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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Board Meeting held on March 11, 2020

Members Present: Marie Black

Dr. Imogene Mixson
Christina Faulkner
Marian Jenkins
Bill Johnson

Also Present: Karen Speck, Director

Joni Wood, Administrative Assistant
Chelsea Cooper, TicTask Virtual Assistant Services
Chad Brown, J. Michael Lee Associates
Mark Blankenship, Dale County Commission
Lou Harry, Friends of the Library Vice President

Marie Black called the meeting to order at 9:11 a.m.

Chelsea Cooper, TicTask Virtual Assistant Services: Chad Brown introduced Chelsea
Cooper, owner of TicTask Virtual Assistant Services, who has ideas on how the Library can
increase marketing fundraising efforts. Cooper presented to the Board on how her company can
help the Library improve upon our website design, as well as our marketing and fundraising

Mark Blankenship: Mark was available to answer any questions from the Board members
regarding the proposed site of the old Family Dollar and Ozark EMS buildings as the new
library’s location. Mark confirmed, based on the roof dimensions, the square footage of the
buildings together is 13,032 square feet. The preliminary drawing previously drawn up by Chad
could be rearranged to fit within the space. Chad commented a drop ceiling would be feasible to
accommodate wiring for technology.

Minutes from February 12, 2020 Meeting: Christina motioned to have the February 12th
minutes approved and Bill seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Circulation and Library Statistics: Amber is planning three different summer reading
programs for children, young adults, and adults. She is also working on revamping the Friends of
the Library Book Club. Alexander and Andrew are planning two new programs. Alexander is
heading up a Magic the Gathering Club; meanwhile, Andrew is working in conjunction with the
Carroll High School Gaming Club for a Dungeons and Dragons Club.

Financial Reports: Imogene, Cynthia, and Karen plan to meet at the end of May to discuss
clarifying the codes system as well as begin next year’s budget.

New Business
Proposed Library Building – Old Family Dollar & Ozark EMS: Imogene commented she
felt “really good” about renovating this building as an option, especially with Mark’s
recommendation in regards to its usability and excellent condition. A discussion ensued about
the condition of this building as well as plans to proceed.

Mike Dunn - Roof Estimates: Mark discussed with Mike Dunn, who is a local industrial
and commercial roofer, the condition of the roof and estimates for repairs. Mike said the
roof is in “really good shape with a few issues”. He quoted Mark the following for repairs
and a completely new roof. To fix the problem areas, he quoted $7,122 with a 3-year
warranty. He quoted $29,322 for a new flat TPO 60-mil roof (top of the line welded
rubber roof) with a 20-year guarantee. Mark commented we would not have the same
issues with this type of flat roof as we have in the current building. If we sign the contract
within 30 days, Mike will reduce the price to $26,322. The 30-day deadline is April 4,
2020. At signing, 50% is due and the remaining will be due at the roof’s completion. The
lesser quality TPO 45-mil roof is $1500 less.

Clay Hagler – A/C Units: Mark also discussed with Clay Hagler, from Hagler Heating
and Cooling, the condition of the A/C units. He commented that there are two big units
on the roof that are two-three years old and a side unit from 2012. The units were all in
good condition with the side unit used very little to none.

Discussion. Mark previously spoke with the Mayor and four city council members who
all had no issue with giving the building to the Library. When Imogene asked what our
biggest problem may be with the council, Mark commented that it would lead to a lesser
chance of selling the supercenter. Marian voiced a concern about the proximity of the
building to the train tracks and its potential to be disruptive for our library patrons. Mark
replied, though expensive, there are insulation options to soundproof the building. Mark
also commented that he spoke with Manonia Snell’s family and they are interested in
making a sizable donation in order to name either the historical room or other room in her
memory. Marian commented there were plans to make an honor roll recognizing donors
who made significant contributions to the library’s building project. Circling back to
marketing efforts, Mark suggested utilizing an online website called 99designs as a tool
to pull potential logo submissions from across the world for only $99.

Christina motioned that we appeal to the Ozark City Council to deed the buildings located at 188
Peacock and 296 North Union, Ozark, AL to the Ozark Dale County Library on March 17th,
2020. Marian seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Marian motioned to adjourn and Bill seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:33 a.m. and the
next scheduled meeting is April 8, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by ____________________________

Approved by Secretary _______________________________