering practices including design reviews. Crosby's methodology of QIPM (Quality Improvement Process Management). total employee participation in quality improvement and customer satisfaction. processes and products.COMPANY QUALITY Philosophy Quality "We deliver defect-free products.e. Its concept of quality addresses people. we have adapted to newer and better Quality standards that helped us effectively i. the focus was not merely on the quality of products but also the process quality systems. Under . and rigorous reliability tests to uncover latent design defects. every time. This model was elected to because it considered the need and commitment by an organization to improve but more importantly. Our manufacturing unit at NOIDA was certified initially to ISO 9002:1994 by BVQI in 1994 and later on to ISO 9001:1994 in 1997. As of own. services and solutions to meet the requirements of our external and internal customers. all our manufacturing units are certified by BVQI as per ISO 9001:2000 In early 995. the first time. Quality with Business Goals. Over the last 0 years. major quality initiative was launched across the company based on Philip B. QUALITY AT HCL INFOSYSTEMS The history of structured quality implementation in HCL Infosystems began in the late 980s with the focus on improving quality of its products by using basis QC tools and failure Reporting and Corrective Active Systems (FRACAS). One of the key elements o HCL's success is its never-ending pursuit of superior quality in all its endeavors. the individual's need towards better quality in his personal life. HCL NFOSYSTEMS believes in the Total Quality Management philosophy s a means for continuous improvement. In the early 90s. leading to customer and employee satisfaction.

. and Corrective Action Projects (CAPs) are undertaken. including personal quality. to enable our customers to nerve. Resource Management. We have received MAIT's Level II recognition for Business Excellence' for our initiatives in the Information Technology Industry. where by process deficiencies and bottlenecks are identified.our Quality Education System program. customers / Stake holder satisfaction. This reduces defect rates and proves cycle times in various processes. which help us fulfill our mission to provide worldclass information technology solutions and services. 2002-03. Our employees have undertaken a number of improvement projects. we train our employees on the basic concepts and tools of quality. Our certifications / awards in 2003 include ISO 90012000 by BVQI for our Info Structure services and award of First Prize by ELCINA (Electronic Component Industries associations) for Quality. their customers better. (1) Nobler (Leadership & Management commitments. MAIT's Level II recognition based on the 'European Foundation for Quality Management' (EFQM). We always strive to maintain high quality standards. The ELCINA award criterion considers two aspects. Product realizations. adding another commendation to our fold. Measurement Analysis & Improvement) and Results (Product Quality. Business results). The tryst for continuous quality improvement is never-ending in HCL Infosystems. for aiming quality leadership and business competitiveness.

Nokia and Sun Microsystems. . These alliances on one hand give us access to best technology & products as well enhancing our understanding of the latest in technology. On the other hand they enhance our product portfolio. CISCO.Alliances & Partnerships To provide world-class solutions and services to all our customers. Infocus. Toshiba. Computer Associates. Oracle. SCO. Ericsson. Novell. Scan soft. Duplo. Citrix. Samsung. Veritas. HCL Infosystems has alliances with global technology leaders like Intel. Microsoft. Red Hat. EMC. we have formed Alliances and Partnerships with leading IT companies worldwide. and enable us to be one stop shop for our customers. AMD. SAP.

Achievement ACHIVEMENT .

The response to the advertisement was phenomenal. a pioneer in the Singapore IT markets. paper.Unavailability of programming skills with customer’s results in HCL developing bespoke applications for their customers 1978: .Initiation of application development in diverse segments such as textiles. Current account. a computer can only run one application such as Savings Bank. to increase ease of operations.Foundation of the Company laid– Introduces microcomputer based programmable calculators with wide acceptance in the scientific education community 1977: . and Loans etc.HCL launches an aggressive advertisement campaign with the theme ' even a typist can operate' to make the usage of computers popular in the SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) segment.Launch of the first microcomputer-based commercial computer with a ROM –based Basic interpreter .Formation of Far East Computers Ltd. transports 1980: . for SI (System Integration) solutions 1981: . cement. This proposition involved menubased applications for the first time.Software Export Division formed at Chennai to support the bespoke application development needs of Singapore 1983: . However. ..Bank trade unions allow computerization in banks. HCL develops special program generators to speed up the development of applications 1985: .1976: . sugar.

- HCL sets up core team to develop the required software – ALPM (Advanced Ledger Posting Machines). team line) connected to the HP Response Centre in Singapore.Zonal offices of banks and general insurance companies adopt computerization Purchase specifications demand the availability of RDBMS products on the supplied solution (Unify. which is There is a vertical segment focus on Telecom.Starts execution of Information System planning projects Execution projects for Germany and Australia . RDBMS 1991: .HCL acquires and executes the first offshore project from IBM Thailand HCL sets up core group to define software development methodologies HCL assists customers to migrate from flat-file based systems to 1995: . The team uses reusable code to reduce development efforts and produce more reliable code.HCL enters into a joint venture with Hewlett Packard HP assists HCL to introduce new services: Systems Integration. Manufacturing and consulting. HCL arranges for such products to be ported to its platform. Financial Services 1994: .HCL designs and launches Unix.based computers and IBM PC clones . IT HCL establishes a Response Centre for HP products. ALPM becomes the largest selling software product in Indian banks. packaged support services (basic line. Oracle).HCL promotes 3rd party PC applications nationally 1986: .

Declared as Top PC Vendor by Dataquest HCL Infosystems & Sun Microsystems enters into a Enterprise Distribution Agreement . 1 IT Group in India ISO 9001: 2000 2001: .Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get ISO 9001 certification 1999: .- Begins Help desk services 1996: .000 IDC rated . 1 Desktop PC Company of 2001 2002: .Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get SEI Level 4 Certification Bags Award for Top PC Vendor In India Becomes the 1st IT Company to be recommended for latest version of Bags MAIT's Award for Business Excellence Rated as No.Acquires and sets up fully owned subsidiaries in USA and UK Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia HCL ties up with Broad vision as an integration partner 2000: .HCL Infosystems as No.Kolkata and Noida STPs set up HCL buys back HP stake in HCL Hewlett Packard 1998: .Sets up the STP (Software Technology Park) at Chennai to execute software projects for international customers Becomes national integration partner for SAP 1997: .Launched Pentium IV PCs at below Rs 40.

Workstations & Servers on AMD platform 9001:2000 certification .Became the first vendor to register sales of 50. solutions & related services 2003: .000 PCs in a quarter First Indian company to be numero uno in the commercial PC market Enters into partnership with AMD Launched Home PC for Rs 19. Communications & Imaging products. increasing focus on domestic IT.- Realigns businesses.999 HCL Infosystems' Info Structure Services Division received ISO Launches Infiniti Mobile Desktops on Intel Platform Launched Infiniti PCs.

Other Key Player’s in the Industry .

According to IDC. Since than. Vectra was the first foreign pc to be marketed in India. Zenith was marginally behind HCl in the home segment with the unit market share of 9. Zenith has always sold on he platform of price its tag line “MNC Quality Indian Prices” targets buyer who are price sensitive but are looking for a reliable branded PC. HP immediately made a dent in to the market through its attractive précised PC’s bundled with peripherals. 2 brand behind the HCL in the quarter of 2004. IBM and Compaq had entered and established their brands at the premium end. It has 4. HP. It has constantly generated interest of trade through innovative offering like P4 multimedia PC price below 25.1% as compare to HCL’s 9. By that time. cum PC with Internet connection. Thus it is operating in the narrow price band between assemble PC’s and lower-end brand.000 and which basically a T. How ever its J. .V. HP and Compaq have been engaged in a relentless price war too woo the homebuyer. Zenith manages to keep its prices low by controlling overhead and manufacturing cost and having a short-term purchase plan for components.8%.Zenith Computers Ltd. with HCL run into trouble and HP reentered in the Indian PC market in early 1998. which gives it more flexibilities and better rates.V.000 dealers above 30% are in class B & class C cities giving it the reach requirement to generate volume from lower meddle segment of customers. and moved up to the No. In 1993.

. Its merger with digital equipment further strengthened its position in the high-end server market. they called it .65000 to Rs. it soon realized that its PC’s although perceived well on reliability and quality. At. The assemblers and Indian brands were cornering a major chunk of the market. It has a retail presence in 60 cities through 135 stores.000to penetrate into price conscious India households. Initially the commercial segment (largest corporation. The world largest seller of PC’s entered India in 1994. it turned its attention to the home segment.000 PC’s in a month. and research Institute ions) was its main target segment. were considered to expensive.HP has an assembling facility in Banglore with a capacity of to assemble 30. educational. However. It slashed prices of its sub brand Presario from Rs. But with recession in the economy in mid 1990s and the consequent slashing of IT budgets of corporate. Wipro intents to focus more on the lucrative services business in future already services accounts for more than half of its turn over in contrast the contribution of systems business dropped from 43% to 25% it had a joint venture with Acer for marketing the Wipro Acer the brand of PC’s. Compaq is aggressively going after corporate segment by offering arrange of products tailored around services to meet specific needs. 50. Govt. However. The same time.

