The city of St. Andrews knew what was coming.

A quick and staccato sound, the shaking, the loud growl coming from the suburban outskirts of the city. It was obvious what was coming for a good portion of the populace. They had seen this sort of 'natural' disaster brewing before, and it didn't take them long to start collecting a response. It was just too bad that this one was somewhat different... “Ooooh bigger please~...” Denora growled out, eliciting a chuckle from the smaller dragon on the ground who was idly stroking her still growing paw. She was already close to two hundred feet tall, and still skyrocketing upwards, each one of his little rubs eliciting a low moan from the husky, and causing her to balloon up another ten feet or so. Denora, the husky, was dressed in nothing but a skin tight leather one piece that left absolutely nothing to the imagination, including her surprisingly large yet feminine musculature. And today that musculature, along with the rest of her, was steadily on the rise. She couldn't help but desire more as she felt her muscles thickening, her breasts getting more and more full, hips wider, and her body larger. Everything about growth she loved, especially when it came from her God and master, Dragonien; the little dragon beneath her. He knew what buttons to press to make her grow, knew that lust, especially lust for power, was an incredible turn on for her, which only left her craving more. “Patience pup. Wouldn't want to smash the city before the game even begins would you? After all, remember your orders: you are to kill as many as you can before I call time.” The dragon cooed out, still running his hands across her toes. He had to admit, the sight of those digits pushing outwards, her muscles groaning as they thickened in vain hope of catching up to her growing form, and especially the sight and sound of her panting, drool falling down onto the crushed earth below as her paws blasted through the tiny insignificant suburban landscape was quite amusing to watch. And for the 'pup' herself, it was more than just 'amusing'. She had longed for power for a -long- time, her God always keeping a damn tight leash on her, sometimes literally. She was used to being the size of a flea at best, and so to look over a city slowly shrinking at her toes, feeling the earth beneath her feet bowing to her ever increasing weight; it was an incredible sensation, and one she hadn't experienced in a -long- time. Even still, she obeyed her God, and tried to find patience within herself. She breathed deeply and calmly, trying to stem her almost sub-conscious lusty whimpering and moaning. She closed her eyes, trying to think about something else, but it was no use. With her eyes closed, she could just feel her body expanding even more. She could feel her tight one piece getting progressively tighter, only holding on through whatever magicks her God had imbued it with. Finally though, she felt the growth flow out of her, her muscles finally snapping into the correct size, and her body settling down. “There pup, you're almost respectable looking now. Open your eyes, and get busy. Remember, you have until I call time.” “And when will you?” Denora opens her eyes and looks down, only to see that she is alone here now. Her God must have vanished somewhere to watch the action. She sighed, knowing that he was being purposefully confusing and vague. It was how he normally worked honestly, but she had hoped that something as simple as this game would have brought him out of that. She couldn't help but chuckle elatedly though as she noticed while looking down all of those ants running around beneath her. This was all so surreal, and yet so familiar. She still grew from time to time after all, and had been much more powerful before she met her match in that little dragon, so this wasn't her first rampage by any means. But the sight and sounds of a city, especially after all this time of seeing it from the ground floor, of experiencing it through the tales of her master, to finally be up

Andrew's midst to anyone who wasn't already informed. Grinning like a mad woman. Her muscles were not so pronounced as to be grotesque on her. her tongue alone large and heavy enough to act like a battering again. Lifting up her paw. She had a mission to do for him after all. She let out a low whimper before catching herself. she liked the smells as well. but she had to soldier on.. and the earth gave way to her huge paws.. They were prepared for her. “Mmmpf. still smiling at the thought of all of those little buggers beneath her. This was what power was really about. it was intoxicating. Denora began happily lapping at the building. the fear wafting from the millions of littles all around her was almost as intoxicating as the growth. “Mmmm.. but if she were normal size. Denora couldn't help but feel her loins eagerly burning beneath her leather one piece. I should make this quick or I might learn to like it too much. before starting her journey into the city. She liked the sounds. two step. and a massive shadow was cast on the ground beneath her. Buildings I can actually sink my teeth into.” Denora whispered to herself. mocking the true power of the gods. she saw that it was much bigger than she really had registered before. Toned muscle across her legs. the monster seemed to vanish for a moment. moving up to that leather one piece. Today. and with her attention turned to the city at large. skyscrapers pointing into the heavens like individual Towers of Babel. she would definitely intimidate all but the most self assured person. From inside.. One step. a large pink monstrosity invaded their workspace. nothing really tasty. before all of a sudden. and focusing her attention instead on the skyscrapers that she just reached. She could hear the screams. She was getting mostly furniture.. Sex was her master's job. the feel of those little insignificant bugs popping against her sensitive feet. She looked over herself. a low chuckle the only thing showing off that she was still there. It was a dream that many people coveted. Drool was already inching its way down her cheek before she leaned in. the response to her presence already growing and spreading throughout the city. and few could flaunt. to do it alone would be a 'sin against her God'. incredibly hot. She was huge of course. God. so to speak. She always understood why her God liked teasing her when she was tiny. Her muscles stretched. the sirens. Looking around at the city. she could now see that the suburbs alone trailed on for miles in all directions. before a loud -THOOM. Licking her lips as she explored her body with her eyes. She was in the suburbs of it now. And to make sure she couldn't. she had strapped her in. Such power without responsibility. but she was also strong. she couldn't help but chuckle as she saw the crushed remains of a few tiny suburban houses stick to her toes for a moment before harmlessly plummeting back to earth. And each one went to Denora's head. and sex was unfortunately not a part of it. She growled as her hands vainly explored between her legs. but she had almost forgotten what it was like to be the bigger person. feminine the air underneath it left violently from her step. Even the downtown area was rather large. she decided to do so with her hands as well. She was panting before she even got downtown. Each one a loud -THOOM. she decided to take her first step.announced the presence of a new titan in St. but how prepared she'd soon test them on. This was control. the feel of the earth beneath them even seeming afraid of her. snapping her jaws right next to the window with a loud snap. Denora hoped to flaunt it. this was. teasingly tight. Each one trapping some poor soul's house. almost amazonian. here we are. three step. before simply sighing in defeat. such potential without anyone to hold you back. hot breath fogging ten stories of windows at once. well. but it was a feast to her . mimicking what her God always teased her with. papers.. yet thick enough that she couldn't play with herself.” Denora chuckled and leaned in. some idiot's car.

