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Working Title: The Boat that Rocked: This film has genre of comedy but is also a drama as it not only contains humorous scenes but quite serious ones as well. It also revolves around the idea of music from the sixties, as it features music from artists such as The Who, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, and therefore targets an audience from this era. The film contains a lot of British humour, is directed by a famous stock British director; Richard Curtis, and stars several famous British actors, who are stock actors for Working Title such a s Nick Frost, Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy and Rhys Ifans, therefore falling into the companies remit, and also targeting another audience of people who have seen and enjoyed previous Working Title films starring these actors. Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang: This film was very successful as it made a gross profit of $28.9 million. This was due to the fact that the first film was so successful and therefore audiences who enjoyed the first would have wanted to go and see the sequel. As well as this, the film is shown in 3D, which was a post-production enhancement, and this effect was also done to attract more audiences as it was Working Titles first film in 3D. Johnny English: This film had a lot advertising to try and gain audiences. It used both above the line advertising which is a method of advertisement in which the audience can t escape it, as there are lots of adverts wherever you look, for example on billboards, buses, television. It also used below the line advertising, where the audience chooses to view t he advertisements such as youtube, iPhone and iPod apps, video games and internet advertisements. Due to Johnny English being funded by Working Title, it had better funding for advertisements because of Working Title s conglomerate with Universal, and due to all this advertising, Johnny English managed to make a gross profit of $28 million. Atonement: Another Working Title film, but one that was a new genre of film compared to the usual films that Working Title had produced. This film was an adaptation of a famous novel and this is where it gained most of its audience as people had read the book and so they then went on to watch the film. Having said this, it stars famous British actors: Keira Knightly and James McAfoy, and so drew in more audiences who have watched other things with these two in. It is a love story, yet also an action film as it is based around world war two. Combining all these things, this tells us that this film has a four quadrant audience, and by targeting a large range of people it made a gross profit of around $50 million. One of the founders of Working Title, Tim Bevan once said: the bigger the bull s -eye the smaller the risk, meaning that the larger range of people this film can target, the more people they will attract and the less chance that the film will be unsuccessful, and I think this film, Atonement is a perfect example of this saying.

Green Zone: This was Working Title s most expensive film to date, as was given a budget of around $100 million. It was given such a budget b ecause it starred Matt Damon, a very famous actor, and this was how Working Title intended to attract its audiences. It also tried to attract audiences as it is uses the Hypodermic Needle theory within the film. This basically means it tries to put an idea into the audiences mind by using content within the film. In this case, the idea is about the war in Afghanistan, and it tries to make the audience more aware of the situation of the war. By using these techniques Working Title did manage to make a gross profit of around $35 million but I don t think this was as much as they originally wanted due to the great budget that they had. Warp Films: This is England: Warp tend to use to use the genre of social realism in a lot of their films, but also use a lot of comedy in a lot their films as well to draw in more audiences. This is England combines the two genres, and by doing this, This is England has been very successful, as by doing this, have gained a larger range of audiences. The film is based in the 1980 s and targets an audience of people from that era, as well as teenagers, as the film revolves around the life of a teenage boy. It was intended for a teenage audience, but was given a rating of 18 because of the violence and adult language. This was defini tely a setback for This is England, because being unable to meet the target audience of teenagers will have resulted in less profit but it still made around $500,000, which is good for an independent production company. Four Lions: This film had just a genre of comedy unlike This is England, yet still gained a lot of positive reviews which would have been good publicity for Warp films and will have helped them gain more audiences in the future. The film received a budget of £2.5 million and managed to make revenue of £2.9 million which resulted in a profit of £400,000, which again is a very positive prospect for Warp being an independent company. Hollywood: Avatar: This film had a budget of $250 million and broke the record for the most expensive film to date, which is an immediate fact that draws in lots of audience. It was funded by 20 th century fox, one of the biggest production companies in the world who h ave made a large range of films of many genres, so Avatar, with an action genre also falls under the companies remit so they will draw in more audiences who enjoyed previous 20 th century fox films. The film is directed by James Cameron, a very famous director who has also directed films such as The Terminator, Titanic and Aliens. His previous work was so successful which again would draw in more audiences, as well as starring famous actors and actresses such as Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington which will encourage more people to come and watch. To gain more profits, the film was re-released 6 months after it was originally released, as well as being brought out on DVD, blu -ray and merchandised was produced. Due to all these things, the film managed to make revenue of $2.8 billion dollars. Lord

Putnum, once said that films nowadays rely too much on t he stars than the actual storylines, yet Avatar is almost the opposite, as it didn t star many famous actors yet still managed to make a large profit. 2012: This film relied mainly on the use of the hypodermic needle theory to gain audiences. The film suggests that the end of the world will happen in the year 2012, and because of this aggressive storyline, the film manages to plant the idea that the world will end in this year into the minds of the audiences. It advertised using billboards and trailers to a ttract audiences with the idea of the end of the world and started to create a moral panic, and by doing so people will want to know what will happen and therefore will want to go see the film.

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