000 while an assembler PC’s can be with the same configuration obtain for Rs. which is intent to use an export hub. However the two splits in 1990 to chart separate path in 1999.000 to 35. In 2003-2004 it had a value share of 7.7% in spite of having a unit share of 4. Assemblers Having the market share of nearly 58% assemblers are the greatest competitors of HCL.000. IBM has a manufacturing base in Pondicherry. It has 240 dealers in 48 cities. The branded players find it difficult to match their prices because of more manpower and overhead costs and the duties they have to pay and components most of which are imported.off in 1999. IBM has concern on being a solution provider to medium and large business unlike Compaq and HP who are vigorously chasing the household buyer. evading excise duties and loading pirated software. . IBM reentered India through a JV with the Tatas. In portables.000 to 40.2% this can be attributed to its high price products. 17. it was the second largest selling brand after Compaq. Wipro has 500 Strong Dealer Networks it also distributes IBM PC’s and Sun Microsystems. A branded PC’s will cost anything between Rs 23. It is believed that many assemblers are able to price their PC’s low by using the unofficial channel for imports. The assembler dominance can be attributed to their lower prices as compare to the branded players. compromising on the quality of inputs.

hard disk. The user gets to choose what is the best suited for his requirements and budget. be it processors. It is simple and inexpensive to upgrade and assemble machine.♦ Assembler’s score over branded PC’s or many others aspects too they give choice and flexibility to the end-user in selecting the PC’s and its components. They play the role of a personal tutor to their customer by training them in the basics of PC’s there by building a long term relationships infect their entire business is promoted through word of mouth publicity and personal contacts. also assemblers have the advantage interacting with their clients on personal bases. . monitors or multi-media kits. which in the case of branded one has to pay much more. which allows them to understand their requirement very clearly and fulfill them satisfactorily.


it is increasing even as you read this. You may be a large multi-location company exploring solutions to eenable your organization or you may be a new born rising star looking for someone for IT Planning or setting up your IT Infrastructure. competition and strategies to garner market share. HCL Infosystems has a solution tailor-made for you. perhaps even faster. HCL Infosystems' product offerings include everything from high-end enterprise level servers for mission critical applications to multimedia home computers. ahead of competition. We. What is vital is that the decisions you make today need to have the capacity to address situations for at least the next three years and the changes that are bound to occur in that time. By virtue of the immense diversity of markets and customers that it addresses. saving you time and opportunity. The only change over the past few years is that the pace of change has accelerated! In fact. Almost all aspects of your business are ever evolving. Infiniti is the only brand in Indian IT that offers you Remote Support for Software. DESKTOPS & NOTEBOOKS HCL recommends Microsoft Windows® XP Professional for Business The marketplace is constantly changing in terms of consumers. Infiniti is the market leader in commercial desktop segment in India. Information Technology (IT) changes accordingly.PRODUCT AND SERVICES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION HCL Infosystems portfolio of products covers the entire spectrum of the information technology needs of its customers. an innovative support mechanism that is end-user friendly and extremely efficient in problem resolution. at Infiniti Product Development recognize this need as the key .

HCL Infiniti Desktop provides exceptional performance. the Infiniti Orbital series is designed to meet your diverse computing requirements. ensures that you get the best available product at the time of delivery.A powerful and stylish computer for the corporate world. Infiniti Developed by HCL Labs specifically to meet today's high-performance needs. backed by direct selling and built-to-order. Infiniti.Packed with advanced. HCL Indic PC: . and for us. hi-efficiency features. Infiniti Pro SL 1080 / 1085 / 1090 / 1110 Infiniti Pro SL 1200 Infiniti Pro SL 1205 Infiniti Pro BL: . More information Infiniti Pro SL: . Infiniti Pro BL/HL with 865G chipset & Hyper Threading Technology Infiniti Pro BL/HL 1200 with 915G chipset & Hyper Threading Technology Infiniti Pro BL/HL 1205 with 915GV chipset & Hyper Threading Technology Infiniti Plus BL: . responsiveness and reliability. I/O advancement and a host of other technologies that have made Infiniti the number one corporate PC brand in India. . rather than at the time of order. This Technology First brand features the latest innovations in Central Processing Unit (CPU) design.to success for you.Enjoy computing in your own language with HCL Indic PC the latest from the stables of Infiniti Business Desktops. graphics design. display design.Infiniti Pro BL with 845GV chipset and DDR RAM Infiniti Pro BL with 845GE chipset and DDR RAM Infiniti Pro BL with SIS chipset and DDR RAM Infiniti Pro BL/HL with 865GV chipset & Hyper Threading Technology. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 manufacturing.Infiniti Plus BL with VIA PLE 133 chipset Infiniti Orbital Series: .

it brings you the Internet like no other computer can. it is upgrade friendly and so virtually future-proof. What's more. where performance is rivaled only with elegance of design. all fused into one. The HCL Beanstalk with Intel® Pentium® 4 processor. So go ahead and enjoy the wonder that is HCL Beanstalk.HCL Desktop Management Software: . The HCL Beanstalk comes equipped with the lightening fast Intel® Pentium® 4 processor which means you can now get mind blowing multimedia performance from your computer. it is designed to outperform every other Home Computer you have ever seen or heard about.software that ensures desktop uptime reduces support & administrative costs. its widespread network ensures excellence in Customer Care. The centre of your digital world is designed to meet not just your today's computing requirements. Manufactured at HCL Infosystems' state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified plant. and watch. So get ready to experience 3D graphics.Manage your Infiniti desktop efficiently with HCL Desktop Management Software (HDMS) . Infiniti Powerlite Notebooks HCL recommends Microsoft Windows® XP Professional for Business . plus SD RAM and Ultra ATA Hard Disk that gives it incredible speed. It comes with the super-speed Intel® processor. virtual reality and realistic audiovideo. but also the needs of your future. So bring home the HCL Beanstalk today and stay ahead of the rest of the world. And with more than 250 Support providers across the country. it will amaze you for years to come. Home PCs HCL recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional the all-new Beanstalk Series. like never before. It is faster than the fastest home computer. With its high performance processor. You get superior technology and great value for money.

flexible connectivity and high mobility.    Model Infiniti Notebook Infiniti Powerlite 6000 Infiniti Powerlite 6005 WORKSTATIONS • • Infiniti Challenger Workstations SUN Workstations STORAGE • • EMC Storage Solutions HP Storage Solutions IMAGING SOLUTIONS AND EQUIPMENT • • • • • • Toshiba Photocopiers and multifunctional products Duplo Digital Scanner Printers Duple Collators. Booklet makers and Finishing Equipments Pitney Bowes mass mailing systems Multimedia projectors Service support . Infiniti Powrerlite offers complete peace of mind and the power to generate ideas on the move. Designed to provide superior performance. Add to that HCL Direct Support Infrastructure of more than 300 service centres and 2500 engineers.HCL introduces unmatched mobile power with the Infiniti Powerlite series notebook. these notebooks offer a new level of freedom and functionality to bring you the ultimate in personal productivity.

Telecom solutions and equipments • • • • • • • Key Telephone systems Web switch 2002 (IP Telephony) EPABX for medium to large enterprises Wireless LAN DECT cordless Unified Massaging System support MOBILE PHONES • • • Handsets and accessories After sale support Service support Service Description • • • • • • • Call center services In fracture services Networking services Security services Facilities management services Domestic hardware services VPN services CONSULTANCY • • • Infrastructure consultancy Call center solutions consultancy IT consultancy SOFTWARE LICENSES .


have been EZEEBEE. And find out the contact name and phone number of concerned person with who interface can be made so that the sales volume of company can be increase through providing the brief introduction specification and benefits of the products. How many are aware of the HCL products but not using? • Promotion strategy of HCL for there home PC Segment. colleges. To carry out the promotion requires preparing a database of schools. and TOSHIBA NOTE BOOK.PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION The core products of HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. How many people are using home P. and Toshiba notebook. Colleges. Thin clients being an institutional product can be a success if it promoted in schools & institution MBA and Engg. corporate houses and end users to haven understanding o  To find out 1. and End-user. corporate houses. • Finding out the major competitors of HCL home segment in this sector. and specific location in different part of Ghaziabad. corporate house.? 2. Institutes. have been EzeeBee. BANSTALK. Thin clients being an . RESEARCH OBJECTIVE  To conduct a survey of various schools.C. Beanstalk. HCL EzeeBee notebook. HCL EZEEBEE NOTEBOOK. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION The core products of HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD.