It was hard in her one piece. and her all in one. as she saw her God standing behind her. she saw his paw. She didn't take anyone up on their offer.” Dragonien. hands moving to his hips. This was what he had worked her up for. But death was a good motivator. and a bow. laughing drunkenly. Her paws were stained already with thousands of little furs. but of him destroying it.. drink it up. “Mmmm. “Oh yeah.. licking over her lips as her large breasts pressed up against the building. Denora swallowed happily.” Denora blinked. but this didn't dissuade her. Her big paws thumped down into the asphalt and cars beneath her. It won't help you.” “Aww.ears. It was flaccid still. looking back at the wrecked highway behind her. but showing off how much of a God he really was by trailing out of his too small loincloth. and an even better one was the omnipresent chuckle that she heard her big God emit behind her.. for a moment forgetting she was even being timed. it also reminded her of her pressing lust. but the feel of the few squirming office workers in the midst of the rest of the refuse was worth the bad aftertaste. Well. “There you go. With a coy smirk. and her leather suit constantly rubbing against her already hungry sex. . blasting them into nothing more then mere specks. Turning to a nearby building. Within an instant. that wasn't precisely true either. all she could really see on him was one of his large red toes. she let her long tongue move back into her lips. thats a shame. and yet so intoxicating. Saunter really. Time's up. smashing glass back into the faces of countless gawking men and women alike. she could see all sorts of littles on the road. but it will make the final act a bit more interesting. She moved into position behind them. She gulped. but also at the obvious threat. noticing that from here to close to a mile forward. A few moments was all it took to strip close to ten stories bare of anything. The sight of hundreds of cars. Dozens. she decided to vent her sexual frustrations on the people inside. However. Without even really a second thought. perhaps even hundreds of littles at a time popped beneath her feet without a second glance. saliva acting like a glue and holding most of the live meals to it. all neatly crunched in her huge paw prints was so absurd to her. Denora turned and started running. Sauntering forward once more. and he looks like a nasty one.. she started to simply walk. and after a few more minutes. before wishing she rather hadn't. Finally. She couldn't help but smirk at the little bugs helpless in front of her feet. thousands of people. near the end of the line. harder still with her large breasts bouncing like they were. It was going to be a game alright. her antics apparently knocking debris down and into the street. she could hear individual prayers for mercy. Looking around again. looking up as best she could. Dragonien simply chuckled. All of this was such a sudden change that she wasn't even sure how to take it. As her tongue pressed into a man. humming a tune as she spun around. So close to the building. The taste was awful. she leaned in. She started to notice more foot traffic as people left their cars in shock. It was backed up already.” Denora blinked and turned. Easily thirty floors got the show of a lifetime as those thick leather coated breasts pressed up against the building. Denora simply laughed. before getting an idea. Denora whimpered. bumping in and crushing the skyscrapers that dared get into her catwalk routine.” Denora whimpered at the teasing. she could hear him plead that he'd do anything for a second chance. her big hips moving from side to side. “Surprised you haven't run yet pup. and she simply continued walking. her mood was crushed. but not of her destroying the city. her ears going back as she remained speechless. she did a little twirl. Or rather. crushing them as if they were paper. continuing her little routine down the highway. Soon enough it will be the last thing you see. You can hear the sirens can't you?” Dragonien smirked “A monsters coming. being foiled by his thick package. and with them so far up. causing mass accidents without her even knowing. there was nothing but cars piled up one behind the other. Dying before they even see what a real macro looks like.

