M.B.A. | P.M.P. | M.B.E.M. | B.Arch.
(647) 987-4515  • can.chourey@gmail.com  • www.linkedin.com/in/chourey

Hospitals, Healthcare, Institutional, Research Centers, Laboratories, Hotels, Residential, High-rise
Fifteen years of exceptional leadership experience in managing state-of-the-art building projects in North America, Middle
East and in Asia. Recognized for business management, design, project management, processes, and system optimization.
Technically minded constant learner that enables teams to deliver high-quality, and efficiency. Expert in managing fasttrack timelines using cutting-edge applications, management tools, and innovative approaches. Analytical risk taker that has
led teams diversified teams in challenging situations; and delivered several small to large scale. Outstanding achiever that
consistently attains customer satisfaction that exceeds organizational expectations. Core competencies include:
Design - Conceptual, Schematic,
Development, Construction,
Management – Design, Integration,
Coordination, Presentations, Reports

Building Construction:
Project Management, Integration,
Coordination, Planning, Scheduling,
Monitoring, Tracking, Control, Value
Engineering, Standards, Systems, Processes

Business Administration:
Strategy, Marketing, Business Development,
Businesses Process Transformation, Client
Management, Partnership, New Business,
Quality, Processes and System Development

Woodbecker Inc.- Construction Managers & General Contracting, Toronto, Canada
Feb 2015 –September 2015
Worked on contract based project, woodbecker is Greater Toronto Area’s rising star in Construction Management, and General
Contracting that is committed to deliver quality, within cost. Taking pride in the high-class integrated teamwork delivery. Engaged to
spearhead highly prestigious and biggest hotel renovation project within GTA. The team involved leading consultants, contractors, and
state of the art management approaches to achieve fast-tracked, ambitious, and challenging goals.
Project Manager - Contracts, Planning, and Key Tasks – On project based contract I led the position with team of motivated young
professional to deliver conversion of Primrose Best Western Hotel to Ryerson University’s Student Residence. Providing leadership to
more than 30 sub-contractors, site supervisors, and general labor.
§   Prepared, coordinated, and administered contracts and procurements, Managed change, process, documentation, logs, and approval;
§   Administered scope of work, trades, change approvals, suppliers, and vendors’ contracts and Purchase Orders;
§   Prepared, Monitoring, and Tracking contract changes, prepare all related Change Orders, CCDs;
§   Prepared, Administered, and Managed, divisional budget for all major sub contracts up to individual maximum value of 3 million;
§   Prepare budget, Cash flow, control variances, and report earned values;
§   Designing, prepared, presented, monitored, tracked, and leveled schedules for construction, procurement, design delivery;
§   Managed payments throughout all purchase orders, reviews, and verification of payment applications;
§   Monitored onsite activity progress with site supervisor, assisting CEO with consulting supervision;
§   Organized, and driven weekly site progress, technical team meeting, and owner’s, and trade’s coordination meetings;
§   Conceptualized and directly managed quality assurance, deficiency reporting, and Pre-delivery quality report, and approvals.
Precise ParkLink Inc. Toronto, Canada
November 2013 –November 2014
Precise is a parking operation and management company that has revolutionized Canadian parking business by bringing innovations to
on-street ‘Pay & Display’ machines. Presently serving more than 250 clients including the Toronto Parking Authority, and the GTAA.
Manager: Portfolio / Projects – On a fixed tenure contract position I led major healthcare, institutional, and commercial portfolio of
more than 30 projects across Greater Toronto Area. Directly managed clients, operations, construction, services, financial, quality, and
reporting systems and procedures. Transforming the business process by conceptualizing and implementing innovative systems to
ensure higher level of efficiencies, effective coordination, and better management information and control in all aspects of the
operations by:
§   Managed major client portfolios that contribute more than CAD $20 million of monthly revenue;
§   Led business process innovation through idea workshops, and by preparing and presenting business cases to management;
§   Planned, scheduled, managed, Tracked, controlled and optimized operational cost efficiency;
§   Administrated contracts, agreements, change, issues, incidents, conflicts and client management;
§   Reporting and analysis of monthly financial, quality performance, incidents, and infrastructural requirements;
§   Led, mentored, and managed large teams of more than twenty site managers in direct report and hundred plus on site staff;
§   Developed organizational strategies, assets, standards, processes, and quality systems to ensure higher efficiencies;
§   Managed client, expectations, requirements, plans, schedules using business meetings/presentations, and development coordination;
§   Orchestrated real-time issue management and tracking system to bring service turnaround by sixty percent better efficiency;
§   Successfully increased operational revenue by fifteen percent through introduction of new quality control systems;
§   Responsible for hiring, training, performance appraisal, time tracking, and human resource coordination.