The competition is also increased by day to day. colleges.   The consumer preference for branded PCs automatically shows the market share of the company. To carry out the promotion requires preparing a database of schools. effects of sales promotion to brand loyal customer etc. It prefers by consumer. the following limitation are remain overcome in the study. Moreover. this study helps to know the buying habits of PCs of HCL and the IT market in Ghaziabad. So consumer take care for chooses of their product. buying pattern of PCs. and End-user. The study helps to the company for know about the most preference factor. Colleges. and specific location in different part of Ghaziabad. It reveals the extent to which PCs.   Limitation of the study Through I have tried my level best to make the study and he report writing qualitative & excellent. . corporate houses.institutional product can be a success if it promoted in schools & institution MBA and Engg. which helps in improvement of marketing strategy. And find out the contact name and phone number of concerned person with who interface can be made so that the sales volume of company can be increase through providing the brief introduction specification and benefits of the products. corporate house. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY In the current era the people have lots of brand to satisfy their need. This study provides latest and enough information to readers about consumer habit for PCs and IT market of Ghaziabad. So company’s attention towards consumer requirement is essential.

 This project is related to summer season-2005 only. two months is a short period for completing this type of activities. but this study is limited to Ghaziabad City only. which has sold lots of products.e.  The accuracy of the project and conclusion is totally depending on the accuracy of the data collected and analyzed. The result not same for all season.  The time period allotted for the study i. . HCL has a huge market national and international level.

Criteria Rating Scale Problem of Channel Partner/Demo Center Very High 8 High 6 Moderate 4 Low 2 None 0 S. No Problem 1 Supply of Product A) From Company B) From Distributor Desktop Laptop/Note Book Very High Moderate High High Very High Very High Moderate Low Low High Moderate Moderate 2 Time of Delivery 3 Packaging 4 Model Version 5 Scheme .Data are collected through HCL’s channel Partner. 1. and my observation.

it is clear that the main problem of company is no supply or less supply of product from channel partners. Otherwise chances are more for shift brand of current as well as future customers. 2.Comments: Desktop 10 8 6 4 2 0 Supply from Company Supply from Distributer Time of Delivery Packaging Model Version Scheme Leptop/NoteBook 8 6 4 4 2 2 6 6 8 8 Scale 4 4 Problems From the above table and chart. Criteria Rating Scale Product Display And Advertisement / Poster display in Excellent 10 Very Good 8 Good 6 Average 4 Poor 2 None 0 Channel Partner/Demo Center . Hence company should give attention towards it.

.Sr. and Express Computer. No. GZB 10 8 Scale 6 4 2 0 Visual computers Product Display 8 6 4 4 4 Poster Display 8 6 4 6 6 Relience Info Solutions Fortech Computers Pvt.. . 3 Fortech Computers Pvt. whereas Poster display is good at both the agency. Ltd. GZB 4 Stela Computers Sahibabad. GZB 2 Reliance Info Solutions Vaishali. 5 Express Computer Ambedkar Road. Stela Computers Express Computer Distributer Comment: From the above it is clear that the product display is very good at Fortech Pvt. Ltd. GZB . Ltd. . Address of Channel Partner/demo Product Display Moderate Moderate Very High High High Poster Display High Moderate Very High Moderate High center 1 Visual computers Vasundhra. GZB Ambedkar Road.

2. Criteria Rating Scale Scheme to consumers Very High 8 High 6 Moderate 4 Low 2 None 0 Sr. Scheme Name Bandal Offer Free Tour Package Free CD Pack Free Upgradition in RAM Demand Very High Low High Moderate Free Upgradition in RAM Free CD Pack Free Tour Package Bandal Offer 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Comment: From the above chart reveals that Bandal Offer is very popular scheme among the customers. 1. 3. This scheme also gives the sales volume to the company because this scheme is available with all models of HCL PCs Company should modify tour package and highlight the free upgadition in RAM. .3. No. 4.

Comment: The above table and chart reveals the effects of product display and poster display in Channel Partner/Demo center. 4 4 Ambedkar Road. GZB 6 Product Display Average Good Average 10 8 Scale 6 4 2 0 Product Display Poster Average Display 8 8 6 6 6 Fortech 4Computers Pvt. GZB Reliance Info Solutions Vaishali. Criteria Effects of Catalogue Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor None . Both the displays create more awareness of HCL products also creates more demand among customers. No. Distributer Ambedkar Road. 5. GZB 2 . Ltd. 4 . Criteria Rating Scale Sr. 5 . 3 . Effect of Product and Poster Display Excellent 10 Very Good 8 Good 6 Average 4 Poor 2 Poster Display None 0 Address of Channel Partner/demo center 1 Visual computers Vasundhra. Ltd. GZB Visual computers Very good Good Good Very good 4 Average Good Express Computer Relience Info Solutions Fortech Computers Stela Computers Express Computer Pvt.4. GZB Stela Computers Sahibabad.

Ambedkar Road. 3 Fortech Computers Pvt. Ghaziabad Effacts 6 4 4 6 8 Visual computers Stela Computers Relience Info Solutions Express Computer Fortech Computers Pvt. Ghaziabad. 10 8 6 4 2 0 Address of Channel Partner/demo center 1 Visual computers Vasundhra. . Ltd. Ltd. 5 Express Computer Ambedkar Road.Rating Scale Sr. Ghaziabad 2 Reliance Info Solutions Vaishali. No. 4 Stela Computers Sahibabad. . Effects Average Average Very good . Ghaziabad Good Good . Ghaziabad.

Sr. Product depth. Vaishali.000 350 22 70.000 Visited People 250 Actual Buyer 12 Partner/demo center 1 Visual computers Vasundhra. No. Ghaziabad 40. Ambedkar Road. Address of Channel People Cross The Road 25. 5 Express Computer Ambedkar Road.000 135 15.000 17.000 650 17 70.000 3. . 6. It increases the awareness of HCL product. 2 Reliance Info Solutions . Average Number of Customers/People in a Month. Ghaziabad. It is beneficial to customer as well as company.Comment The catalogue is very effective. Ltd. Hence demand of different product of HCL also increased.00 28 . GZB 4 Stela Computers Sahibabad. . Ghaziabad 3 Fortech Computers Pvt. Ghaziabad.

3 . Because of good location of Channel Partner like Fortech computers Pvt. 2 . The performance very good at Fortech computer . No. GZB Stela Computers Sahibabad. Sumit Vary Good Excellent 10 Very Good 8 Good 6 Average 4 Poor 2 None 0 Grading Good Address of Distributor/Agency Visual computers Vasundhra. 5 . Vinav The above table and chart reveals that performance at man at channel partner or demo center is differ. Performance of man at Channel Partner/Demo Center Criteria Rating Scale Sr. GZB Mr. and Express Computer sales volume is vary high at both the agencies. Ajay Grower Mr. Vinay Good Fortech Computers Pvt. 1 . Abhinav Mr. Abhinav Comment: Performance of Channel Partner/Demo Center 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 10 8 6 6 6 Mr. Ambedkar Road. GZB Mr. Ajay Grower Very Good Relience Info Solutions Vaishali. GZB Name of Dealer Mr. Anand Mr. Sumit Mr. Ltd.Comment: From the above it is clear that the Show room Location is vary important factor for self-driven sale. Express Computer Ambedkar Road. 7. Anand Good Mr. GZB Mr. Ltd. 4 .

.pvt ltd and Mr. stela computers and Express computer during summer 2005. in both times during morning to evening to night. Ajay Grower is very sincere and target oriented and supportive person. The performance of man at agency is average in both the times at visual computers.

