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Commercial Air Source

Heat Pumps

UNIT SUMMARY Unit Description

MICS-N Units: AWR The MICS-N range provides a fully optimised Air Source Heat
Pump installation with the capability to provide a modular system
Capacity: 20kW-50kW (modular parallel systems) in excess of 200kW in capacity which operates as a single unit.
Power Supply: Three Phase models This provides a very high specification Air Source installation for
These units provide medium to large capacity installations with a high both large residential and commercial applications.
efficiency modular system which can provide heating and air • A high COP is achieved at nominal conditions with a high performance
conditioning from 20kW to 1000kW. and specification.
HIGH EFFICIENCY & PERFORMANCE: • These units have twin compressors for maximum efficiency when
operating on partial load duty. They also have the ability to operate with

COP 3.85 (385% efficient) four Heat Pumps acting as a single unit i.e. three slaves and one master
where the lead unit will interface with a BMS system or equivalent.
*Average coefficient of performance (COP) for the MICS-N range based • These units are reversible and provide heating or cooling to match the
on EN14511 conditions i.e. ambient temperature of 7ºC and 35ºC flow demands of the project.
• Hot Water combine the MICS-N unit with a secondary Air Source Heat
FEATURES & OPERATIONAL BENEFITS: pump for hot water production to provide a system which will meet both
space heating and hot water demands.
• MCS accredited Heat Pumps, certificate HP0005**
• Provides heating & air conditioning with a number of control options • Circulation pumps are incorporated within the unit to give a complete
• Full BMS compatability with single control function for multiple units installed solution with a high specification and highly efficient system.
• Modular system which provides flexibility and ease of installation The full floating control and modulating performance of the system
• Vertical discharge fan with compact footprint for ease of positioning provides a highly intelligent control function to give maximum
performance and efficiency.
• Very efficient twin compressor design provides high part load
efficiency when providing heating and cooling on an annual basis • The units also incorporate a vertical discharge system which allows for
• Fully self-contained unit – no external refrigerant pipes compact positioning of single or multiple units to fit into restricted
• Water based system which allows the heating and A/C installation to locations.
be carried out by a mechanical contractor • These DeLonghi-Climaveneta units are high specification Heat Pumps
• Highly efficient and flexible design which can be specified as a which are built to exacting standards with regard to efficiency and
package with fan coils/internal air handlers functionality. All the units are European manufactured and benefit from
the DeLonghi-Climaveneta approach to product development and quality
Available Models HEATING COOLING
management providing the complete package that would be expected
from a premier manufacturer.
NB: Optional equipment includes a range of tanks & cylinders plus standard
installation packs, see current price list or contact ICS HPT or your
Air Source Heat Pumps
distributor for details.
Heat energy is collected from
the external ambient air using • Microgeneration scheme accreditation
the Heat Pumps integral allows access to grant funding and also
evaporator coil. This energy is guarantees performance and
then transferred as high grade manufacturing quality.
heat into the building. **Accreditation scheduled for this range July 09
Certificate Number MCS HP0005
MICS-N *(COP is shown without circulation pump input power. Heat Pumps
Please note that unlike most other Heat Pumps these units
incorporate built in circulation pumps, therefore by not
including the circulation pump input power we are able to
provide a direct performance comparison with other units).

The Heat Pump Specialists

Main Components Greater & Greater Efficiency
The possibility to manage up to four different
• Modular designed to minimise required installation space units as one system allows the MICS-N range to
increase the number of modular partialisation
• A Keyboard Master Control (KMC) is the central control for steps which enables correct application to match
modules connected together with a primary function of the capacity required for each particular
supervising the operation of all the modules in synergy installation.
• Flex Energy technology for automatic air flow, water flow and Keyboard Master Control
water temperature control KMC is the centralised control when multiple units
• Electronic thermostatic valve are working as a single package. The primary
function controls the operation and performance
• 20-50kW modules of each module to ensure a balanced output in
relation to demand and ambient temperature.
• 200kW-1000kW packaged systems The user display provides a graphic interface
showing the operational parameters of the system
• Twin compressor system per module and provides a single point of control for the
• Compact footprint package. This hub can be expanded to control
other components such as zone valves, pumps
• Vertical discharge fans and fan coils/air handling units.

• The hydraulic unit comes complete with: Maximum Modulation

- variable delivery pump The unique planning logic of the MICS-N units
means that the efficiency of every single machine
- expansion tank is increased when more than one unit begin
- filling unit working together. The design of the MICS-N units
allows heat pumps with varying capacities to be
- discharge valve connected in parallel providing the most precise
- air valve response possible to meet the needs of every type
of application.

MICS-N 0072 0092 0122 0152 0182

Heating capacity at full load (1) kW 20.7 26.2 34.5 43.6 48.9
Absorbed power at full load (1) kW 5.3 6.8 9.2 11.3 12.5
COP at full load (1) 3.9 3.85 3.75 3.86 3.91
Heating power at full load (2) kW 20.2 26.1 33.9 42.6 47.9
Absorbed power at full load (2) kW 6.5 8.6 11.2 14.0 15.4
COP at full load (2) 3.11 3.03 3.03 3.04 3.11
Heating power at partial load (3) kW 11.3 15.0 18.8 23.9 26.9
Absorbed power at partial load (3) kW 3.1 3.9 5.7 6.8 7.4
COP at partial load (3) 3.65 3.85 3.33 3.52 3.66
Cooling capacity at full load (4) kW 17.3 21.8 30.3 37.4 42.5
Absorbed pwer at full load (4) kW 6.5 9.3 10.7 13.4 15.5
E.E.R at full load (4) 2.66 2.34 2.83 2.79 2.74

Common Data 0072 0092 0122 0152 0182

Type of compressor scroll
Number of compressors 2
Partialisation steps Nº 2
Refrigerant gas R-410A R-410A
Power supply 400V-3Ph-50Hz
Sound pressure (5) dB(A) 48 48 51 51 51
H/L/D mm 1725/1040/790 1725/1630/790
Weight kg 360 380 470 510 540

MICS-N Certificate Number MCS HP0005
Heat Pumps
(1) Outdoor air temperature +7ºC CBS, 85% RH, water inlet temperature +30ºC, outlet +35ºC. (4) Outdoor air temperature +35ºC, water inlet temperature +12ºC, outlet +7ºC. Compressors in
Compressors in operation: A+B operation: A+B

(2) Outdoor air temperature +7ºC CBS, 85% RH, water inlet temperature +40ºC, outlet +45ºC. (5) Average sound pressure value measured in free field or reflecting surface (direction factor Q=2) at 10
Compressors in operation: A+B meters from the unit’s exterior surface
* According to the Eurovent standard without circulation pump input power.
(3) Outdoor air temperature +7ºC CBS, 85% RH, water inlet temperature +40ºC, outlet +45ºC.
Compressors in operation: A or B

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