§   Successfully leading business development for the Sidus across the Middle East. (647) 987-4515  • can.E. provided design review. Dubai Vertical City. alternatives. change process. coordination. and execution. which has over 30. a startup architecture-engineering consultancy. with a budget of $7. §   Pivotal resource for preparing tenders. knowledge sharing. offers full circle of consulting services for developing large-scale infrastructure. in the firm’s achievement of a prestigious ISO certification. §   Developing and managing complex integrated plans. industrial. Indonesia. and Brazil.M ANOJ K UMAR C HOUREY M. Role included: §   Led the project from project initialization. coordinating. and progress towards strategic alignment and measurable results. and suppliers. and shop drawings. §   Devised schedules for technical design. project management. and drafting teams. design. BOQ’s. Plumbing. team selection. WBS. Pai) in Qatar. delivery and construction plan/schedules. construction.be. Greater Toronto Area.5 million. §   Led design change management. design.P. coordination. ON a short term assignment as Manager Business Development / Project Management managed and delivered small sub-billion projects. and the Ras-Laffan refinery-ancillary developments.com/in/chourey . and logistics. presentations/reports. and building projects across the world. providing architecture solutions. and in Europe (UK. technical teams. impact analysis. Recently became part of CH2M-Hill. §   Developed spacial strategies. costing. costing. Senior Architect (Design & Construction Management) – Directly managed and delivered multiple projects including the prestigious ‘Museum of Islamic Arts’ (by I. Senior Architect (Head Business Unit) –Manager for delivery of construction documents for three out of four of HMC’s major hospitals. feasibility. and tracking.linkedin. §   Developed customized systems / processes to monitor. project planning. alternatives.4 Billion and was designed to set new benchmark in world healthcare and clinical research. quality. ‘Sidra Medical and Research Center’ (by Cesar Pelli). §   Developing. and delivery of construction phase for HMC. and performance management. tender. scheduling and business development for an array of industries. and track packages. contractor’s payments—assisted PMO for cost control. quantities take offs for multiple projects. estimation. which lead to saving more than USD $1. in the USA. HVAC. preparing/coordinating documents. estimates. §   Managed technical team through state-of-the-art CAD (Revit/AutoCAD) environment and coordination efforts using MS Project. systems. building services. and reports. under high-efficiency scenario. Led the position as unit-head. planning.000+ people on-site. Generated business for the company of more than $400 million in design and documentation fees. Halcrow-Yolles (CH2M-Hill International Partnership (Qatar / UK) August 2007 – July 2008 Halcrow.M. cost control/resource management and integrated contract documents.A. M.com  • www.chourey@gmail. Italy and other European regions). | P. RFI’s.000 worldwide employees and recently reported turnover of $72 million in profit. managed business developments. interior design. and helped develop labor rates/material pricing. and §   Assisted regional managers for performance review. Canada SLP is a cohesive team that offers comprehensive services of project management. and §   Optimized cost by providing design alternatives and material selections. | B. designs.. to manage collaborative resource management. §   Led and mentoring large cross-cultural techno-managerial teams with direct report of more than 12 people. planning. §   Led innovation through design alternatives. Solicited quotations. §   Inter-departmental technical coordination with structural. bid/offer preparation to help small contracting companies to build their marketing portfolios. architectural design processes ensuring sustainable profitability. planning/scheduling. a leading United Kingdom based company. and environmental developments for both public and private. §   Planning.B. and §   Playing a pivotal role as Assistant Management Representative. development. | M. §   Facilitated meetings with client. Coordinating and managing the CAD standards for architectural. estimates. §   Coordinated with specialized teams of medical equipment planners. SLP’s service coverage includes Canada. §   Managed multiple clients. Doha. §   Conducted technical meetings.B. team building. including: §   Supervised simultaneous projects exceeding USD $6 billion including MIA-construction phase design and project management.net/chourey linkedin. Senior Architect (Design and Technical) – As the lead Senior Architect. interior design. www. §   Assisted the project management office in establishing control for estimation. Qatar October 2008 – July 2011 OHL is a large-scale international construction group with 100+ years of presence in more than 30 countries that offers full consulting and contracting services for major infrastructure. Electrical. and systems ensuring efficient function of multi-cultural teams. budgets. to provide full services for construction documentation and on-site architectural co-ordination for Hamad Medical City: an apex center for public healthcare in Qatar. 8 architects. §   Guided / oversaw design teams from concept to design development. construction documentation. and ensuring compliance with statutory authorities. Sidus Architects & Engineers/Qatar Design Consortium (India/Qatar) July 2006 – July 2007 Sidus.Arch. scheduling. monitoring. architectural layouts. specifications. SMRC is a landmark project involving 8. technical design and CAD drafting projects. procurements. United Sates. and construction documentation. entered into a joint venture with QDC. §   Provided mentorship to team members through coaching. Coordinated with clients to develop strategies for their business and at the same time managing ongoing projects within GTA. and team meetings.M. OHL (Obrascon Huarte Lain) International-SA. §   Managed multicultural team of twelve architects and draftsmen. managed division to execute the building of the hospital.com/in/chourey Streamline Projects 20/20 Inc. incl. issue-resolution. interior designers. Oversaw construction estimates. specification.