4Market. sahibabad. B. Gzbad. Three Days 400 48 22 67 Comment .Sahibabad. 6.S. No 1. Gzbad. Mohan Two Days Two Days Two Days Two Days Three Days 221 21 15 31 167 11 18 13 250 19 15 30 88 6 17 10 121 5 12 9 3 Hours 3 Hours 58 49 4 6 15 19 9 11 Place of Event Duration of Event Tow Days 4 Hours 67 9 25 15 Visited People 170 Currant Buyer 7 Follow up 20 Total Sale 12 Nagar. DABUR EMPLOYEE PURCHASE PROGRAMME Sahibabad. 10. Site 4 Gzbad. BEL EMPLOYEE PURCHASE PROGRAMME. Gzbad 8.T Road Mohan Nagar. 9. JAIPURIA SCHOOL.Gzbad 5. HINDAN AIRFOARCE STATION Mohan nagar. MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL. Vasundhra. OVERALL PERSORMANCE OF PROMOTIONAL EVENTS Sr. 2. 4. Sahibabad. DABAS RESTRA G. SAHIBABAD MEGA EVENT. BAL BHARITI PUBLIC SCHOOL Bridge Vihar. Gzbad 3. Gzbad.8. GZB. Rajendra Nagar. Vashali. Ghaziabad. Gzbad. Management Institute. 7.L. Indrapuram. VASHALI MEGA EVENT Sec.

For promotional Activity Company using basically three ways. In this company setup the CANOPY at roadside of different public places. The results of MEGA EVENTS are batter than expected. We take permission from admin department for put our stall in their campus for particular day like in collages • • • • • • • Annual Meet Culture Day Orientation Day Alumnae Meet Parents –Teacher Meeting Day Culture Day Annual Day In Schools Employee Purchase Progamme- .Above table reveals that. Road Shows 2. Institutional ShowsHCL Arrange the events in different Collages and School for promoting their home PC segment. At the large-scale company arrange a MAGA EVENTS at different places in all over Ghaziabad. Employee purchase progamme Road ShowsNow a day every company using road show varies frequently for promoting their products. MEGA EVENTS is more result oriented then CANOPY. 1. HCL also vary aggressively using this activity in all Ghaziabad because of Road Shows Company capture the target customer of home segment of their PCs. Institutional Shows 3. Promotional Events which down by HCL for different Channel partners is gives boom to sales of their PCs in Home PC segment.

The EPP is a way of HCL thanking its corporate and group company employees for their support. g) Exchange offers can be a main theme for doing EPP in an account. since Employees could buy printers/web camera/Ups etc. b) Pricing much lower than market pricing given in view of the celebrations. .It is vary difficult task. h) A lot of peripherals also get sold in the process of doing EPP. f) Portray the EPP as a value ad for the employees by the HR in the concerned org. which is down by HCL in different big giant corporate houses in all over Ghaziabad. – ICICI & Bajaj Auto Finance ltd. c) No Sales tax or 0% sales tax billing from Pondicherry. i) Consumer finance in 72 cities through Bajaj auto finance ltd will aid in rolling EPP in up country locations. these can be accounts where in we have sold Toshiba's. For this HCL give proposal in HR department of Corporate Houses then management discuss on it and if they think that their employee really gets benefit from EPP technology they give purimessionfor organizing the event in company campus. A27 d) Less / No Channel margin makes the prices more attractive e) Spot finance approvals for the employees. Themes for EPP a) Celebration of HCL's 25th anniversary.

Example Compaq now reinitiating . 2) These winters Trainee has to be trained by the person responsible for EPP.Toshiba. 4) Find out competition details on EPP.Suggesstions: 1) Employee 4-5 winter trainees for EPP. DSO/OA accounts. which is a combination of Sales & mtkg. c) Take a first level call in the account. Misc. a) Tele-Mktg for fixing up appointment from the Databases that we have . do 1-2 pilots with winter trainee to explain the process d) Map all societies / corporate organizations in the city for more than 50 employees for HCL to do EPP. e) Map all consumer walk-ins places for dealers to do road shows. f) Maintain MIS for all EPP for the sales executive. pl. develop a project around EPP for them. b) Sending standard proposals to all HR/ADM/IT people concerned for EPP in accounts on e-mail. 3) Once the trg is done the winter trainee will own and carry out the following.

response. timing etc. post the EPP show. about a) EPP feedback. d) Employees in the org.EPP. 6) Provides genuine feedback. org. 5) Roll out the EPP program. c) Offers & bundles. b) Dealer. hence s/he can get details. prospects. e) Misc.place. . winter trainee own 2-3 dealers for carrying & rolling out EPP.


6.Any Research. are known as a finding. The findings of this project are as follows.The result of assigned project in management studies is known as findings. These hidden truths are basic facts. which are accountable in the achievement of the objective and for the company. HCL is a market leader in IT products in Ghaziabad but have a vary close competition with Compaq. which makes the project more interesting. Third rank goes into account of Wipro. facility management and High End solution. 10. which is conducted in the market place. 7. . The information gathered from the market.It equal ant to IBM and Compaq. 8. 3.HCL give vary tuff competition to both MNC companies.1 whereas second and third is of Compaq and IBM. 2. Most of people think that HCL is typically hardware firm having no relations with software. Technology wise means quality wise HCL is considered to be number two after IBM. Compaq and HCL are two companies that are at top of mind in Brand fated customers. Corporate Image of HCL is good . are basically known findings . 4. which are out coming of the research. which affects the business of company directly or indirectly. Cost and Quality are two major factors that are taken into consideration while purchasing any IT product. networking. 1. internet services. flashes back hidden truths and basic facts. 9. Most of people know that HCL only deals in desktop PC’s and servers whereas only few knows that HCL also provides software development. Cost wise HCL is number two whereas Zenith enjoys first position. 5. HCL holds number one position in after sales service that is the major reason for it to being a market leader. According to customer Satisfaction Index HCL is No.


Brand Image HCL has a strong brand image in the market Brand image help always help in pushing a product into the market But in the case of Laptop and Higher–versions it seems that HCL hasn’t made full utilization of its brand image. ADVERTISEMENT Advertisement in the form of road shows. . collages and corporate houses organize by HCL by sales team of western UP. In Ghaziabad region vary potential customer is a corporate house in Sahibabad Site 4 Area. Merrut Road Industrial Area and Bulandsehar industrial Area. SERVICE CENTER HCL doesn’t have service center in an institutional belt. Though HCL has a good network it has to strengthen it to a greater extend. Schools and corporate houses. pamphlets and banners in public places. schools. Industrial belt like Ghaziabad. this in many way is hampering sales of HCL product in the reason.so HCL should appoint a term of dynamic marketing executive who can established a good relationship with institutes.To do any business requires a bridging between buyer and seller . Frequent follows ups will certainly prove fruitful for HCL in the long run. DISTRIBUTION NETWORK A strong distribution network always helps in becoming the front-runner for any product in a market.

Conclusion .

This supremacy is due to its sound and promotes after sales services. which are also the preference criteria for ministries to buy any IT product.As well as HCL is a leader in hardware products but to sustain its leadership and cope up with the intensify competition it has to improve in other field too. Quality and technology are naming few. Most of the people officials associate HCL with hardware products and vary few know that HCL also provide IT solutions and software services too. Corporate image is good of HCL as compare to Compaq and IBM. . They believe that HCL is typically a hardware firm. Undoubtedly HCL is leader in after sales services .After the comprehensive study of the secondary and primary data has been found that HCL holds numero first position in desktop PCs.


Possibility of more new player’s come in the same business is . Services provided by HCL are not up to the mark. the assemblers market. HCL has strong distribution network as compared to competitors. opportunities that HCL have. OPPERTUNITIES • • • HCL products because of their price factor over other companies The new Technology that provided by HCL is one of the big Lower rates of different models give opportunities to HCL for grab and assemble are gaining popularity. Customized products for every type of customer for example up gradation as per the requirement of customer. WEAKNESS • • • HCL has not been able to establish an entry barrier for competitors. THREATS • expected. HCL available Products can provide solution to any environment. Channel partner of HCL has not much capable to provide good and frequent services to their potential customer. Aggressive Marketing strategy.• • • • • HCL is a brand in itself.

segment and from Assemblers in lower segment. .• • HCL PCs is facing a big challenge from Hp and IBM in higher HCL facing a big challenge in Laptop segments.

