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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Board Meeting held on February 12, 2020

Members Present: Marie Black

Dr. Imogene Mixson
Christina Faulkner
Marian Jenkins
Bill Johnson

Also Present: Karen Speck, Director

Joni Wood, Administrative Assistant

Marie Black called the meeting to order at 9:08 a.m.

Chairman Remarks: Joni created the brochure for the Betty Brown Memorial Golf Tournament
after David was having some technical difficulties. Board members all reviewed and marked
edits where necessary for the final version.

We have a new staff member, Amber Chancey, who will take over as Children’s Librarian when
Oscar leaves for college. She did a phenomenal job of organizing and cleaning up the Children’s
Librarian office area.

The rest of the staff have been hard at work rearranging the entrance to create a more open and
welcoming area for our patrons. A desk has been setup to provide the latest updates on our New
Building Project.

Yesterday, Karen and I met with Rosmarie Williams at the Chamber of Commerce to discuss
where we are at with the building project and how we can work together. Rosmarie said she will
help us by sharing our library news with all of the Chamber members in the newsletter.

On Tuesday, February 25th at 10am, the Board needs to attend the Dale County Commission
meeting. Marie is giving a presentation to rally support from the Commission for the USDA
loan. Andrew & Joni are working on the presentation that will include information from the
consultant’s report, explain why we need a new library, highlight building issues, summarize the
loan details, and share the new building plans. Marian is meeting with us on Friday, February
14th to review the PowerPoint presentation and provide advice in regards to rural development. A
handout listing the library services, including outreach and community partnerships, will be
passed out at the meeting.

Minutes from January 8, 2020 Meeting: Imogene motioned to have the January 8th minutes
approved and Bill seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Circulation and Library Statistics: Statistics are doing well. We hope to improve attendance
of our young adult patrons. Amber, who worked with them at D.A. Smith, plans to bring in more
teens by offering new programs and volunteer opportunities.
Financial Reports: The Vanguard account increased by $916 this month.

Christina voiced concerns about being over budget for codes 227: Computer Software and 213:
Community Support in the Profit and Loss Budget versus Actual Report. Code 227 is possibly
due to the three-year renewal of our firewall. Code 213 includes expenses such as the recent
luncheons and Karen’s notary fees that cost about $130.

Imogene commented we should profusely thank the County for their allocation. She also asked
when we could expect the remaining of the City’s allocation and Karen replied next month.
Imogene also asked that we include the specific code for the Hugo Marx donation in next
month’s reports. Additionally, she questioned why Code 014: Building Improvement was zeroed
out in which Karen responded that the funds were converted to the New Building Fund code.
Code 014 would be used again once we are in the new library.

Christina suggested adding an income goal for the New Building Fund.

Old Business

New Building Fund: The fund is continuously growing.

District 2 Meeting / Trustee Training: The meeting has been rescheduled to March 19th at
10am in the Library’s West Wing. The meeting should adjourn at noon.

New Business

FOL Book, Bake, & Plant Sale: The Friends’ Book, Bake, and Plant Sale is scheduled for
Saturday, May 2nd from 9am-12pm. They invited the Claybank Master Gardeners’ to sell plants
and they can keep any money earned from their plant sales. We are currently waiting for a

Betty Brown Memorial Golf Tournament: Bill asked about getting an insurance policy for the
new car giveaway for the hole-in-one on Hole 14 prize, since he was able to procure the choice
of a Ford or Chevrolet vehicle from John Gilland. Karen will stop by Circle Insurance today to
speak with Sammy Judah. John Gilland also said he will lend us his staff to help us out for a day
and half for the tournament.

Marian motioned to spend up to $800 for the insurance policy for the hole-in-one prize and
Christina seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Amber will visit local businesses on Mondays to sell sponsorships. Bill suggested created a “I
donated!” sticker for the flyers for any business that purchased a sponsorship.

City Council Presentation: Karen asked for confirmation for the City Council presentation and
the Board agreed to present on March 17th.
Reading Lounge (Staff Meeting Minutes): Christina commented we could do this as a
nonprofit as long as the profits from it goes towards programs. Karen commented it would be
under the Friends of the Library’s umbrella, just like the Book Sale Room.

Imogene motioned to adjourn and Christina seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:13 am and
the next scheduled meeting is March 11, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

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Approved by Secretary _______________________________