” Dragonien snickered a bit. saying your too small fuzzbutt. There. She fit rather comfortably in his palm. the loud echoing boom. the wall above her seemed to be getting. that her God was growing. simply laying. it was incredibly obvious. even while she was fighting him.. and casually let it drop. Denora could hear her God's growling approval. kissing. “Mmm. Each movement. He was putting on a show for her.hands behind his hips.” Dragonien simply grinned as he watched Denora bolt off. “Ooooh. his hand alone felt fantastic against his pent up cock. Andrews. Licking. hmm?” Denora was speechless. and attempting instead to appease him. she didn't need to. he let up his other paw. Within an instant. “Mmm. could feel his incredibly hot body heat.. Without even a flourish or a flex. still teasing his little pet husky. she started to realize something. to no avail. as Denora was bounced around in her God's hand. bigger. Each stroke took what felt like an eternity. she was plucked up by the bigger god. He could after all feel her. She couldn't control herself. and immediately stopped. tossed away behind him. and soon started to try and fight back in an almost primal way. Andrews. Denora gasped. With each long luxuriant stroke. feeling cramped in their fuzzbutt? You should be. as before she knew it. However... each little tiny ministration was simply met with resistance by a huge wall of sensitive flesh. she did all sorts of things. but she had stopped fighting it. easily holding triple the amount of people. Dragonien moved his big hand down to his cock and grabbed a hold of it.want to see. but he was partially right. After all... “Perhaps I should just get rid of you. he simply let it fall. Even his pre was thick and copious enough to floor some of the smaller outskirt towns.” Denora gulped. she was whisked up and up and up. A quick glance behind her saw downtown replaced by a massive muscled red leg. as his cock started to harden even further and drool out pre. After a few strokes. still too afraid to look back. but he had other plans for her. in front of her. Denora finally crested the mountain range surrounding St. She bit. Even still.. I figured I might as well help with the urban renewal. “Aaaah Yokesburg. She could hear his tongue slowly move across his lips as he let out a low needy moan. such a wonderfully scenic place don't you think?” Denora knew what was behind her. high enough to give her vertigo.. leaving her right between his big paws. and his shaft on the prize.. painfully and frighteningly obvious. but she didn't have to say anything. she scratched. “Shame what I'll be doing to it. He had stopped with her right behind her. and within a few seconds. It was huger still. my hand feels sooo good.. Felt I should stretch my limbs out a bit.” Denora felt even more hopeless as he heard her God's words. “Should have made you bigger. and for the people beneath them both. But he had his eye. saw the swarm of dust and nuclear winter as it almost shoved her off her feet. ears back. Denora felt the shockwave blast past her. as she looked down at what she definitely did -not.. Even his hand was too small to fully wrap around the thick monstrosity. worshipping it. you run too slow. simply lifted up one of his paws with a yawn. I don't even think I need you fuzzbutt.. But even while she was doing it. Shame even still how your going to help me win this game of ours. Now all that remained was his impossibly massive cock stiffening as they spoke. and whimpered as she and her God's hand started to quickly stroke against his massive member. . His stroking was getting faster. She was but a step or two away. as he normally wasn't quite this vocal. but it wasn't too small not to stroke. The God's loincloth was gone. and completely untouched by the cataclysmic shock that had befell St. was another city. and cracking crust announcing to the world the sound of a true God among mortals.

Dragonien looked down with half lidded eyes at the ever shrinking world beneath him. “What was it you said pup when I grew you?” Dragonien snickered. Bigger and bigger it got. he thought of his little pup. “Enough games though pup. .. mmpf. a true God now.get. get off. He was huge. Mmmmmm~!” She couldn't do anything. She could hear the sounds of muscles popping and enlarging.” Denora was in shock now.. Through half lidded eyes even still.limber up while I. with more purpose. and don't you ever forget that.. It wasn't controlled anymore. he'd blow.... the sound of sloshing cum already brooding inside of that thick meat above her. A single one of his pendulous balls would soon be the size of the planet in front of him. stuck somewhere against his infinitely massive shaft. but he had one last plan for it. his balls tighten.. even down there you aren't even in control of your own libido..” With that. A God isn't just size. so I figure you probably learned your lesson. I can't even feel you anymore.. he felt his needy cock thicken and flare. Just seeing the raw power in his hand and cock was enough to know what the rest of him looked like after all. as he let out a roar of godly pleasure. Each stroke seemed to get longer and longer as the cock above her thickened and grew. His cock still spraying seed. Soon enough. After all. and the sound of Dragonien's needy breath getting louder and more omnipresent. and it was working wonders for the little husky. You are -mine. it is what you do with it. the stroking getting more and more furious... but he was drawing it out. and really this wasn't even close to how big her -could. and couldn't help but chuckle. simply taking the physical and mental abuse as her form just got tinier and tinier in comparison to her massive God's thick flesh. Stepping off the planet.. The stroking was getting faster. he watched as wave after wave of his cream white washed the still shrinking orb of useless life in front of him. Denora saw and felt his cock expand rapidly. He wanted to prove a point. just a wild burst of growth.. and put on his best Denora impression “Ooooh bigger please~.little one.

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