Kothari (2004) Research Methodology .BIBLIOGRAPHY TEXT BOOK • • Philip Kotler (2004) Marketing management C.R.

com MAGAZINE • • • • • Data quits Chip Digital India Business India Business today WHAT I LEARN FROM SUMMER TRAINING ST is so much important as it express time to do real world is.• G. The way to succeed is to start sooner.hclperipherals.hclinfosystem. it gets easier all the time.altawista.com www.Berry (2002) Marketing Research WEB SITE • • • • www. Once I stare.com www. ST is beginning part for gaining the practical knowledge.google. Where things can tackle more easily by intellectual skill and presence of mind. The beginning is the most important part of work.com www. .C. work harder and know more than our competitors. Well done are better than well said.

benefits etc . convincing power. increase market share and increase satisfaction level of consumers etc. how business deals. analysis. I have completed “Promotional Strategy of HCL in Ghaziabad Region. scheme. conduct the survey. tactfulness and all relationship with the Intermediates and consumers. relationship management works. How to identify problem. screen the data. convince to the customers and retailers in cut thought competition. From the study I understand real marketing of chemical products. I also observe how distribution channel works and where lies our strengths where do we take and take what can be done to over comings. decide the sample size and sampling method.P. theory apply in practical marketing. conduct the research report and how to face and solve the difficulties. The most important I learned was how to push up your product when competitors have got an edge over you in terms of Prices. At this stage.Earning money is not matter in the student life. Analysis the primary data and also how to use Intelligence.. but gaining knowledge is an important and knowledge is power. How to observe and design questionnaire for felicitating Primary data. selection type various methods & procedure for conducting the research study. India that assigned me from which I have learnt. retailers become viable. The main thing I learned from training is how the sales volume can increase. decrease cost. I learned many things from my Summer Training like how to treat each retailers and customers differently depending upon his/her understanding and their relationship with company. And I fain that power from my ST. U.

It also helps me for accomplish my career objective as to “Become Leading and Challenging manager in Professional Management”. Key Issues Facing The Organisation One of the major concerns for training companies is to:• Create professionals who are better able to go in for a technology in a specific domain area. with the market opening up.and also how to push myself in the market to me. • Also. I can say working with the true professional in prestigious organization like HCL gave me very good exposure. Unplanned training approach. it has become a challenge for the training institutes to offer effective. updated. knowledge for real marketing. These work one and only one things. SUMMER TRAINING REPORT SUBMITTED TOWARDS THE PARTIAL FULLFILLMENT OF POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT a. and Lengthy decision making process. So at the last. there are various issues that are affecting the IT training sector such as. Uncertain quality focus. Other than that. planned training to candidates in a shortest-possible time. latest. there is an increasing trend of employees preferring a network deployment and software engineer’s job. . This has become a matter of market leadership and survival. • • • • Lack of conviction regarding training. The issues which HCL CDC and IT training companies need to solve are:• With the coming up of various new technologies.

I did the job of the Counselor. marketing and administration. 2. A brief of the activities I have performed in HCL CDC are— 1. 4. Making follow-ups to know whether students coming to the center either to attain workshops or for counseling will actually join the IT training programs or not. if an enterprise’s standards of recruitment are high. In case the IT Counselors are busy and there is a long queue of students waiting for counseling. explaining to them the training programs offered by HCL CDC and fixing their appointments with the IT Counselors (who constitute the sales team). 000 for the month June 2009. Calling students to attain the work-shops organized by HCL CDC in collaboration with professionals from Microsoft. I was given the product knowledge before and had to apply the tactics of converting the “walk-ins” to “admissions”. it can be difficult to absorb good talent as trainers and even more difficult to retain them. CHAPTER-6 Reflections on what has been learned during the Summer Placement My summer training in HCL CDC has been a great learning experience.50. I underwent training in different areas such as operations. . Oracle and Red Hat who are its education partners. I was mainly the member of the marketing team and as a part of the marketing team I was given a target of making business worth Rs. bringing in at least 1 “walk-in” per day. sales. Calling students from the database given by the field marketing executives to the center.• Hence. These are some of the major and serious problems which need to be solved and looked after. making 5 registrations for the month and conducting at least 1 workshop for the month. I successfully achieved my target during my internship in HCL CDC. 3.

Compulsory soft skill and personality development classes for the HCL CDC students so that they don’t lack behind in the communication front. 5. Launch of new and customized industry-relevant course targeting different customer groups with different backgrounds so that HCL CDC don’t lack behind the market leaders—Aptech and NIIT. CDCs should venture into other emerging areas such as retail and hospitality industry where training of manpower is required apart from restricting itself to individual and corporate training in the IT arena. Allocating Batches to students who has joined the program in accordance to their preference timing.users are satisfied and more and more customers walk into them. I was actively involved in maintaining database of students who paid their monthly installments. . etc. CHAPTER-7 RECOMMENDATIONS TO HCL CDC Some of the recommendations to HCL CDC are— 1. 6. 2. 7. Efficient management of the CDCs so that the end. Launching of new batches for the month of June and July. Launch of a series of ad campaign in multiple media to make the masses aware of the brand and the products and programs offered by it. 4. 6. received books. While in operations. lab cards.5. 2008 in consultation with the Chief Technical Trainer and the Center Manager. Rapid expansion of the training centers to handle the increasing number of students. 3. ID cards.

www.aspx?path=1/5 www.expressindia.hclinfosystems.hclcdc.cse.in/Common.com/20020325/training1.com/detail.com www.htm http://www.thehindubusinessline.hclcdc.expresscomputeronline.com/india/news/pressnews/indian-it-training-mkt-grows-46yoy-at-rs-2135cr06-07/04/15/297508 http://www.asp?date=2/7/2006&story=2 http://www.php?newsid=91412 http://www.hclinfosystems.com/manager/2006/10/09/stories/2006100900771000.ac.aptech.ducat.com www.com/news69.html http://www.equitymaster.hclcdc.moneycontrol.hclinfosystems.com www.wikipedia.niit.iitk.CHAPTER 8 BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.com www.htm http://news.in/ http://www.in/~dheeraj/ideas/industry.jetking.htm http://www.com/news70.in .shtml http://www.com/news/fullstory.com CHAPTER-9 .in www.

HCL Technologies & HCL Infosystems. The objective was to have a constant pool of qualified professionals for the industry. Systems Integration. Its range of offerings spans Product Engineering. The HCL team comprises approximately 55.CASE STUDY Abstract HCL Enterprise is a leading Global Technology and IT enterprise that comprises two companies listed in India . BPO. With HCL CDCs. and networking and system integration. The 3-decade-old enterprise.000 professionals of diverse nationalities. HCL ventured into creating Career development centers – the first of its kind in India. who operate from 18 countries including 360 points of presence in India. IT Hardware. The faculty of industry experts and veterans draw upon over thirty years of HCL experience in IT software. HCL hope to play a leadership role in enlarging the talent pool available to organizations deploying IT in India. founded in 1976. IT Infrastructure Services. After creating a new wave with computing in India . hardware. including leading IT and Technology firms. Background .at a time when there were only about 250 computers in the country as a whole. The IT boom in India has caused a severe shortage of high-skilled ICT engineers. is one of India's original IT garage startups. and distribution of ICT products. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms. Custom & Package Applications.

The information technology training sector in India is witnessing a boom, driven by a talent crunch, paucity of employable' graduates and all-round need for trained manpower at all levels.

The Information Technology (IT) education and training sector has been the pioneer in imparting professional training in India. With a growing need of IT professionals, plethora of technologies and products and consequent continuing education requirements, presently the Indian IT training industry is booming. The Indian IT training market is currently estimated to be worth $477 million of which around 10 percent pertains to corporate training of around $47 million. The IT corporate training market however is growing at a faster pace and this year it is expected to grow at 40 percent. Over the next three years it is estimated to be a $236 million market. However, based on current trends, the supply of software professionals is projected to be 885,000 by 2008. This suggests that there may be a shortfall of 235,000 software professionals by 2008.With the demand supply gap growing there are abundant opportunities for a good scalable and sustainable business model.

Key Issues Facing The Organization:
One of the major concerns for training companies is to:• Create professionals who are better able to go in for a technology in a specific domain area.

Other than that, there are various issues that are affecting the IT training sector such as, • • • Lack of conviction regarding training, Unplanned training approach, Uncertain quality focus, and

Lengthy decision making process.

The issues which HCL CDC and IT training companies need to solve are:• With the coming up of various new technologies, it has become a challenge for the training institutes to offer effective, updated, latest, planned training to candidates in a shortest-possible time. This has become a matter of market leadership and survival. • Also, with the market opening up, there is an increasing trend of employees preferring a network deployment and software engineer’s job. • Hence, if an enterprise’s standards of recruitment are high, it can be difficult to absorb good talent as trainers and even more difficult to retain them. These are some of the major and serious problems which need to be solved and looked after.

Case Study Hindustan Computers Limited, also known as HCL Enterprise, is one of India's largest electronics, computing and information technology company. Based in Noida, near Delhi, the company comprises two publicly listed Indian companies, HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems. HCL was founded in 1976 by Shiv Nadar, Ajai Chowdhry and four of their colleagues. HCL was focused on addressing the IT hardware market in India for the first two decades of its existence with some sporadic activity in the global market. In 1981, HCL seeded a company focused on addressing the computer training industry, NIIT, though it has currently divested its stake in the company. In 1991, HP took minority stake in the company (26%) and the company was known as HCL HP for the five years of the joint venture. On termination of the joint venture in 1996, HCL became an enterprise which comprises HCL Technologies (to address the global IT services market) and HCL Infosystems (to

address the Indian and APAC IT hardware market). HCL has since then operated as a holding company.