a leading public sector consulting company in India. India – 06 India). §  Memberships and affiliation: PMI-Boston. design management. | B. payment review.E. USA –12 §   Workshops on Medical Architecture (IIA. §   Administration of technical meetings. and renovation projects.I.com  • www. supplier negotiation. integration. tracking. and Open Office. Omni Plan. and Rational RequisitePro.be. Adobe Suite. www.B. hospital. ‘Stage Design Competition’ (M. USA.chourey@gmail. USA. ArchiCAD. | M.M. (647) 987-4515  • can. EDUCATIONAL PROFILE 2012 1999 1996 Masters in Business Administration Masters in Building Engineering and Construction Management Bachelors Degree in Architecture Hult International Business School. Aconex. My goal is to become a leader of a team sharing a common vision. townships.Arch. Autodesk 360. construction/shop drawings. Micro Station. India §   PMI Certified Project Management Professional. §   Managed several architectural and construction projects (primarily-healthcare and institutional) for design build. WHO) – 02/ 03 §   Green Building India. FORE School of §   NABH Standards for Hospital Accreditation (Quality Council of Management. delivered variety of buildings including hospitals. and project execution. AIIMS.AIS: Training Program (Confederation of Construction Products) – 05 ACHIEVEMENTS §   In-Service Excellence. New Delhi. PERSONAL INFORMATION §  Languages: English (Fluent). coordination. OpenProj. Qatar – 2010 §   GATE: PG Scholarship (All India Council of Technical Education) – 1997 §   1st Prize. coordination. §   Leading the chair of a mini-board for business process optimization. ‘Customer Delight'. §   Others: FinalCut. tendering and negotiations. OHL. housing. and Chief Architect. Project Scheduler. SketchUp. Seminars & Workshops §   Licensed / Registered with Council of Architects. and Driving. HULT IBS Clubs -Boston. §   §   Managing and delivering the entire project life cycle from concept design. iWork. Travel. Deputy Manager (Architecture) – Joined as an assistant architect. offers complete spectrum of architectural and project management services for institutional.) – 1993 §   Gold Medal (Indian Institute of Architects.com/in/chourey HSCC (Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation) India Limited July 1999 – July 2006 HSCC. and ancillary projects across India and the Indian sub-continent. International Conferences & Workshops – 05/06 §   Management Development Program. vendor selections. construction and completion of ‘as-builds’. Boston. NetSuite. New Delhi. New Delhi. scheduling. §   Playing a pivotal role in the design. USA School of Planning & Architecture. planning. conference centers. expansion. IT and other technologies. and auditorium.net/chourey linkedin.§   M ANOJ K UMAR C HOUREY §   M. India MITS. and PeopleSoft.P. New Delhi. skills and competencies for being an active team player by. Led large projects. medical and commercial departments.B. Clarity. Gwalior. BOQ.M. Revit. India Certification. controlling and management of projects across technical.Consulting.A. Jiwaji University.linkedin. Innovation and Strategy §  ArchiCAD Trainer (in-house) HSCC §  Hobbies: Photography. and dedication towards creating the world’s future architectural landmarks by… keeping myself empowered with knowledge. technical coordination. schematic design and design development through to construction documentation. Indian Institute of Architects-Northern Chapter. and §   Working instrumentally as internal auditor towards a successful ISO certification and implementation of lean business operation. and also by… imparting technological know-how and by striving for continuous improvement I seek to enable my team to be in a league of super-achievers who carry the mission.S. housing. and status verification. India – 05 §   Daylight & Glass Technology. construction. International. Trainings. and French (Beginner). attitude. Power Presenter.T. redevelopment. | P. §   Leading large teams through design. Corel. monitoring. tender documentation. §   Coordinating and managing of 40+ projects across India and on the Indian subcontinent. §   CAD: AutoCAD. Northern Chapter) – 1994 §   Louis Kahn Trophy (Part of Citation Winning team in NASA) – 1993 §   Several Extra-curriculum activities TECHNOLOGICAL COMPETENCE §   Management / Planning: MS Project. promoting innovation and adaptive technologies. §   Productivity: MS Office. Hindi (Native). Networking.com/in/chourey . and healthcare. institutes. Primavera. through demonstrated performance promoted as Deputy Manager. client management.

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