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Transformer Oil

Inhibited Type II
Oil For
Description Transformers
Phillips 66 Transformer Oil is a high-quality insulating oil developed And Switchgear
for use in oil-filled transformers, capacitors, tap changers and circuit
breakers where the manufacturer calls for a Type II inhibited oil with
high dielectric strength. It is available in one viscosity grade: ISO 10.
It is manufactured with hydrotreated naphthenic base oils fortified
with special inhibitors for long service life. It does not contain PCBs.
• Oil-filled transformers
• Circuit breakers
• Tap changers
• Switches
• Fuses Contact Information
• Oil-immersed electrical equipment
U.S. Customer
Transformer Oil meets the requirements or specifications of the fol-
lowing professional societies that oversee transformer oils: Service
• ANSI/ASTM D3487 Type II Inhibited Oil
• British Standard BS 148, Class 1A Technical Support
• Federal VV-L-530A, Class II Specification 1-800-766-0050
• GE A13A3A2 (10CA)
• International Standard IEC 60296 E-mail Address
• NEMA Type II (obsolete) phillips66lubricants@
• Westinghouse Specification PDS 55822AG

Outstanding Features
• Very low pour point
• High dielectric strength
• High flash point
• Free from PCBs
• Resists oxidation and deposit formation
• Compatible with materials used in transformers
600 N. Dairy Ashford • 2W9000 • Houston, TX 77079
Note: The high dielectric strength of Transformer Oil helps ensure safety around high voltage
equipment. This property is essential wherever the oil is used as an electrical insulator. In order
to maintain a high dielectric strength, the oil must be kept clean and dry. The drums are sealed
with a dry air blanket to keep moisture out. The drums should be stored indoors and covered
to protect them from dust and debris. If stored outdoors, they should be positioned on their
sides or upside down and covered to protect them from moisture and the elements. Every ef-
fort should be made to use the entire drum once the seal is broken to help prevent water con-
tamination, which quickly degrades the dielectric strength of the oil. If contamination is
suspected, always inspect the drum and test the oil for dielectric strength before use.

Transformer Oil
Typical Properties
ISO Grade 10
Gravity, ºAPI 27.8
Specific Gravity @ 60ºF (15.6ºC) 0.888
Density, lb/gal 7.41
Flash Point (COC), ºF (ºC) 300 (149)
Pour Point, ºF (ºC) -58 (-50)
cSt @ 40ºC 9.6
cSt @ 100ºC 2.3
SUS @ 100ºF 60
SUS @ 210ºF 34
Viscosity Index 43
Aniline Point, ASTM D611, ºF (ºC) 158 (70)
Color, ASTM D1500 L0.5
Corrosive Sulfur, ASTM D1275, ppm None
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage @ 60 Hz, Disc Electrodes,
ASTM D877, kV 39
Moisture, ASTM D1315, ppm (maximum) 30
Neutralization Number, ASTM D974, mg KOH/g <0.01
PCB Content, ASTM D4059, ppm None
Rust Test, ASTM D665 A&B Pass

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