HCL Technology HCL Technologies is one of India's leading global IT Services companies, providing software-led IT solutions, remote infrastructure management services and BPO. Having made a foray into the global IT landscape in 1999 after its IPO, HCL Technologies is now focusing on Transformational Outsourcing, working with clients in areas that impact and re-define the core of their business. The company leverages an extensive global offshore infrastructure and its global network of offices in 18 countries to deliver solutions across select verticals including Financial Services, Retail & Consumer, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Hi-Tech & Manufacturing, Telecom and Media & Entertainment (M&E). For the quarter ended 31st March 2008, HCL Technologies, along with its subsidiaries had last twelve months (LTM) revenue of US $ 1.8 billion (Rs. 7083 crores) and employed 49,802 professionals.

HCL Infosystems HCL Infosystems Ltd, a listed subsidiary of HCL, is an India-based hardware and systems integrator. It claims a presence in 170 locations and 300 service centres. Its manufacturing facilities are based in Chennai, Pondicherry and Uttarakhand .Its headquarters is in Noida.HCL Infosystems Ltd with annual revenue of US$ 2.7 Bn (Rs. 11,855 crores) is India’s premier information enabling and ICT System Integration company offering a wide spectrum of ICT products that includes Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, Telecom, Imaging and Retail.
HCL is a one - stop -shop for all the ICT requirements of an organization. India’s leading System Integration and Infrastructure Management Services Organization, HCL has specialized expertise across verticals including Telecom, BFSI, E-Governance & Power.

Konica Minolta and many more. Kodak.9 crores during the quarter ended June 30. including Nokia. Profit before tax was reported at Rs 123. 316. taking to market a range of Digital Lifestyle products in partnership with leading global ICT brands.4 crores. Casio. 84. 11855. Ericsson.0 crores. HCL CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE . 428. 2007 taking consolidated PAT for the year to Rs. Apple. Toshiba.HCL has India's largest distribution and retail network. Bull. Profit after tax was reported at Rs. 2007 taking consolidated PBT for the year to Rs.7 crores. 2007 taking consolidated revenues for the year to Rs. a growth of 11%.3 crores during the quarter ended June 30. a growth of 13%. HCL today has India's largest vertically integrated computer manufacturing facility with over threedecades of electronic manufacturing experience The company has reported consolidated revenue of Rs 3108.6 crores during the quarter ended June 30. Cisco. Microsoft.

corporate and educational institutions to expand its information technology (IT) training wing. The purpose was to have a constant puddle industry..wide with over 3000 students.Computer hardware manufacturer HCL Info systems Limited has decided to focus on massive customer segments viz. of qualified professionals for the .at a time when there were only about 250 computers in the country as a whole. After creating a new wave with computing in India . Today. The spotlight has been on industry-experience and focus on 'real world' practical training. the career development centers span India . HCL ventured into creating Career development centers – the first of its kind in India.

Nearly 80 per cent of our centers would be franchisee owned. HCL." says S T M Eswar." says Eswar. Education. the company is planning to add 70 more centers across the country taking the total number of HCL CDCs to 100.domain-b. It would be easier said than done to find faculty members in house as each centre would need around 5 trainers. Out of the existing 30 centers. "The modalities of targeting them are being worked out. the company is more in favour taking the franchisee route for expansion than through its own centers.starting from basics in hardware and networking to server related and security.aspOne main reason for capping the number of centers is that the teaching faculty at the centers is from the HCL group.The faculties are drawn from HCL and the industry. We will increase the depth of courses. According to Eswar. the centre offers full and part time industry related courses in software and networking "The corporate/enterprise and the educational institutional segments are new to us. However the faculty is from the HCL group companies.Rs50 lakh to start a centre. It may be recalled that the Rs11.000 and goes up to Rs56. Located in major Indian cities.000. "A franchisee will have to invest around Rs25 lakh ." he said. "We are capping the number of centers at 100.com/scripts/recommend/recommend." Meanwhile. The areas of center of attention include both hardware and software .648 crore turnover company entered the rewarding IT education line in 2006 and focused on the retail segment with its 30 centers branded HCL Career Development Centers (HCL CDC). . HCL Infosystems owns just six. Interestingly HCL Infosystems is not looking at rapid expansion of its IT education centers. head. http://www. The HCL CDC courses are priced starting from Rs10.

Their mission is to transform their students into industry-ready professionals who are ready to take on enterprisewide IT deployment and integration assignments from the day one. and the company plans to set up similar centres overseas as well. The IT boom in India has caused a brutal dearth of high-skilled ICT engineers. Coimbatore. and networking and system integration. Group Company HCL Technologies Limited meets its requirements for new recruits from these centers. . The company already has operational HCL CDCs in six cities. has made HCL to set up the HCL CDCs. without the need for any further training by their eventual employers. With HCL CDCs. HCL CDCs provide specially designed courses in high-end Software. the company does not give any guaranteed placement. 84. the students do not have the capabilities on leading edge technologies. A study by Cisco-IDC estimates that one-third of companies are not able to fill up their demand for networking professionals. Pune. namely Delhi. Hardware and Networking integration to groom students into industry-ready professionals.Queried about the placement Eswar says. HCL anticipates to play a leadership role in enlarging the talent pool available to organizations deploying IT in India. 60-70% of which is hardware and Infrastructure software. Meerut and Agra. there is an expected annual demand of around 2 lakh networking professionals in the country while the supply is restricted to about 60% of the demand.000 crores today. In the world of high-end avant-garde technologies that we live in today. which is so very vital to build the ICT infrastructure in the country. Also according to an estimate by E-Value. hardware. The technological changes add further to the demand. The discrepancy is further estimated to grow at a CAGR of 21% till 2010. resulting to not only a fissure in quantity but a huge qualitative fissure as well. Hence the awareness and the urgent need to create a vigorous and sustainable skilled manpower resourcing framework. While a lot of prominence is given on availability of software engineering it is anticipated that the Indian ICT market is over Rs. HCL CDC courses have been planned keeping in mind the specific needs of modern day organizations. Noida. The faculties are industry experts and veterans which have nearly over thirty years of HCL experience in IT software.

HCL is offering a three-month full-time and one-year part-time course titled HCL Certified Network Engineer (HCNE).000 crore and projected to grow to Rs 2. hardware and telecom sector. Most prominently the company offers the students various flexible payment options. The course involves 7 modules. The company also has plans for introducing short-term modular courses to augment skills of working professionals. . Training engineers The Executive Vice-President of HCL Infosystems Ltd. Of this. said that the Indian ICT market is estimated at about Rs 84. and squarely fits this into the demand for professionals in the emerging convergence business environment. The company is also evaluating options for setting up overseas centres. about 60-70 per cent is hardware and infrastructure calling for huge manpower base with such skills. HCL has developed a courseware that covers software. 000 crore by 2010. To set up 100 career development centres Hyderabad. and South Africa and West Asia would be initial options. HCL Infosystems Ltd has sewn up plans to set up 100 HCL Career Development Centres (HCL CDC) designed to fine tune skills of technology workers. 21 projects and 70 online tests as part of the academic curriculum. 40. who aspire for faster growth in their respective careers. including employees of corporate houses. The duty of these centres would be to train engineers in diverse skills helping them handle the entire spectrum of business. which is widening by the day. May 24. Mr Rajendra Kumar. This effort is part of the company's drive to part-bridge the demand supply mismatch of trained workforce. HCL CDCs also provide for placement support to all their students who do extremely well in their academics and present a significant performance during the course.

leading ICT System Integrator and Distribution Company – today announced a set of initiatives which will further strengthen their long-lasting alliance. India’s premier information enabler. Moreover. 2008: Microsoft Corporation India. there is massive demand within the corporate sector for constant retraining of work force to meet new technology challenges. Microsoft and HCL Infosystems strengthen partnership Mumbai. While the company offers students flexible payment options. Franchisees: Of the 100 centres planned by HCL. Announcing the setting up of their 23rd centre in the country and the first in Hyderabad. Mr. . leader in software for personal and business computing and HCL Infosystems. April 11. Kumar said that the company has plans for introducing short-term modular courses to enhance skills of working professionals aspiring career shifts. which will offer a unique learning experience. India. based on case studies and live business projects. 10 of them are to be handled by the company and the rest are going to be offered to the franchisees. The companies announced plans for the creation of a joint Centre of Excellence (CoE) for development of vertical specific customised solution frameworks for India. the courseware costs range from Rs 10.000 under the MiLeap brand of HCL leaptops.000 depending upon the time-frame and the range of courses opted for. the launch of the world’s lowest cost Windows OS enabled laptop at Rs17.This would be enhanced by more specialised training depending upon what the industry demands. These centres will also be providing training to the corporate houses which are customised for their business requirements.000 to Rs 50. and generating an industry ready workforce certified in Microsoft technologies at the HCL Career Development Centres.

