Osama Laughter: Stay Home! Let Your Dollars Fly Instead.

re Terror at the Airp ort (below) By Robert Harrold, We.24Nov10 I suspect that my admonition not to fly, unless absolutely necessary, will go unheeded by you who are planning to fly commercial during the coming weeks. Anyone who can avoid flying on commercial airlines ...don't fly! If you are a b oss, don't order your employees to fly. If you object to the TSA abuses, you wi ll be forced into silence during "processing" thus the only way you can be heard in the short term is with your pocket book and in the long term, 2012, with you r votes. Don't spend a 'red cent' on airline flying if it is at all possible. If enough of us keep away from the airports, we will be heard all the way to 'th e man ' ensconsed in the White House. Dollars still speak and loudly! Maybe he 'll then find his spine and acquiesce and finally begin protecting yours and my rights by defending the Constitution as he was sworn to uphold. Companies requiring employees to travel should allow means of transportatio n other than commercial air even it means delaying travel, postponing meetins, u sing online voice/video conferencing, and for families or people planning person al travel ...boycott flying! Stay home! Save money in the process. You can ca ll your friends and relatives. Business rarely depends on face-to-face meetings . Under no circumstances would I want to place my children in such harms way. The airlines are being very quiet on this o'bamanation that's being foisted on a hapless and an apparently cowed public. They are caught between a 'rock a nd a hard place' (no pun intended.) If the air carriers were to voice loud diss ent (as their pilots and crew) then the public might be encouraged to clamor so loudly that Congress and o'puppet in the White House might be forced to 'stand u p' and acknowledge their duties, and uphold the Constitution of the United State s. Instead of equal mis-treatment for everyone, Senators, Congressmen, White H ouse staff and agency heads are being given "royal treatment." Reportedly "high ranking" Republicans too like John Boehner (R-OH)! They are being escorted aro und the indignities being forced upon ordinary 'peons' like you and me. In some cases they board aircraft out of public view! I for one plan not to support an y of the government officials nor vote for any elected officeholders who place themselves above the people. We are one stepping toward a class-stratified soci ety and are now one big step closer to being rounded up and herded in box cars. We may be in a 'police state' only figuratively now ...but this administration' s TSA 'Gestapo' tactics pushes us closer to it be coming literal! He promised a 'national civilian security force.' His union cronies are pressing to organize TSA employees. ..another part of the "structure" is falling into place. For those of you that absolutely must fly, endeavor to avoid speeding up th e TSA process yet remain lawfully submissive. If you choose to suffer being fel t up, fondled, man handled, forced into humilating circumstances, having medical devices removed, forced to disrobe, sexually assaulted, or be publicly and pers onally humiliated or demeaned in front of your children ...just remember, you ch ose your fate. But, if I was a parent traveling with children ...I would avoid travel thro ugh any TSA controlled system at all costs! Cars and trains work well. Bus tra vel is improving. And, I say to parents who "poo-poo" the potential of their ch ildren being abused and mentally scarred while being fondled by TSA, I say they aren't good parents ...even if their children are somehow 'given a pass.' Those children will watch as their parents submit, are cowed and defeated ...imagine the impact of watching their trusted authority figures, parents and relatives, s uddenly abused (and accepting it!) before their very eyes. What parent would wa nt their child to imprint the experience of fear and defenselessness that surely will arise in their minds. Why give up your children to suffer and for them t o scream out for you to help ...and you are restrained and helpless to save them from the trauma? If some parents put own selfish benefit before the safety of their kids ...I say shame upon you ...and shame on the TSA administrators, Cong ress and most of all, the White House! I for one will remember in 2012, especia

lly those in 'high places' who are "given a bypass" and don't suffer the humilia tion that we, "the little people, the commoners, that the rest of us, are forced to endure! Obama is Osama's best friend in this TSA embarrassment! As o'who?'s 'fumbl es the ball' the world laughs, but Osama is laughing the loudest! Please phone, fax, or write TSA, Congress, and the White House: http://harrold. org/rfhextra/contact_the_us_government.html source: http://harrolds.blogspot.com/2010/11/osama-laughter-airport-terror-dontfly.html

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