Chairman. The third part of the strategic alliance includes an agreement by Microsoft and HCL Infosystems to train and certify 50. which include Telecom.set up by HCL. and are showing signs of increasing sophistication as building enterprise IT infrastructure and applications. Chief Operating Officer. networking and communication become key priorities for India Inc. Defense. Chief Operating Officer. Financial Services and Insurance. According to the NASSCOM Strategic Review 2008. We are delighted to reinforce this association and empower Indian consumers and businesses with the latest and best that technology has to offer.” HCL. in three years. Speaking at the event. has a 30 GB HDD and is broadband ready. Available at Rs 17. and MS based horizontal solutions in Health. Retail. which launched the MiLeap series of laptops earlier this year. it is the lowest price Microsoft Windows XP powered laptop in the market. Microsoft Corporation. Ravi Venkatesan. Microsoft and HCL Infosystems also announced the establishment of a new Centre of Excellence (CoE) with over 500 software professionals to create. Microsoft Corporation. design and deploy Microsoft technologies based solution frameworks across various industry verticals. The CoE will leverage the System Integration capabilities of HCL and Microsoft’s innovative suite of products in the area of IT requirement of customers across verticals. Media & Entertainment. eGovernance. today announced the roll out of the Windows OS enabled MiLeap. HCL Infosystems Chairman and CEO. The MiLeap H Series runs on Windows XP Home. and Ajai Chowdhry. Considering this data point.000 students on Microsoft technologies. said. across 100 training centers – the HCL Career Development Centres . Railways and Airports.000. HCL and Microsoft see the CoE becoming a business enabler in the coming years.The announcement was made at an event attended by Kevin Turner. domestic IT Services spends are estimated to be growing at about 43 percent in FY2008. Microsoft and HCL have partnered with each other to promote the use of information technology in India. “For over 22 years. . Banking. Microsoft India. Power. Kevin Turner.

00.The curriculum used will be the Microsoft Official Curriculum. a shortage of 0. HCL Infosystems Ltd said. The MS-HCL partnership is targeted at creating a sustained supply of skilled and certified manpower to address the employability issues of the IT and ITES industry. Ajai Chowdhry.” Adding to this. India produces 4. The goal of the Microsoft – HCL training initiative is to enhance the employability of students and help the Indian IT industry retain its competitive edge. “All three initiatives announced today are very significant to our continual efforts at partnering the Indian industry in its quest for success by leveraging the power of IT and enabling the uptake of IT across India”. Ravi Venkatesan. India’s emergence as a preferred outsourcing destination has created the need for about 2. “HCL & Microsoft have always brought value to each other while jointly working towards propelling wider acceptance for IT amongst the masses. the most comprehensive and structured learning methodology designed and developed by Microsoft. Both HCL and Microsoft are key players in India market and this alliance has bought value to the Indian customer with over three decades of innovation. based on current estimates. professional and architectural skills. . Further.5 million skilled knowledge workers may arise if remedial action is not taken. of which only one in four is employable as far as skills go. Microsoft India. As per NASSCOM. passion and defining markets. I am sure that this alliance will further enable overall development in our country with IT as the key enabler. The training will also provide a targeted framework for IT Managers to validate core technical. Commenting on the various initiatives announced.000 engineers a year. said. and.3 million professionals by 2010. Chairman. Chairman & CEO.

IT magazine Dataquest pegged the IT training market in India in 2006/07 at Rs 21. The information technology training sector in India is witnessing a boom. driven by a talent crunch.Analysis • IT TRAINING SECTOR IS WITNESSING A BOOM. a rise of 46 per cent from the previous year. This growth is largely led by corporate training. especially at induction levels. followed by re-skilling training . paucity of employable' graduates and all-round need for trained manpower at all levels. Of this.The major demand is coming from corporations and organisations that wanted the training providers to come in and train large batches of students on various skills In a survey. . 64 per cent was accounted for by corporate training and the remaining from individual training.35 billion.

000 SHORTFALL 2. The need for skilled manpower is increasing and with technology upgrades.1 million by 2008. continuing education will become an equally big market.000 DEMAND 11.000 The Indian software development industry offers the biggest opportunity for IT training companies. the supply of software professionals is projected to be 885.85.The sudden growth (the growth in FY06 was 14-15 per cent) is due to the recent expansion of software firms in China and a few other countries. According to a survey conducted by India's National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM). However.000 software professionals by 2008. • HCL IS AN INITIATIVE THAT ENABLES ASPIRING INDIVIDUALS TO BENEFIT FROM HCL’S EXPERTISE IN IT INDUSTRY. This suggests that there may be a shortfall of 235. SUPPLY 8. the demand for software professionals is expected to be approximately 1. .With the demand supply gap growing there are abundant opportunities for a good scalable and sustainable business model. based on current trends.000 by 2008.00. Experts believe IT training in India has never had a better economic climate. After the scorching growth in 2006 it grew at a more sedate 35-40 per cent in the 2007.35.

HCL career program equips to meet emerging industry challenges with finesse and ease. To enhance its market reach and strength. HCL CDCs provide specially designed courses in high-end software. . Opportunities to grow with HCL are limitless. HCL dominates the IT space as a leader. Opportunities to grow with HCL CDC are limitless. viz. makes it a true Technology Giant. hands on experience. These alliances will help students learn the contemporary technologies through different modes of learning. With top HCL professionals as the trainers. Microsoft. the career graph is bound to follow a steep rise. a colossal US $4 Billion turnover. customized career programs. HCL has tied-up with global technology leaders. customized career programs. Cisco. state of art infrastructure and world class training program. an international presence in 17 countries. With top HCL professionals as the trainers. hands on experience. hardware and networking integration to groom students into industry-ready professionals. and most importantly a deeprooted commitment to innovate. HCL CDC career program equips a student to meet emerging industry challenges with finesse and ease.000 gifted professionals. catapulting you to high level controlling positions in mega corporate. Red Hat and Thomson Prometric. state of art infrastructure and world class training program the student's career graph is bound to follow a steep rise. Oracle. 45. catapulting a student to high level controlling positions in Mega Corporates.


NOIDA witnessed a steep rise in their profits. HCL CDC. From 21 lakhs in April.• WITHIN 2 YEARS HCL CDC. it reached to 36 lakhs in June. NOI DA R E V E N U E 21 lakhs 27 lakhs APRI L MA Y JUNE . NOIDA HAS CREATED A NICHE FOR ITSELF. 36 lakhs HCL CDC. Thus ranking top among all HCL CDC’s all over India.

It was inaugurated in August. HCL CDC is also the topmost placement provider among all the CDC’s in north region. 2006 and since then it has created a niche for itself. 1 00 80 60 40 20 0 Placed Over Left Noida Yusuf Sarai Meerut Bareilly Chandigarh Agra Allahabad Jaipur .1 revenue generator for HCL Infosystems. Around 88% of the total students were placed and it is also the NO. NOIDA was the first career development center to be opened by HCL in India.HCL CDC.

This can be solved by focusing more on the personality development classes for the students.in www. This may be because majority of the students come from small towns. In the month of June. SOURCES for case study: www.hclinfosystems. • CANDIDATES NEED TO FOCUS MORE ON THEIR COMMUNICATION SKILLS.thehindubusinessline. This graph clearly shows how HCL CDC. The companies also suggested that students do have the knowledge but they are not able to communicate properly. These classes will surely help the students in overcoming the fears and will boost the confidence of the students.com www.in . Noida stands far ahead of its counterparts. Out of these 90 students were rejected by the companies solely due to the lack of communication skills.The following graph compares the different HCL CDC’S (North Region) performance and placement status. north region had 133 students sitting for placements.hcl. The majority of the students who were rejected by the companies were largely due to the lack of communication skills.


thus marking its pan India presence • HCL CDC. HCL CDC has 67 centres. CONCLUSIONS: • HCL CDC is gradually becoming one of the topmost IT training provider. OBJECTIVE: FINDINGS: • HCL.COMPETITOR ANALISIS Company Name: HCL CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE • • • Marketing activity for HCL CDC. To generate awareness about HCL CDC training center. the leading IT industry with experience of 32 years. • • Within 2 years it has created a niche for itself. Candidates should work more on their communication skills Implications . NOIDA ranks top in providing placements all over India. entered in training sector. Promotion of IT education. • • HCL CDC is the major player in corporate& retail training. Across India.

NIIT offers the widest and most comprehensive range of IT education programs. NIIT now offers its education services under four separate brands .000 students and professionals in the financial year 1999-2000. today has more than students 6 lakhs on its rolls. Indonesia. over the years. SWIFT and LEDA. In order to give the most appropriate programs to different market segments and to build a distinct brand identity in each segment. which enrolled 322. The company’s operations span across 42 countries with regional headquarters in the US. Japan and India. NIIT. Futurz. NIIT’s education delivery network is spread across 42 countries. Career Edge and GNIIT. Europe.• More marketing steps should be taken to generate awareness regarding the HCL penetration in training sector • More focus should be given to the personality development classes g. South Africa and USA.Futurz. today provides its benchmarked quality computer education in 42 countries including China. which pioneered the concept of IT education in the year 1982 with the opening of its first centre in Bombay. NIIT has. Malaysia. Key Suppliers Some of the leading players in the organized sector are as follows: NIIT: Delhi based NIIT is a prominent player in the Indian IT education and training industry. NIIT. ASEAN. NIIT pioneered IT training in India by conducting education programs like Planetworkz. CATS. Starting off as an IT education and training company. . Futurz focuses on Class 12+ students who are now preparing for a career and includes a series of programs of duration varying from 6-months to 4-years on the latest e-Commerce and Internet technologies leading to DNIIT and iGNIIT title. evolved a hybrid business model with its expansion into the domain of software development.

Aptech. NIIT continued to gain market share in this segment and entered into tie-ups with Microsoft. 1 trainer and leading Global Talent Development Corporation. up 77% YoY in FY 2006-07. Oracle. the company faces extremely strong competition from regional players. SWIFT (Short Work Programs in Information Technology) caters to the wide literacy needs of non-IT people keen to learn computers. Discovery and Adventure) is catering to the requirements of the K12 segments. India as well as the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. NIIT has further strengthened its leadership position in the Indian IT training market. the economic slowdown has negatively impacted the training business with a drop in fresh registrations. research and development. by setting up a huge network of user-friendly. Aptech Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified provider of IT education and training services. The company. But. Asia's No. informal and vibrant learning centres across India. is focusing specifically on engineering students. multimedia and soft skills training. NIIT competes with a clutch of listed firms such as Aptech and SSI Ltd in the domestic market for computer and software education. Aptech recently crossed the three and half million-student mark. NIIT grew to become double the size of next 6 players put togethers APTECH: Headquartered at Mumbai. and content development among others. The company also has interests in the institutional segment where it offers total learning solutions to large corporations and government. Again. With revenues of Rs. which derives a major portion of its revenues from corporate training. Computer Associates and Red Hat. Aptech’s core competencies are in the areas of education. in the education segment. LEDA programs not only give school children an early exposure to computers and the Internet but also harness the power of technology in tackling the school curriculum right from kindergarten through high school. The company is in the retail training and education segment with longterm career courses and the high-end short-term courses in Information Technology. NIIT has very strong brand equity in software services and the leadership position in IT education. NIIT Ltd and Aptech are two of the largest and oldest players in the sector and have been busy expanding not only in India but also overseas. Aptech is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. LEDA (Learning through Exploration. 795 Crore. which has been more of a . The company has a number of brands and divisions that provide training.CATS or Curriculum for Advanced Technologies Studies provides in-depth training to experienced IT professionals in the advanced technologies. NIIT is putting in place a focussed channel for SWIFT.

Jetking follows the franchising business model for growth and currently has more than 75 training centers across India.453 crore. as well as working professionals. brought home the bacon for the Indian training industry.75 crore in 2005-06. especially in China. Jetking is the biggest trainer of hardware engineers in India today. Thus germinated the idea of a training institute for hardware professionals and Jetking was started in 1992. has gone one step further. Growth came mainly due to good business done by the two major players NIIT and Aptech overseas. Jetking Info train: Mumbai based Jetking Info train is a computer hardware and networking technology-training company. having gone downhill from 2001 through 2004. worth Rs 2. We could soon see a repeat of the performance of 2000-01. CompTIA. It is training graduates in its retail programme soft skills to make them work-ready. Jetking revenues. Policy makers agonize over the fact that Indian hardware is way behind software but that is not so in the case of training. When Aptech and NIIT started training in software in the early 80s. The company offers certified courses for undergraduates. graduates. the training market was worth Rs 2. A market leader in the hardware training and education segment.135 crore.000) hardware engineers. The Indian training market seems to have got its rhythm back in the year 2008. up 46% from FY 06 which saw a total turnover of Rs 1.2 lakh (120. Linux. Jetking has been in the business of producing hardware engineers for over a decade and finds no dearth of takers for its products. was expected to go up to Rs 3. also practical experiences are provided. 50. Net profit. which rose from Rs 2. Last fiscal. Jetking exclusively designs courses as per the market requirement.594 crore.retail player compared to NIIT.135 crore .000 students as hardware and network engineers.2 crore in 2004-05 to Rs 2. there also arose a need for hardware engineers.75 crore in the year 2006-07. a 14% growth over the previous fiscal. The company has agreements with companies such as Microsoft. Jetking has trained over 1. when training touched Rs 2. which rose from Rs 32 crore in 2003-04 to Rs 36 crore in 2004-05. Corporate training at 64% of the total training market. were slated to go up to Rs 45 crore in the year 2006-07. The institute chain with its 75 branches has till today trained over 1. Revenues from corporate training and overseas operations. Trained engineers from Jetking are picked by lot of BPO companies. engineers and diploma holders. Novell and Pearson VUE for its training material.

Fueled by the growth in hiring by this sector. NIIT launched a fivesemester long course Integrated ANIIT for Engineers (IAE)positioned as an additional degree program for the engineering students to run parallel with their studies. With hardware and networking courses constituting 30% of the IT training market. this business witnessed robust growth. For improving the employability skills of fresh engineering graduates. a dedicated curriculum for infrastructure management. Aptech formed an alliance with US-based Comptia for tapping the growth in this segment. and plans to roll out more than fifteen centers by the year-end. both NIIT and Aptech got into this segment with NIIT launching Network Labs.Individual training Individual training paled in comparison to corporate training. KarROX. the increasing requirement for newer skillsets and the rapid changes in technology. engaged in providing high-end technology training in IT. The individual learning business continued to focus on providing skill-sets to people for the IT/ITeS industry. BPO and mobile telephony industry also jumped in the fray by launching its MCTSSQL Server 2005 training program in October 2006. .

. with strong presence in the west and south added around eighteen new training centers.3 Training: The Top Players (FY 07-08) Company Revenue (Rs crore) FY 06-07 NIIT Aptech Jetking Infotrain Siemens CMS Computers SQL Star MAAC New Horizon Educomp 450 121 63 34 15 16 5 FY 07-8 795 190 87 44 23 15 19 16 28 77% 57% 38% 29% 53% -6% 280% Growth (%) Source: DQ estimates Cybermedia Research The two biggies of the training market grew even bigger as the market saw rising niche players like MAAC Source:-Internet The Top Players in the IT training market Traditional hardware training players like CMS Institute.Table:-4. It also tied up with Red Hat to offer Linux training through its infrastructure management program and introduced an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification course. Jetking’s most popular program.

000. the company. managed to carve a niche for themselves overseas. Corporate training The export success saga continued through FY 08.270 crore in FY 08. an assessment and testing service. The number is huge considering its overall student intake for FY 08 was 33. under the "Tax Return Preparers" scheme launched by the Department of Income Tax. NIITs corporate learning solutions during FY 2007-08 provided learning solutions for technology companies with a focus on developed countries.JCHNP Premium. NIIT and Aptech. with the exports market pegged at Rs 1. . trained over 4. A new offering in the corporate learning solutions was Litmus.135 crore. an indication of its growing importance.000 selected candidates Domestic and Export Training Market Exports: Stellar Performance Performing on expected lines. From being just another business for the training companies. it has gradually assumed the role of revenue grosser. It constituted 64% of the total training market of Rs 2. especially the US. especially in China. overseas operations once again managed to outperform itself going from a 56% in FY 06 at Rs 436 crore to a 59% growth. but growth also came from the corporate training segment that has picked up very well over the last few years.600. saw a student intake of 25. the two major players. As part of this initiative.

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